20: Wrecking Ball

Bella loved spending time with Reneé and showing her around New Orleans with Kol. It gave her a sense of normalcy. Almost. It was something she hadn’t realized of having needed that. Her mother and Phil had to stay at a hotel because Klaus didn’t want them at the compound but had assigned two vampires to keep an eye on them when they weren’t with Bella and Kol.

The few days were was almost normal, with no spells and no vampire intervention, up until the last evening of Reneé’s visit. Klaus had orchestrated a nice dinner with both families and, in hindsight, Bella should have known better to accept or let allow her mom to accept.

There was no doubt that the entire Mikaelson family liked showing off, liked showing their guests how well off they were. To impress. To show their guests that they’re better and always would be. She never really paid attention to it, simply because Kol – at least alone with her – wasn’t like that and didn’t flaunt it in her face. Much.

Klaus had compelled an excellent chef from a nearby restaurant to cook for them and even had some servers to make sure that everything would be perfect. And it was. It was fun, entertaining and comfortable right until Klaus grabbed the wrist of one of the female servants and bit it, lapping up her blood.

While Rebekah and Elijah were quick to compel Reneé and Phil to forget this was happening, Bella was boiling with anger. She had managed to avoid having to compel her mom and Phil ever since they set foot in New Orleans because she didn’t like the idea of their brains being scrambled and Klaus just did it to prove a point. He’d do always what he wanted to do, no matter the consequences.

After taking Reneé and her boyfriend to the airport, Kol managed to calm Bella down enough for her not to go after Klaus or blow up the fountain again and took her out for a drink instead.

The following morning they were abruptly woken up by the sound of things getting knocked over in their room. When Bella sat up and blinked, trying to fix her headache, she saw that Rebekah was trying to pull her brother out of the room. If she didn’t know any better, Klaus seemed to be frothing at the mouth.

“Good morning, brother,” Kol greeted him chipper. Bella was envious. They had had so much to drink last night and she didn’t quite remember what happened and was hungover, but Kol seemed to be fine. It wasn’t fair. “Slept well?”

“I’m going to kill you.”

“Nik, calm down,” Rebekah grunted as she moved in front of her brother and started to push him out. “It’s a harmless prank.”

“Harmless?” Klaus breezed as he shoved his sister away from him and stormed the bed. “Harmless?!”

“What’s the matter?” Kol said patronizingly before slipping out of bed and getting into his slacks. “Don’t you look pretty as a speckled pup. Did you wake from a three dog night? Did someone claim your territory as his? Oh!” he grinned. “Did someone piss in your cereal?”

“You get rid of them, now!”

“You’re barking up the wrong tree, mate,” he grinned. “Or no, you’re not but you should really flog the dog, you know… don’t hurt the actual dog.”

Bella looked between Kol and his brother and felt so confused. “What the hell is going on?”

“Oh, of course, she conveniently forgets!” Klaus rolled his eyes.

“Oh, Cuddles, don’t you remember our curious incident of the dogs during night time?” Kol smirked at her. “It’ll take a lot of work for Niklaus to fix this, he’s just angry with us because he doesn’t have a bitch to do it for him.”

“Hey!” Rebekah said offended and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Oh, I don’t mean you, dear sister.”

“Kol, what did we do last night?” Bella asked carefully, the events of last night being quite foggy.

“I’ll throw you a bone, darling, we took our revenge on Klaus last night. You were all worked up on how he drank from a human in front of your parents so we let the dogs out and lead them to their Alpha. Their pack leader,” he said with a smirk. “Now he has to feed them and bring them back.”

“The hell I will!”

“Brother, sometimes you’re the dog, sometimes you’re the hydrant,” he said with a shrug. “You made your bed last night during dinner, now you have to sleep in it. Just be grateful they are puppies from the pound being brought to you, next time we’ll cast a sleeping spell and bring you to the pound.”

“Will that actually work?” Rebekah asked with an amused look on her face. “Can we actually do that?”

Klaus breezed out of the room.

“He looks like a kicked puppy,” Bella snorted and hugged the covers close to her as not to fall out of bed. “We really did what you just said?”

“It was your idea, Cuddles. You’re a wicked drunk.”

“I guess…” She groaned as she fell back on her pillow before realizing something and sat back up again. “We’d better save those dogs from Klaus if we want to keep them alive…”

“Oh, you two really didn’t think this through, did you?” Rebekah groaned as she sped out of the room to save the dogs.

“We were drunk!” Kol called after her, laughing.

They spent the entire morning rounding up the dogs – it weren’t that many but for some reason they hadn’t taken leashes with them and Bella gave up after ten minutes – and taking them back to the shelter. Lunch was something fatty and gooey and after a long shower, Bella was finally starting to feel like herself again. The events of the previous night still forgotten, but it still rippled through the Compound as there was an angry hybrid stomping around. Kol and Bella spent the afternoon at the cemetery going over some potions they could use when the Cullens would come for them. Not just for them, but also for the vampires who would be fighting for them to defeat the cold ones. Why make things hard when you can make things simple?

By the time they got back, the sun had gone down and they returned to a virtually empty building, with only Jasper waiting for their return. “Where is everyone?” Kol asked as he looked around. The lights were on, but there was definitely no one home.

“Peter had a hunch. You know how his hunches work and so does Klaus so they all went. I have no idea why,” he replied with his usual drawl and half a shrug. “I was told to stay behind to make sure you were alright.”

“What kind of hunch?” Bella asked warily as she poured herself a glass of lemonade from the jug that was left on the table in the courtyard.

Jasper let out a breath and sighed. “Edward sized but don’t worry, Klaus assured me they were just going to take a look. They’re all yours.”

“What? Already?” She said, almost choking on her lemonade. “I mean…” Hadn’t they just talked to the Volturi? That was a week ago. It made sense that he was already coming for her because he had time to gather a crowd around him who thought the way that he did and that Bella had to ‘come home’.

“I said, don’t worry. There’s still plenty of time, but make sure you sleep well tonight. No more shenanigans at the bar.”

“Wow, can you sound any more patronizing?” Bella said as she put down her glass and walked to the room she shared with Kol just to avoid Jasper picking up on her emotions which she knew were running wild right now. She was scared. She didn’t feel prepared and she was afraid that if she’d see him again that she’d roll over and submit. She was afraid that she couldn’t stop anyone from hurting Kol even though he was more than capable of protecting himself. What if she’d freeze? What if she’d fuck up?

She knew she didn’t have anything to worry about; her new friends would just continue for her, along side of her. They helped her to get ready for this. This was inevitable, with the Cullens obsession with her and all. The time was here now; she shouldn’t freak out. She was better than that now. It’s what she’d been working on for the last month.

Right now, she wanted to remove Jasper’s heart or cut off his head. She didn’t need his meant-to-be-funny remarks and she was still quite angry with him. It was hard to forgive someone who had manipulated you for the better part of two years that seemed to have lasted decades.

She wouldn’t fuck up, she was Bella the kickass witch. Better than Sabrina the teenage witch. She had Kol and his family on her side, she could count on several witches – including Davina – to side with her with this fight as well and they would win. The cold ones weren’t scary. Not one bit.


Bella took a couple of deep breaths and tried to shake the tension out of her body, only to be disturbed when she heard Jasper cry out in pain quite loudly in the courtyard. Opening the door, she took a look around the corner and saw that Kol was hurting Jasper with some spell and strangely, she liked it. She leaned against the doorframe and just kept watching Kol hurt Jasper some more before he got bored and came towards her, leaving Jasper writhing in agony on the floor.

“He was being an asshole,” Kol said mockingly apologizing. “He deserved it.”

“I couldn’t have done it better myself,” she smiled at him and pulled him inside the room. Once the door was closed, she jumped into his arms and kissed him passionately. Kol was going to help her release the tension in her body. What better way to do it than to have sex?

She woke quite late the next day, Kol was already gone, and she felt a little bit guilty. If they were going to fight the Cullens tonight, then she should have been up sooner. It was her fight and instead, Kol let her sleep. She quickly took a shower to freshen up and got into a clean pair of jeans and a tank top before binding her hair with a hair tie. Satisfied that she looked kick-ass enough, she made her way out of the room and headed to the area where she heard everyone discussing things. “Morning,” she greeted everyone.

“Morning, Cuddles,” Kol got to his feet and softly kissed her. “We were just talking about what Klaus has discovered last night.”

“And you couldn’t wake me for that?”

“Wasn’t necessary, it’s not as if I’ve made any progress,” Klaus replied disgruntled. “I offered all of them sanctuary after informing them what was going to happen if they chose to continue with their plan of trying to snatch you. No one came forward.”

“You want more cold ones?” Bella stammered. “Are you out of your mind?”

He shrugged. “It was worth a try. Indestructible minions are always a plus.”

“And you’re lucky you all came back alive.”

“I told them that,” Jasper piped up. “Original or not, they could have done some serious damage.”

“Nonsense,” Klaus huffed. “It was a pleasant, cease-fire conversation. No blood was shed, although they did threaten that if we’d get in their way of getting you back, blood would be spilled.”

“What did you tell them?”

“Nothing. Just that they will regret coming after you because you do not wish to return to them,” he explained simply. “I have requested though that we’d meet at the docks. I promised Edward and Carlisle to take you there. I want to keep New Orleans in pristine shape and I doubt that once they start barging in, nothing will be safe. We’d have to work around the clock to do damage control with the humans and they don’t want that either. They also hope it won’t come to a fight and want you to come quietly.”

“Like hell.”

“That’s the spirit,” Kol grinned.

“Until nightfall, there’s not much else we can do but to go by our normal routine,” Klaus spoke again.

“Stupid sparkly leeches,” Bella muttered as she sat down on Kol’s lap. “Can’t we just go to wherever they’re hiding at and kill them all now?”

“And risk exposing us and risk destroying the city?”

“I don’t care.”

“Patience, little Swan, you will get your chance,” Klaus said with a smile. “But we’re not going to risk destroying my city.”

Bella sighed as she picked up a dinner roll from the table and started to nibble on it. She understood the reasons and she understood that battles were won differently. Her dad, a cop, would just go to the criminal’s front door and kick it in to arrest him. He’d shoot without hesitation – thankfully that didn’t happen a lot in Forks, but still. This sucked.

“Yes, let’s go,” Kol said as he lifted Bella off his lap and pulled her with him. He understood her nervousness, the itch to just get it over with, but this also made it a lot more dangerous for her tonight. She needed to unwind. “We’re going to have some fun. Poke some wolves or something.”


“Yeah, no buts, Cuddles. Only your butt and I can grab it,” he playfully smacked her bottom as he escorted her off the property. He had wanted to take her to Jackson Square for a while now, sure, they had been there before and looked at the artists, but not really at the area surrounding it as they had been just passing. And other than that, they had been busy with spells and teaching Bella some magic, there was still so much to explore for her.

What better way to explore some of New Orleans than to hire a horse-drawn carriage? It reminded him of the old days, where it was the only way to get around anywhere, really. It had been dull back then to travel like that, but it was fun now, it was sentimental. Ancient. The world changed all the time, but some things still stayed the same and that was beautiful.

She had significantly relaxed once they arrived at Jackson Square and was animated during their ride in a carriage – something Bella thought was amazing and would do it again – and Kol then took her to the 1850 house. While most of the compound had most of the old furniture still from the old days, a lot had been modernized and he wanted to show Bella what it was like to live in the 1800’s. He was, of course, in his coffin around 1850, but it was only 30 years removed from when he had Marcel watch a Shakespeare play, directed by Kol.

Bella did not like to hear the story. She thought that it had been plain evil, to subject a young child to something like that. Oh, he didn’t defend himself. It had been wrong of him to do so, but he had loved it. As a vampire, he didn’t care about what was right or wrong, he just wanted to have fun and to torture a young Marcel like that, had been fun. The killing of the players had been satisfying.

Of course, now that he was human, he wouldn’t do something like that anymore. It was harder to get away with something when you’re a vulnerable being and mind-numbingly slow. He assured her, again, that he thoroughly loved being human and would never want to go back living as a vampire. That, if that happened, Bella was going to have to kill him. As they were looking at one of the bedrooms that had a crib in, he made her promise him that she would kill him if his brother turned him again.

No matter how much Kol didn’t want to be a vampire anymore, there was nothing you could do against Klaus’ whims. Bella promised Kol that she’d kill Klaus first if he’d ever do such a thing.

After the house, they took a taxi all the way to Elmwood to go to Adventure Quest to ride around in bumper cars, letting off some steam and having fun while trying to catch each other and win the race. They went back home around dinner time and just arrived in time for everything to be plated up.

He sent Bella to their room while he made sure the both of them had sufficiently enough to eat and brought it to her. Having dinner with his siblings would only cause her to get stressed again and he didn’t want that, a fun, relaxed Bella was the way to go for tonight. She needed to have fun when using her magic to destroy the Cullens. She needed to get her revenge in a fun way.

It was hard enough to come face to face again with the people who mistreated her.

Kol knew that he was getting a lot of grief, mostly behind his back, from his siblings. That they hadn’t seen him care so much about someone in a very long time, that it was unlike him. He then reminded them that it was Klaus’ fault in the first place for giving him human babysit duty months ago, but that he was indeed grateful for that. After what happened when he was negotiating with the ancestors when he had died, he felt doomed the moment he realized he’d been resurrected. But as it turned out, he wasn’t. Fuck that, destiny.

I am so in trouble, he grinned to himself as he sat at the table and watch Bella push her food around. He had noticed it happen a lot during their day of fun, she was getting stuck in her own head just like she had been getting stuck in her head in Forks all the time. It sucked. Not just for her, but for him as well. It was likely she was extremely worried and nervous, but that really wasn’t the best headspace to enter a fight. It needed to be fun.

Fun. Oh, he had an idea and it was wicked.

“Alright, I can’t take it any longer, seeing you like this,” Kol said as he got to his feet and helped Bella out of her chair. “Sunset is in two hours, we’re going to do something exciting until then.”

“What’s that?”

“A way to…” he thought of the other words that needed to follow. “Annoy certain cold ones even further. Come on, we’ll grab you a sandwich on the way to the docks.”

“The docks?”

“It has warehouses.”

Bella let it sink in for a moment, processed the words in her chaotic mind and then grinned. “Let’s go!”

Bella had loved the idea of annoying Edward some more by having sex all over the area that Klaus had picked up for their confrontation. She hated it that she had been getting stuck in her mind, it made her feel fickle and annoying. She knew that there was no way that Edward was going to get her back because she didn’t want to go back and she knew how to fight him off now. She had the capabilities to do that. To rip his limbs from his torso without touching him. To set him on fire with just a word. She didn’t have anything to fear. And to feel like a worthless piece of shit was a gigantic step back for her. She wasn’t worthless. She was awesome.

They managed to have quickies on three separate places in the area before one of their magical alarms went off, indicating someone was in the area and they had to stop. Well, not had to. It was proper to stop. Bella wanted to stop while Kol didn’t care who caught them with their pants down. As exciting as it sounded, she really didn’t want to have his siblings stumble upon them, even though they had to suffer through them having sex on an almost daily basis. Vampire hearing and all that.

And instead of feeling tired, she felt energized. Bella felt hyper and ready to kick ass. She honestly didn’t deserve someone like Kol; he was amazing and she hoped that she won’t ever get into a funk again after they showed them what they were made of. She was on the cusp of full freedom and she was desperate to take it.

Instead of finding Klaus or one of their group, it was Edward. Just Edward. No one else. Part of Bella felt relieved, but another part quite annoyed because it was just Edward. He had stopped a little ahead of them, mostly because out of instinct, Bella had put up the magical shield she had been taught by Davina to physically hold off people instead of just her own personal mental shielding.

Edward didn’t seem too phased by it. He took on a relaxed stance and put his hands in his pockets. He was making an effort to look flawless, relaxed and perfect, but he wasn’t. After the effects of Jasper’s manipulating had worn off and the drugs had been out of her system, she knew that she had always seen something ugly bubbling underneath when she looked at Edward. She had just been too stupid to fall for his charms.

“Hello, Bella,” he greeted her with his smooth as velvet voice. He appeared calm and she didn’t need Jasper’s gift to tell her that he was angry underneath it all.

“Fuckward,” she greeted him back.

Edward visibly sighed. It was that an eye roll was beneath him, but Bella would have loved to see that.

“I’m not coming back with you.”

“I know.”

“Then why are you here?” Bella was confused, surely he knew that he signed up for his own death by coming here, hadn’t he experienced the strength of Rebekah when she took Rosalie apart? “And alone?”

“I’m not alone. In fact, your friends are keeping mine detained until we’ve talked and I have just one question for you.”

All he wanted was to ask something? She’d rather kill him now she had the chance, now that he was alone. Just seeing his face made her angry, she could feel it in her bones. Bella looked up to Kol for a moment, slightly confused before looking back at Edward. If anything, if he wanted to make an ass out of himself, this was the right moment. This was going to be good. “Okay?” she said a little bit unsure.

“I have to admit that the way we treated you has been less than honorable,” he started as he shifted his stance a little. “It’s true, Carlisle is fascinated by anomalies in humans and while I found you interesting at first glance because I couldn’t hear your thoughts, Carlisle insisted that you were the one for me, and you were.”

Kol scoffed and Bella stepped on his foot to shut him up. “Let’s hear him out,” she said softly. “This ought to be good. Grab the popcorn.”

Edward let out a frustrated whine, breaking his oh so perfect appearance. He sounded like a small child, this was fun. “Yes, we knew you were special and we wanted to covet you. It’s also the reason why I was apprehensive about turning you as there’s always a chance that a special ability doesn’t turn along. Yes, we manipulated you with drugs and Jasper’s ability. But,” he said, almost with a glimmer of hope, that what he was going to say next was going to be the one thing that would bring her back to him. “Your new friends. Are you sure that they aren’t just using you for what you can do? I mean, you were in his arms in a blink of an eye. Alice has had dealings with your friends in the past and all they wanted was power.”

“Oh, you have no idea what I can do, haven’t you?” Bella let out a laugh. “I’m surprised the Volturi didn’t inform you.” Yes, it had been predictable and a cheap attempt of trying to screw with her mind at that. “Did you see Jasper and Peter on your way over? You must have detected a certain change…”

“What does their fragile condition have to do with anything?”

“I got this, Cuddles,” Kol smirked as he put his hands on her shoulders and gently squeezed them. “It takes an enormous amount of magic to turn you cold ones into normal vampires.”

“I picked up thoughts about Bella being a witch, Kol. That’s simply not true.”

“Actually, it is. She’s responsible for their transformation. That shield that’s stopping you from coming for us? That’s her too.”

Edward huffed. “Impossible.”

Bella extended her shield outward by force, sending Edward flying several feet through the air. She didn’t bother putting it back up again, she, or Kol, could easily dismantle him without any effort. “If anything, Edward, my new friends have showed me who I am. What I am. They helped me and there’s no doubt that Klaus loves it that there’s another witch in town who’s on his side. However, unlike you, he allows me to be my own person. They’re all decent people and they’re honest with me.” Edward was up and right in front of them within a blink of an eye, but she reached out with her hand and imagined it being around his throat to stop him. She had tried this on Marcel a few times, and he didn’t feel as strong as Edward did right now. “I sure hope you’re done talking,” she said as she focused to hold him in place and started to tug on his arm with her other hand, attempting to separate it from his torso.

“Bella, don’t,” Edward struggled as he tried to free himself from her hold.

“I think you should get Klaus here with everyone else. Have them all see this,” Bella told Kol with a big smile on her face. “I’m ready.”


“Enough with the talking, Edward!” Bella shot at him before throwing him into a wall of lead pipes before pulling him back towards them. Sure, those pipes wouldn’t hurt him, but it made her feel slightly better. “I’ve had enough of you. I came here to be left alone and yet you’re here trying to change my mind? Again? Seriously?” She said angrily and the moment she saw some movement next to the other warehouse, she used her magic to tear off his right arm as if it was a piece of paper. There was some fighting going on at the back, but she didn’t care. The sound of metal grating against metal sounded like music to her ears. When he cried out in agony, she just smiled.

Kol quickly froze all the cold ones in their places as they were advancing quite quickly after having burst through their defenses and he wanted Bella to get all her revenge, but right now she seemed extremely distracted with Edward. She had been dreading this all day, he knew that, but now it was here, she was thoroughly enjoying herself. And kinda hot.

“Bella, stop!” Carlisle cried out. “You’re going to kill him!”

“That’s my intention,” she said as she ripped off Edward’s leg. “It’s only fair. You mistreated me, you came after me and now you’re here. You’re all dead.”

“This is almost too easy!” Klaus called from the back of the pack. He sounded excited, happy to go on a killing spree – this was so Klaus, Kol thought. “I don’t know why they showed up, really, they’re so easy to kill!”

The fun part of taking Edward slowly apart was that he was still alive. The venom was pooling around his feet, leaking out of the orifices that got left after she ripped off his limbs. She could have gone the easy way out and simply set him on fire, but she took pleasure in this. Bella looked over her shoulder to Kol with a big smile on her face. “Alice is yours if you want.”

“I think she should be Jasper’s. The guy deserves it.”

“I like your thinking,” she said with a nod. “Jazz!” She called out to him and he was by her side within seconds. “Look! I’m making art with venom!”

“That’s pretty,” he said with a grin. “Well done Bella, you deserve it.”

“Uhuh, why don’t you take Alice? You deserve that.”

The look on Jasper’s face changed, he had been killing Cold Ones without getting really worked up and getting his vampire face on, but the thought of killing the one he was forced to love for so long, was making him hungry. “If you say so,” he said as he made his way over to Alice and snapped her neck as if she was a twig. Even though he was still a vampire, the venom of the Cold Ones could hurt him now because his skin was flesh and not impervious. When Alice dropped to the floor, he didn’t hesitate and planted his boot in the middle of her torso, creating a hole where he dropped her head in and then set her on fire.

“You fucking traitor,” Emmett spat, he had been standing close to Alice and when she dropped, her prison fell away and so did his. Without something holding him back, he jumped on Jasper and ripped out his heart. Jasper’s body created a thud on the floor and Bella dropped Edward to turn her attention to Emmett. “There. Much better.”

“You fucking asshole!” Bella breezed as she stepped over Edward, who was writhing on the floor in agony, as she shot spells at Emmett to take him down as soon as she could because he could do more damage than any other cold one in the field and once he was on the ground, she verbally cast a spell to tear him in half before setting him on fire. “He was doing better! And you killed him!”

She then turned to Carlisle, who was looking at the scenes before him in shock. “You don’t deserve any leniency, Carlisle. You’re one fucked up person who clearly isn’t cut out for family life.”

“Bella, I…”

“No,” she said resolutely before she stepped back over Edward and magically lifted him off the floor again. “Kol, he’s all yours,” she said as she nodded to Carlisle as she ripped off Edward’s other arm. Would it be possible to actually skin Edward? Would his skin give way? Was that going too far? She ripped off his remaining leg and all that was holding him up right now was her magic. “You look a little pale, Edward.”

“It’s not too late to stop,” he spluttered. “Please.”

“Did you stop when I asked you to?” She countered as she thought of a way to hurt him even further. Oh, she could definitely do that! She muttered the spell that she and Kol used on each other when in the privacy of their own room and saw Edward’s clothes disappear with tiny sparkles. “Oh my god, you’re ugly.”

“Stop, please, you’ve had your fun.”

“No. I have not,” she said as she reached out her hand to envision his penis and balls and yanked them off of him, playfully discarding them on the pile of limbs.

“Remind me not to piss you off, Cuddles,” Kol said huskily. He was so turned on right now! He had to admit, once Bella had gotten over her fear, she was fearless. She’d make a great vampire. Seeing Bella like this was hot. He was definitely going to have sex with her again after this was all over. Celebratory sex. Well deserved.

“How does it feel, Edward, to be taken apart? To see what makes someone tick?” She asked as she envisioned gripping part of his exposed skin and ripped it off in a strip, the noise deafening. “How does it feel not being able to stop me?”

“This isn’t you,” he panted. “Please…”

“The more you beg, the longer this will continue,” she replied evenly as she pulled off another strip of his skin. There was nothing human about him on the inside anymore. It was all somewhat glued together or something. It was disturbing. “Oh gross,” she shuddered as she ripped off another piece of skin.

By the time she had stripped him off all skin, Klaus and the other vampires, wolves, and witches had disposed of most of the Cold Ones, apart from a handful who had made a sharp right turn and had disappeared, scared out of their wits and Klaus was admiring her handiwork. “You look tired, love.”

“I feel a little spent, yes,” she replied as she was leaning against Kol for support. The spell to turn Jasper and Peter into regular vampires had been easy compared to focussing for this long, for how long had she been at this? But she didn’t want to quit. She wanted to have Edward feel what it felt like to be exposed like she had been, what it felt like to be unable to do something, but there wasn’t much left of him for her to take apart other than to tear his head off and set the pile of Edward on fire.

“It’s been a long day, you’ve done well,” Klaus said calmly, proud of his brother’s little witch. “It’s time to end it now. He’s the last one.”

Bella nodded as she took a deep breath. She focused on Edward and snapped off his head before throwing his remains onto one pile and cast a spell to light him on fire. It was over. It was finally over. She was free.

Kol caught her just as she collapsed against him and scooped her up in his arms, holding her close. “Well done, Cuddles,” he said as he kissed the top of her head. “Let’s get you home.”

“I’m free,” she said with a giggle and put her arms around his neck. “I’m free!”

“Yes, you are. Just don’t leave me, okay?”


They had fallen asleep the moment they hit the bed the night after the confrontation, both too tired to have celebratory sex. Well, Kol wasn’t, but he didn’t want to force himself upon Bella. All the tension, worries and stress she had endured because of the Cullens had escaped her, she was really free now and he noticed that while she slept. She stopped kicking and hitting him in her sleep. Not that she did that a lot, and he gladly took the abuse because she didn’t hit him that hard and it was adorable, but it was noticeably absent this night.

He decided to surprise her with breakfast in bed with her favorite pastries and some fresh orange juice but by the time he returned, she was out of bed and in the bathroom. “Hey, that’s not fair, I got you breakfast in bed!” He complained as he set the tray on the bed and went to join her. His naked goddess was taking a soak in the tub and she had the biggest smile on her face.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I hadn’t planned on leaving the bed, really, but Jake called and then I had to pee.”

“Well, then I’m joining you,” Kol shrugged as he started to get out of his shirt and sweatpants. “Why did Jake call?”

“To warn me that the Cullens were nowhere to be seen.”

“And what did you say?”

“That we kicked their butt,” she giggled as Kol slipped behind her into the tub. “And that they can stop being all wolfie and get on with their lives.”

“Great advice,” he said as he started to kiss her neck. “Ready to get on with yours?”

“Hmm…” Bella sighed as she closed her eyes and leaned into him, his arms firmly around her to prevent her from slipping. “I thought I was already doing that?”

“Yes, but now you can move on completely because you’ve been able to deal with your past. Not everyone gets a chance to do that, to make a clean break and move on.”

“True,” she grinned and then was quiet for a moment as she thought about it a little. “I want to find a j-”

“No. The j-word and the w-word are forbidden.”

Bella laughed and splashed some water in his face. “Can you let me finish?”

“Sure, without using the j-word or the w-word.”

She huffed. “Fine. I want to find a place of employment so I can get some money and then maybe, we could go to Walt Disney World?”

Kol laughed and playfully bit her shoulder. Smartass. “First of, you don’t need to find a place of employment. Secondly… Disney World? Is that the best you can do? I was thinking about showing you every nook and cranny of Europe.”

She turned around to sit on her knees and put her arms around his neck. “Yes. Disney World. You know why? It’s the ultimate place of happiness, isn’t it? I’ve been wanting to go ever since I was a little girl and I know it’s really girly of me to want to go there. However, if you don’t want to come with, I can completely understand.”

“I think your definition of happiness is a little skewed, my darling,” he said and softly kissed her lips. “Happiness is more than just Disney, rainbows and unicorns. For example, I’ve never been happier in my life now you’re in it.”

“So am I,” she smiled at him. “Okay, fine,” she sighed. “See it as a celebration for us. Start of something new.”

“Now, see? I can get behind that.” He tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. “I can understand your reasoning for independence and needing money to do so, but why not focus all that energy in living life to the fullest? Have the time of our lives doing whatever the hell we want? You and me. Not a care in the world.”


He shut her up by kissing her. “Not a care in the world. Screw being responsible. Life’s too short to be responsible.”

She let out a deep sigh and kissed him eagerly as she pressed herself against him. “Why the hell not…” she said as she kept kissing him.

After making out in the tub for a while, the water had significantly cooled off and he decided to take this to the bedroom. Just about as they were hitting the bed, someone knocked on their door. “Go away, we’re busy!”

“I can hear that, but I need to talk to Bella,” Peter’s voice sounded. “Since you two are planning on leaving tonight, I think it’s important.”

“We are?” Bella giggled as she looked at Kol.

“Yeah, why not?” He replied with a shrug before putting her down on the bed and opened the door, not bothering to get any clothes on for two reasons; one, he didn’t care and two, Peter was disturbing them and knew exactly what he was getting himself into. Kol looked over his shoulder and saw that Bella hadn’t made an attempt of covering herself up either, apart from her nether regions.

She did, however, manage to kick the breakfast tray off the bed, pastries and orange juice was everywhere. “Oops,” she smirked as she looked at him.

“Excuse me,” Peter apologized as he entered the room. “Sorry to interrupt, but Klaus sent me on an errand and I doubt I’ll be back before you two leave.”

“It’s fine,” Bella sighed after a moment of thought. Carefree meant not giving a fuck, right? Well, she was trying! “What’s up?”

“Oh, I don’t know where to begin or how to spin it without angering you so, I’ll just say it and you can do with the information whatever you want, okay?”

Bella nodded as she hugged her knees to her chest.

“Alright. Jasper was proud of you. He loved the person who you’ve become and even though you don’t have to worry about anything at the moment because you’re with Kol, he wanted to make sure that you wouldn’t be left out in the cold if things would go badly between you two,” Peter said, holding out his hands defensively. “Don’t get mad, it’s just because you’re both still young and you have a long life ahead of you, okay? Relationships end, no matter how good they feel or how much you love each other.”

“No, it’s okay,” Bella smiled at Peter as she rested her chin on her knees. “Jasper liked to be practical and well prepared.”

“He also considered you to be his heir. And he knew that you two weren’t as close as you used to be and that was his fault entirely, but still, he cared.” He handed her the folder with the paperwork. “This is your bank account now. Enough to have you be independent, comfortable and set up for the rest of your life. Do with it as you wish.” He tapped the folder and smiled. “He wanted to give you this himself, but yeah. Life had other plans.” Peter straightened himself and nodded. “Once again, I’m sorry for interrupting you guys, but I have to go and take care of something for Klaus. He’s given me a daylight ring, it’s so nice not to sparkle!”

Bella laughed. “Have fun and thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Don’t be a stranger, okay? Send a card every once in a while.”

She nodded and watched Peter leave their room again. She put the folder aside and pulled Kol closer to her. “Where were we?”

“No, no, no,” Kol snorted as he pushed her down to the bed and reached for the folder. “You need to read this. Aren’t you the least bit curious?”

“You are,” she grinned as she swatted his hand away from the folder and rolled him over so she could sit on top of him. “What happened to not having a care in the world, mr. Mikaelson?” Bella said as she pinned his arms down next to him. “Doesn’t that involve welcoming surprises?”

“Yeah, but…”

“But what?” she smirked as she started to kiss his torso. “Your words.”

“Uhuh, so if we have to believe Peter we’ll be leaving tonight?”

Bella shrugged as she continued to trail kisses all over his torso, neck and jaw. “We could prove him wrong and leave tomorrow.”

“Or this afternoon,” Kol laughed as he started to wrestle himself out of Bella’s hold and flopped her onto the bed when he was successful.

“That’s a little too crazy,” she snorted as she started to tickle him, screaming when he started to tickle her.

“Is it?” he said, pinning her down to the bed and hovered over her. “It’s almost a nine-hour drive, I doubt we can get plane tickets. Imagine this, having sex in the Disney World hotel…”

“Don’t tempt me,” Bella groaned as she looked at him. She couldn’t believe the look on his face, the look of determination and lust. “You’re serious.”

“I’d say… the hell with sex now… have a healthy build-up for nine hours… then have mind blowing sex… pass out… and then spend the next day in the park… have sex again…”

“You’re forgetting a step there,” she whispered as she wrapped her legs around him to pull him closer. “In those nine hours, I’ll give you a blow job while you continue driving…”

“Oh, fuck it,” he groaned as he let out a breath and guided himself inside of her. “You and your dirty mouth…”

“Yay,” she moaned with a big smile on her face as he started to thrust.


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  1. Sad a little about Jasper after all he did to escape even if she didn’t completely trust him. I figured they’d maybe reconcile down the road. At least he looked out for her in the end.

  2. I wrote a sequel to this story called Pandore. Bella and Kol on adventures! It’s linearly written but with time jumps.

  3. The end of the Cullens was spectacular. Such a shame about Jasper though.
    Love the idea of Kol and Bella going on adventures.

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