16: Ready

A/N: Lemon alert.


She woke up the following morning when she felt someone touching her legs. Not in a bad way, there were hands gently massaging her calves, and the pain disappeared. She giggled and wiggled her feet when Kol’s gentle hands took her foot. “What are you doing?” She asked sleepily before turning her head to look at him. She then sniffed the air and wrinkled her nose. “Lavender?”

Kol smiled at her. “Good morning to you too. Yes, lavender. I adjusted the recipe I picked up from a shaman in Uganda seeing as the original recipe smelled like something that had died. Plus, it was less spreadable..”


“Magic, Cuddles,” he grinned and leaned forward to kiss her before resuming his task of massaging her foot. “You were kicking about all night. Could have been muscle spasms, but either way, I thought your legs and feet deserved a break if only temporary.”

Bella sighed happily. “You’re too perfect, thank you.”

“Ah, you deserve it. My brothers and Marcel have been working you hard in the last week and a half,” he said with a slight hint of anger in his voice. “Of course, they refused to listen to me and Rebekah when we objected.”

“It’s fine.”

“Rebekah did some neck snapping yesterday after finding out that you were dumped in the Bayou, again.”

“She didn’t have to do that,” she moaned into the pillow. Kol knew how to give a good foot rub! The lower part of her body felt so light and painless that it was heaven, and it had been a while since she felt that way. Even long before she came back to New Orleans with Kol, she always felt as if there was lead in her shoes. His hands felt magical, and she couldn’t help but moan again when he repeated the movement.

He just had to be sure he had heard what he thought he did, and her moaning sounded like music to his ears. He had deliberately started with her legs and feet while she was sleeping as it was less intrusive than his hands on her back. It was also safer for him, he found it was easier to see things less sexual when starting with what sometimes was the ugliest part of a woman, but Bella definitely had sexy legs.

It had already been a turn on last night when she’d forgone on her boxers and was just wearing her knickers and one of his shirts – one of his shirts -. However, before he could instigate anything, she’d been out like a light. That was one of the main reasons why he hated his siblings right now. He had barely gotten any time with Bella at all over the last week and a half apart from witchy training with him and Davina.

Kol playfully ran his hands up her leg as he scooted up towards her. He had planned to stop when he reached her ass, but it looked too inviting and could not help but to give it a squeeze, causing Bella to giggle. “You’re such a girl,” he snickered.

She rolled on her back and pulled him close to her to kiss him while she fisted his shirt with her free hand so he would stay right where he was. For some reason she felt great – no, she felt more than great and she knew the reason. Telling Jasper exactly how she felt about him had made her feel lighter, and she was proud of herself for having done so. It showed her that she could be a fierce lioness instead of a meek lamb, and she loved the feeling of it. It was something she could get used to.

He laughed when he lost his balance and managed not to topple on top of her. “That’s one hell of a kiss, Cuddles.”

Bella huffed as she turned around to kiss him again. “Then why stop?”

“I fell over, didn’t I?” Kol snorted as he gently pulled her on top of him, hands firmly on her ass to keep her in place. “Look at you, so tiny I could fit you in my pocket.”

She started to blush. “I’m not that short.”

“I didn’t say you were short; I said you were tiny,” he grinned as he caressed a strand of hair out of her face. “You are so beautiful,” he said in awe. “Inside and out, and yet, you like to spend time with me. That’s amazing.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, mister,” The color on Bella’s cheeks deepened as she ran her hand through his hair, and she looked at him. “You turn heads wherever you go and no matter what most of your siblings or decades long acquaintances say, you are a decent and beautiful person on the inside with a wicked sense of humor.”

“I’m not selling myself short, darling,” he smirked and softly kissed her lips. “I find myself to be an awesome person, and I don’t care about whatever they might say about me, I’ll prove people otherwise anyway.” When he saw the annoyed look on Bella’s face, he laughed. “I swear, it’s the best attitude you can have. People having a low opinion of you means you can be invisible and awesome in secret. It’s much like a secret superpower or something.”

“It’s not right.”

“Comes with the territory of being a thousand years old,” he muttered before kissing her again. “Too many memories.”

“Yeah well, you live in the now now,” she straddled his waist and kissed him tenderly from her spot on top of him. Without thinking, really. She didn’t care. “With me,” she then hesitated but knew she shouldn’t, he did feel the same way, didn’t he? “Or someone else…”

“Oh, with you, definitely,” he snorted and softly kissed her, liking the feeling of her sitting on top of him. Something had changed within her, for the better, and he could see that. He also loved it that she’d become freer in how she was with him. She surprised him yesterday by stripping in front of him while he was walking around naked. If he had to be honest, he wouldn’t mind seeing her naked again and kiss every inch – every inch – of her body. “Why would I want someone else when I can have you? I will always choose you.”

Bella hummed and thought for a moment before deciding to be bold and snuck one of her hands underneath his shirt, causing Kol to let out an ‘ah!’ and his body to spasm. “Ticklish?” Bella laughed as she placed her hand on his stomach. “I was barely touching you!”

“I… ah…”

“You can’t tell me you’re ticklish. You walked around naked yesterday; surely you must have brushed against something that could tickle.”

“I’m not ticklish,” he replied as he looked at her. “Not at all,” he then mirrored what she had done, but she was ticklish and squealed in delight. He had to think quick as for her not to fall off of him and the bed and flopped her on her back instead, pinning her between him and the mattress. “You, on the other hand, are.”

Bella nodded with a smirk on her face. “Exploit that and you’ll be sorry.”

“Oh, really?” He said in barely a whisper as he gazed into her eyes.

She bit her lip and nodded as she looked back at him.

“Wow, look at you,” he said huskily as he shifted a little so he wouldn’t topple on top of her by accident. “You’re so incredibly smitten with me,” he then softly started to kiss her neck after brushing away a strand of her hair. “A beautiful, smitten kitten right underneath me, it must be my lucky day.”

Shivers ran through her body as she felt his lips on her neck, and she didn’t even yelp when his hand found his way under her shirt again. Instead, she welcomed the feeling of his hand on her skin as it moved slowly over her stomach. When he accidentally grinded his groin against hers, she couldn’t help but moan and buck her hips in response, who knew she was so sensitive down there? And who knew it would feel that good? The slight pressure of him against her turned her shivers into sparks, and she wanted more.

Oh fuck, Kol thought as he stopped kissing her neck and looked at her again. He had felt her body responses to his actions – not that he had done a lot – and he had planned on not taking it too far. But he knew that he had to get his rocks off because he might combust one of these days and her… well… it was time she lost that little bit of innocence… “D’you trust me, Cuddles?”

Was it going to happen? Now? In the middle of the day? Seriously? She couldn’t think of a better way to spend her day with Kol, but she wasn’t prepared for this. She always assumed he’d talk to her about it first. Bella mentally chastised herself. For all she knew Kol needed her trust for something completely different. “Always,” she managed to sound resolute. She did trust him.

“Because,” he whispered in her ear, his lips pressed against it. “I think you’re ready for another little experiment,” he continued. “We can stop at any point you like, okay?”

“What if I don’t want to stop?”

“All the better,” he said with a grin as he looked at her again. “Let’s bring in some heat…” he muttered a spell that got rid of the fabric they were wearing with tiny little sparks. He could feel how it tingled against his skin, his cock already twitching with anticipation.

She gasped when her shirt and her underwear dissolved in little sparks. Although little, she could feel how the energy surged through her body and she couldn’t help but to lick her lips as she looked at him in anticipation. She made a mental note of the spell; it could come in handy the next time. Clothes could be replaced, and it saved so much time.

“Do whatever you feel like, don’t hold back,” he said as he nuzzled her earlobe and started to kiss his way down her neck as his hand traveled up to her breast.

She didn’t know what to do with her hands. His back was too far away from her, and all she could do was either to place them on his shoulders. She was afraid she’d push him away. She could bury her fingers in his hair, holding him in place. She chose the latter as her body arched itself into him when he reached her breast and softly kneaded it. Her whole body already felt as if it was on fire; he was only making it worse, and it felt so good. Bella moaned when he started flicking his tongue against her nipple.

Kol loved how responsive she was to his attention. All he did was something completely basic, and she loved it. There was no need to have her on a table, spread out for him to plunge into – although he might want to try it with her – or to have to push her up against a wall for ultimate depth. This, the both of them in bed, was even better. When he was certain that she was truly okay with him kissing and licking all over her body, he pressed the palm of his hand against her core, causing her to moan again. It was damp and radiating with heat. She was turned on alright.

She gasped when she could feel Kol slip a finger inside of her while he had resumed worshipping her neck. It felt weird, foreign and she wasn’t quite sure if it should be in there in the first place but when what felt like his thumb pressed against the little nub in the center, she had already forgotten what she was thinking about.

It was slightly frustrating for him to take his time with her, even though she completely deserved it. It just sucked that she was a virgin when he wanted instant release and didn’t want to scare her away from sex for the rest of her life. He needed to do this proper. Well, if he would do it properly, he would make her orgasm before he’d take her. But he was too impatient for it. Kol sucked on her nipple when he put a third finger in. He had found that over stimulating Bella’s senses worked wonders so far. He had thought she would question or analyze everything she did, but he could tell that she was blissfully unfocused, her knees already trying to keep him in place.

“And now… for my next trick…” he whispered in her ear as he removed his fingers from her, causing her to whine a little bit. “I’ll try to do this slowly because I don’t want you to be in too much discomfort but if I’m going too fast… tell me, okay?”

“I trust you,” she whispered back as she could feel Kol shift on the bed and wrapping her legs around his waist, lifting her off the mattress just a little. Not much later she felt something big pressing into her, and she realized that Kol’s fingers had been inside of her to open her up, at least a little bit. While he was fully focused on trying not to hurt her, she felt as if she was splitting in half, but it felt good too, and that was a little bit confusing.

Just as he thought. He had stopped distracting her, and he could see the cogwheels in her head go into overdrive. It was adorable. So fucking adorable and distracting at the same time. Shifting just a little bit, he was comfortable enough to plant a kiss on her collarbone before playfully scraping his teeth over it as he slid in deeper as a result of Bella bucking her hips into him in surprise.

There was an earthquake. Or at least it felt like an earthquake, sounded like an earthquake with the sound of the dressers shaking, amongst other things, but it was all in her head. Of course it was. Why would there be an earthquake at the exact time she was having sex with Kol? He felt so good inside of her, yes, it was a little bit painful, but that was because it was something new but damn. She managed to find her voice somewhere underneath the rubble of the earthquake in her mind. “You feel so good…”

“Oh, I know I do, Cuddles,” he breathed against her neck as he had stalled, giving her a few moments to get used to the sensation. “Are you okay?”


“You’re so hot,” he said huskily. He meant it. Not just because they were having sex and because she looked completely out of it, but in everything that she did. “I’m going to continue now, alright?” He wasn’t sure if he was going to hold back any longer.

“Okay,” she sighed happily as she pulled him in for a kiss. She moaned against his lips when he started to move inside of her, slowly at first but quickly picking up the pace. Soon, they had to break the kiss for air, and the earthquake was back again. This time she could hear things getting knocked over, plates or frames or whatever as she got lost in the sensations her body was making her experience. Bella felt around for his shoulders as she tried to steady herself for some reason but failed, and instead fisted the sheets underneath them.

He wanted her to take him over the edge, to make him shatter apart and fly against the ceiling, but he was nearly there and she wasn’t just yet. He reached between them and rubbed his fingers against her clit, causing her little noises to become louder, more desperate for a release. When she did, he could feel a massive amount of energy discharge from the both of them as her muscle spasms took him with her.

It took a lot of him not to fall on top of her after they came back crashing to the earth and managed to lie down next to her before taking her in his arms, both trying to catch their breath. When he opened his eyes, he could see that they had actually expressed some magic during their little romp; the whole room was in bits and pieces as everything had come crashing down, and he had to laugh. “Oh, wow.”

Bella had blinked at him for a moment before he nodded towards the room, and she saw the devastation. “Uh…”

“At least we didn’t break the bed,” Kol said with a grin before Bella yelped as they fell to the floor, mattress and all. “I spoke too soon.” He said, roaring with laughter.

The door flung open and Bella didn’t know how fast she had to cover herself up as Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah were standing in the door opening, looking at the scene in front of them in shock, amusement and bemusement.

“Out,” Kol said as he pushed his siblings out the door with his magic and then burst into laughter when he saw the look of horror on Bella’s face. “Relax, Cuddles,” he said while laughing as he pulled her into his arms and laid back down again with her. “They’re just as shocked as we are with the devastation of the room; I’m sure.”

“They can’t just… walk in when we’ve just… and are…”




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