September 13, 2014: Bella and Kol are in Normandy, France for her birthday. Go bungee jumping. (chapter 1)

June 26th, 2015: Bella and Kol are in Vienna, going to a Formula One race. First time Kol tries to propose. (chapter 3)

September 13th, 2015: Bella and Kol are in Moscow. Second time Kol tries to propose. (chapter 3)

February 14th, 2016: Bella and Kol are in a small town in Romania. Third time Kol tries to propose. (chapter 3)

December 25th, 2017: Bella and Kol are on Hawaii, Bella finds out she’s pregnant. (Chapter 4)

July 7th, 2018: Bella and Kol are in Finland with a befriended witch. Gives birth to Nina. Kol proposes for the fourth time and she accepts. (Chapter 4)

January 6th, 2020: Mardi Gras. Date night. (Chapter 5)

January 12th, 2020: Kol talks to Davina (Chapter 5)

January 21th, 2020: Witches’ Ball. Dress talking. Bella and Kol allow Rebekah and Klaus to arrange their wedding. (Chapter 6)

February 19th, 2020: Wedding Jitters. Parents arrive. Bella gets scolded for being irresponsible, not having told them about her being pregnant. Elijah calms them down. (Chapter 6) Parents are informed about Bella being a witch and other supernatural secrets. Kol tells Bella about his resurrection ordeal. (Chapter 7)

February 20th, 2020: Wedding! Kids get taken by angry witches.(Chapter 7) It’s not Davina (Chapter 8) Find witches in Bayou. Kill them. (Chapter 10)

February 21st, 2020: Nina can make herself invisible. Scares the shit out of Bella. Bella is worried that someone might take her daughter again. (Chapter 11)

October 11th, 2020: Kol, Bella and Nina are in Egypt. Bella gives birth to Sophie. The whole family is present. (Chapter 12)

May 4th, 2023: Kol and Bella have returned to New Orleans, are moving out. (Chapter 12)

June 21st, 2023: Kol and Klaus talk about Sameen. (Chapter 12)

August 11th, 2029: Klaus took a bite out of Davina, leaving two children motherless. Kol and Bella announce they’re having another baby and that they’re going to be regents. (Chapter 13)

August 8th, 2050: Klaus drinks from Bella and Kol because they pulled a prank on him. (Chapter 15)


2067: Kol dies.


June 22nd, 2088: The Machine coaxes Sameen to go to New Orleans for Klaus. (chapter 2)
June 24th, 2088: Sam observes Klaus having a tiff with an old lady (chapter 2)

June 28th, 2088: Bella dies|gets consecrated, Sam reveals herself to Klaus (Sanctuaire epilogue)

July 16th, 2088: Sam goes to Klaus (Chapter 14)

June 26th, 2089: Klaus fights with Becky. Takes a liking to KJ (Chapter 14)

September 9th, 2106: Klaus turns KJ. (chapter 14)

2110: Rebekah turns KJ’s brother Edward to save him from cancer.

March 13, 2115: Nick, KJ’s brother, comes to NOLA to warn Klaus about the influx of Bennett witches who want to establish themselves in New Orleans. Marcel dies during the first attempts of some Bennett witches trying to infiltrate the French Quarter.(chapter 15)

2119: Edward ends his own life.

2150: Klaus turns Duke Remus Mikaelson.

2199: Sonny James Mikaelson has Sam’s blood in his system after a recent healing issue. Damon kills him. SJ turns.

2240: Klaus turns Xander Jeroen Mikaelson.

2250: Elijah Kol Mikaelson gets turned by Rebekah due to illness.

2260: Klaus kills Niklaus Caleb Mikaelson, EK’s brother, out of frustration. | James, father of Elijah and Niklaus, resurrects a barrier around New Orleans to keep out the vampires.

May 25th, 2260: Sameen kills Duke. Relocation to Mystic Falls, have to lose most of the vampires due to visibility. (Chapter 15)

April 1st, 2288: Klaus resurrects Kol, who goes on a feeding frenzy and meets Sameen. Siblings and Bella are out of bounds to talk about (Chapter 13)

2297: Kol Mikaelson dies in a car accident.

2298: Damon turns Remus John Mikaelson to annoy Klaus when RJ visits Mystic Falls.


January 15, 2311: Sameen picks up a newly resurrected Bella. Are enroute to Mystic Falls. Bella fucks with Kol and Klaus. (chapter 1) Bella gets caught up on recent events, Klaus is pissed off about Bella’s resurrection. (Chapter 2)

January 19th, 2311: Bella releases the vampires from the house to feed on Bennett witches. Bella cooks, Klaus tells about relatives in his vampire army. Bella offers to go to NOLA by herself. (Chapter 3)
January 20th, 2311: Bella visits the witches in Algiers. Finds that a lot has changed in 300 years and she’s not happy about it. Likes Mandy but her descendants not so much. Gets them to write down the spell their grandfather used to kick out the vamps. (Chapter 4) Bella comes back a little worse for wear. Sam explains the latest technology. Kol helps Bella with the notebooks for the spell. (Chapter 5)

January 21st, 2311: Kol wakes Bella and they have sex. Bella tries to make sense of the notebooks and Kol’s notes. Damon is being a twat. (Chapter 6)

January 23rd, 2311: Rough night for Bella. Klaus and Kol fight because Kol fed Bella his blood. Doctor’s office. Doctor tells what’s in Bella’s system. They make a plan for Bella to drop the barrier. (Chapter 8)

January 24th, 2311: Bella and Kol get some time with KJ. Awkward. Caroline brings Elijah and Rebekah back, a fight ensues. Bella fucks with Elijah and Rebekah. (Chapter 9)

January 25th, 2311: Bella’s in New Orleans, on her way to take down the barrier. Is attacked by wolves. Breaks her ankle. Bella takes down barrier. Kol finds her in time as wolves wanted to violate her. (Chapter 9) The Mikaelsons take back their home. (Chapter 10) Bella realizes she’s being manipulated by something. (Chapter 11)

January 26th, 2311: Bella takes Kol to the Mikaelson witches. Learns about poison. Bennett witches in league with werewolves. (Chapter 11)

January 27th, 2311: Bella finds the location of where the object is that is messing with her. She and Kol visit their crypt. Kol can’t enter building due to forcefield. (Chapter 12) Bella has a showdown with Mandy. Is on the brink of death. (Chapter 13) Siblings fight. Bella meets her daughter on the Ancestral plane. Gets 24 hours in full health (Chapter 14) Duke comes to offer his help (Chapter 15)

January 28th, 2311: Bella and Hope restore Bella’s body. Hope puts Bella back where she belongs. Klaus and Sam have sex (chapter 16)

January 30th, 2311: Kol and Bella bring Daisy to the Regent. A fight erupts with Kol killing a handful of Bennett witches, Bella giving the witches an ultimatum (leave or die)  and they kidnap Esther. (chapter 17)

January 31st, 2311: Bella and Sam make out. Bella tries talking to Esther, gives her options. Bella and Kol have sex. (chapter 17)

February 3rd, 2311: Bella and Esther talk some more. Bella gives Esther more options. Kol kills Esther. Bella goes to talk with the Ancestors; mostly her children as the other Ancestors are pissed off due to her resurrection. They tell her to go ahead with reforming the witches. (Chapter 18)

February 4th, 2311: Bella kicks some Bennett witches asses on the cemetery (Chapter 18)


February 20th, 2312: With New Orleans, the French Quarter cleaned up, the witches reformed, the Crescent Curse broken, Kol turns Bella on their 292nd wedding day, but not before Bella does one last act as a witch; daggering Rebekah and Elijah. (chapter 18)




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