The Genii had come to Atlantis to seek refuge. So too had the many Athosians because the Wraith were on a warpath after Atlantis returned to the Pegasus galaxy, and were culling every planet associated with the people from Atlantis.

Or so the Genii had led the Lanteans to believe.

In truth, it had been nothing but a ploy to covertly take out everyone in the city and gain the upper hand in the galaxy. Due to the quick actions of the gate techs, word of a foothold situation was sent to Earth through the gate, before the Genii took over the control room and disrupted all communications, life support, and access to the Stargate.

The devastation was horrendous. Not only were enormous sections of the piers blown to bits, the civilian and military casualties were devastating. In fact, it was so bad that if someone wasn’t paying attention to what was ahead of them, tripping over bodies while running for cover would be a common sight.

There was smoke and fire everywhere. Gun fire, shouting, cries, blood, more gun fire and more smoke. There was no air circulation apart from the air coming in from the broken windows from labs, rooms, and hallways.

Genii soldiers had blown up the auxiliary control room with homemade bombs. Every now and then someone would voice his thoughts about how the pride of Atlantis, the team led by Colonel Sheppard, had shown the Genii C4 and how a certain scientist had basically given the Genii the secret recipe to said C4 explosives. Said team was also called a great range of names, with ‘a bunch of morons’ being the kindest.

However, that same scientist was currently trying to get the gate back under his control on his own as his trusty side kick, Radek Zelenka, had been one of the first fatalities. To ensure that Earth could send reinforcements, that same colonel was watching the scientist’s back between trying to save people in the corridors and barricading their base of operations.

“John, you need to allow me to have a look at that,” Dr. Gutierrez’s voice sounded from somewhere behind him.

Dr. Elsa Gutierrez had been with him in the mess hall when the Genii initially attacked, and he had made sure that she stuck by him during the attack as the Genii were hellbent on killing everyone on Atlantis on sight, doctor or not. It turned out to be a good decision, as there were a lot of wounded people with them at that very moment.

“I’m fine, Elsa,” Sheppard replied. “It’s only a flesh wound,” he continued, while he stacked a box on another for cover. “How’s it going, McKay? We can’t stay here much longer.”

Ronon and Teyla had taken it upon themselves to head out into the city with a bunch of marines to kill as many Genii as possible. Without communication, though, it was virtually impossible for them to keep the colonel – the highest ranking officer left on Atlantis – up to date about their progress.

The relationship between the Lanteans and the Genii had always been rocky, but they had forged an uneasy allegiance as they both were strong forces in the Pegasus Galaxy and in a way, had the same objective: eliminate the Wraith and bring peace back into Pegasus. As with every human faction, from Earth or otherwise, there had been some rotten apples in the Genii’s command structure. However over the years even they seemed to have accepted the partnership and became helpful allies in the fight against the Wraith.

But the Lanteans had been duped and that alliance was currently screwing their asses.

Sure, they had had the Genii on Atlantis before, but they hadn’t expected their forces to be thatgreat in numbers. Even restricting their movements and access to one of the unpopulated areas of Atlantis had clearly been a bad idea. Most of the Athosian people, women and children too, were amongst the first fatalities when the Genii blew up the Athosian common areas.

“Alright, I’m done here. We’ll have to get closer to the gate room now,” Rodney said, packing up his computer equipment. “I’m fairly certain that once I get to the control panels underneath the control room that I can over-ride whatever the Genii have done.”

“You’re fairlycertain?” John asked, and tugged on Elsa’s sleeve to get her up and away from tending to Captain Ramsey and Dr. Molyneux.

“Yes! Yes, I’ll get it done,” McKay said with a worried expression.

“I can’t just leave them here!” the doctor cried out as she looked back at the friends they had shared dinner with just the night before.

“You’re going to have to. Besides, If McKay’s successful, we’ll be able to come back. Come on.”

Sounds of explosions continued to sound before one in a nearby corridor knocked the group to the ground as they continued on to find a way of regaining the city of Atlantis.


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