Bella the Titan? What?

Greek history. Man. Even if you haven’t read books on the Ancient Greeks (like me!), from TV shows and movies you know that the Greek Gods are basically a very very very dysfunctional family, right? (Meanwhile, on Skype; Meeko’s saying “Fucked up,” instead of dysfunctional, so yeah… I kept it clean, folks!)

Like… Gaia bore her own son and then mated with him to create the Titans. Uranus ate his own children out of fear to be overthrown and don’t even get me started on Zeus who had sex with everything with a hole!

History is such a headache. I did so much research and eventually decided to ‘wing it’ just a little to make it fit my story, it’s not like that hasn’t been done before. There are many times that I just cried out in frustration on Skype to Meeko, who kept laughing. Using Greek Mythology for this story was… a mere happenstance? It wasn’t planned, but I wanted to do something new and this just happened.

Meeko said that even though I was going to get a headache from it, it was going to be good and I just had to keep going. So I did. And it became a bit messy. So, here we go.

HYPERION – son of Uranus and Gaia (remember me saying Gaia bore Uranus and created the Titans?). Titan God of Heavenly Light. Bella’s Great Grandfather.

HELIOS – son of Hyperion and Thea. Titan god of the sun, a guardian of oaths, and the god of sight. Bella’s Grandfather aka Charlie.

CIRCE – daughter of Helios and Perse. Immortal. Goddess of sorcery who was skilled in the magic of transmutation, illusion, and necromancy. Bella’s mother.

Because Circe mated with a human (Zach Salvatore), Bella’s a demi-God. She could have been a regular human but her mother’s side of the family kicked in.

Circe was quite unstable and mischievous. Demanding. She had been locked up in Tartarus (kept in a slumber by Hades) but escaped for some reason and headed to Earth. Helios was sent to retrieve his daughter, but she was pregnant. They allowed Circe to have the baby, but she was going to be raised by a low-level witch called Renée Higginbotham and Helios masking as Charlie Swan. Magic was involved by making Renée think that Bella was her own child, with Charlie. Photos were manipulated and memories altered. Stupid Gods.

Bella’s cousins are the Olympian Gods.

ACCORDING TO HISTORY: The Olympians and the Titans don’t get along very well. Uranus was a terrible ruler and Cronus, Hyperion’s brother, envied his father for his power. When Uranus threw hundreds of Gaia’s children into Tartarus, Gaia convinced Cronus to overthrow his father and take up ruling himself. And he did. Before Uranus died, however, he told his son that he was doomed to live the same life as he had, that one day, his offspring would overthrow him, too.

Cronus threw his brothers into Tartarus, afraid that they’d come after him and ruled the Earth with his sister Rhea. Rhea bore him children – Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Hades and Poseidon –  which Cronus ate out of fear. Rhea managed to save Zeus by feeding her husband/brother a stone wrapped in cloth after she gave birth to him and hid Zeus on Earth.

When Zeus had grown up, he attacked his father Cronus and made him regurgitate all the children he had devoured. In a war called the Titanomachy, Zeus and his brothers and sisters, with the help of the imprisoned children of Gaia, overthrew Cronus and the other Titans. As a result, many of the Titans were confined in Tartarus, however, Atlas, Epimetheus, Helios, Menoetius, Oceanus and Prometheus were not imprisoned following the Titanomachy.

Zeus, Poseidon and Hades became the new rulers of the sky, oceans and underworld.

So, in Divine Happenstance, Hades doesn’t like Helios very much. Helios is ‘of the old Gods’ and they’re stupid and moronic and just generally idiots. Compared to the Titan Gods, the Olympic Gods are innocents (despite the fact that they had floozy Zeus) and the true rulers of their portion of the faith of the Earth. Hades is well aware of all the other faiths due to his work as keeper of the Underworld.

Most of the Gods and Goddesses (all religions) are in eternal slumber. They’re not dead, they just didn’t want to stay in a world who didn’t care anymore, in a world who was ready to move on from them.

Hades decided not to do that, much like all the other rulers of the other heavens/hells, just in case, which is why Hades is so involved with Bella, seeing as she can raise the dead or move them on – they usually end up at his doorstep. However, the Underworld is running on the bare minimum of people. It’s just him and Cerebus and the dragon.

Psyche is still out and about after having assessed Bella initially when she came into her powers.

There might be others, but who knows? (I do!)

Bella gets referred to as a Goddess, Demi-Goddess, or Titan adjacent or Titany, because she’s from one of the undiluted lines of Titans. Sure, her Great Great Grandfather was also his mother’s husband, but that’s it. She’s the purest they’ve seen in a long time and therefore is very interesting to the other Gods.

You may see Kol or anyone else, herself, for example, refer to her as a Titan because that sounds so much more badass than God, doesn’t it? Who wants to mess with Bella the Titan? NOBODY!

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