Chapter 35

“Can we go and see a real doctor this week?” Bella complained as she once again shifted on the bed, bumping some pillows around and tried to take a nap. She felt like crap. She was constipated and had heartburn and whatever she tried to alleviate both symptoms, it didn’t work. They’d been going to a healer on a regular basis, but Bella wanted to be sure that everything was alright with Dumb and Dumber through an ultrasound and human medical opinion.

They had moved into the compound two weeks ago after construction was completed and her stuff moved and she’d been glad that she didn’t have to help moving and packing, it wasn’t as if she couldn’t do anything anymore, but she was usually grumpy and upset about how fast the babies were growing and her expanding belly.

She liked it that they were being left alone for as much as possible, much like they were in the apartment, but when they did decide to mingle with the rest of the family, they all gave her a wide berth, wary of her mood and the severity of the swings.

“Go take your nap, I’ll see what I can do,” Kol smiled at her, kissing her forehead. “Perhaps one of Elijah’s or Nik’s vampires are a doctor and would be willing to-”

“No. Human.”

“Go nap,” Kol said again, propping some pillows that had fallen off the bed against her and tucking her back in. “I’ll be back in a bit.”


“Yep, love you too,” he said as he quickly made his way out of the apartment and took a deep breath as soon as he set foot onto the courtyard. Bella’s moods were terrible and what was worse was that he couldn’t help her with her symptoms. His blood didn’t work on her now as part of the defense mechanism her body had set up and human medicine was out of the question; hell, all efforts magical or not, to help her with the symptoms turned out to be in vain.

On top of that, more of Elijah’s minions had started to stroll into town and that had them all on edge, especially after discovering that his brother’s secret society hadn’t ended when he made it end. They’d simply continued in secret without Elijah’s all seeing eye, abiding by the rules he had set up. Ancient, stupid rules.

The Strix were all pretty much like his brother, but worse. And Kol didn’t believe things could get worse than Elijah. The Strix were now run by Aya, one of Elijah’s former lovers and of course, Tristan de Martel. He and his crazy sister sometimes came over to have a chat with Elijah and Nik when Myriam wasn’t around and Kol never knew where to properly hide from them. But, to be fair, Lucien was far worse; less diplomatic about his opinions.

The fun part was that the ever so calm and sweet Bella wanted to take the trio out before they could do any harm to the family, but alas, she was a powerless little demi-Goddess these days and even then, she’d never hurt a fly – and while Kol wanted to do her bidding, his siblings told him not to.

Bella’s request of visiting a human doctor wasn’t anything new. She’d been asking for weeks and he always said ‘no’. Sure, he could always compel the guy, or woman, to forget what they’d learned but why was she so adamant? The healer was doing fine, even Rebekah said so from a nurse’s standpoint. Oh yes, his sister was in full nurse mode around Bella, or at least whenever she felt the need arise.

Freya was even worse and she was also the one who was usually at the root of Bella’s daily annoyance. Freya figured because she’d been pregnant before, she knew everything. She tended to forget that it was centuries ago and that in this day and age things were different. Or not. Seeing as Bella couldn’t enjoy the comforts of modern medicine anyway.

“Elijah,” Kol headed to his brother with a tentative smile on his face. He could have Bella think that she was in the hands of a human doctor, couldn’t he? “Does any of your minions hold a PhD in medicine or gynecology?”


“Good! Could you set up a meeting with him or her and tell them to act as human as possible? Bella wants a human doctor.”

Elijah eyed his younger brother. “Are you sure you would like me to do that?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“Because when she finds out that the doctor is indeed a vampire, you’ll be in big trouble with a pregnant woman and… the person I have in mind is a Cullen.”

Kol scratched his head as he was trying to remember why that name sounded so familiar. “Cullen, as in those idiots from the books that this woman wrote?”

“One and the same. Granted, there are no Cold Ones, but they are still vampires and I’m ashamed to admit most of them are of my line. All of them but one.”

He smirked then. “Bella’s going to kill you.”

“Not if she kills you first for lying to her,” Elijah playfully pointed out.

“I’m still her favourite, my money is on you,” Kol countered before heading to the kitchen to get himself something bloody where he ran into his sister Rebekah. “Shouldn’t you be at the shelter?”

“No,” she smiled at her brother as he started to guzzle down a blood bag. “I was thinking on taking the whale out for a nice afternoon once she wakes up from her nap.”

“She’s not a whale,” he nearly choked on his blood. “But yes, good idea.”

“Maybe start shopping a little for the nursery, yes?” She smiled at him. “It’s about time, don’t you think? Granted, you lot order online to avoid shopping, but come on, it’s more fun to walk into a store and pick things out.”

“It’s your funeral.”

“Oh, come on, I know she’s a little bit grouchy but she has two humans baking inside of her. You should take her out on a date, take her mind off of things too. Make her feel pretty.”

He narrowed his eyes on her. “Don’t you think that I’m not trying every day? Between the impending danger that’s dangling over our heads and her pregnancy I am doing everything that I can but she is really testing my patience!”

“Now now,” Rebekah chided him. “Go have fun with the brothers, I’ll try to lift your girl’s spirits this afternoon!”


“Oh good, you’ve finally woken up from your nap,” Rebekah’s voice sounded quite bored. “Get up, freshen yourself up, we’re going out for a late lunch and then some shopping.”

Bella groaned as it was tempting to throw a pillow at Kol’s sister.

“Come on, I know you feel like crap, but we’re going to have a little bit of fun this afternoon.”

She rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom to do as she was told. She brushed her hair, splashed her face with water, pulled her hair back into a ponytail and pouted. She needed a haircut, desperately. Maybe go shorter than she usually had it. Like, right above her shoulders. That would freak Kol out to no end, wouldn’t it? But the weight on her head would be a lot less.

Bella knew that Rebekah was going to get a kick out of that, too. “Hey, Rebekah?” Bella asked as she walked into the living room. “Shall we go and get our hair done?”

Rebekah smiled at her. “Would I ever refuse an opportunity to have a specialist massage my scalp while she’s washing my hair? Yes! Let’s do that! But no coloring for you…” she replied thoughtfully. “In fact, I want to reduce the amount of chemicals you’d inhale… I know just the place. Granted, they serve you a nice glass of bubbly, but I expect that in your case, they’ll have something non-alcoholic too.”

“You do know that I’m allowed a glass of alcohol a week, right? Or more, even, if I feel daring enough.”

“Non-alcoholic drinks for you,” Rebekah said as she gathered Bella’s bag and light coat. “You look amazing, by the way. That dress is really growing with you, good choice.”

Bella beamed at that. “Thanks!”

Lunch was great, the Autumn sun shining on their faces as they were people watching was quite nice too. Luckily, Bella’s heartburn had gone away a little and she felt a lot better after her nap. Bella and Rebekah both enjoyed their hairsalon treatment very much, even though Rebekah nearly had a heart attack when Bella allowed the hairstylist to chop off more than half of her hair. “Good thing you can’t die from one, then,” Bella countered jokingly as she watched her hair fall to the floor. “This is amazing.”

“Oh, it is, but… oh my God, you look like a grown up now.”


Rebekah grinned as she kept watching as the stylist cut off Bella’s hair. “You know, now that we’re getting pampered… how about going all out and get a manipedi?”


“Alright, then we’re going to some shops to buy some nice little things for the nursery and take them home with us,” she replied confidently. “I’ll call an Uber to drive us around, don’t worry.”

They arrived back home a few hours later, right before dinner. Rebekah and Bella had taken things slow, and even grabbed a snack while being driven around all across town to various places. Bella was tired but happy when they came back; a change of scenery had been exactly what she needed.

They had bought a few cute outfits for the twins – which felt slightly moronic, the babies weren’t even around yet! However, the clothes were too cute to pass up on and Bella then realized that she had turned into one of those girls; things were too cute. Too fluffy. And it was all so very pretty and cuddly.

Bella had even found a onesie for the babies that Kol would certainly love. The text on it was ‘dad, you’ve got this’, with arrows pointing to the five different holes where the head and limbs were supposed to go. She had already clocked some gag gifts for Christmas that she was going to buy for everyone, but couldn’t because Rebekah was there and she didn’t want to spoil the surprise. It was likely that those gifts could be purchased online too.

Bella dragged the bags into their little apartment and found Kol buried nose deep into a very ancient book. “Hey,” she greeted him as she put the bags on the couch and made her way over to him to kiss him. “What are you up to?”

Kol looked up at her and blinked. “Holy shit!”

“What?” Bella blinked innocently. “Something on my face?”

“Your hair!”

“Oh,” Bella grinned. “Do you like it? I do. Very much. Much lighter on my head and all floppy and bouncy!”

“I do but… your hair!”

“Oh, you’ll get over it,” she snorted as she playfully ruffled his. “It’ll grow back… and then I might cut it again. This do is awesome.”

He gently pulled her into his lap after shoving his chair back a little. Pouting, he ran a few fingers through her hair. “Did you have fun?”

“Yep,” Bella smiled at him as she put her arms around his neck. “Signed us up for some hypnobirthing classes. I know you thought of it as a little bit floaty and new agey, but I’ve read experiences from mothers who had their best deliveries ever and mostly pain and hassle free. I mean, magic doesn’t work, medicine doesn’t work, so it’s worth a shot, right?”

“Seriously? You signed US up?”

“Yes. You’re coming with me to those classes, who knows? You might learn a thing or two, too,” she smiled as she kissed him. “It’ll be great. Rebekah volunteered to become our Doula, she’s going to study hard so she can help us when needed.”

“Rebekah? Not Myriam?”

“Well, she can do it too, if she so wishes, I mean, there will be two babies, after all,” she replied, toying with his hair. “And there’s a hotel down the block with a heated pool, Rebekah arranged for me to go there free of charge whenever I want a swim or a float.”

He was surprised by the things that she had arranged that afternoon, with Rebekah, but nonetheless, she had been putting these things off. They weren’t entirely necessary, but Bella liked to do things, never to sit still for a long period of time. “That sounds great, darling.”

Bella nodded. “And I want us to go on a short trip. I mean, now is the chance still. When the babies are here, we won’t be alone anymore. You can pick the destination, but I want us to go, even if it’s just a weekend or something.”

“Oh, but I’m not sure if I can do that right now… with everything that’s going on…”

“Kol, please? I can still walk and not waddle and I promise I’ll be good, I promise,” she softly kissed him. “We could go to Mystic Falls for a bit?”

“Oh hell no,” he laughed. “I’ll take you to Florida, Disney World.”

“YES!” Bella cheered and kissed him again.


During their weekend away, Kol mentioned that he had found a doctor for Bella to visit. One with the proper tools to make an ultrasound, draw blood and what not, although he was sure that blood wasn’t really necessary. If something had been wrong with Twit and Twat her uncle or her grandfather would have told them so.

However, when they finally got there on a Wednesday, Bella saw the name and stopped dead in her tracks. “Cullen?” It was a name that was all too familiar to her and one that she hated with a passion – even though that hatred was probably misplaced. Why? Because that hack of a Stephenie Meyer had been slightly wrong about her, and likely she’d been wrong about the Cullens. There were no Cold Ones in the real world. The Cullens were ordinary vampires, or so she was told.

And maybe it wasn’t intentional in Meyer’s defense that she wrote the Cullens as manipulative assholes, but the books – and the movies – clearly depicted the opposite. There was a reason why Bella never wrote the Cullens as the good guys, well, except for Jasper. Jasper Whitlock was awesome and a victim of manipulation and emotional abuse. She usually wrote Jasper happy with someone else when writing her stories. Happy and far away.

And sure, this Cullen could quite possibly be a relative or something, but the name sent chills down her spine. “I’m not going in there.”

“It’s just a name, darling,” Kol snorted. He hadn’t read the Twilight books but knew some of the details mainly because Damon had informed him, but a name was just a name. Although, in this case, this Cullen was a vampire and a member of The Strix. But Bella didn’t need to know that. “He’s got an ultrasound machine?”

Bella narrowed her eyes on him. “I swear, if the doctor turns out to be who I think it is, I will kill you.”

“It was Elijah’s idea,” Kol said quickly.

“And I will kill him too!”

“What order of victims did you have in mind?” He asked playfully, which seemed to stump Bella for a moment.

“Elijah first. I’ll take my time with you.”

Kol made a disapproving sound. “The babies will love to hear the story when they get older on how you killed their father.”

“Shut up,” she growled as she stomped forward into the clinic, only to once again stop dead in her tracks upon seeing the receptionist, causing Kol to bump into her with a whine.

“Now what?”

Bella pointed at the woman. “That’s Rosalie.”

“How do you know?”

“Read her fucking name tag, you moron,” she hissed as Kol peered and then nodded. “How do I know? Stephenie Meyer described her as the most beautiful person ever. No, better yet, her true defining personal trait is her beauty. Violet eyes, wavy golden hair reaching her back and her posture perfect. Oh and look at that, she has a freaking mole on her mug as well.”

“Don’t be daft.”

Bella scowled as she approached the desk. “Hi, Rosalie?”

“Hi! Welcome to the Cullen clinic! You must be Bella! Oh, you’re up next. Have a seat in the waiting area, Dr. Cullen will be right with you.”


Rosalie blinked at that, unsure of the girl in front of her. “N-No? Carlisle works at the hospital.”

Bella turned around and punched Kol in the arm. “Fucker!” She then turned around again, a pleasant but fake smile on her face. “Which Cullen is the gynocologist then?”

“Edward, don’t worry, you’ll be in safe hands with him.”

Bella closed her eyes and took a deep breath, her freshly manicured fingernails tapping impatiently on the counter. “Kol, you’d better get Myriam. NOW.”



Sighing, Kol took out his phone and dialled Myriam’s number and put her on speaker. “Hello beautiful sister in law.”

Kol? Why are you calling me? What trouble did you get yourself into now?”

“Could you come to the Cullen clinic? Bella wants you here.”


“Edward Cullen is not going to touch me!” Bella growled.

Merde. I’m on my way. Don’t you move an inch. I’ll take care of everything once I arrive.”

After Kol disconnected the call, he looked at his girlfriend. “You know, if you want people dead, I could do that.”

“Dead?” Rosalie blinked. “Oh, no please don’t, you’ll be in a lot of trouble if you kill any one of us.”

“Is that so?” Kol smirked as he leaned against the counter and looked at Rosalie. “I’ll have you know that I know that you’re a member of the Strix.”

“Yes, and that’s why you’ll be in a lot of trouble if you kill me.”

“Nah,” Kol waved his hand. “You see, I happen to know that Aya is a pussycat and that my brother Elijah will understand.”

“Y-You’re a Mikaelson?”

“Yep,” he nodded and compelled her not to move.

“You have no reason to kill us.”

“Sorry, darling, my hormonal pregnant girlfriend says otherwise. Her name is Bella. Isabella Marie Swan,” he smirked as he looked at Bella. “She’s not a big fan of a particular set of books, you might have heard of them, and she feels the need that you must be eliminated.”

Rosalie was quiet for a moment. “Well fuck, and here we believed it was more of a coincidence.”

“There’s no such thing as coincidences,” Bella muttered before turning around to see Myriam standing behind her with a big grin on her face. “He’s in his office.”

“Yay! Let’s go!” Myriam said as she dragged Bella along with her. “I’ll make a spectacle out of him.”

“Please do!” Bella replied all giddy and cheered when Myriam kicked down the door. Kol stayed behind to keep an eye on Rosalie and to steer away other patients should they come in, but he felt disappointed. He’d kill for Bella, why did she have to call Myriam to do this for her? Soon, the building was filled by pleading, screams, loud banging and medical instruments clanging. Myriam’s maniacal laughter drowning out most of it. Myriam taunting the vampire by seemingly pushing things up his ass, at least that’s what Kol thought he heard her say, could have been the penis and oh, that would hurt like a motherfucker. He wanted to kill Rosalie now. Do the same thing. The poor girl was terrified, he could tell.

After 20 glorious minutes, Bella came back into the reception area, a big smile on her face as Myriam followed her. Myriam was all bloody and had this big wide grin on her face as she bounced Edward’s head in her hands. “That was so much fun!” She then tossed the head to Kol before leaping over the desk and started on Rosalie. “Catch!”

“But I can do that,” Kol pouted. “I want to kill.”

“And you took me here. You knew better, but you still took me here because he’s not a human doctor and that’s what you wanted. Now you can watch while Myriam has all the fun,” Bella replied as she pat him on the back. “You should see the amount of syringes that Myriam has pushed through Edward’s dick, it was glorious.”

Punishment. Figures. Of course he was being punished, and fortunately it wouldn’t end up in his death. All he could do was watch. Watching Myriam kill Rosalie ever so slowly with stuff she found around behind the desk was like watching an artist at work, reminding Kol of Nik’s dark side. Nik was a master of torture and killing as well, while Kol merely liked to chase his prey to hear them scream.

“How about you find the security feeds and destroy them?” Bella prompted him. “Make sure there’s no copy of some sort to actually get us into trouble.”

He didn’t want to leave now! “Bella, we can compel the police.”

“And yet, there’d still be evidence floating around. No, destroy it all.”

“Fine,” he whined as he placed Edward’s head on the counter and went to look for the back office while Rosalie’s screams and whines kept sounding like music to his ears. Oh, he was definitely going to go out for a fresh kill later. This wasn’t fair.


  1. Haha I’m cackling like a loon. God this was too much fun. Syringes.
    Oh Elijah is in so much trouble.

  2. Elijah is in for it now.. oh man never piss off a pregnant hormonal woman. Him and Kol are so in for it. talk about stepping into it deeply. lol Myraim had a ball torturing and killing them two cullens down five to go. unless Jasper is immune to the torture that is Myriam and Bella lol update again soon want to find out what the cullens reaction is to the death of two of their members and to find out more about what they are going to do about the Strix

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