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It’s been a while! Well, it’s been less than a month, so I think I’m doing all right with the updating 🙂

First things first, I moved hosting. Things work a lot faster/smoother now for me, and I hope the site does that for you too. The back-end of things isn’t sluggish at all now and I am just amazed 🙂

Should something not work or have broken on the website, please leave me a comment here so I can try to fix it for you! If you can’t access the website, it should be fine in a few days, it takes a bit of time for the DNS servers to catch up, but I think most of you should have access right now.

On top of that, I might do some switching things around and adjusting things, but nothing too major of a change on the front-end of the website, promise! It’s fun to tinker away a little. Mind you, this website has been up for FIVE YEARS, we’re due for a bit of a change:-)

NANOWRIMO is here! And I’m not taking part!

Look, I know that I could easily smash it, even if I’d start now, 4 days late. However, I prefer Camp Nanowrimo as you can set your own word goal there and there’s less pressure to ‘perform’, and less anxiety inducing and word block inspiring.

I have my theoretical exam for driving next week, so I think it’s wise to focus on that instead. It’s a costly thing to do, getting your driver’s license!

But to all of you participating, I wish you all good luck and happy fingers and wrists. You can smash this!

I promised you guys some news about Between Heaven And Hell. I’ve been updating it every week now (check it out!) and that’s with one reason; I THINK I AM DONE.

I wrote an ending to the story last week, and it’s a good ending. There’s a few questions left in the open, but that’s okay. It ends like it began. (I love being cryptic!)

Meeko and I started posting the story on March 21, 2017. And now, it’ll have wrapped up by the end of this year. I have a dislike to unfinished business, which is why I’m trying hard to finish Exploit, but with only a few more weeks to go in this year, I might have to consider that a loss. Or just really focus and not play games that often, haha.

Speaking of Exploit, I’ve been uploading that on a weekly basis. There’s a moment in chapter 18 where I had to ask the boyfriend who is a security IT specialist if what I wrote was plausible and he proceeded with giving me two books that are a fun read on the topic – but I haven’t been reading those. I might have to write a new story with a hacker somewhere in the future! But Chapter 11 is up now. Better get my ass in gear and continue to write. I hate not sitting on 10 chapters >.<

So, until next time,


PS: Don’t forget to tell me if something’s broken on the website!




  1. Well maybe I helped you find a glitch that needs fixing.

  2. Oh no, you didn’t! I was merely curious as I didn’t get your comment in my email. So it’s good to know that the blogpost went out in the email as well. Seems like the only email issue right now is with me. 🙂

  3. I replied to your email notice. Hopefully I haven’t messed stuff up. 🙂

  4. Question: Did you get an email notification that I replied or did you come back manually?

  5. Yeah no idea, but I cleaned it up 🙂


  6. I’m not sure why my comment posted a million times, but hopefully you can fix it? Sorry for cluttering your site.

  7. I’m sorry. I guess I misunderstood and misread something. Never mind then, 🙂
    How about thumbs up for your awesomeness? 😉

  8. Oh I’m not doing Nano lol

  9. Thumbs up to everything. Have fun at nano girl. 🙂

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