Chapter 06

She met Isaac’s friends – other than Scott – over the next few days while they were trying to come up with a plan, despite Bella insisting that making a plan would be useless due to the gifts the Cullens had. In the end, she simply gave up on trying to talk some sense into them and let them formulate ‘the perfect plan’ while she had convinced Isaac into teaching her how to fight with her new werewolf strength.

Bella wasn’t even sure if the Cullens would come all the way to California to pick her up, maybe they’d decide it was too much hustle, but she knew for a fact that the Volturi were coming to get her for breaking her part of the deal, or at least her attempt of running. She couldn’t help but to picture Jane’s head separated from her body.

“Oh, Kira!” Bella greeted her happily as she put her arm through hers and dragged her away from her boyfriend as she bumped into them while getting something from the supermarket. “Can I ask of you a huge favor?”

“Am I going to like it?” Kira warily looked at Scott, who simply shrugged.

“Oh, don’t worry, foxy lady,” Bella winked at her. “I simply want to ask you if you’d like to be part of an experiment.”


“Yep, I don’t know if you can use it as a paper for school but if it works, it could benefit you all if you allow me to stay,” She said that to Scott, who had this adorable confused puppy look on his face. “Because,” she turned her attention back to Kira. “You’re electrical, right? You can shoot electrics from you hands?”

“Kinda, but I’d rather use my-”

“Good!” She then turned back to the Alpha. “You can come too, of course. Isaac’s already waiting in Argent’s backyard. I just have to pick something up from the store and I’ll be right there.” She released Kira from her hold and made a shooing motion with her hands. “Hurry along now, don’t keep him waiting.”

After buying a jar of Nutella and some breadsticks, Bella made her way back to the Argent house with a big smile on her face. She had noticed a change within herself after the spell lifted, the shield that the Cullens claimed to have, the one that prevented Edward from looking inside her head, seemed to have evolved and she had the strength to push it outward. Isaac didn’t believe her of course, and that’s why she needed Kira. She was going to protect Isaac from Kira’s electricity and make a believer out of him.

“Oh God, is it time for your period?” Isaac gasped as he saw Bella walk through the gate.

She looked down at her jar of Nutella that she had opened on her way home and dipped her bread sticks in and shrugged. “No, I just felt like eating an entire jar of Nutella all by myself,” she simply replied before putting it on the table. She pulled Isaac with her towards Scott and grinned at Kira. “Try to hurt us.”

“What?” Isaac stammered. “You’ve actually lost your mind!”

“No! Trust me.”

“I’m with Isaac on this one. We can take a pretty big hit with us being a werewolf but…”

Bella looked at the two boys she was standing next to and rolled her eyes. “Do I have to ask Mr. Argent outside to prove a point?”

“I could kill him!” Kira shook her head, a panicked look on her face.

“Then stop stalling and just try to hit us already, I can stop it from hitting us, I swear.”

“You promise?”

“Yes. If it doesn’t work you can slice me up with your katana, I promise.”

“What? No, that’s not going to happen,” Isaac said panicked while Bella had a huge grin on her face.

The bright light emanating from Kira blinded Bella for a moment, throwing her off guard – she hadn’t expected it to be that bright – but she managed to throw up her shield again just in time and the three of them remained unharmed.

“Oh, that is awesome,” Scott said breathlessly as he looked at Bella and then at Isaac. “Did you know about this?”

“No, but I agree, it’s awesome, what is it? How can you do it?”

“Well,” Bella said as she walked to her jar of Nutella again. “Edward was always frustrated that he couldn’t read my mind, said I had some sort of mental shield. I became fully aware of it when the spell broke. Since I became a werewolf, I’ve been playing with it,” she shrugged. “I guess it’s the vampire venom thing that made it into a magical shield that nothing can penetrate it apart from fists and stuff. Probably bullets too, but I’m too chicken to try that out.”

“So, are you staying then?” Scott asked as he looked at Bella. “Because if you are, that’d be cool. You’d be stronger if you’d stay with us.”

“So would you, wouldn’t you?” She retorted with a small smile. “To be honest, I haven’t given it much thought – yet. But seeing as Isaac and I had an arrangement and I’m not tired of him yet, I suppose I could stay.”

“What arrangement?” Scott looked at Isaac, confused.

“No strings attached. Sure there are some strings attached now that we’ve gotten to know each other better but we still can walk away and don’t look back whenever we feel like it.”

“Well, I think you two make a cute couple,” Kira smiled at them. “You’re made for each other.”

“We’re not a couple,” Isaac and Bella chorused.

Scott eyed the two of the skeptically. “Right…”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Bella huffed as she scooped some of the delicious spread out of the jar with a piece of bread stick and chewed on it. She knew she had to stop soon, it was simply too sweet and she didn’t want to feel sick later. “So when is that full moon you guys are so worried about?”

“Tonight,” Scott replied, causing Bella to close the jar. “That shield of yours, are you sure that it’s just that and can’t hurt anyone? And physical attacks won’t be stopped?”

“Yes, but I’ve been saying it multiple times over the last few days, I have excellent self control,” the statement caused Isaac to snicker again. “Especially with things that don’t concern him. You’re worrying for nothing. Besides, I’m pretty sure that the Volturi will arrive soon or at least some Cullens. I’ve been using my bankcard since yesterday.”

“What? You didn’t even inform us? It’s pretty rare we can expect a fight to happen and what were you thinking?” Scott fumed. “It’s full moon tonight!”

Bella looked at Isaac. “He always this uptight?”

“He kinda has a point, couldn’t you have waited at least until tomorrow? Not because we’re not prepared or anything but…”

“What? Argent said I could and that I should. The sooner, the better, he said.” She couldn’t believe how gullible Scott was when it came to this. There were veins in his forehead and Isaac looked wary as he had taken a stance next to her in case his Alpha would flip out. She couldn’t help but snicker. “Down boy, I was just kidding. You guys seem to freak out about the full moon tonight a little bit too much for my liking.”

“It’s serious stuff, Bella,” Scott said, visibly relaxing. “And that joke wasn’t funny. At all.”

“It kinda was,” Isaac remarked with half a shrug.

“If anyone would be fucking up and reveal that I am here, it’d probably be the Sheriff for trying to contact my dad when he’s not on the reservation with the wolves. I told Billy that I want to talk to Charlie when he gets there on his own, but he hasn’t visited Billy yet so…” Bella said with a shrug. “The Sheriff could contact the Chief of Forks and -”

“He wouldn’t do that. I told him not to do it.”

“When it comes to missing person cases, there’s nothing that a cop wouldn’t do, even when told by a teenage werewolf alpha that he’s handling it,” she replied, looking at Scott with a sigh. “Trust me, he may comply in leaving me alone, but it won’t stop him from digging up more information. He’s a cop. It’s what he does. And if it’s not him, it’d be a deputy.”

“Yeah but Stiles…”

“I know he’s your best friend, Scott, and that the sheriff is his father, and that they have a good, open, relationship. Same with me and Charlie. However, he’s still a cop.”

Scott seemed to think for a moment and sighed. “I’ll talk to him, again. In the meantime, better get some food inside of you, it’s going to be a long night for all of us.”

“And I still think you’re overreacting.”

“And maybe you’re taking this too lightly, ever thought of that?”

After Scott and Kira had left, Isaac let out a breath of relief before squatting down next to her. “How about we go for the middle ground, huh? You meet Scott halfway.”

“I already agreed to you guys chaining me up,” she ruffled his hair with a big smile on her face. “Let’s have some fun today.”

“Like what?”

Bella shrugged. “If I’m going to stay here, I’m going to need a house. Let’s look for houses.”


“Necessary,” she said with a nod. “Besides, you don’t have a home either,” she pointed out. “Wouldn’t you like to have your own bed, your own shower, your own food without having to rely on other people?”

“Like you?” Isaac grinned and softly kissed her.

“Well, sure. If you’re going back to school to finish your last year, I suppose I’ll be doing the cooking, the cleaning and ugh. The laundry.”

“I don’t know, I stayed at Scott’s house before. The only objection his mom had was that while it was somewhat teenager proof, it wasn’t werewolf proof…”

Bella laughed. “What did you guys do?”

“Scott may or may not have ended up throwing me out of his room on occasion…”

“Okay, we’ll be looking for a house with sturdy walls then.”



Isaac blinked at her. “You’re stomping into couple territory now, you sure you want to do that?”

“We both know we’re not a couple. What better way not to inconvenience other people because we’re basically homeless? Besides,” she said as a wolfish grin appeared on her face. “I’d like to keep you close by incase some needs arise.”

“You’re crazy.”

“I know,” she replied, smirking. “The smell of real freedom in the near future is intoxicating.”


“Why is she here?” Derek demanded seemingly annoyed when the group of teenagers entered his loft. “I thought you’d go to Lydia’s lake house.” Yeah, of course he had met this girl in the last few days. Once. Because Scott wanted him to take a look at her almost like a latest addition to his pack ‘look what I got now!’ and that shit. It was good to see that Isaac seemed to have completely fallen in love with her as the boy deserved it after what happened to Allison, although Allison had never been completely his. Everyone knew that.

“Well, one, Lydia’s mom is hosting a party tonight. Two… this is the other option in case she gets out of control,” Scott replied simply. “Less chance for her to accidentally snack on a human too, if she’s here instead of… I don’t know, our basements?”

“I hate the full moon,” Malia stated as she stomped in, carrying a sports bag that rattled with chains. “I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.”

“Relax, you’ll get the hang of it, eventually,” Stiles, the doting boyfriend, walked in after her.

Derek pointed at Stiles. “He’s human.”

“Yeah but he’ll be the only one.”

“Fine,” Derek grumpily gave in. “But only this time. You’ll have to find a different spot next month. And, if they both destroy something, you’re paying for it.”

“What’s here to destroy?” Scott smiled at Derek. “Don’t worry, they won’t ruin your pretty loft. Malia is actually quite pleasant once she remembers to focus herself and Bella… well… not sure about her.”

“Bella says she can control herself despite not having experienced a shift before, but Scott doesn’t believe her. Bella doesn’t mind having to prove herself and doesn’t get mind getting chained up while she proves it to him,” Bella replied angrily as she watched Isaac zip open their sports bag. “In fact, she finds it very kinky and would love to ravage Isaac one time when he’s all tied up.”

Isaac blinked at her for a moment, unsure what to say. He decided to ignore the remark, she was probably trying to get a rise out of everyone else. Not him. Nope. His cock twitched at the thought of taking advantage of her while being tied up though. Silently groaning, he realized this was going to be a long night. When Bella sat down against the cold pillar in Derek’s loft, he started to chain her to it, wrapping the long chain around the pillar a few times before securing her in it.

Bella retrieved her phone out of her pocket with the one hand Isaac hadn’t secured yet when it started to vibrate and grinned as she picked up. “Hey Jake.”

Hey! You’re finally answering your phone! Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she responded. “Didn’t Billy talk to you?”

Oh, so you’ve spoken to my dad, but you haven’t bothered to talk to me?”

“It’s complicated.”

Isaac looked at Bella, a little bit impatient as he really needed to secure that arm of hers and frustrated because her best friend was on the phone. “Gonna need that arm.”

“Hold on, Jake, let me put you on speaker,” she said as she turned on the speaker and put her phone in her lap before the rattling of chains could be heard and Isaac was securing her previously free arm.

Who was that? Where are you? What was that sound? Are you in some sort of trouble? No wait, don’t answer that, of course you are in trouble, the Cullens are out for blood.”

He definitely sounded like a possessive would-be boyfriend, Isaac thought and yanked on the chain to make sure Bella couldn’t escape. The first time Derek chained him up, he had done a piss poor job at it, seeing as Boyd and Erica needed to be tied up as well. Fortunate for Derek, Isaac had been a quick study and had helped him contain Boyd and Erica before they quieted down and Derek restrained him again as well. He didn’t want want the same thing happening to Bella, really. Being manhandled was a bitch.

“Yeah Bella, tell him what we’re up to,” Isaac grinned at her, yanking the chain again.

“I’m being chained up.” Bella deadpanned as she looked at Isaac. “By my fuckbuddy.”

There was dead silence on the other end of the phone as everyone in the loft glanced in their direction curiously as they tried to go about their business as if they weren’t paying attention the best they could. “Please tell me that you are joking Bella,” Jacob eventually responded quietly. “That’s not funny.”

“Why should I? You could have told the truth about me.”

“He knew?” Isaac looked at Bella, confused. “You knew and you didn’t tell her? Dude, that’s fucked up, what kind of best friend are you?”

Who the hell is with you? What is he talking about? What have you gotten yourself into Loca?” Jake demanded causing Derek to snort from across the room.

“I’m with my fuckbuddy Isaac, who’s a werewolf, his Alpha Scott, also a werewolf, Scott’s friend Stiles, who’s a human, his girlfriend Malia, who’s a werecoyote and a former Alpha called Derek who’s also a werewolf. Oh, and by the way, then there’s me. Also a werewolf,” Bella said evenly as she shifted a little on the floor, but due to her restraint it was a bit harder to get comfortable. Isaac really hadn’t given her much leeway. “I’m in chains because they think I’ll bite their asses during the full moon which is happening in about… 10 minutes or so. I can feel the effects but yeah… not as antsy as Malia right now.”

…Are you on drugs? Look, just tell me where you are and I’ll come get you. I can help you, protect you and we’ll fix you back… It’ll be like before, like nothing happened. You’ll like that, right?”

“Spells like the one put on Bella before require a huge amount of power,” Derek piped up. “No doubt some sacrifice has been made to ensure that she would never turn into a werewolf. Good thing the True Alpha came along, huh?” Whoever this Jake was, he didn’t like him.

“Jake, I’m fine. You and the tribe can royally fuck yourselves. We’re done. I’ve only been talking to Billy because of my dad but the first chance I get I’ll rip out your throat.”

“Is that the full moon talking?” Isaac looked at Bella, who shook her head.

“No. It’s a pissed off girl who got her heart ripped out by her supposed best friend who claimed he would always be there for her then he upped and disappeared when he said he’d be there for her and then wasn’t,” she sneered into a deep growl. “Then he lied about her very being her entire life, after knowing exactly what she was after he became what he was and didn’t tell her the truth.”

“Oh boy,” Granted, Isaac hadn’t known Bella for that long and still didn’t know her well at all, but he knew that she was stubborn in everything, even her anger. It wouldn’t be soon, but she’d get her revenge on this Jacob eventually.

What? I helped Jasper help you, Bella, there isn’t much I could have done. Tell me where you are, we’ll figure it out.”

“Yeah, tough, Jake,” Bella spat as she wanted to push the button to disconnect the call but could barely reach it. When she eventually did, she crushed the phone in her hand, redirecting her anger into it. “Oh, nice. That asshole owes me a new phone now.”

“Yep, good thing we’ve tied you up,” Scott said as he looked at Malia, who was already sweating as she tried to fight herself from turning. “Stiles, talk her down.”

Bella sighed as she rested her head against the steel column she had been tied to. “Damnit, I wanted to know if Billy had spoken to my dad yet.”

“My dad said he spoke to your dad,” Stiles said as he sat down in front of Malia. “He’s on his way over.”

Bella let out a low, threatening growl. She knew it. She knew that cops being cops, would fuck things up. “Any mention of someone coming with him?”

“A worried fiancé, I believe.”

“Stiles!” Scott whined as he slapped his friend on his head.

Bella only looked up with golden eyes and a thirsty grin as she was more than ready to do battle. “Great. I’m ready to rip his head off and burn his dick. I’m sure it’s not much anyway.”

“You’re engaged?” Derek blinked as he looked at the girl who was sitting quietly in her chains, not struggling against her bonds or fighting her transformation. She reminded him a lot of Isaac, who had – thankfully – helped him restrain Erica and Boyd when they first turned. Lots of restraint in that pretty little head of hers. “But aren’t you Isaac’s girlfriend?”

“We are not a couple!” Bella and Isaac breezed angrily.

“Sure, sure you aren’t.” Derek snorted. “Seeing as she’s engaged.”

“I figured by running away from the altar that the engagement was automatically over,” Bella said, fascinated by the long nails on her hand. “But it’s okay, he’ll get the message once he comes here, I’m sure of it.”

The elder wolf eyed her with curiosity, his head cocking to the side in silent query.

She glanced at him with a smirk on her lips. “I’m now a natural enemy. I can’t very well be his mate. You’ll see.”

Derek scratched himself behind his head as he looked at Isaac for clues.

“Some sort of vampire,” Isaac replied with a shrug. “It’s okay, I didn’t believe her either.”

“What kind of vampire?” he retorted easily. “The good kind or you know, the shiny ones?”

“The pansy ass ones with glittery asses in the sunlight,” Bella grinned. “Gay, I know. Right!”

He thought for a moment before a big grin appeared on his face. “Scott, I know I said I wouldn’t help you help your new pack member, but I’m in.”

The boy was confused for a moment, looking unsure as he slowly nodded. “Uhh, okay? Do I want to know?”

“It’ll be fun Scotty! You’ll see!” Bella cheered. “Plenty of chew toys for everyone!”

“Good work out too,” Derek deadpanned. “It requires at least some strength to rip them to shreds.”

“Don’t encourage her, Derek,” Scott sighed tiredly. “It’s Isaac all over again.”

“Hey, I’m still here,” Isaac said disgruntled. “And I haven’t changed one bit, I simply want to do it for a different reason now.”

A roar from the other side of the loft had all heads turning to Malia, with Stiles scampering away from her as she tugged on her restraints. “God, I wish I was like her,” she whimpered through her impulses. “This sucks.”

“You can use your rage and vent your frustration out on some sparkling assholes soon. Do you like blondes?” Bella asked curiously. “What about meddling midgets?”

“Doesn’t help me much now, does it?” Malia responded angrily. “I’m trying to focus, but it hurts too much.”

“Just take a deep breath, Malia.”

“Screw you, Stiles,” Malia sighed as she sat back against the wall and closed her eyes, zeroing in on Bella’s heartbeat as Stiles’ was just running rampant at the moment. Eventually, she could feel the moon’s influence get to the background of her mind. “Destruction sounds good.”

Scott and Derek both were watching as the coyote settled down, her sweating ease back with surprise. “Hm,” was all that Derek let out on on it before he walked away. “I’ll go get things started so we get you all trained before they get here.”

“The pixie sees the future based on decisions. I am probably going to be able to shield you from her intrusion and Edward’s mind reading,” Bella piped up. “But it doesn’t hurt to try and fight without making a decision on what punch to launch next.”

Derek looked back at her and nodded in acknowledgment. Leaving the loft, he left the pack to handle their own so that he could tend to his business.

“Can we order pizza?” Bella asked as she tried to shift again, her ass was getting sleepy and she wanted to be able to move. Granted, it had something awesome to be tied up and all, but she’d rather have done that in private with Isaac and then having Isaac lick her all over and… Yep. She had to stop thinking about that because it turned her on. Her hands had returned to normal again and she was a little bummed about that. Maybe she could focus the rest of the night trying to make herself change again. Willingly.


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