Chapter 13

Bella managed to distract Kol for a few more weeks until Klaus sent him a distressing message that Silas was out and about in Mystic Falls and if Kol could pretty please return to help out because Klaus wasn’t sure if he could stop Silas by himself. Myriam had gone to New Orleans to make their family home in order for their return so she was no help either.

Kol had told Bella that Klaus wanted to go back to the city they helped built. New Orleans was a fascinating city with a large supernatural community, but also a sizable art community that Klaus loved so much. According to Kol, Klaus was tired of having to deal with teenagers and wanted to go back to his life.

Kol said that it was ironic that everyone was now fearing Silas, only after Kol made a lot of noise about him. “And now he wants my help?” were his exact words before begging Bella to go back to Mystic Falls for one last time so that Kol could help his brother. “What’s this thing you said about choosing your own path? They didn’t believe me about Silas!”

“He’s your brother.”

“I think the entirety of Mystic Falls should deal with the fallout of Silas, we should not interfere,” Kol sneered. “If it’s truly going to be the end of the world, I’d rather spend it with you before everything’s over.”

“Then let’s not. Let’s go to Klaus, say hi, stay a couple of days and leave.” In all fairness, Bella wasn’t afraid of Silas or what he could do; if he was something to be looked out for, Charlie – Helios – would have said something about it, wouldn’t he?

It wasn’t as if they had to travel for a long time to get to Mystic Falls. They were about 8 hours away from the town, as they had been visiting Atlanta, Georgia and were on their way to Salem, MA, simply because history was fun, but then again, Bella felt slightly apprehensive because of all the deaths. She had been seeing ghosts everywhere they went, some left her alone, some didn’t. At least they were all kind spirits and not that aggressive, but no one knew what would happen in Salem.

She really found it to be a downside of her being what she was; the fact that she could interact with lingering ghosts and help them move on, much like a medium would do. She made sure that she wouldn’t resurrect anyone but help them find peace instead. But it was a pain. Kol was sweet about it, though. He understood that she still needed to learn to control her powers, and he didn’t lose his temper or patience. He merely watched in fascination.

Bella slept through most of the journey as Kol drove, but the moment they set foot in Mystic Falls, Bella jolted awake in a panic. “What the hell.”

“What is it?”

“There is so much power up for grabs, I mean… like… nuclear. Almost as if a gateway is almost open to do something that’s not meant for this world.”

“What?” Kol laughed. “Like raising the dead? Silas is known to do that. He’ll raise everyone who’s died in his name, perhaps even more so. Wouldn’t want to be in Mystic Falls when he does that, we have quite some enemies, Nik evenmore so.”

“He’d better clean up his mess, too,” she muttered as she pulled her legs underneath her and looked out of the window. “I don’t see why everyone wants to steal his cure. It’s his to use when the time is right, when the conditions are right. Boohoo, Elena is a vampire. Boohoo, Rebekah wants to be human again. Boohoo, Klaus wants to destroy it so nobody uses the cure against him.”

“Boohoo Katherine uses it as leverage to stay alive,” Kol laughed. “But that’s what a powerful object does to people, Bella. I have to admit that I have done the same in the past; however, when something comes with a warning of death and destruction, you’d think they’d leave well enough alone.”

“What would you do with the cure?”



“Lace Niklaus’ bourbon with it… so he turns human…”

“But you don’t have to be afraid of him anymore, so, try again. What would you do with the cure?” Bella pointed out with a smile on her face as she saw familiar sights pass them on the way to the Mikaelson home.

“Hand it back to Silas so he can bugger off.”


“Yeah,” Kol smiled at her as he turned to get onto the driveway. “Don’t get me wrong, I loved being a witch and all, but I’m pretty happy with my life right now, thanks to you!”

She smiled at that as they got out of the car. Kol often went to feed whenever she was asleep, not needing as much sleep as she needed and all, but he made sure never to make a mess and not to take things too far. She was distracted for a moment when she saw a little boy shimmer near the door of the house, dressed in ancient clothes. The boy seemed to be as shocked as she felt and winked out.

“What’s wrong?” Kol asked her, he’d seen her million-miles-stare appear on occasion, it was usually when she saw a ghost or spirit that was wondering about. He had told her that while she had the power to resurrect didn’t mean she had to help everyone who came knocking. Bella knew this. So far, Kol had been the only one she’d resurrected and she admitted that she was afraid of that side of her; however, she couldn’t yet turn off seeing shimmering people wherever they went. New Orleans was going to be interesting.

Just as Bella opened her mouth to give an answer, a large yelp came out of the house, followed by some growling. Kol used his vampire speed to get inside and Bella followed with a slight jog.

Kol was there first, of course, but Bella was surprised to see him standing in the doorway to the room where his brother was in instead of running over to help him. “Don’t bother,” Kol sighed as he watched as his brother yet again tried to break his own arm to get to something invisible on his back. “I think Silas has his claws in him.”

Klaus was seemingly fine, shirtless, but he seemed to be in perfect health, why was he tormenting himself and clawing at his back? “Surely we can do something.”

“Or,” Kol mused as he sat down against the wall. “Keep an eye on him while he keeps tormenting himself. We might learn something new.”

“You are such a sadist!”

“I know,” Kol replied with a grin. “Oh come on, Bella, allow me to have a little fun with my brother at least.”

“Myriam,” Klaus let out a cry of pain before he sunk to the floor. “Silas… he stabbed me in the back with the White Oak Stake!” he cried out. “I don’t know! I wasn’t in the position to ask!”

Bella huffed as she took a step towards Klaus but was pulled back by Kol. “Let me go, I hate to see him in pain.”

“Oh, come on,” Kol said with a giggle. “This is fun!”

“Unless it’s happening to you.”

“It happened to me, remember? I’ve been poked by the real stake!”

“Then you know we should help him,” she tugged on her arm for Kol to let go of her and walked over to Klaus, grabbing him tightly by his arms. “Klaus.”

“Bella… Myriam… Silas… I feel it get closer to my heart!”

It broke her heart so see the hybrid like this. Silas was likely teaching him a lesson. He was stronger than Klaus. “It’s just me and Kol here. Myriam is in New Orleans, remember?”

“She came back.”

“No, she didn’t. Silas is in your head, Klaus, fight him.”

“But Myriam…”

Bella took hold of his face then, forcing the hybrid to look at her. “Hey, snap out of it. You’re hurting yourself, there’s no stake, there’s no Myriam,” she took her phone out of her pocket and dialled Myriam’s number on speaker. “Listen for yourself.”

Hey Bella, what’s up?”

“Klaus thinks you’re here.”

I’m in New Orleans, what kind of drugs is he on?”

“Silas,” she looked at Klaus, her free hand still on him. “I think he’s snapping out of it now, thanks.”

Do I need to come back?”

“Nah,” Bella disconnected the call and looked at Klaus. “Yeah, you’re back with us?”

Klaus grumbled as he looked at the mess he’d made. “We’re supposed to have strong minds, especially mine. Silas is quite powerful.”

“Don’t make me say it, Nik,” Kol rolled his eyes as he got to his feet. “Oh wait, I AM going to say it; I told you so and now you’re scared and you want Silas to have the cure so he can die.”

“Yes! At least that will stop him from doing this again!”

“And bring back everyone you’ve killed, all of your enemies and Finn in the process? Nik, please. We simply need to make him go back to sleep and make sure nobody will ever wake him again,” Kol crossed his arms over his chest. “Any idea who can do that?”

“The Bennett witch is powerful enough at the moment but she’s highly unstable and under Silas’ thumb,” Klaus replied angrily. “No, best thing to do is get the cure, give it to Silas and let him die and join his beloved, perhaps Bonnie can lower the veil between the Other Side and here long enough for this to happen and our enemies to stay dead.”

“The Other Side has to be destroyed for that to happen because his beloved isn’t there!” Kol shook his head and looked at Bella. “You see what I’m working with, here?”

“The question you need to ask yourself is; wouldn’t you do the same if you were in his position? Tear down the Earth just so you could be with the love of your life? Raise the dead so you can find her?” Bella said with a slight shrug. “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with what he’s doing to get what he wants, but he kinda has to because the children of Mystic Falls don’t want to help a guy out.”

“There’s no one powerful enough to help him out,” Klaus growled. “Except for Bonnie.”

“I’m going to seek him out. Maybe I can offer him a different solution,” Bella said calmly and headed towards the door, only to be stopped by Kol. “What?”

“Are you insane?”

“I’m not a witch, I’m not a vampire, I’m not an Original. It’s likely that my family are the same people he used to pray to and make offerings to. I can do things that Bonnie can’t. I’m going to help this guy even though I shouldn’t intervene. But dead is dead in most cases, he can’t destroy the Other Side just to die and rejoin his beloved.”


“I’m sure there’s a peaceful way of resolving this. I’ll be fine, Kol. You stay here and help Klaus clean up his blood from his dealings with Silas.”

“I’m not going to let you go out by yourself and meet him!”

“Then come with me but you’re not saying a word,” Bella gently caressed his cheek. “Fanboy all you want. In silence.”

“Shouldn’t you be like… not intervening?”

“I’m not. I’m going to try to help out and make sure that there aren’t more casualties,” Bella smiled at him. “The sooner we get this resolved, the better for everyone to move on with their lives, right? Klaus can join Myriam in New Orleans and we can continue our trip through the States.” She then took a deep breath. “And I hope that the scoobies don’t get into anymore trouble or at least use their heads. Hey, maybe we can do something about Elena, banish her or something so that she won’t be at the centre of all this drama anymore!”

“Us immortals do have to have something to do for our entertainment,” Kol huffed. “Stirring up trouble is always nice.”

“You call Silas trouble? I call him something to be avoided. I’m on your side here, Kol. I’m going to seek him out and talk to him. Maybe he’s reasonable. Maybe I can help,” she said determined. “Now, either come with me or stay here.”

She could understand Kol’s reluctance of her seeking out Silas. After all, he and Klaus had more experience dealing with their enemies and such, but everything she’d heard about Silas was that he was very powerful and wanted to be reunited with the love of his life. Wouldn’t anyone use their power to get what they wanted, no matter what?

Maybe there was a way that she could help Silas, if he wanted the help, and if not, she was going to think of something else to stop him from doing what he did. Likely transforming him into a statue of a pig or something. Binding him to the earth forever. She could do that now.

Leaving the house on her way to the clearing in the woods, she found the same boy standing there. “What are you doing here, little one? Don’t you have a better place to be?” A child should not be alone, no matter if they were dead or alive, maybe she could help this little dude out.

“You can see me?”

“Yep,” Bella said as she motioned for the boy to follow her as she continued to walk. “Come, I need to see someone.”

“No,” the boy replied. “I need to stay here. There’s an evil in the woods and I need to make sure my family is safe.”

“Your family?” Kol had told her that some ghosts could be confused, stuck in time in their death. It had sounded heartbreaking, and it was. “I think they’re long gone.”

“No, they’re not,” the boy replied angrily before winking out.

Sighing, Bella continued her way to the clearing. She was going to have to talk to Kol about this boy sooner or later. She doubted that Klaus would like to hear that his house was haunted by a little boy.

“Silas! Can I please talk to you?” She called out, willing her words to whisper through the trees until they reached their destination. Bella didn’t have to wait long until Silas appeared, not even bothering hiding his true face. “Why am I not surprised?” She sighed as she got to her feet and extended her hand to him. “I’m Bella Swan.”

“You’re not afraid of me.”

“No, I’m not,” Realising that he wasn’t going to shake her hand, she pulled it back and stuffed it in her pocket. “Nor do I want to harm you. I’m here to help.”

“You can’t help me,” Silas sneered. “These brats-”

“I know that you want to be reunited with your one true love,” Bella interrupted him calmly. “I’m curious, does she look like Elena?”

“She does. After Amara and I drank the elixir, Nature made sure that there were always mortal shadow selves of ours that would die.”

“Katherine’s a vampire. Elena’s a vampire. Good job,” Bella gave Silas the two thumbs up, earning a smile from him. “And you believe that Amara has truly moved on? That she’s dead?”

“I was told. I saw her heart and so much blood… I just want to be reunited with her, and to do that, the Other Side needs to be destroyed. I need the cure to become mortal again and then I can die.”

Bella nodded. She figured as much. “I’m more interested in making sure that my family lives in peace and that Mystic Falls is not going to be used as a battle zone. What if I could help you without the need for the cure and without the need to drop the veil to the Other Side?”

“That is impossible!”

She smiled then. “By now, you’ve probably figured out that I’m not mortal and I’m not supernatural. My mind is impenetrable for my own protection. I have connections you wouldn’t believe. I can help you. Just leave the citizens of this Earth out of your crusade.”

Silas raised an eyebrow, intrigued. “What do you want in return?”

“I want you to remove the expression magic from Bonnie Bennett. It’s eating her up from the inside, but I guess you already know that and once you’re mortal, before you die, I want you to erase the Expression Triangle to make sure that nobody will ever use it.”

“That’s it?” Silas was surprised then, and Bella felt a sense of pride that she had managed to accomplish that.

“That is it, yes.”

“You really want to help me, why?”

“Why not?” Bella shrugged. “Tell you what, I’m going to ask around to see if Amara’s truly dead and we’ll come back here tomorrow to discuss what’s going to happen next. In the meantime, you leave everyone alone.”

“Or perhaps I could come with you, it would make things a lot easier.”

“My family won’t like that,” she laughed. “After what you’ve put Klaus through? That was just mean.”

“Oh, but it was fun!”

“Silas, please. I give you my word.”

“Very well. I shall keep myself entertained until tomorrow. But, if you can’t deliver, there will be consequences.”

“Oh, same for you, really,” Bella teased him playfully and walked away, back home. When she was sure she was out of earshot, she dialled Charlie’s number. “Hey, dad,” she said when he picked up.

I’m not your father.”

“Yes you are. Technically not, but hey, Greek and all…”

What can I do for you?”

“Can you reach out to Hades or something? I’m wondering if this immortal called Amara has died like 2000 years ago.”

Amara? I haven’t heard that name in a very long time. Are you busying yourself with what’s happening in Mystic Falls?”

“To save the town. Not for any personal gain or anything, but if Silas gets his way, every supernatural creature in the world who has died in the past 2000 years will be resurrected and will walk the earth again.”

Bella… What did I tell you about being careful?”

“I am. Trust me, I am. Please, could you just ask around?”

Charlie let out a breath then. “Very well. It’s for the greater good, isn’t it?”

“Thank you dad.”

Just be careful, pumpkin. Just because you’re stronger than anyone on the planet doesn’t mean you can’t get hurt.”

“I’m careful. Always. Love you!” Bella hung up and stopped dead in her tracks in the driveway where the little boy was blocking her way to the door. “You know that I could walk right through you, right?”

“You’re not nice. You’ll only bring pain to my family.”

Sighing, she sat down on her knees in front of him. “You know you’re dead, right?”

“Of course!”

“Do you remember what happened?”

“My brother and I didn’t make it to the caves when the men that had changed in wolves came out. They killed me.”

“Caves?” Bella knew that there was a cave system. Kol had told her about it, that his village used it to hide in when the werewolves came out. “You died over a thousand years ago.”


“Isn’t it time to move on? Your family is dead, just like you.”

The boy scowled before he grabbed a stone and threw it at her, hitting her right on the arm. “Leave my family alone! You’re working with the great evil and that’s not nice! You’ll get my family killed, or worse!”

Bella rubbed her arm, narrowing her eyes on the boy. “Listen, buddy, your family is long gone. You don’t have to protect them anymore. They’re not here.”

“Liar!” The boy started to pelt her with pebbles and Bella quickly got to her feet and ran inside the house. As she closed the door, more pebbles could be heard hitting the door. “Fucker!”

Klaus and Kol skidded into the hallway, looking at Bella, confused. “What’s going on? Was Silas unagreeable?” Klaus asked, a playful smile on his face.

“No! He was agreeable, but there’s this ghostly kid who’s a jerk and he’s armed with fucking rocks,” she said annoyed, showing the impact points on her arm. “It’s like he’s stuck in a loop or whatever. He knows he’s been dead for like… centuries, but damn, he’s a little shithead.”

Kol snorted. “One of the reasons Bella doesn’t want kids.”

Bella narrowed her eyes on Kol. They had a conversation about children, a hypothetical one at that seeing as vampires were dead and their swimmers didn’t work. Yes, there was a basic need in any being to procreate, to spawn mini me’s of themselves, but she couldn’t see herself having children. Ever – and she was fine with that. The world was too overpopulated anyway. “Kids are jerks. Let’s adopt a dog,” Bella scowled and paused for a moment before a devilish smile appeared on her face. “Oh, scratch that, we have Klaus!”

“That’s not funny,” the hybrid growled lowly as he made his way back to the drawing room to clean up.

“I think it is,” Bella huffed as she looked at Kol. “Ghost kid. Talk.”

“How about you talk first?” Kol laughed as he pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head. “My beautiful Goddess getting beaten up by a Ghost boy. Cute.”

She told Kol everything she’d observed about the boy as Kol lead her to the drawing room to get something to drink. Klaus had just tapped some fresh blood for them in a glass, and Kol was hungry. A shame that he couldn’t sink his teeth into a ghost.

“It sounds to me like it’s residual energy. The boy is fiercely protective over his long gone family,” Kol said when she was done talking. “However, it’s strange, because he seems to be fully aware of Silas and the fact you’ve gone and talked to him.”

“But it’s not an intelligent haunt, either. I mean, he feels real. Like when Zach appeared to me. Or Lexi.”

“Were they truly haunting you, though? They were recent deaths. The way you describe the boy, sounds to me he’s old. Very old. He might even be one of the first settlers here, like we used to be. It’s likely he’s been here a very long time.”

“But why didn’t I see him before?”

“Because you’re still growing into your powers, darling,” Kol smirked as he sipped his blood and looked over to Niklaus, who was amused. “But enough about ghosts armed with rocks, we’ll figure that out. What did you learn from Silas?”

“We’re going to have to wait. I have someone looking for Amara. What are we going to do now?” she grinned as she looked at Klaus and Kol who were sitting in the sitting room, sipping a glass of blood. “Play scrabble? Strip poker? Drink ourselves out of a liver?”

“Oh you do what you want, I’m going to bed after the eventful day that I’ve had,” he said as he sipped his glass of blood. “What did you and Silas talk about? Did you find him?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen his true face, too.”


“Oh, no,” Bella laughed. “Oh, not at all,” she laughed as she sat down on the couch. “It makes sense, really. Just think; why are there Doppelgangers? Because two idiots took an immortality potion a long long time ago and Nature needed to find a balance and created shadow selves who WOULD die in place of the originators.”

“Silas is another Doppelganger? Silas is female?”

“No,” Bella sang, an amused smile dancing on her face. “It’s likely that Silas’ beloved looks like Elena, though. I read somewhere that Doppelgangers usually are drawn to each other in every time the exist together. Katherine and Stefan… Elena and Stefan… but seeing as Stefan is actually old… maybe there’s another male Doppelganger out there.”

“The whelp Stefan is a Doppelganger too?!” Klaus blurted out. “Had I known this a hundred years ago I would have been free of the curse for longer!”

“Shh, he doesn’t know yet. We’re not going to tell them either, because as you say, immortals need entertainment,” she giggled. “Besides, it’s always fun to hold out on a relative, isn’t it?”

“It’s dangerous.”

“Hey, they want to play with matches, I say let them. Silas agreed to keeping to himself until I got him an answer and the next step of doing things, but who knows? He might not. But he will leave you alone.”

“I sincerely doubt that,” Klaus said as he finished his glass. “Do you need me to do anything, love?”

Bella hummed as she looked over to Kol. “Maybe wear some ear plugs, Kol and I are going to throw a private party.”


  1. Hope she can help Silas with out him causing destruction. And the ghost has to be Henrik.

  2. Yeah, I have to agree with damonslady I think that’s Henrick as well…I just hope Bella can do something about Silas before it’s to late especially for her cause god knows what he will do to her if she doesn’t help…thanks hon…amazing as always…until next time…bigg huggs.

  3. Okay so not fair leaving it like that! not fair at all.. i say. want more Demand more please.. update again.. like on sunday.. must have more. i want to see if silas actually behaves while bella looks and that little boy its henrik isn’t it.. he is trying to protect his brothers and sis isn’t he… want more please. can’t wait for new chapter!

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