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A Leopard Can Change Its Spots After All

Writing about events for work that are assigned is a must for the job. It’s a given for the job of a writer and reporter, especially jobs that are assigned by a newspaper. Sometimes, you just come across a story that is so good when ‘off duty’ that you just have to share it. Granted, everyone, even popular names, are allowed some level of privacy, and for what I witnessed last evening, I won’t share every detail that I had seen and overheard because it only reminded me of the early days of my relationship with my own husband of ten years, whom I had been out with at the time.

Sharing a dinner at the new restaurant, Alfredo’s, which has become the newest place for all levels of clientele for its fantastic menu and atmosphere, the newest it couple happened to make their seemingly first appearance in public. Oliver Queen and Isabella Swan happened to have been seated right next to my husband and I during dinner and we were both in several levels of awestruck, dumbfounded, and amused by the display the two put on beside us.

Now, I will not say anything about the personal conversation that I might have overheard. It would be highly inappropriate of myself as a woman and human being. I will comment though that it did make me extremely pleased to know that for all the reports and articles I had read about these two, that after what I had observed, these two are so much more normal and seemingly down to earth than many seem to want to believe.

Of their conversation that I am comfortable to announce, is that they do seem to be looking forward to planning some charity event to tie into their Verdant nightclub. We all know that the Queen family have always hosted or co-hosted charity events before the tragic boating accident that took many lives except for Oliver Queen’s and it’s good to see that he’s following into his mother’s footsteps. I am anxious to see what they have planned and know that I will certainly be buying a ticket to whatever charity affair they host.

Upon leaving the restaurant, we weren’t far behind them and my husband, the sentimental sap that he is, happened to snap a photo of the two as they waited for the valet to bring their car around. They were perfectly at ease in one another’s arms, seemingly confirming the rumors of a romantic involvement if their odd behavior at the dinner table was anything to go by from my own dating experience.

I certainly wish these two well in their relationship as I do see them going far together as long as they put in the effort to make it work. It would be a shame for such a beautiful couple to give up something so wonderful if they don’t understand what others are able to see in the way that they look at one another. The way that I know I look at my husband every day.

~ Elsie Bishop, blogger


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