Chapter 02

“Master please,” she begged the only person who almost knew what she was going through. “Kill me. Or make them stop, please,” she almost whispered as she was on her knees in front of Jasper Cullen.

“It’s your duty to make them stop, darlin’,” Jasper replied as he tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and made her look at him from her position on the floor. “Not mine. We bought you for this purpose only, you should feel honored.”

“I am, master,” she smiled brightly at him. “I am embarrassed to admit that I’m not my best today. I can’t tune them out nor make them stop…” God, she was tired. She hadn’t slept at all in the hen house and while she was there for making the girls feel at ease, she was shattered. She needed food. Rest.

“Today is a bad day to have a bad day,” Jasper replied as he dug his fingers into her hair and pulled her to her feet and started to drag her off to the quiet room underneath the building. Her legs barely able to get her moving, her bare feet slipping on the concrete floor. “You have exactly two hours to get yourself focused. I’ll get you something to eat and to drink. Edward and Alice aren’t here tonight. I do really need you, especially for the wildlings. They’ll be screaming like pigs without you.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” she let out a groan when she hit the floor after he tossed her into her quiet room. His quiet room. “I’m so sorry Master Jasper.”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it. I’ll be back with food,” he said as he slammed the door shut.

It was difficult to conceal who she was for her masters. Masters. Her abilities didn’t quite work on vampires, at least not for a long time and she was just at their mercy as the rest of the girls were in the hen house. She was merely on an elevated level, as she belonged to the Masters. She was still treated the same, with the rations of food, and the terrible dress sense, the abuse, but that didn’t mean that she could get the girls a good home with her gifts without her masters knowing. And it worked. It’s what she was here for.

And popular to contrary belief, she was here willingly. She had Klaus compel the Cullens that they had bought her from her previous owners. And because of her status as the owner’s pet, she had access to the quiet room; a room for Jasper to retreat to as he was able to influence other people’s emotions, their mental state. And up until she arrived there, he’d been on his own with that.

But she wasn’t here to help the Cullens. No, she was there to help the girls get sold into good homes. Not with morons who would take advantage of them, to hurt them. Sure, she couldn’t take away all the hurt, because that was the state of the world now, but she could make it easier on them.

Her Masters didn’t feed off of her. Because of her ‘condition’, she was classified as ‘broken’ and ‘impure’, which was fantastic because she was anything but. It made her Masters appreciate her more by not asking for much. But the quiet room was nice.

She could recharge, and, because Edward and Alice weren’t around today, relax a little and enjoy the food that Jasper was going to bring her. Jasper was going to bring her more food than she’d get on a day to day basis, to strengthen her up.

She laid down flat on her back and closed her eyes as she stretched her limbs away from her body, feeling some bones crack. Taking a deep breath she reveled in the silence for a moment before the door swung open and Jasper put a plate down. She could feel his interest in her. Jasper was always interested. Hungry. She knew that he was going to have her later, and she didn’t mind. She preferred Jasper over Edward.

“Oh,” she rolled around onto her stomach and hungrily eyed her food. Half a chicken, some boiled eggs and a bowl of yogurt with cereal. Protein. She’d hoped there would have been some vegetables at least, but it was better than the crap they gave the girls on a daily basis. Licking her lips, she looked up to her master through her lashes. “Thank you for this food, Master,” she said in a hushed voice. “I don’t deserve this.”

“No, but you need it,” Jasper replied before taking a few steps back. “Two hours, I’ll be back,” he said as he closed the door and she was alone in a dark room with her food.


Relax. Everything is going to be alright. You don‘t have to be fearful of what’s going to happen, let it happen. Your worst nightmare was being taken, you’re going to be real good taken care of.

She kept repeating that to the girls who were currently standing close to her, they were about to be sold off to the highest bidder and she was going to be damn sure that they were going to be safe. She was scanning the crowd and had found a few potential men for the girls, and then there was Kol.

Ah fuck.

Leave. Leave. Leave.

That won‘t work on me, get out of my bloody head!

She blinked as she was thrown out of his head and quickly jumped into someone else’s head to buy the first girl. A good man, rich, big house and he was only looking for someone to be his wife. A real romantic, he was carrying a bundle of flowers, too.

She saw that Kol was scanning the crowd in the hope of seeing whomever had spoken to him inside his mind, and that’s what she liked about being a woman. She was invisible, basically. And, she was pretty sure Kol wouldn’t remember her. Why would he? She wasn’t anyone important back then, and she wasn’t one now. Just meat.

But fuck, with Kol out of his box, did that mean that she was done? Was that a sign from Klaus saying that she was done for now? Could it be? While she could leave when she wanted – if fully fed and strong – but she had told Klaus that if he was willing to let her go, that he should free Kol from his slumber so that Kol could come and get her.

And there he was.

Handsome as ever.

On a bad day, she could still feel his hand burst through her chest cavity and ripping out her heart. Which was her own doing, she didn’t want to leave this Earth and picked a fight with the nearest vampire she could find so she could take his blood and taint herself.

But, on a good day, she remembered how Kol simply took what he wanted, no matter if it was forbidden for one of them. His hands on her skin, his manhood impaling her and almost splitting her apart…

Of course, since then she had several other men inside of her, especially in the last thirty years or so after the virus hit. Self preservation. But she never enjoyed it.

She yelped when Jasper grabbed her by the hair and forced her on her knees. “What are you doing, silly little girl?” He hissed in her ear. “You’re mine. Who are you lusting after?”

She was strong enough to break something off of Jasper, but if she’d do anything to him, both Emmett and Rosalie would be on her in seconds and she’d break her cover. Her ruse. She wasn’t strong enough to fight off all of the vampires in the building, she only took a little to survive, not to fight an entire army. “You, master, you. Always you,” she quickly said. “I was thinking about the other night, master, when you—” She winced when he slapped her and held on to her hair, almost snapping her neck with the sheer force of it.

She couldn’t die with her neck snapped, but it would sure as hell reveal that she wasn’t an ordinary human. It was a good thing that she could multitask. While the first girl was sold off safely, she was now working to get someone else she’d liked to bid high for the next one. But fuck, that hurt. She didn’t bruise, of course she didn’t, that was one thing she couldn’t hide, but still, the vampires were clueless.

“Is this how you repay me for my kindness two hours ago?”

“N-no, master, please.”

“I think we should show these men what they can have when they buy one of the girls, what do you think?”

Most of the eyes in the room were already on them and she knew what was going to happen next as he usually used her to show men what they could get. But for some reason, now that Kol was there, watching, she felt extremely embarrassed and vulnerable. It was as if she could feel his eyes on her, burning her.

As Jasper shoved her towards the front of the stage they were all on, she was going to make one last effort to make Kol leave.

You have to leave.

Get out of my head!


Originals were so difficult to push away mentally, especially in her current state.

Make me!

Oh, that sounded so good. Yes, she wanted to make him. Like she had made him kill her all those years ago. Instead, Jasper was going to make a spectacle out of her. Perhaps it was fortunate that Kol still hadn’t recognized her.

“Gentlemen! Welcome! Now, I understand that some of you are new to these parts, and wouldn’t it be nice to show you what you could do to one of our girls? They’re all healthy, willing and docile. They’re the cutest lil’ peaches, if you tell me!” Jasper spread joy and happiness with his thoughts. She could feel his asshole was all souped up and he could take on the entire building if he wanted to.

She focused on keeping the girls calm now that the bidding had temporarily stopped. Everyone was looking at Jasper and the heap of girl at his feet. She could hear their thoughts. Everyone’s thoughts. The men who she’d picked out of the girls that night were looking too. Strangely aroused.

Men were so predictable.

But not Kol. He was curious. He was appalled by the whole idea of what the Cullens stood for – and what his brother kept in check in New Orleans, but he couldn’t help but to be curious.

Oh, she was so lucky that Alice and Edward weren’t here tonight. Edward would have immediately picked up on Kol’s thoughts and he’d have Carlisle move them all, even without the real boss’ permission. Then again, it was a possibility that Carlisle had been compelled by Klaus as not to leave, but she wasn’t sure about it.

“You’ve got the protesters in the world who think that establishments such as these shouldn’t exist. That women should be regulated, like they do in the government facilities across the globe. But seeing as their progress of injecting fresh blood into the world is so slow… And, on top of that, all those facilities put out are stuck up women who think that they’re better than us. Why shouldn’t they allow us to be here? We’ve got the pretty ladies, all willing and able, you can do whatever you want with them. Share them around, have children, or not, your choice. No rules attached!” Jasper announced before he reached down and pulled on her hair to make her kneel before him.

“This little lady is mine. Well, she belongs to my family but I work with her the most,” he said as he cupped her chin and made her look at him and all she did was just smile at him, radiate pride and love. “She’s a handful, and a tease. Earlier today she looked at me so sweetly, so trusting and a minute ago I caught her feeling for someone else. She assured me that it was in remembrance of what we did the other day, but… I think she needs to pay for it anyway. After all, we’re working here tonight, aren’t we, peaches?”

She nodded and was briefly distracted by a familiar touch in all that noise she was hearing. All those thoughts. Klaus. Klaus was here. What was Klaus doing here? He never came to check up on her, or his business. Oh, Klaus wasn’t going to like the dirt in this place. The filth. The smells of sex, arousal and spent cum. Or the smell of fear. Tears. Hearing hearts beat faster.

Knowing what Jasper was going to do to her in front of Kol was one thing, but in front of Klaus? She now felt mortified.

Take Kol and get out of here.

I can‘t do that, little one. The Cullen boy looks like he’s going to devour you and strip you bare in front of everyone. You tell him that I’m here and that I want to see him in his office. Right away. This evening is over, no one gets sold tonight.

“Master,” she whispered, still looking at Jasper with nothing but admiration on her face. “Mr. Mikaelson is here and waiting for you in your office. He needs you to call off the sale tonight and kick everyone out.”

“Are you lying to me?” he hissed.

“No, sir,” she whispered and nodded towards his office where it was obvious that there was someone in there, walking around. “He’s quite impatient, too. And you might want to ask Master Carlisle to come with you.”



  1. Im a little iffy right now. Its good but the human trafficking is a hard point for me. But I’m sticking it to the end. Hopefully the Cullens get butchered in a torturous manners in the next chapter.

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  4. Thanks love! The story I’m working on now might give you more of these vibes, this story was mainly written as me trying something new and a bit cracky LOL.

  5. Dude! I was not emotionally, or mentally, prepared for this when I clicked on this story. It’s giving me The Handmaid’s Tale vibes. Which is a story I have never wanted to read/watch because of the feminist and ‘I will kill all men in the area even though I’d probably be subdued first’ feelings this story is giving me.
    Having said that, this story is, so far, really interesting, and I can’t wait to find out more about Bella and hopefully see some Cullen slaughtering. I love how Bella seems to be someone who could kill everyone if she so chooses, but knows she’ll get more work done by hiding in plain sight. Shows smarts.
    Can’t wait for more!
    (Also, don’t expect as long reviews for future chapters. The fact I wrote such a ‘long’ one this time just shows how well of a writer you are. I think. I mean, I hope it does.)

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