Chapter 07: Elena

She just came back from her talk with Esther Mikaelson when she rounded a corner and bumped into a girl. “Sorry,” she muttered and moved passed, only to feel the girl’s hand around her arm, stopping her from leaving. Elena looked up to see the face of a young girl, likely her own age, looking a little teary eyed. “Hey, are you alright?”

The girl shook her head.

“Do you want to talk? Can I help?” The girl looked a little disheveled, almost as if she had been through hell and back, and was still there. Were the Mikaelsons keeping pets? Elena wouldn’t put it passed them. She allowed the girl to pull her away from the crowd, outside the mansion and towards the stables.

It was likely that she was scared that she’d be overheard by the sensitive vampire ears, Elena could understand that much, but she was shocked when the girl lead her into an empty stable at the end of the rows, adorned with ropes and sex toys. “What’s this? Were they keeping you here?”

“No,” the girl replied, her voice firm as she seemingly locked the door of the box they were in and turned around to face Elena, her face no longer imperfect. No tear stains. How did she do that? “But they will keep you here if you continue to run with vampires,” the girl replied, her posture changing from demure to dominant as she walked towards Elena, who started to back away to the nearest wall.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to show you your future, Elena,” the girl said as she kept advancing and Elena realized too late that she was backing away to the wrong wall. The girl put her hand around Elena’s neck and pushed her against the wall, hard, before grabbing a piece of rope. She tried to run away then, but the rope looped around her wrist and Elena found herself being slammed against the wall by force as the girl tugged on the rope that was connected through one of the metal rings on that wall.

“Let me go! Damon! Stefan!”

“You can scream all you want, but they can’t hear you,” the girl replied calmly as she fastened the rope to the wall before grabbing Elena’s other wrist and pulled her up, Elena’s feet were now dangling off the floor. “But it’s a fucking turn on, so by all means, keep screaming!”

Her ankles were fastened next, and Elena found that she had no other place to go, she was tied up tightly with very little wiggle room. The girl then brandished a knife and started to cut her out of her dress with precision and Elena began to panic even more. “Klaus will kill you if you’d do anything to hurt me.”

The girl let out a snort as she kicked away the dress and placed a chair right in front of Elena before sitting down on it, holding a long peacock feather in her hand. Elena felt exposed; she was strung up naked and in front of her was a complete stranger. Her heart was beating in her throat out of fear. She wasn’t one to be scared so easily, especially not since Damon and Stefan came into her life and her best friend a vampire and her other best friend a witch. But without them, Elena was completely alone. Naked. Exposed. Pretty much this entire situation.

“As if you’re that special.”

Elena’s jaw dropped.

“Oh, look at me, I’m the freaking doppelganger! My blood is magical! I’m a unicorn! Weee!” The girl cheered. “Guess what? I don’t give a fuck, because apart from that, you’re still a silly human girl who’s in over her head,” she spat at her. “And believe me, you wish you were just an ordinary human girl when I’m done with you.”

Elena just gaped at her. “Are you fucking serious?”

The girl didn’t reply, her eyes occasionally flicking to an empty corner before she started to run the feather over Elena’s body from her seated position. As much as Elena resisted, she found the experience quite enjoyable. There was something about being tied up with no place to go and being stroked by a feather.

It just sucked that the one doing the tickling was a psycho bitch.

She allowed herself to close her eyes and enjoy the moment, but after letting out a moan, she felt something sharp over her legs and the girl was standing next to her with an angry look on her face, whip in hand.

“Oh, come on!”

“Tell me, Elena,” the girl spoke again, twirling the whip in her hand. “What does your future look like? Do you have plans? College?”

“I think so. Maybe become a doctor.”

“And what else will you be studying?”

“Just medicine?” Why on Earth would she want to consider something else? Medicine was hard enough as it was!

The girl pursed her lips and then slowly nodded. “So you want to grow old, I take it?”

“Of course!”

“Get a house… white picket fence… 2.1 kids… a dog…”

“I hope so!”

“With Damon or Stefan.”

“Y-.” Elena closed her mouth again and cocked her head. What was this girl getting at? “We could adopt, but right now I don’t want either of them. Stefan is going through some things, and Damon feels as if he needs to pick up where his brother left off, it’s not okay.”

“But you like them both.”

“I don’t know.”

“I think you do,” the girl replied, grabbing her feather again and started to caress her again, Elena especially liked the feeling of the feather against her nipples. She looked into the corner again, into space, before sighing and eyeing Elena again. “Okay, so, you want to grow old with either one of the Salvatores.”

“I don’t know, maybe?”

“They don’t age. They’re vampires. Do you honestly believe that their love for you is strong enough to last when you age and need help getting dressed? Or help to clean you when you piss yourself from old age? What about Klaus and his family? He will never stop coming for you as long as you live because of your blood. You’ll be looking over your shoulder the entire time, and he will kill to get to you, so you might not even get your growing old with your vampire fantasy.”

“You’re just jealous,” she huffed, letting out another moan when the feather tickled her on quite a sensitive spot, only to once again being whipped, this time across her breasts. “Ow!”

“I’m not jealous, Elena Gilbert,” the girl spat, hitting her again, the whip leaving a mark across her stomach. “If anything, I’m trying to talk some sense into you. If you want to live the life you want, you’ll have to turn. You’ll never grow old, but at least you won’t be hunted for your blood anymore. You’ll spend the rest of your life on the run from the Original family until you get so tired of it you’ll end your own life.”


“It’s happened before,” the girl shrugged.

“I’m not Katherine!”

“Yet,” she said calmly. “You’re not me either, and trust me, neither of our lives are that great after allowing vampires into it. You’re fucked, Elena. Either way, you’re fucked. And Stefan and Damon may be your knights in shining armor now, but they’re immature and fickle. From one day to the next, they might start demanding that you stop with the vervain, convince you that it’s a struggle to be with you because the effects of the herb is stronger than they initially told you it was. And then…” the girl paused as she ran the whip up Elena’s leg right up to her wet pussy. “You can say goodbye to free will and likely spend your days like this. On display for their pleasure. Oh, and others, because truly, being a vampire is much more fun when you can enjoy it with others.”

Elena sucked in a breath, liking the feel of the leather tip resting against her entrance. Was the girl going to fuck her with the whip? What would that feel like? “They’re not Klaus and Elijah. They’d never!”

“Do you think that Klaus and Elijah were born the way that they are now? Compared to them, your boys are still babies. Anything is possible. Time is a fickle thing, trust me. It does things to your mind.”

“How do you know?”

The girl sighed as she looked into the corner again. “You’re sure nobody can hear us, not even them? Not even her? And you want me to do this? Why?”

“Who are you talking to?” This girl was crazy, talking to invisible people, but whatever she was, Elena didn’t want her to stop, this was fucking exciting. She’d just have to bear with the crazy for now and get her rocks off. Oh, great plan, Elena, great plan!

The girl was idling for a couple of minutes, staring off into space before she moved again, removing the whip from Elena’s clit and using the feather again. Elena inwardly cursed. She loved the feel of the leather. She wanted more. “As I said, history tends to repeat itself. Eventually, you will turn out to be like Katherine. Likely a cheaper knock off, but you won’t be happy until you meet someone who’s even more damaged than you are, someone who can make you feel alive again after all the life got sucked out of you by having to deal with vampires all the time.”

“What? Like you?” Elena retorted with a snort. “Please, you’re just a psychotic bitch who’s talented with a feather.”

“A hundred and fifty years ago I was like you, actually,” the girl said lightly. “I was found by a vampire on his travels, and he found me fascinating, took me under his wing because the vampire felt sorry for me. I’d lost everything, and he needed a science project.”

“Are you serious?”


“So, you’re a vampire?”

“No,” the girl replied, the feather now idling near Elena’s pussy. “All will be revealed, later, I’m sure, but I urge you to reconsider your current life and the decisions you’ve made. Vampires won’t make you happy, Elena, and after what you’ve been through, you deserve a great life.” Whatever had come over the girl just then was quickly gone, the spark back into her eyes and a broad smile. “Now, my apologies,” she said as she removed the feather from Elena and took a few steps back. “I have some errands to run. Maybe I’ll send someone to get you down from there, but just stick around for a bit longer, okay?”

“You can’t do this to me!”

“You are in no position to make demands, remember that. As long as you run with vampires, your decisions, and your demands are invalid. Good luck,” the girl grinned, giving her the thumbs up before disappearing from the box.

Now how the fuck did Elena get in this position again?



  1. Oh, perhaps, perhaps 🙂

    But still, you’re going to have most of the answers in the sequel because the next two chapters will raise even more questions. I just love it that you’re so invested like the other readers 🙂

  2. I meant the room(s) as each perceived them, as in the decor and the furnishings. If she can mess with how her image is stored in their mind, she could have guided them into an empty room or even a closet and made them think and remember having been in a lavishly furnished bedroom. You know how they use a green screen when filming movies or tv and then replace it with another image, like when the meteorologist on the news stands there and gestures at the weather map.

    Anyways, those were just sample questions of the stuff I’ve been wondering or guessing. My point was that I just love stories like this one that keep me guessing and give me a puzzle to figure out. They keep me hooked.and anxiously awaiting the next chapter or episode. I just don’t like it when it gets dragged out forever and you never get the answer, like they did on the TV show Lost. Hell, I guessed the reason for all the weird stuff on that island was that they were all actually dead as soon as John Locke suddenly didn’t need that wheelchair anymore and could miraculously walk again. They didn’t tell you that for sure until the series finale, and by then I didn’t care anymore. 🙂 I have, and have had, complete faith that you’ll explain it all in due time.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. The Mikaelson Family Mansion is quite real 😉 Remember that episode of The Vampire Diaries when they threw a ball? That house.

    Stay tuned for the next two chapters where some questions will be answered, more questions will be raised and for those, you’ll have to wait for the sequel!

  5. Each new chapter just raises so many more questions in my mind. Has someone been observing this whole time? Who? Her employer/handler or their client? How are hey communicating? Are they actually there? If so, why can’t the others see or hear them? Is she or someone else blocking them mentally from being aware or someone else’s presence? Or are they elsewhere and communicating with her mentally? Are the rooms and the place in the stables actually real or do they exist within the guests’ minds and being manipulated much as her image is? It;s driving me crazy trying to figure it all out! 🙂

  6. Well… not that soon! There are only two more chapters left, one more character left. And… even if I’d post those, you’d be wondering WHAT THE HELL is going to happen next in the sequel where everything gets revealed even further! And even though I’ve started to write the sequel, I am going out of town for a few days next week so… *grins* You’d have to wait a LOOOONG week for the sequel.

  7. You had me worried i was about to run screaming away from my computer if she was playing playing with elena and yes i agree elena is a bitch… you have me even more curious about this story now. want to read more soon i hope you do another update tomorrow or later on tonight.

  8. Elena is such a bitch.

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