Well that escalated quickly

Well, that escalated quickly.

Summary: I allowed my characters run amok in my head – I do this from time to time just to see where they end up taking me – and this is what happened.
Rating: Language and talk about sex but nothing explicit.



“Alright, how about this one?” Stacie grinned up to Cassidy as she lay with her head in his lap. “What’s the weirdest place you ever had sex?”

Cassidy chuckled and playfully tugged on Stacie’s hair before resuming to caress it. Her hair felt silky smooth today and she smelled so nice! Stacie had been doing this for the last few nights, it was almost like a dick measuring contest – who was the biggest freak between the sheets? Unfortunately, she and him had a lot in common in that area, but that was because they both liked to seize the moment – which is how she became his friend with benefit and vice versa. “In the lift of some fancy hotel after being stuck with him for a couple of hours… He was about to freak out on me because of the claustrophobia.”

“Seriously?” Stacie blinked. “You don’t have a better answer?”

“Do you?”

“As a matter of fact, I do,” she replied smug and crossed her arms over her chest. “But I am not telling you because your answer was lame.”

“You’re lame.”

Mary walked into the room with a large bowl of popcorn and munched on the few pieces she had just popped into her mouth. Stacie and Idy were talking about sex again, Cassiel wasn’t going to be happy and it was likely that he was going to do the speech again, Mary wanted to have front row seats.

She understood where Cassiel’s feelings about sexual intercourse came from. He was more traditional, more reserved and in control over his urges. He didn’t understand why Stacie and Idy treated sex as if it was nothing, but Mary did. The two never really experienced love in the past – their own parents didn’t even like them! Well, Idy’s mother sure loved him, but both Stacie’s as Idy’s families were just screwed up.

Sex was a pleasurable experience, Mary knew that, but Idy and Stacie pretty much lived in the now. Need sex? Have it!

Mary didn’t judge, that wasn’t her place. She suspected though that both Stacie and Idy would be perfectly monogamous once they’d find a partner. They were already loved and just didn’t realize it. Mary was glad that they had eachother to turn to for sex, at least it was safe and he didn’t have to worry about either of them getting killed.

“Cassiel, do you prefer brunettes? Blondes? Redheads?” Cassidy grinned at the preoccupied looking man as he walked in with his nose stuck in a book.

“Excuse me?” Cassiel stopped what he was doing and looked at Cassidy and Stacie – the looks on their faces were speaking volumes. He was just glad that Cassidy’s hand wasn’t up Stacie’s blouse like it was yesterday.

“You’ve had sex, right? What colour of hair did the girls have?”

Cassiel’s face flushed red, not out of embarrassment but out of anger. He gripped his book tightly and took a deep breath. “That information is private.”

“There’s nothing private in here,” Stacie purred as she got up and seductively walked over to Cassiel – she liked to push buttons and Cassiel was one big button to push. Of course, she knew that he had hit Cassidy the day before, but he was being a jerk and it was well deserved. Cassiel didn’t hit women. “Come on…” she started to caress his cheek. “You like redheads, don’t you? I’ve seen you with a redhead. What was she like in bed?”

“Does everything have to be about sex with you?”

“Yes. I’m bored. Cassidy is bored. Mary…” Stacie looked over to Mary who happily munched on  her popcorn and watched the scene unfold with big, interested eyes. No one was ever quite sure what went on in that head of hers. “Mary is Mary.”

Cassiel handed Stacie his book. “Go read.”

“Boring,” Stacie yawned as she handed the book back.

“Wanna play naked twister?” Cassidy grinned.

“Yes!” Stacie squealed delighted and started to undress herself right in front of Cassiel.

Mary watched as Cassiel threw the book through the room out of frustration and grabbed Stacie by the arm. Stacie seemed to like that gesture and pulled herself closer to Cassiel, looking up to him and licking her lips. This wasn’t going to end well, but it was so exciting! She abandoned her bowl of popcorn and followed Cassiel and Stacie towards the bathroom where he put the red head underneath the cold water.

“You need to learn to control your urges, young lady,” Cassiel said sternly. “I do not tolerate this kind of behaviour, especially when it is directed at me, do you understand?”

“Fuck off, Cassiel,” Stacie bit at him before pushing him out of her way and walked out of the shower. “You are not, and won’t ever be, my parent. I’m 26 years old and I do whatever the fuck I want, you got that? If you do not respect me for who I am, then you should leave.” Stacie blazed passed Mary and headed towards her room.

“That was a little too much, don’t you think?” Mary asked Cassiel, who looked dumbstruck.

“She needs to learn a little respect.”

“Sure,” Mary said with a nod. “But you don’t get respect if you don’t start showing some respect yourself. Your actions only put more fuel on the fire and now she’s upset.”

“What do you know?” Cassiel bit at her.

“Cassiel Powers, get your head out of your arse and stop being a grump!” Mary stood toe to toe with him now, looking up to him and angrily glared at him. “I understand that you’re missing her, but that does not mean that you can be mean, revert back to your old self and will the world around you to bend to your every whim. People are still people, who are you to judge them, Cassiel? You should respect people, even if they do not behave the way you want them to.”

“I tried that!” Cassiel shot back at her, although he had to admit, Mary talked sense. She always managed to surprise him when she remembered to use her voice.

“Then continue to do so and do not give up on her, a lot of people already have, can’t you see that? If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.”


“Shh!” Mary put her index finger across Cassiel’s lips. “You go to your room and think of what you did, and how you could have done things differently. Then, apologize to the girl.”

Cassiel blinked at Mary for a second and then slowly nodded before she stepped aside and let him pass.

Mary took a deep breath and smiled. She did great, she was going to get better at this, making people see things differently. She was a little bit worried about Cassiel, who was supposed to be the most stable person in the room, but she was watching over him. She had to make sure that he was all right. That they all were.

She skipped her way back to the room and jumped on the couch to sit down next to Cassidy. “So, did you ever pleasure yourself in public?

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