Chapter 08

Oh, he hurt her by driving his fangs into her neck. Bella hadn’t expected any different and, strangely, she found it exciting. She put her hand around his neck and used enough of his essence to throw him off of her, ripping her neck a little. Putting her hand around her own neck she glared at him. “Idiot! I came to you to feel safe! And this is what you do to me?!” She used the little magic that she had left to fling him against the nearest wall.

“I don’t even know you!”

“Yeah, I know! How was I supposed to know that I was going to end up here instead of where you are now?!” She shot back at him. “I-I saw something at the reservation and I’m not sure what I saw but I needed to get to you and then I panicked and I ended up here instead of your home! To a time where you don’t even know me! Which is fucking useless!” She then removed her hand from her neck to see how much blood was coming out of it and was disgusted by the smell of the blood before putting it back on her neck. “And now I’m fucking bleeding out!”

“Have you lost your bloody mind? I don’t have any friends!”

“No wonder with your attitude! To think that I thought Myriam and I defended you against your brother. I don’t know if I want to again next time,” she scoffed, her hand pressed back against her neck.

“You know Myriam?”

“Of course I fucking do,” she growled. “And she won’t be happy if you’re allowing me to die!”

Kol rushed over to feed her his blood and backed off again. “You’re a witch.”

“That’s what you keep telling me. I thought we were becoming friends, but after this, I think you really are more like my ex and his family now,” she glared and moved away from him.

“I’m sorry?” Kol said a bit uneasy. “What can I help you with? You said you had a vision?”

She glared at him before turning away, unsure if she should share with this Kol who’d attacked her. She didn’t trust this one and he was a lot more temperamental than the one she was getting to know in her normal timeline. “Do you have any idea how I can get back to where I’m supposed to be?”

“Take the bus?”

“Yeah, you’re no help,” Bella sighed as she reached out to him to grab him, and used her magic to snap his neck before spelling him to forget this encounter, but she wasn’t sure if it completely stuck. She then lifted his phone and dialed Klaus’ number. He was likely busy but she was stuck. And Klaus knew about her.

I told you not to call me!”

“Good thing Kol’s not calling you then,” Bella replied. “I’m stuck.”


“Oh good,” Bella let out a breath as she kept an eye on the unconscious Kol. “Your brother tried to have me for lunch.”

There was some rustling sound before he spoke again. “Now is not a good time for this. What happened?”

“I don’t know! Likely alcohol and a bunch of shifter wolves that made me lose control and I had a vision and wanted to go to Kol and I end up here, where your brother is a fucking dick.”

How far did you travel back?”

“A year and a half, but Klaus, I’ve been here for the last 30 minutes. Something is wrong.”

Or you just haven’t found out what you came back to learn yet. You said you had a vision right before traveling. What did you see?” He tiredly asked, sounding distracted as the sound of a door closing crossed the phone.

“I saw all the wolves burned and I thought I was responsible for that but if this is not the right time for you, it’s fine, I’ll just-”

No, Bella. It’s not your fault. You didn’t pick your timing. I know that. It’s just there is another powerful being we are also dealing with at the moment. And of course, Myriam and Elijah don’t yet know about you. As far as the shifters burning, do you recall any other details? Figures in the distance?”

“The smell of burnt flesh, I don’t know, I wasn’t sure what was happening so I wasn’t paying attention. I just wanted to go back to safety.”

You should have Kol walk through the memory to pull the details-“

“Sure! If I get back! There’s no way that I’m letting this one anywhere near me! I just wiped his memory too!”

I don’t know how to get you back. This isn’t exactly my area. He knows most about witches, Love.”

“But I wrote to myself and-”

It’s not here, I can’t help you with that book at the moment. I suppose you’ll just have to play nice with this Kol to figure it out. He’s not a bad person, just very… newly released from his box and scared of this powerful being we’re going to have to face.”

“I know it’s your mother.”

Klaus sighed. “I can’t help you. Kol can. Perhaps even Jeremy Gilbert, as he had teachings from Alaric.”

“This whole situation your family left in Virginia to hide from in Forks is completely fucked up.”

No, that’s something entirely different if we are going to Forks soon, don’t you worry about that, don’t tell me the future,” Klaus replied. “We can handle our mother.”

“Still. She’s a bitch.”

That she is. Now, go play nice with Kol.”

“Do I have to?” She whined as she kicked the unconscious vampire with a pout.

He’s your best chance.”

“Fine, thanks,” she sighed. “Give Myriam a hug from me, but don’t actually say… you know.”

Good luck, I hope you can get back to your own time soon.” Klaus then disconnected the call and Bella kicked Kol again before returning the phone to his pocket and sat down next to him.

Sighing, she cast a spell to revive him sooner and she found herself up against a wall again, her feet dangling underneath her. Round two, with his mind wiped. “Haven’t you learned anything?”

“Learned what? You’re food!” Kol hissed at her before dropping her to the ground again. Okay, so the wipe didn’t stick that well.

“You tried to eat me! I told you I was a friend!”

No, she hadn’t told him that. He had his neck snapped somehow and this strange girl was sitting next to him. “And I don’t know who the hell you are!”

“Becky. I’m a Siphoner witch who just learned how to have her time travel powers under control and got spooked by a vision she didn’t know she could have and that ended me up here,” Bella explained. “Now, your brother knows who I am and even though you’re a gigantic asshole, he said you’re my best bet to get me back home.”

“You know my brother? Are you working for him?”

“Fuck no,” Bella scowled. “I don’t work for anyone but you need to help me, because technically, I am outside my Cold One safety zone and they can come and kill me soon, too.”

“Cold Ones?”


“And you said you had a vision? What do you remember of it? What triggered your unexplained… time travel?”

“I was at a shapeshifter bonfire? I don’t know. It was going like every other one I’ve been at before.”

“Shifters? Those wolves up in Forks?”


“And how did you get your powers under control?”

“With help from you.”

“Oh,” he sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Their magic is different from ours. More potent, more ancient.”

“But you allowed me to go.”

Why would he do that? “I did?”

Bella nodded. “And I didn’t just time travel, I traveled in place, and had a vision for the first time.”

“And you have Cold One trouble?”

“I kind of need to be off the street before the sun goes down,” Bella nodded again.

“I’m supposed to do something else,” he replied as he looked around. “But seeing as we’re nowhere near Jeremy at the moment, sure, why not? Come on,” Kol replied as he started to walk away from her. “I know just the place.”

“Are you going to hurt me again?”

“If you know my brother, then I’d better not,” he replied. “Besides, I’ve never met a Siphoner witch before who could travel in time.”

“And I’m going to make you forget, too.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because that would screw up my present. Your future.”

“And Nik knows about you?”

“Yeah, because I need him to tell me what I am,” Bella replied as she looked at Kol who had a questionable look on his face. “Long story. I don’t know why I did that, it’s in my future. Time travel makes my head hurt.”

“And you came to me for help?”

“Future you isn’t such an asshole,” Bella replied. “You helped me. A lot. It’s okay to be nice, you know. You’re an Original vampire, the only one you need to be afraid of is your brother’s wife.”

“Not even Elijah or Nik themselves?”

“During the first time I had dinner with you guys Myriam had garden shears on the table next to her, ready to use it.”

Kol opened the door to an abandoned building and lead Bella inside with a thoughtful look on his face. “That does sound a lot like her, yes.”

“So. Help me to get back?”

He smirked as he stared back at her. “I could try to help but what incentive do I have to want to do that? Perhaps I’d like to keep you here and see what you can do myself?”

“There’s two of me in this time. I need to get back, I’m just not sure how,” she said as she crossed her arms over her chest. “You never need an incentive, but I don’t know… I’ll take you out to dinner when I get back?”

“What use is that for me now?!”

Bella shrugged for an answer. “Klaus said that it likely has to do with the vision I had when I was at the reservation and because I didn’t know what it was, I didn’t understand it and that you could help me.”

“I could. Yes. But again, why would I? Because my brother said I would? Perhaps I can’t use you as a snack, but I could have a lot of fun with you. Right now,” he said as he slowly walked towards her, his eyes darting all across her body. “I’m still faster than you. If I tie you up, you can’t siphon my magic.”

“You wouldn’t,” Bella replied kindly. “Because I have done nothing to harm you at this point. You, however, tried to use me as a snack already. I’m not your enemy, Kol. I’m a friend. And seriously, if you going to behave like this, I’ll break your neck and I’ll try to figure shit out for myself. Or… I don’t know. Hand myself over to the Volturi so they think that it’s the real me and my current me will be free.”

Her face lit up with the idea, believing it might actually work.

Kol sighed and shook his head. More annoyed at the mere mention of the parasites. “First, I don’t know when or how you got yourself tangled up with those buggers but I doubt that would work because that all hinges on when you made your deal. Second, it’s always more fun to fuck with their overly confident heads and then pull the rug out from under them. Just let me into your pretty mind so that I can see what we are dealing with and I know what you saw. We will get you back so that I don’t have my brother on my arse for eternity.”


“Yes, safely,” he nodded as he pointed at the floor. “Works better if you sit, in case you fall and hurt yourself. I promise I won’t take a peek at anything else.”

“It’s okay if you did, though,” Bella replied as she sat down in the dirt. “I wouldn’t mind.” She’d wipe his memory anyway. Perhaps leave the idea that he met a time-traveling siphoner witch, but that’s it. She didn’t want to mess with history. But perhaps he could see a different side to himself, too, and learn something.

This Kol was still a bit rough around the edges. Likely only out of his box for a few months, perhaps even weeks, now on a mission for Klaus while also worrying about his mother. Maybe the point where he’d calm down some without feeling high strung came after the demise of his mother.

“I’ll be discreet,” he said as he squatted down next to her, looking at her for a moment. “Are we involved from where you’re from?”

“We’re friends. You’re keeping your distance.”

Kol sighed. “Pity,” he gently placed his hands on both sides of her head and let out another breath. “This won’t hurt, just think of the situation you were in when you had your vision happen, I’ll find it. The first couple of visions are always the hardest.”

Bella looked up at him and blinked for a moment. “I didn’t even know I could have visions. I shouldn’t have. I can only travel in time and do some spells to protect myself.”

“That’s alright. I do suggest you telling uh- me about this when you get back. If it’s true what you say and I’ve been helping you, there might be more to your powers.”

“I was at the rez, we had some good food, a few drinks, and then we were around the campfire, I was sitting wedged between my two friends, shifters, and I think they were all touching for some reason but I was buzzing and nice and warm so I didn’t think anything of it,” Bella replied. “It was a ceremony for Sam and Emily’s unborn child. I was nearly nodding off and then I saw it. Everyone burnt. I could even smell burnt flesh and then I was here.”

Kol nodded. “Try to take a snapshot of the image of everyone burnt. It might be distressing for you, but you might have missed signs of what happened.”


He sighed as he found the vision. Her mind was cluttered, it wasn’t as easy as for example reading another vampire’s mind. “I have it…” Yes, the wolves were all dead and burnt. The campfire obscuring the background, but focusing through the smoke, he could see an army of red-eyed vampires. Cold Ones. “Who did you piss off so much that they’d create a newborn army to decimate the reservation?”


Kol nodded as he pulled the vision closer and looped Bella in to see it for herself. “It’s likely created from missing children from the area, they barely look legal.”

“My dad is dealing with that now…” Bella couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Kids her age, some she’d seen at her school. “You’re saying a Cold One did this?”

Kol pulled out of her mind and looked her over. “And my guess is that you know who it is. And you’re scared. It’s likely why you’re still here and haven’t gone back to your own time.”

That made sense. Bella looked at her hands just to avoid Kol’s gaze.

“However, if it’s true what you say and that I and my family have been helping you with your gifts, you have nothing to worry about, Becky. We’ll keep you safe. And if you go back now, you can inform them about your vision and they will stop it from happening to save your friends.”

She looked up at him then. “I know, you’ve been saying that.”

“Then trust us.”

“I do! I don’t want you to get hurt. This is my mess.”

“And those newborns will be a danger to everyone if they’re not being dealt with. You could, of course, allow it to happen and then the Volturi will come to Forks. Would you want that? Because they will blame you and they will kill you, too.”

“They won’t. Despite their deceit, they are true to their word and won’t kill me as long as I stay in Forks or two hours around it. On top of that, I’m supernatural like them.”

“It would be the perfect opportunity to tell them to shove it. However, newborns are extremely dangerous and volatile. They can’t be tamed that easily and they will tear through your town if you allow this to happen. Don’t be afraid, Bella. You’ll be alright.”

“I never told you my name.”

“I just went inside your head. You were lying about your name, but not about everything else,” Kol replied kindly. “You’re a good person, Bella, but if I and my family give you our word or our aid, we will. We’ve dealt with the parasites before. Or at least my brothers have. It’ll be alright, you have nothing to fear,” he smiled then as he tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. “From what I saw inside your mind, you’re already part of our family and we’d do anything for family.”

“I’m not a part-”

“That’s because you’re not allowing yourself to feel more than you allow yourself to feel. Whoever hurt you so bad in the past, it’s not us. We’re a volatile bunch, yes, but we take care of our own. And from what I could see, you’re one of ours. Stop being afraid, Bella, you’re this amazing witch who can kick our asses when need be. Live a little,” he said as he helped her to her feet. “And my apologies for having been so… rude and… defensive. I don’t like surprises that much and I believed that Nik sent someone to check up on me because he doesn’t trust me.”

He was right, wasn’t he? Bella had been keeping them at arm’s length because she didn’t want to get hurt. But they’d done nothing to even make her panic or think that they weren’t looking out for her. “He does.”

“I know, otherwise he wouldn’t send me to Denver to spy on his doppelganger’s baby brother. I can’t wait until I can beat him up, however, I truly am sorry, Bella.”

“It’s alright, Kol,” she smiled at him. “Thank you for helping me. It’s strange how I panicked myself to here instead of home, but maybe that was a good thing as well.”

“Everything has a reason, we may not know why it happens, but it happens for a reason.”

“I am, however, going to erase the fact that you’ve met me. You won’t remember this encounter.”

“I still don’t like that.”

“Neither do I, but I don’t want to mess up my present. If you’d like, I could have you retain the knowledge of having met a time-traveling witch?”

“Take it all, darling, knowing something but not quite remembering what will only drive me insane and I’ll turn it into an obsession to find out. It’s not the best of plans.”

The way she erased his memory was to ‘rewind’ his brain until the point of being in the cafeteria by himself and added a false memory of him needing to feed. Once she was done, and confident that this stuck, she planted a kiss on his cheek as she could feel the pull coming to take her back. “Thank you, Kol Mikaelson,” she whispered before she disappeared.


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