Chapter 03: Elijah

warning: the girl allows Elijah to go too far. Consented abuse? Sorta? I dunno. He surely was surprised.


“Welcome, thank you for joining us,” Elijah spoke calmly, a pleasant smile on his lips. Finn wasn’t big on public speaking, he was more the quiet type, and Elijah didn’t mind. In fact, Elijah preferred it to be the one who spoke publicly, at least he’d be certain that none of his siblings would say something that would reflect poorly on the family. “You know, whenever my mother brings our family together like this,” he paused there, as his mother descended the stairs to join them.

The last time mother threw a ball of her own was so much time ago, she never threw big balls like this, it had always been him and his siblings Niklaus and Rebekah who made sure balls were thrown and enjoyed. Christmas celebrations in particular. But, that wasn’t anything that their guests needed to know; for most of their guests they were ordinary humans, and they were a perfect family. “It’s tradition for us to commence this evening with a dance. Tonight’s pick is a century old waltz. So if all of you would please find yourselves a partner and please join us in the ballroom.”

He made sure he was down the stairs to lead everyone in and was surprised that the dance partner he had compelled wasn’t putting her arm through his, but instead, another girl. She was a brunette; her hair perfectly styled in an updo with some big curls loosely hanging around her face. Her dress reminded him of those of the Vienna so many centuries ago, and she smiled demurely at him, batting her eyes. “Forgive me,” she said calmly. “I hope you don’t mind having me as a dance partner.”

Not at all, he thought. She was certainly a sight to behold, far prettier than the girl he had compelled to dance with him. And this woman wanted to dance with him on her own volition? Yes. Perfect. “Not at all,” he replied kindly. “Elijah Mikaelson, pleasure to meet you.”

“Forgive me, Mr. Mikaelson, for being so forward, I don’t have a date to your lovely ball and well…” it was almost as if she was blushing on command. “I would love to dance.”

“What’s your name, miss?”

“Is that really important?” she countered with a smile on her face as he Especially her onto the dancefloor. “Is good company simply not enough?”

“Perhaps,” he said amused. “But I’d like to know how to address you.”

“Oh, I don’t know, Mr. Mikaelson, we all have our secrets, can’t you allow me this one?” She teasingly said as they started to dance. “I love how tender you’re holding me, as if you’re afraid you’ll break me.”

“Of course,” he replied. “Contrary to popular belief, one doesn’t need to have a firm grip to perform a simple waltz.”

She smiled and nodded at him, her dark brown eyes locking with his own, and her smile grew wider. “Do you like being in control, Mr. Mikaelson?”

It was as if she was looking right through him, to the depths of his entire being, as if she was seeing all of him and he didn’t have a place to hide. “Excuse me?” What kind of a question was that? She was a complete stranger, how dare she ask such a question?

“You spoke of how your mother likes to bring the family together like this, with this ball, but both you and I know that you’re behind all of this,” she spoke candidly. “And quite the well-organized ball, I must say,” she added as she brushed her hand against his. “You must feel so much pride.”

“I take pride in what I do, yes,” Elijah replied, slightly flabbergasted. “But thank you, no one other than my mother is appreciative of what I’ve accomplished in a short amount of time.”

She smiled at that. “Aren’t you tired of being predictable all the time? To be the one who takes care of things for his family?”

He wanted to reply, but unfortunately, the dance called for a brief partner switch, giving him enough time to come up with some meaningful answer. Or at least an answer that would make the young woman stop voicing the thoughts that came up in his head every once in awhile. Besides, she was insulting him, and that was simply not alright. When she was back in his arms, he wasn’t quite sure why he’d been so angry with her.

It was evident that the girl was quite the innocent and refreshing, in a way. “I don’t mind making sure that my family is a cohesive one,” he replied with a small smile. And he didn’t, but sometimes – most of the times – it was like herding cats. Especially when it concerned Niklaus or Rebekah. There was a reason why their other two siblings had been in a box all these years, and for a long time, he had resented Niklaus for that. He now realized that Kol and Finn were simply too much to deal with.

“How about some me time, Mr. Mikaelson?” she smiled at him, her thumb brushing his as he held her in his arms and continued to dance. “Don’t you deserve some relaxation? Particularly on a night like this?”

He laughed at that. “My dear girl, on a night like this I’m obligated to be the perfect host.”

“And you have siblings who are more than capable of filling in,” she inched closer to him. “You’re so on edge, Mr. Mikaelson, that I can feel it vibrate inside of me… you need some release.”

She needed to stop this. He tried to compel her to stop but it didn’t work, which was surprising as to his knowledge, they hadn’t invited a witch over. The only witch present was his mother. “What are you?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged. “I don’t find that particularly important either, but what I like about it is that people like yourself can’t make me do things against my will.”

The dance ended, and he politely bowed to her before releasing her hand, but she took his hand back and pulled him towards the servant stairs. “Mr. Mikaelson, allow me to make you unwind a little. It’s what I do; it won’t take long…” she then smiled. “Or it takes as long as you’d like…” She then pointed to the stairs. “Come on, everyone’s behaving themselves, you’ve got the finest alcohol for everyone to drink, and you won’t miss much, I promise. Dare to live a little. What’s the harm?”

Did Kol invite a prostitute to their ball? No, this girl couldn’t be a prostitute, she was too polished, too perfect. Her dress looked very expensive, and her hair looked as if it was done by a professional – she didn’t look like any prostitute Kol would pay for.

“Or perhaps you’re even more of a stick in the mud than your older brother?” she said playfully before pulling him up the stairs. Once in the room, she pulled him in and closed the door behind her, taking off her shoes as she looked at him. “So, what would you like to do, Mr. Mikaelson?”

He just stood there, gaping at her as she pulled pins out of her tresses, watching as the strands bounced freely onto her shoulders. She was beautiful, akin to a Goddess, but he was quite sure that she wasn’t one. What could she be? He’d seen quite the remarkable people in his years alive, but nothing could compare to her.

She walked towards him, then, when she was done with her hair and nudged him onto the bed. “I take it you’re open to suggestions?” The mysterious woman climbed on top of him and kept him down with the simple gesture of placing the palm of her hand on his chest.

It was as if a slight fog had formed in his mind and was slowly pulling away again. This was the first time he realized that, since she had touched him for the first time, he could think somewhat clearly. What is she?

“May I suggest something naughty?” she whispered in his ear before maneuvering his hand underneath the big skirt of her dress right onto her pussy. “I’m not wearing any underwear…”

“You absolutely may,” he said, his interest peaked as she let go of his hand and he moved his fingers over her folds underneath that puffy skirt.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” she sighed happily as she climbed off of him, away from his hand and off the bed. “You want it? Come and get it.”

Her jumping around in the room with that big smile on her face reminded him of his Katerina, playful, demanding. Present. In fact, the dress that she was wearing would be perfect for Katerina, even her hair, now loose from all of its pins, looked like something Katerina would do. The moment he got off the bed to pull her back to him, the pleasant fog was back in his mind, and he found himself ripping the dress apart to get to what he wanted; the girl’s body and her not looking like Katerina that much.

He could have sworn he could hear Katerina’s laugh, though, and that was a little disturbing.

“Be as delicate or as wild as you want, Mr. Mikaelson,” the now stark naked woman said playfully as she ran her hands over her body. It was flawless. Pale and flawless. She had some muscle tone but wasn’t overly muscular, and there was no hair out of place. She was clean shaven and her scent was intoxicating. “I won’t break, I merely ask you to refrain from feeding on me; my blood is my own.”

He took a little more care in removing his own clothes as he kept his eyes on her, the words she spoke registering, but he was simply too fascinated by the way she was touching herself. She was a work of art; almost like a statue but moving and malleable. He couldn’t explain, nor he wanted to.

When he was undressed, she smiled widely and spread her arms widely. “Where do you want me, how do you want me?”

It was almost as if a button had been pressed inside his head, all his responsibilities gone and all what was left was this intense need to use his anger and aggression on this girl. She didn’t allow him to bite her, but she did say break. She was going to be sorry she said that. Elijah grabbed her and threw her onto the bed, a generous laugh escaping her mouth as she bounced onto the mattress like some sort of ragdoll.

“On your knees,” he commanded as he eyed her, but she wasn’t moving a muscle. Instead, a big grin appeared on her face as she used her index finger to motion him over; funnily enough, he obliged. Elijah crawled onto the bed and cried out in surprise when she yanked his hair. He hadn’t seen that coming.

“How about you stay on your knees,” she retorted as she looked at him sternly, and only removing her hand from his hair when he stayed absolutely still. She brushed his lips with hers before sliding down the bed on her back, underneath him as if he was a car to be serviced and she tugged on his cock. “Lower your ass so I can have you,” she demanded and wouldn’t stop pulling until she was satisfied.

What had happened to his anger and aggression? What was she doing to him? What was going on? Hadn’t he been in charge? Did it matter? No, she was sucking his dick, upside down and his head locked between her legs, pulling his face towards her pussy. For a human, she was quite strong, or was he weakened?

Her teeth scraped over his cock, yanking him out of his head as he started to pay attention to her pussy with his tongue. It was somewhat strange to do this upside down, but for some strange reason this was quite exciting. Her taste was amazing, the sound of her blood flowing through her body was dragging him along into oblivion and before he knew it, she was making sounds that told him that she was nearly there. So was he, if he had to be honest. Where had the time gone?

He was fucking her face, and she was taking him with ease, her hand was now helping him to satisfy her because the sensation of his cock hitting the back of her throat had made him lose focus. When she bit him, he had enough as something inside his mind snapped and pulled out of her. He grabbed a fistful of her beautiful brown hair to pull her up and pushed her face first into a pillow, his hand on her head to keep her there as he used his free hand to pull her ass up and without warning, dove into her.

She was laughing, even playfully wiggling her ass as he moved, but he was going to split her in half, break her, she was his now. How dare she bite him? Scrape his teeth over his length? Make demands? He allowed her to prop herself up on her arms by removing his hand from her head to make sure her ass stayed in place and he heard a bone break, but if she was in pain, she wasn’t showing it.

She was delicate; he was not.

“Harder, faster!” she demanded from her position underneath him and while he thought he was already being too savage with her, he found himself obliging and it felt good. It felt liberating; it felt powerful. He pulled her against him as he came, hard, the girl’s cries getting drowned out by the sound of her heart beating and more bones breaking.

He was such a monster! Elijah didn’t even wait until he was done, until his body was done with floating. In shock, he pulled out of her and observed the scene. The bed in shambles and the girl looked like a pretzel. She was still breathing; that was good. She wasn’t bleeding, that was good too, but her back was positioned at an unnatural angle.

He quickly bit his hand to offer it to her, but she laughed and pushed his hand away. “I don’t need your blood, Elijah Mikaelson,” she said as she slowly moved her limbs. “I told you, you could break me if you wanted to, and you did.”

“Please, I didn’t mean to, have my blood, it’ll heal you.”

She sat up then, a smile on her face but he could see pain in her eyes. How could she still be so compassionate after what he’d done to her? “How are you feeling? Better?”


“Forget about me, for just one moment. What you’ve done to me. Are you feeling better?”

How could he forget? She never removed her eyes from him so he decided to take a deep breath and index his emotions, to check them all, and sighed. “I am ashamed to admit that I do feel better, yes.”

“Don’t be ashamed,” she took his hand and pulled him back on the bed. “I told you you could do this to me,” she caressed his cheek with her hand. “No hard feelings. You need to know that it’s alright to show the monster inside of you. You don’t need to be so tightly wound all the time or value human life so much. You’re a vampire. You’re entitled to some mayhem and unleashing yourself upon the world. Old vampire or not, you still need to let it out.”

“What are you?”

“In due time, Mr. Mikaelson,” she brushed his lips with hers as she got off the bed. “In due time, but for now, you’d better get dressed and rejoin your party.” When she broke the connection with him, his mind fogged up even further, and when it cleared, she was gone.

Elijah couldn’t remember her face, but he did know that he had just broken a young girl and she seemingly walked away from it unharmed. He needed to tell Niklaus about this. She could pose a threat to them and be their undoing. He scrambled to get dressed again and was surprised that all evidence of the girl having been in the bedroom had disappeared.

She was definitely a threat.



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