Chapter 11

Many hours and a lot of Ruse wine later, they came back to Atlantis, Sheppard dropped Gibbs and Tony off at their babysitters and took Ziva to the part of the South pier that nobody ever came. It was a balmy evening out, and he had previously put down some pillows and bottles of water in his own private corner. Nobody had ever found him there, or they had respected his privacy when he was up there. The spot was amazing, looking out over the water and the last sun was going down.

“Did you have a great day?” John wondered.

A very drunk but still coherent Ziva laid back on the blanket and sighed. “Yes, it was perfect,” she answered running her hand randomly up her body.

He laid down on the blanket next to her and softly kissed her. “Happy Birthday,” he said softly, slightly intoxicated himself, and slowly sneaked his hand underneath her shirt to caress her stomach.

“Mmmm,” she hummed and stretched out, giving John free access to whatever he pleased. “I like that,” she grinned with her eyes closed, just basking in his touches.

“Thought you might,” he said huskily and started to unbutton her shirt while he kissed her tenderly.

She giggled and looked up at him and waited for him to realise that she neglected putting on a bra after she changed in case they had managed to score a tent at the Athosian camp. “Do you like what you see?” she asked with a purr in her voice.

“Oh…” he groaned, feeling his cock twitch. “Very much so,” he nodded. It had been a long time since he had made out with someone when semi-drunk (unlike Ziva, he had gone easy on the wine because Gibbs and Tony were his responsibility), and realized that he didn’t care right now, it was just him and Ziva. Outside. He gently brushed her shirt off of her and softly caressed her breasts.

Ziva grabbed at his shirt and pulled him down over her and her other hand flew up behind his head and fingers embedded firmly in his hair. She tugged gently at first before going more hard core at getting him closer to kiss him with lively vigor. Once John finally caught onto what she wanted it was much easier for her to snake her hands down to slowly undo his belt and pants.

Okay, he thought, so much for going SLOW. He kissed her hard, before paying attention to her pants, and made it his mission to get it off of her without losing too much bodily contact, which was not an easy task.

Both of them being pretty drunk at that point resulted in a lot of grabby hands, grunting, toppling over, and fidgeting. By the point that they finally accomplished undressing each other, Ziva was clearly dominant as she had her clothes off – it helped by not wearing any under garments, and John’s shirt ripped down the middle with his pants around his ankles – boots still laced on. She sat over his engorged cock, her warm wet center just brushing it as she grinned down like a wild cat in heat and he was her salvation.

“You are so fucking hot,” he said hoarsely and slowly caressed her sides before holding her firmly in place.

She held onto his cock as she lowered herself down onto it, moaning out loudly as he filled her. Ziva loved his cock and she had no problem admitting it if she was asked. The man was fucking sexy as hell to her and he certainly satisfied her most basic needs and more.

Having sex with Ziva, making love to Ziva, was usually a power struggle for a while and it was always awesome. It was her birthday still, and he didn’t mind being taken advantage of right now. There was nothing more beautiful than a woman who knew what she wanted and it didn’t matter how she’d get it. Her gorgeous perky breasts moved with her when she started to ride him, slowly at first, but soon, Ziva was picking up the pace, touching herself while he held her and making beautiful little noises.

Through her hazy vision, she could see the clear pleasure that was displayed on his face as she continued to control his cock. She had this little move that she sometimes did, but did it oh so rarely because of how she knew it drove him wild. Tonight was certainly a night for it and as she did it, she saw his eyes fly open and his voice catch. His hands on her hips tightened, she assumed from trying to control himself from busting his nut and Ziva knew that he would leave fingerprint bruises there – not that she cared. She liked little souvenirs like that from their trysts.

She was a minx, his minx and she was driving him wild. He sat up, cradling her in his lap. He put his arms around her and they were nose to nose to each other, a sweet smile across Ziva’s lips and he just kissed her long and hard, while he helped her reach the edge of her climax. “Come for me,” he breathed in her ear.

The angle that John put himself in her was enough to do just that. She repositioned her legs sot that she had more leverage over her own thrusts over him that it did not take long with his cock hitting her sweet spot. Crying out, her calls for John echoing around them, she came in a burst of lights and natural fireworks. The muscles in her from head to toe were vibrating from the sheer power of her orgasm that she had absolutely no interest in moving from the position she was with his cock in her. She giggled as she smiled happily at him, her fingers playing in his hair as she licked at his lips.

“Not done with you yet,” he said and flipped her over. Still hard, he repositioned himself between her legs and guided his cock back into her, before he started to pound into her. “You… are… mine…” he growled. “I swear…” he took a deep breath and picked up the pace. “If you go back with HIM… I’ll come after you to win you back.”

Oh Ziva was loving this. She had so many emotions and thoughts running through her head faster than light that she found it hard to reply right away. Lifting her head she growled back but it came out more like a strangled moan. “I’m not going – not going…I’m here…Oh God! I’m…” she panted as she started to come again, her hands that rested on his thighs as he fucked her long and hard tightening were he would to walk away with souvenirs.

He bit down on her shoulder as the world and his body exploded into her. It took a lot of effort not to collapse on top of her once his climax had reached its end, and rolled off her to catch his breath.

Ziva was panting as she stared up at the night sky. “Wow,” she breathed out. That wasn’t a drawn out romantic love making session like they had the night before but it packed enough of a punch to leave her with another, “Wow!”

“For a lack of better words… wow works,” he handed her a bottle of water and kissed her. “I love you.”

Gratefully accepting the water, she downed almost the entire bottle in one slug. “I love you too…Are you really that afraid I would leave you for someone else?” she asked, turning to her side to look at him.

“Not just any ‘someone else’, Ziva,” he admitted. “I see the way he looks at you… and how he looked at you when we were chasing the Wraith on Earth… I almost didn’t invite him over for your birthday but I know he’s a good friend of yours…”

“And a friend is all Tony would ever be. Before you, he had many chances. Yes I had hoped that he would have tried, but I believe that the rules got to him so he never tried again after Gibbs returned from his hiatus in Mexico,” she explained gently. Scooting over to cuddle up for comfort, and warmth as her body was beginning to cool off, she smiled and played with John’s chest hair. “I reminded him during the tour yesterday that there was no chance for us. My life is here, with you and Atlantis. Gibbs knows and saw that very quickly.”

“Good,” he nodded and pulled the blanket over them. “Because at this point, I really don’t know what I’d do without you.” he admitted again, then immediately cursing himself to show so much because of the alcohol.

Ziva smiled and curled up as close as she could, sighing. “You don’t have to be afraid to share yourself with me. I would never judge you or turn you away. I will also answer any questions about my past that you wish to know. Communication – it is important.”

“I know…” he said softly, “But I’ve never been good at either sharing or communicating… it’s how my marriage broke up… well amongst other things.”

She leaned up so looked down at him thoughtfully. “How about this then…we ask each other one question each night. Not too difficult?”

“Sure… we can try,” he smiled and softly kissed her.

“Okay…You go first,” she smiled. “Ask me any question, but it has to be about before we met.”

“Alright…” he nodded, “How did you end up at NCIS?”

Ah shit, that question, Ziva thought. “I began as a liaison for Mossad after I was sent there to – terminate my brother,” she said. “He killed one of their agents, the woman I had replaced on the team.”

He blinked, he hadn’t expected THAT. “Your own brother?”

She nodded and sighed as she settled back down to rest her head on his shoulder. “My father is Deputy Director of Mossad and well, let’s just say, he trained us all very well. He had hoped that Ari would be his spy into Hamas, but did not anticipate that he would double cross him. Ari – he was about to kill Gibbs…Eli, my father, ordered me to shoot him but I did it only to save Gibbs.”

“Jesus Christ, Ziva,” he pulled her closer. “I’m so sorry to hear that.”

She kissed his shoulder and smiled. “It is alright. It is something that I have learned to put behind me a long time ago. Alright, my question. What was your ex wife like?”

“Controlling… always working, like me, quite high maintenance,” he chuckled. “I usually left for assignments without telling her because she’d yell at me for risking my life for my country… she works for Homeland Security now.” He caressed Ziva’s hair. “I was a jerk though, it was better for her if we’d split up because communicating about what I want, feel or don’t want and communicating in general is not one of my strong points.”

“You’re doing pretty good from where I’m at,” she said, yawning. “Life is hard as a soldier and being married to one…It is important to find someone who truly understands your chosen profession.”

He grinned. “She’s a lawyer,” he kissed the top of her head. “Go to sleep, birthday girl, tomorrow’s another day.”

Ziva hummed happily. “Thank you for everything John. I love you…”


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