04: Enjoy the Silence

He had driven them home after they changed back into their regular clothes and handed Alice’s phone to Felicity. Oliver could feel the adrenaline drain out of his body on the trip back and he was just glad that he had gotten them home safely. The morning’s breakfast attempts were still in the kitchen and needed cleaning up, but he really couldn’t care about that. Right now, he needed to be there for Bella, as she had just lost someone from her past, someone she had been somewhat close with.

He set his helmet on the floor and pulled her closer. “Are you okay?” He asked as he caressed her hair. They both hadn’t bothered to take a shower when they got changed earlier at the club, but for some reason she didn’t smell sweaty at all, he could still smell her shampoo on her hair and it smelled like home, like safety.

Taking a moment to assess herself, Bella was surprisingly calm. “Actually, I’m okay. I’d let go of them a long time ago. I’m worried about you,” she said as she ran her fingers along his face. “You don’t like having to take anyone’s life, good or bad. You’ve been pretty out of it since then. Did something happen after I left you two?”

“I’ve been fine with taking other people’s lives, it’s what I’ve done for years before I made the decision that I needed to change,” Oliver responded after a while. “She… I don’t know, maybe it was her begging or her trying to get me to stop from what I was about to do to her that unnerved me – hearing her speak with so much conviction about her brother being unstoppable… I don’t know…”

“It was obvious she was able to see whatever future you were making that she was attempting to save her ass. How is it that she was able to see such things? Could she be like me?” she asked as she went to pull a bottle of open wine from the fridge for them. “If she’s like me, then could there be a chance that Edward or the others are as well?”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about,” Oliver said as he followed her into the kitchen. “I assume that they hadn’t shown anything like this before, as Alice said that it only happened about a year or so ago. Maybe they were in Central City when the thing exploded, we’ll have to get Felicity to check that out.”

Bella shrugged as she went to get out the wine glasses from the dish drain as she considered it. “Certainly plausible but that would mean they would have the gene. What are the odds though? I mean all of the Cullen kids were adopted.”

“I don’t know, I’m not an expert. Meta humans are Barry’s thing,” he said resigned as he sat down on one of the stools. “Maybe daddy Cullen is a collector. I mean, he’s a doctor. He’d probably have known about genes and stuff and would probably have his adoptive kids tested… I don’t know.”

The thought sent a chill through her as she turned to look at him. “He’s been trying to get me back together with Edward for years Oliver,” she said coldly. “He has to know that I carry the gene too. Maybe not that it’s active, but that it’s there if he’s so obsessed with it. He was my doctor throughout high school until Edward broke up with me.”

“I was kidding… but it makes sense…” He said as he poured them wine. “Oh, if that is the case, that guy is so creepy!”

“Just wait until you have to meet him in person,” she muttered. “On the outside, he could give you a run for your money when it comes to public image for citizen of the year. They gave us the first warning themselves with Esme coming here for one of her charity events but who knows when that will be. If Alice has been causing this much trouble all this time, I suspect the rest should be close by or coming around soon.”

“Well, we already got rid of Jasper… so that’s… what? Four left if you don’t include Rosalie?” He took a sip of his wine.

“Ugh, Carlisle, Esme, Edward, and Emmett. Emmett though, if he’s involved, was always yes man to Carlisle. We’ll deal with him when it comes to it. I have to say I’m a bit worried for him too now.”

“Alice said that she wasn’t the only one coming and that there were more to come. I replied that she wasn’t the only one to die, either.” Oliver said grim as he took another sip of his wine. “And I mean it. That family needs to stop terrorizing you and they’re a danger to Starling City.”

“Edward and Carlisle are the dangers. We’ll deal with them like we deal with everyone else that tries to fuck with us,” Bella said as she looked up at him. “We have other things to worry about in the meanwhile. Like our charity party at Verdant next weekend?”

Oliver nodded. “I don’t want it to be boring. I mean, my parents used to go to and host those events and they were just people drinking and chatting… that’s boring.”

“I say we auction you and Chuck off at the bar Coyote Ugly style,” she grinned.

“Oh, that’s a good idea,” Oliver laughed. “He’s going to hate us… and Steve! Steve can go up for auction!”

“Yes. Harley doesn’t want to admit it but she likes him. Okay, so that’s settled,” she said as she inputted the notes for the idea into her phone. “I’ll have to get the necessary permits Monday so that we have it in time. For the record, I’m telling him it was your idea.”

“Of course you are,” he mused as he drained his glass of wine and refilled it. “Maybe we can ask Captain Lance to join in on the auction as well, he’s a catch.”

Bella snorted. “Right. Let’s get my father as well while we’re at it. Do you really expect either of them to hang out at Verdant for any period of time voluntarily?”

“It’s for charity. Laurel will bully her father into doing it.”

“They’ll sooner write a check and I’ll write it for them before I’m willing to see them strip on my bar for charity.”

“Fine, we’ll keep them out of it,” Oliver snickered. “And we need good food. Nothing stuffy but good food, I’m sure the cook at the club can come up with something but maybe it’s better to get a catering business for that.”

Rolling her eyes, she waved her hand at him. “Already taken care of. That’s been handled since the date had been set. I actually got Alfredo’s to do it at cost for us as long as we make a few public dates at the restaurant over the next couple months.”

Oliver winced at the mention of Alfredo’s and the word date. It didn’t start off so smoothly last time. “Sure, but let’s bring our friends then too.”

Bella raised her eyebrow at him. “It wasn’t that bad…”

“No, no it wasn’t that bad…” he smiled at her. “We were just a little bit rusty, that’s all.”

“I think we’re a bit better now. I mean, it’s been what? Six, seven months? How much worse could it be?” she teased. “I mean, I could have traded you in a while ago if that date was anything to go by, right?”

“I like your optimism,” Oliver said as he got up from his stool and walked to her to put his arms around her. “You can always trade me in, if you want, but I’d just kill the competition.”

“I don’t think I would. I like you right here,” Bella grinned as she pulled him closer so that she could kiss him. “And I would kill any competition as well.”

“Good, that’s sorted then,” he said as he returned the kiss. “Killing the competition,” he moved his hand underneath her shirt and caressed her stomach. “How about no trading at all?” Oliver started to kiss her neck.

Bella let out a breath as she wrapped her arms around him. “No trading sounds good. I wasn’t planning on letting you go anyway. If you hadn’t gotten the memo by now, I don’t give up easily,” she said as she brushed her lips over his ears.

“Good, me neither,” he said huskily and moved his hand up her shirt as he continued to nuzzle her neck. When his hand reached her breast, he gently squeezed in it. “Do you think we can resume what we started this morning? I could really do with a continuance right now…”

Grinning, she turned her head to glance at the leftover remains of their breakfast that remained. For all the interruptions and the stress, they both needed the outlet. “Race you upstairs?” she said as she pulled back so that she could pull her sweater off and threw it over her head as she slipped by him as she took a different stairwell up to her bedroom to lose him.

Laughing, Oliver darted after her and caught up with her just as she was running over the threshold to her room. He grabbed her around the waist and launched the both of them onto the bed, landing softly.

Pulling his shirt over his head, she eagerly claimed his mouth as she was more than ready to resume their morning plans that had been interrupted plenty. Only this time she wouldn’t take any other interruptions lightly as she held him close.


Elsewhere in Central City…

After his shift at the police department, Barry Allen made his usual trip over to S.T.A.R. Labs for his usual physical tests. Slowing up his run as he approached, he found an unfamiliar car parked outside the entrance that they used, raising his curiosity as he walked in, his attention more alert as he looked around for unfamiliar faces.

“Hey Cisco? Is there something going on?” he asked as his friend, who was seated at one of the monitoring stations, read the results coming out on someone that was going through the same tests that he went through frequently.

“New meta that happened to have been in Central City at the time of the explosion. His father heard about Wells and brought him in to see if he could help with control or whatever. I didn’t hear the whole conversation. Dude’s ability is awesome though,” he said as he pulled his lolly pop out of his mouth and pressed on a few of the controls.

“Professor Wells must be really excited to have found another meta he can work with,” Barry said as he opened a drawer with one of Cisco’s high glucose bars and started to eat it. “What can he do?” He couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous, Barry was the one who was awesome. He had the awesome speed and he juggled two jobs at once.

“Control actions with his thoughts. Imagine the possibilities that could do,” he grinned at him. “His father is some big name doc from Seattle. Supposedly, the sister is a meta as well and they are trying to get her in but she’s off getting the family’s new home situated in Starling City so she couldn’t come for these tests. Wells is in his glory.”

“That is very cool…” Barry said thoughtfully. Why did Seattle sound so familiar? “But dangerous if he’s the wrong type of person and can you imagine him taking control of everyone? Including me?”

Cisco froze for a moment as he considered the implications his friend made. “Well that sucks,” he muttered as he eyed the man on the treadmill inside the pen. “Cullen seems to be an okay guy but I get what you mean. That dude doesn’t seem to talk much though without Dad’s say so first.”

Barry blinked. “Cullen?” He stammered as he started to pack a few of the glucose bars. He now knew why Seattle sounded so familiar.

“Yeah? You know him?”

“No, but I have to go… I’ll probably be out of town for the rest of the week as I have a charity function to go to as well… I promised Felicity,” he said with a smile on his face. “But be careful around those people, okay?”

Cisco nodded as he pulled his lolly pop out of his mouth again. “Sure thing. I’ll let the doc know. Have fun and don’t drink too much if you’re going to be running around like you do,” he grinned as he leaned back on his chair.

“Yeah yeah,” Barry said before he sped off, not bothering to start running once he was outside the building. He had a long journey ahead and he was sure that he was going to get his ass kicked for this by his friends. But this was simply something he couldn’t relay over the phone or the internet in case people were watching or listening in. This was information that Felicity had been looking for the entire time and this was important.

By the time he arrived in Starling City, the club was deserted and he took a small break to fuel up and catch his breath. He didn’t really know where Oliver Queen’s new apartment was, but he knew where the mansion was. Seeing as Oliver’s girlfriend lived there, chances were that he was there as well. Oh, he was going to need a nap after this. “Come on Barry, another twenty miles to go and then you’re golden,” he said to himself before speeding off again, kind of wishing that he had brought his suit as he already had to discard his jacket – again – on his trip to Starling City.

Once at the mansion, he started to knock on the front door in rapid succession. This was urgent, he was allowed to make some noise.

Inside the house, Bella and Oliver were just rounding third base during what had become their movie night when the incessant pounding on the front door. Her head fell back against the couch with a groan. “Whoever that is, I am going to kill them,” she groaned as she threw her hands over her face.

“Sounds urgent,” Oliver sighed as he got to his feet and fastened his pants before walking towards the door. It had become a habit of people interrupting them just when they were about to get lucky with each other. When he opened the door he was surprised to find Barry standing there. “Barry,” he greeted politely.

“I know what time it is and I am sorry to wake you, but this couldn’t be said over the phone or email and I figured you wanted to know immediately.”

Oliver raised an eyebrow before he stepped aside to let him in. “Bella we have a guest,” he called to the living room.

Having just finishing pulling her shirt and pants back on, she glared in the direction of the door. “And just who has a death wish this time?” she asked as she worked to compose herself, swallowing the last of whatever wine was still in her glass before he and their unexpected visitor entered the room.

“Give it your best shot,” Barry grinned. “You won’t be able to catch me.”

Bella glared at the boy as she sat back on the couch. “To what do we owe this unexpected visit? You know we would have just seen you at the club with Felicity. Why the special trip out here Sonic?”

“I know I’m a couple of days early but this just couldn’t wait, nor be told over the phone,” Barry said as he sat down on a chair. “Doctor Wells is taking care of an awesome new meta. Well, Cisco called him awesome. Apparently he can control actions with his thoughts, like… really invade your mind and make you do things you don’t want to do.”

“Sounds like a danger to me, why is Wells working with him?” Oliver asked as he sat down next to Bella.

“I don’t know, to be honest, I didn’t really wanted to stick around. According to Cisco the guy was a nice bloke although he didn’t speak so much and was only doing what he was told by his father, who was a doctor in Seattle!” Barry said enthusiastically, wondering if Oliver and Bella caught on yet, he didn’t until he heard the name belonging to that family. “There were two Cullens in my work space and they’re definitely coming to Starling City as Cisco mentioned them talking about a sister who was sorting out the house with their mother.”

Bella’s face visibly paled at the information, sitting back as she closed her eyes. “This is so not happening. This seriously cannot be happening,” she said as she ran her hands through her hair as she worked to compose herself. Taking a deep breath, she nodded after a moment. “Well we don’t have to worry about Alice. They think she’s okay?” she asked as she looked back at him.

“Maybe Detective Lance’s people are holding off on informing her family, or maybe the investigation isn’t done yet.” Oliver said with a shrug.

“Why? What happened?” Barry asked curious.

“Ah, the other day we had to help out the police department with a raid gone bad. Alice Cullen was there and she… well. She could see what people were going to do, but Bella seemed to be immune.”

He looked at her impressed for a moment before it grew to concerned curiosity. “I wonder if you would be able to resist this new guy as well… Anyway it looked like his dad was trying to see if Wells could get him to control his ability better.”

“They are up to something,” she muttered unhappily. “I’m about ready to take one of my rifles and just pick them off.”

“Could you ask Cisco to send us the file on Cullen?” Oliver asked Barry. “I know that it’s probably not possible, and if it’s not, we’ll just ask Felicity to retrieve it…”

“Yeah, Cisco won’t be too happy if that happens,” Barry grinned. “I’ll ask him first thing in the morning. I’ll be in town until at least the day after the charity event so if you need any help taking down bad guys, I’m your man.”

Bella eyed Oliver as she let out a breath. Their evening plans were ruined again but at least they had a heads up on their opponent. “You think we can convince Uncle Q to keep Alice’s death hushed? We have her phone. Let’s let them continue to think she’s alive with text messages, that she’s following us or something? Like they have been trying to do with Rosalie. I mean we have an advantage here.”

“Why would we have them think she’s still alive? It’ll only delay the inevitable.”

“We play them, work them to get information while we can,” she explained.

Oliver sighed. “I know that you mean well, but I took that phone so Felicity could crack it and maybe find information on it. That doesn’t mean we have to use that phone for the same reasons as they do, what does it make us if we stoop to their level?”

She eyed him, unhappy about losing a good opportunity for intelligence. Heaving a deep breath, she said nothing as she sat back on the couch and looked away. Bella wanted to find her friend as well. Not knowing what Rosalie’s condition was bothered her but she continued the act that everything was okay. “So Esme is already in town. Great. Let’s hunt the bitch down.”

“No,” Oliver said as he looked at her. She looked as if she was about to explode when he said that, but he didn’t care. He knew she wanted to take revenge. “The only bad thing that she’s responsible for is having adopted children who are off the rails. There’s no proof that she has anything to do with it. As much as I’d like to make sure that you won’t ever be bothered by them again, all we can do is sit and wait, and keep an eye on them as well as we can because if one of them does slip up, we’ll go after them.”

Bella heaved a deep breath as she slowly stood from the couch. Looking over at Barry, she gave him a tired smile. “You’re welcome to stay the night. I doubt Felicity would welcome her sleep being interrupted in the middle of the night if it isn’t for catching a bad guy. Plenty of rooms upstairs,” she said, inviting him. “Just don’t take mine. I sincerely doubt Oliver here would like sharing my bed with you.”

“Thank you,” Barry smiled at her, feeling sorry for Bella. Of course, Oliver had been right, but Barry knew what it was like to be able to do something and not being able to do something – albeit it for being completely different reasons. Barry knew that he could break his father out of prison in a blink of an eye, he was fast enough, it was possible, however, he couldn’t break his father out of prison because what life would his father have then? He’d be a fugitive.

“No problem. I’m just going to call my cousin and see if she might be in the mood to hit up a bar or two,” she smirked as she walked out of the room. Maybe some drunken idiot would start a bar fight that the two girls could get in on to release some issues.

“By the time you’ll be in the city and have met up with Laurel, the bars will be closed,” Oliver pointed out.

“I could run into the city to go and buy some booze?” Barry suggested with a shrug. “Then you can call whomever you want at this time and have them make their way over here.”

Letting out a groan, Bella let her head fall back to her shoulders. “I wasn’t suggesting Laurel, but there is always a dive open late somewhere. I need to do something besides sit around and wait!” she complained as she paced the floor in her agitation over the situation.

“How about sleep?” Oliver mused. They had come home at nine p.m. and Barry had knocked on the door around midnight, interrupting him and Bella having some fun. “Or we could do some sparring, if you’d like. Barry will be the referee.”

“Actually… I could do with learning some moves to keep myself alive…”

Bella wasn’t in the mood for the boy’s nearly constant good mood, shaking her head as she walked out. “Oliver can do something with you. I’m going to change and go for a run around the property. Remind me to call someone tomorrow to have a home gym installed.”

“Someone might think she’s pregnant because her mood swings are giving me whiplash,” Barry commented as he pointed towards where she disappeared. Turning towards Oliver, he heaved a deep breath. “You know, I can probably take some time off from work to hang around awhile and help. I have some vacation saved up that I haven’t taken yet.”

Oliver stared at Barry for a moment, wondering if he should hit the boy or not. “Didn’t you already say you’re around for the rest of the week? Can you even do that with your other responsibilities?”

“Ah, you know, if they need me, they’ll call me and I’ll be there in a few hours,” Barry said with a shrug.

Oliver slowly nodded. “Go to bed, Barry, I doubt that you’ll get a lot of sleep once Felicity gets her hands on you.”

“Yeah,” he replied as he rubbed his hand over the back of his neck uncomfortably. “That might be a good idea. I’ll see you in the morning. Good luck with Bella. ‘Night, man.”

“Good night,” Oliver said as he watched Barry leave the room. He got to his feet and started to clean up a little as he waited for Bella to come back down so he could accompany her on her run.

When Bella made her way back downstairs, she walked past the living room for the kitchen to grab a couple bottles of water to take with her as she intended to ignore any attempt that she believed her boyfriend might make to keep her from leaving the house. She adjusted the bottles in her running bag to make sure that they didn’t make the handgun she had tucked inside noticeable should she run into any trouble outside. The past year had increased some of her paranoia, but eased much of it as well. It did nothing for her anger management issues.

Oliver had observed her from his spot in the kitchen and was torn between asking her if he could accompany her on her run, in the dark, around the woods, or staying inside and shutting the fuck up. She had managed fine on her own without him before she moved back to Starling City, why would anything have changed? He knew that he needed to give her her space but on the other hand, he was worried that something might happen to her, even if being on private property. Then again, she was bullet proof. “You need a running buddy?”

She paused for a moment before looking up at him. Contemplating the angle he might be going with his question, she could only find concern in his eyes. “I don’t need one, but I wouldn’t mind if you’re offering,” she answered quietly before looking back down to close the bag up.

Oliver put on his running shoes, there was no need to change clothes anyway as he was already in a pair of sweatpants and a shirt. He took a bottle of water from the fridge and stuffed it in his pocket. “Alright, let’s go then,” he smiled at her.

Her eyebrow raised curiously as he hadn’t tried to object to the abrupt change in evening plans, despite the news they received. “Okay,” she nodded as she headed for the door, glancing back at him frequently while she tried to figure out why he was being so indulgent. “I was thinking of running a perimeter of the property line then maybe a figure eight depending on how I’m feeling after that.”

“Lead the way,” he said as he opened the door for her.

Bella walked outside where she moved over to the edge of the garden area where she could stretch her legs and back before they began their run. She remained quiet as she warmed up as she thought about the Cullens and how they could possibly fight against an ability like Barry said that they claimed Edward to carry. It was a frightening thought that they might be capable of forcing her, or anyone, to do anything against their wills and wondered if that was how they were keeping Rosalie from being able to make contact.

Her friend’s job had told Captain Lance when he called for her as a favor that she had given her notice, but she also knew that would never have happened as the girl loved her career. After a few minutes, she looked over at Oliver. “I’m ready,” she announced.

He motioned for her to start running and it was easy to keep up with her pace. In fact, it was a quite pleasurable jog. He didn’t have to be a mind reader to know what was going on inside her head; all sorts of emotions and thoughts were colliding with each other and to be honest, he was a little freaked out himself. Sure, Oliver had dealt with people who seemed to have enhanced abilities, but they were under the influence of things, like the mirakuru. He’s had tough adversaries and had been in difficult situations, but how were they going to be able to fight someone like Edward? Meta-humans were Barry’s thing and even he seemed to be freaked out by it – the sheer notion of Edward being able to control other people was chilling his blood.

After a long moment of silence between the two of them as they ran over the grounds, Oliver spoke up. “I’m scared too, you know. I have no idea how we’re going to handle this… we might have to get some help.”

She had taken a moment after he spoke to focus her breathing with controlled breaths in and out before she could look over at him as she continued her pace. “Help?” she questioned skeptically, wondering what he had in mind.

He opened his mouth to reply and then realized that his answer would have been the stupidest idea ever. “Yeah, you’re right, not a good idea…” he replied before another thought entered his head. “But maybe we can ask the League for help instead of A.R.G.U.S.”

“We’d have to tell them about me. Why Cullen is so intent on trying to get me – a reason why they might be interested in having me themselves,” she pointed out in pants as she jumped over a log along the hiking path.

“Yeah, maybe not a good idea either,” Oliver sighed. “Well, at least we can ask Barry for Edward’s file… and then see what we’re going to do.”

Shrugging Bella ran a few more paces. “It’s worth considering. They have manpower and abilities too, right?”

“No, just damn good training… like Sara,” Oliver replied as he followed her. “I told you the story about Nyssa finding Sara after the shipwreck, didn’t I?”

“Yeah,” she grunted, not particularly fond of the time period in general still even though she was really over a lot of her issues with her cousin. “At this point, since we don’t know what exactly we’re dealing with in regards to Edward, let’s just keep them in mind. If I have to skip town, I will, if they are to be called.”

“Yeah, we’ll see,” Oliver agreed. “We definitely need to find out more about what they are up to. Maybe I can have Felicity track them down in their new digs and put some trackers on their cars or something.”

She grumbled a few curses under her breath. “Look for any large properties that might need some work but are in a upper class area. Esme loves her renovation projects so if she came ahead of everyone else, she would have been focused on that as Carlisle wouldn’t be caught dead living in an unfinished house.”

“I will relay the message,” he said after a while and then grinned. “You and I should go out again. Like… the movies.”

The sudden suggestion caused a distraction for Bella, making her trip over something in the pathway before she found her footing again. While they had found some sort of balance over the months since their first date, they hadn’t attempted to really do anything similar again. She much preferred to stay in together for the privacy. “We watch plenty of movies at the house or your apartment,” she replied, stopping to pull out her water bottle. Eyeing him nervously, she fiddled with the cap as she thought about it. “You feeling okay there Oliver? Another date night? I’m not objecting, but it’s also not really necessary…”

“A change of scenery,” Oliver said with a nod. “Not a date, just us going to the movies somewhere that’s not your house or my apartment as we’ve been spending too much time there anyway. We need to get out of our heads a bit.”

She nodded as she drank from her water bottle as she thought about it before offering the rest of the bottle to him. “Sounds good. You want to go after the charity party this weekend?”

He took one sip of the bottle before handing it back to her. “Yeah, why not? There must be a good movie playing, right?”

“You’ve seen the On Demand options for recent releases. I’m sure we can find something we could tolerate. If not then we’ll just find something else to do,” she shrugged as she tucked the bottle away before pulling the bag back on. “We could always try and see if we can survive dinner again without freaking out.”

Oliver laughed. “I said we could go to a movie. I didn’t say anything about dinner.”

“You are the one that wanted another date night. I thought dinner tends to go hand in hand with the movie thing,” Bella pointed out with a grin as she turned to ease into a jog again from their water break. “But that’s fine. No dinner. Does that mean I should meet you at the theater as well?”

“We could have dinner at my place?” Oliver suggested as he followed her. “Get some take away?”

She let out a laugh. “Dinner at your place. Just so you know, this party is semi formal. You’ll have to wear a suit still. After all, we’ll have a lot of police brass there. Thank you Daddy and Uncle Quentin.”

“I know it’s semi-formal and…” Oliver looked at her and then sighed. “Fine, we’ll go to Alfredo’s.”

“Alfredo’s is catering the event so don’t worry about Friday,” she chuckled as she looked back over her shoulder. “I was only teasing about going out to dinner you know.”

“I just wanted us to do something that’s not in our houses and not out in public so we can actually fuck up and not feel bad about it.”

Slowing to a stop again, Bella turned to move to walk up to Oliver and wrap her arms around his neck. “I don’t care what anyone else thinks. So what if we fuck up. It’s our fuck up and it’s how we do it. We’re both trying to figure this shit out together and that’s what matters I think. Hell. Look at how far we’ve gotten so far. I think we’ve done pretty good on our own that we can give the normal couple stuff a try. Maybe after we deal with Daddy Cullen and my stalker ex-boyfriend, you and I just take off for a vacation together where no one knows us? Maybe someplace warm. Like Tahiti?”

“Oh, that sounds like an idea,” Oliver said with a nod and put his arms around her. “And we’ve done extremely well, I think,” he softly kissed her. “I’m surprised you haven’t run for the hills yet.”

“You haven’t given me a good enough reason yet,” she replied as she leaned into him more. They had been almost done with the perimeter run of the property but she was still fairly awake yet from the excitement and anxiety of their surprise visit. Even though it was a few hours yet from dawn, she knew she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep any time soon. “I don’t want to go home yet.”

“Then what did you have in mind we’d do?” Oliver softly asked as he caressed her back. “Maybe continue what we started before Barry dropped a bombshell?”

While the idea was most welcome, it wasn’t so much as long as there was a houseguest. “After he leaves, definitely,” she grinned as she pushed herself up to kiss him.

“We don’t have to go back inside the house,” he muttered against the kiss. “You have a big property, there are the empty stables… we’re outside…”

“Is that so?” Bella murmured as her fingers scratched over his scalp. “You do know the stables are on the other side of the house…It’s still a distance from us now.”

“Well then,” he said huskily as he started to kiss her neck. “I’d just have to devour you here.”

She shuddered as he hit a sensitive spot before looking around to make sure they were truly alone within the woods. Her hands held onto his shoulders tightly as she leaned back to pull his shirt off before hastily tugging at her own. “Damn…shit…” she grunted as she got caught in forgetting to pull her bag off first in her rush.

Oliver laughed as he helped her to get the bag off of her and then helped her out of hers, before resuming his attentions to her neck and earlobe as his hands wandered off to her pants.

With their shirts thrown on the ground, her eyes rolled back as her nails dug into his flesh as she felt him slowly peel her running pants over her hips. “Stop teasing,” she begged as her mouth pressed into his neck before moving his mouth. “Take me. Please…”

He helped her out of her pants and started opening his own before his phone started to ring. “No,” he groaned as he continued to get rid of his pants and let the phone ring.

“Shit fuckers. Ignore it,” Bella snapped as she kicked his pants away. “I’m don’t care who that was and if it was someone from work, you’re a dead man Oliver Queen,” she warned as she pulled him back to her as she nipped at his jaw.

Work doesn’t call late at night, Bella,” he replied as he tore her underwear with a satisfied grin on his face.

She grunted as she pressed herself against him. “If I was into my hot boss and wanted to try to convince him for a booty call, work is a perfect excuse to call at 2:00am.”

“Ah, but the hot boss changed his ways,” Oliver grinned as he stepped out of his boxers and pulled her down with him as he sat on the floor. “Would you like to ride me, Ms. Swan?” He asked as he looked at her. “Or shall I take you here on the ground?”

“Shut up,” Bella laughed as she shoved his shoulders and climbed on his lap, positioning herself over him. As she settled down, she let out a loud moan as he filled her, taking the moment to enjoy the feeling after so many times of being stopped before they could even get to this part. Kissing him as she begun to move slowly, she heard his phone ringing again and growled. “Someone has a death wish…”

“Let me check… if it’s no one special I’ll turn it off,” Oliver groaned as he really, really enjoyed being inside of her. He grabbed the bottom of his pants and dragged it towards them before fingering his phone out of his pocket. “It’s Diggle,” Oliver said as the phone stopped ringing.

“No one will miss the butler,” she said through pursed lips, clearly plotting some devious murder scheme. Rolling her hips on him, she let out a sigh. “I’ll have Steve fly the body out to the middle of the ocean somewhere…”

“Great idea,” Oliver said as he put his phone back down and started to caress her breasts, only for his phone to start ringing again. Frustrated, Oliver picked up the phone. “What?”

A bunch of armed robbers are leaving Starling City, heading your way. Care to take care of that?”

Oliver thought for a moment and then cursed Diggle for calling him. Oliver had taken his suit and his weapons home because it had been closer than Verdant as he had been doing something entirely different in a remote part of town and Diggle knew this. “I’m tempted to say ‘no’.”

You don’t sleep anyway.”

“Why are you up anyway?”

You can argue with me or hop on your motorcycle and wait for the armed robbers to come to you.”

“What the hell does he want?” Bella asked, not hearing the other half of the conversation.

“He wants me to stop some armed robbers who decided to escape the city and are coming our way.” Oliver explained to Bella.

She groaned as she let her head fall in resignation. “How much did they get away with?”

“How much did they steal?” Oliver asked Diggle.

They robbed Starling National Bank, Oliver. They had about 20 million in their safe and some valuables from high end customers like yourself and Bella.” Oliver had put Diggle on speaker phone. “I’m here right now and your stuff is safe but others weren’t as lucky.”

“Fine,” Oliver muttered. “I’ll call you when I’m on my way.” He ended the call and resisted the urge to throw his phone through the forest.

Bella had sat back on his lap and waited for him to calm down patiently. “Would you like to take Dean or Sam with you to shoot some kneecaps?”

“I think that arrows look prettier in knees than bullets, don’t you think?” Oliver smirked as he took a deep breath. This. Sucked.

She looked thoughtful for a moment before nodding. “You’re right. It’s more my style anyway. I guess duty calls,” she sighed as she moved to get off of him with a pout as she looked down where their bodies parted. “So close…”

“I know,” he sighed as he quickly pulled on his boxers and pants, not bothering about his shirt as he was going to change when he was inside the house anyway. “Depending on how many there are, I’m going to make them regret robbing that bank.”

“You want me to join you?” she asked as she dressed.

“I won’t be long,” Oliver said as he picked up her bag. “But I’m not leaving you out here by yourself so hurry up.”

It didn’t take her long before the two were on their way back to the house where he gave her a quick kiss before disappearing to change into his Arrow uniform and was out the door, leaving Bella alone. Frowning, she went to search for her cell phone where she sent their friend a text message, promising him his death for his phone call before she went to shower and find something to occupy herself until he returned.


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