19: Baby’s first feed

Everything had become more intense after she had drunk a little of Jeri’s blood. The light hurt her eyes, and the sounds were giving her a headache. And she was hungry. But at least no longer at risk of immediate death. Had it been the right decision? Yes. A full-hearted yes. She thought that she would drastically change, but she was still her, just with everything seriously heightened.

She could hear the soothing sounds of birds singing, the annoying cars with their engines, she could feel the vibrations of the trucks passing by as if there was an earthquake. It was a good thing that Klaus allowed her to stay in bed to adjust a little and out of the sun. Otherwise, she was sure she’d fallen over.

She could hear Kol and Jeri argue about her own plans. She tried not to listen, but they were loud, almost as if they were arguing in the room next to Klaus’. Kol could understand where Jeri stood, why she wanted it, but he liked her as a human too. Jeri called him selfish – just like she was.

“It’s not polite to eavesdrop, love,” Klaus’ voice sounded before she felt movement on the bed. “Listen to my voice instead.”

“I didn’t mean to,” she said as she rolled to her other side and right into him. He smelled incredible. Manly. A hint of paint and paint thinner. Blood. Tea. Bourbon. Everything. She took a deep breath as she inhaled his scent; Bella wanted to wrap it around her and make love with it. “I love the way you smell,” she said with a whisper. He was close now, his warmth against hers.

“Do you?” he asked teasingly, a big grin on his face. He made sure not to touch her; he wanted her to ease into the intense feelings as they were glorious. “What about this?” he brushed her lips with his and could feel how her body responded to that.

“More,” she giggled, pulling him closer, for another kiss. It felt as if her whole body was on fire with a mere brush, a simple kiss and she wanted more. It felt euphoric. He kissed her chastely again, and she didn’t want that. “More,” she said a little bit more demanding before nearly crawling into him to have their mouths collide and their tongues battling for domination.

She got on top of him without breaking off the kiss and tugged on his shirt. She wanted it off. Realizing that she couldn’t get rid of his shirt without breaking off the kiss, her hands went for his pants before she winced when she heard Jeri yell. It went through her bones, her body, and immediately she wasn’t in the mood anymore.

You two-faced son of a bitch!” she yelled, which was followed by something smashing and Kol groaning in pain. “I’m going to do this with or without you, Kol. And if you’re going to stop me, if anyone tries to stop me tonight, I’ll find some seedy vampire in the gutters of New Orleans to turn me, and you can kiss my ass!”

Klaus laughed and pulled Bella back to him, back into the bubble they just had. “Poetic, really, because Kol is the son of a bitch, if you think about it.”

“Oh, hilarious,” she muttered as she sat up. “This isn’t funny. This is getting out of hand. I mean, is this how it’s going to be from now on? Getting turned off by the slightest things? Interrupted by the craziest, tiniest sounds? This sucks.” She covered her ears when she heard a door slam.

He smiled as he let out a sigh at his feuding brother and his witch. “You will learn to adjust to your new senses. It will take time, though, just as you had when you joined the family initially.”

“I hope it’ll be a shorter process,” she muttered as she pulled the covers over them as a shield from the rest of the world, at least it was darker. Underneath the covers, Klaus’ scent and heat started to hug her again like a warm blanket, and she let out a content sigh. “You do smell so good…”

He ran his finger up and down her back, causing her to moan and him to grin. “Every sense is heightened, and it’s very alien to get used to, to stop responding so easily to them. It won’t ever go away, but you’ll learn control.”

She hummed as she traced a finger over his chest, in the same motion he was doing on her back. She couldn’t believe that her body was back in the mood, and so was she, but she was also very comfortable right now.

“I could make you climax without even touching your sensitive areas. Would you like a demonstration, love?” He whispered and she whimpered in anticipation. “Good,” he smiled and kept drawing things on her back. She had her eyes closed; he knew that which was only going to enhance the experience. “You are so beautiful, Bella. You’re irresistible, and I never know how to quite handle myself around you… whether to fuck you senseless or to treat you like the princess you are. The Queen that you are… now that you’re no longer human… it’ll be a little easier to give in to what I want…” he said with a low growl, sending sound waves through her body and she let out a small moan. He could tell that she was wet already, even through her clothing. Heat radiated from her, and he was going to light that fire and set her ablaze.

“I could have you on the table, put you on display just for me, and I would kiss every inch of your body. My lips against your skin, my stubble teasing your skin as I move all over your body with my lips. The cold table warming up from the heat coming off your body. The slight breeze coming in from the window, caressing your skin, leaving a tingling sensation on the slightly wet spots on your body… I never said my kisses were dry… maybe I could use my tongue to swirl around your nipples…”

“Klaus…” she breathed as she buried her face in his shirt.

He quietly laughed as he continued. “My fingers would replace my tongue and I would kiss my way down your body, worshipping every single inch of your stomach, swirling my tongue in your belly button before going further down, licking your lips below, lapping up all your fluids before licking them again, slowly. I’ll occasionally twist your nipple to make sure you’re still with me. How does that feel?”

Bella hummed a response and squirmed a little against his erection, causing him to let out a groan.

“I’d seek entrance with my tongue and push a bit through, my nose now buried against your clit, pushing against it as my tongue tries to go deeper…”

Bella’s breathing had hitched for a moment before she threw the covers off of them, and she tore open his pants without blinking.

“Careful! You nearly took me with you!”

“Sorry,” she blushed as she looked at him. Holy pancakes, she was stronger than she thought she’d be!

“And I was telling a story, so lay back down and listen,” Klaus said as he pulled her down again, wrapping his arms tightly around her so she couldn’t easily move. Now that his cock was free, though, he had a hard time concentrating. He was quiet for a moment, and he couldn’t quite remember where he’d left it. “Oh, bollocks,” he sighed as he rolled them around and pushed her into the mattress. “I was so close.”

Bella giggled as he tore away her sweatpants and looked at her with darkened eyes. “Would you like to finish inside of me then?” she asked coyly.

“You leave me no other choice.”

“Klaus!” Kol’s voice had sounded before the door swung open, revealing a stunned looking Original vampire. “Oh, can’t you keep it in your pants, really?”

Bella flew off the bed, but instead of hiding, she crossed the room super fast and knocked Kol against the nearest wall. “That’s the second time you’ve interrupted us!” she sneered as she looked up to him.

Kol blinked for a moment, as if his brain was trying to register what was going on, and then started to laugh. “Oh, you’re adorable. Look at the anger in your eyes. So cute!”

Shocked, she took a step back and looked at Kol. Had she actually just pushed him against a wall? She? Her own strength? She narrowed her eyes and punched him in his chest before turning around and walking back into the bedroom to find a pair of pants that she could wear. “You stupid pancake!”

“What do you want, brother?” Klaus growled as he, too, looked for an intact pair of trousers. “Come to complain about your girlfriend? How she has a death wish?”

“We can’t allow her to go through with this, Nik,” Kol said as he stood in the doorway to the bedroom once both vampires were dressed. “There’s a possibility she won’t turn into a Heretic, sure, she’s a Gemini, and she’s a siphoner, but what if she doesn’t become a hybrid? What if she has to stop doing what she loves? Helping people?”

“She could still help people as a vampire, Kol.”

“Yes, but her magic will be lost! Her light will go out!”

Klaus smiled at that and gently patted his brother on his shoulder. “She knows what she’s doing, brother,” he said calmly, although he’d rather stick a dagger in his chest for interrupting some fun times. “Siphoners are the only supernatural beings who can be a witch and a vampire. She won’t become a Heretic, she’ll become a hybrid. It’s easier to refer to it as a Heretic, but it’s not correct, she’s not part of that group that caused mayhem in Mystic Falls. She’s family, sure.”

“Fine, then there’s a possibility that she won’t become a hybrid,” Kol spat. “Same shit.”

“She will. You of all people should know that. You know witchy stuff better than I do. And hasn’t she taken every precaution? Turn on a full moon? Draw strength from that? She has your blood in her system, and I’m sure you’ll top her up before you and Bella drink from her.”

“Yes, I don’t like that idea either. Jeri is mine, and she’s not going to change.”

Klaus recognized a lot of his own anxiety in Kol’s behavior. Granted, there were higher stakes with Jeri, but it all came down to the same thing; commitment issues. The fear of abandonment. The idea of letting someone come even closer to you and have them to tear out your heart and crush it once they’re through with you. He put his hands on Kol’s shoulder and smiled at him. “It’s alright to be scared, brother.”

“I’m not scared, Nik.”

“Yes, you are, and I’ve learned that there is nothing wrong with that. We’ve been living our lives for so long, allowing some people get closer than others. But never to the extent of opening our hearts to someone who sees us for who we are and still seem to like us. To someone who isn’t afraid to give us shit if we do something stupid. We’ve been living for so long minding our own business that we forgot what it felt like to be complete with someone.”

Kol grumbled something inaudible as he lowered his head in resignation; he knew his brother was right.

“For the last six or seven months we’ve been teaching Bella to live, haven’t we? To take chances, risks, when it comes to doing things that scare her. What it’s like to be human. We are nothing but hypocrites if we don’t do it ourselves,” he continued. “I have to admit, I’m a little bit hesitant myself to turn Jeri into a vampire-witch hybrid, but there is nothing we can’t face if we stick together, Kol. Should she ever break your heart, we’ll rip out hers. No matter how long it will take us to get close to her. Now is a good time as any to let a little bit of positivity in our lives. If it doesn’t work out, at least we’ll still have each other. Don’t we, brother?”

“Promise me one thing, Nik,” Kol said with a slight smile on his face as he looked at his older brother. “Stop giving motivational speeches. It scares the piss out of me.”

“Trust me when I say that I’ve had enough of them myself,” he said with a grin and then hugged Kol. “It’s going to be alright, little brother. Take a leap of faith, see where it lands you.” He let go of his brother and looked around. “Any chance you’ve seen where Bella went?”

“I was listening to the sound of water so I didn’t have to overhear your conversation,” she replied as she emerged from the bathroom. “Don’t worry, I didn’t go and find the nearest human to eat although I’m getting hungry.”

“Well, maybe it’ll ease your mind to know that both Elijah and Rebekah are currently seeking candidates for your diet. You have Nik’s blood in you and Jeri suspects there’s more to it so you might get ravenous after drinking her,” Kol smirked at her. “Bloodlust is so much fun! I can’t wait to see you and Jeri slaughter as many as you can.”

“Not to get all giddy about it, but yes, I have to agree, it’ll be quite the spectacle,” Klaus agreed. “The cleaning crew is going to get a kick out of cleaning up the mess.”


“Glad to have you on board with this, Kol,” Jeri smiled at him as she caressed his cheek. It wasn’t every day that someone could choose their own death and resurrection. Now was the time for her transformation. She’d be completely autonomous because she could feed off herself, and that was incredible. No longer she’d have to be a Magical leech.

“I’m not really on board, darling,” he muttered and kissed the top of her head. “I just don’t want to lose you, so you’d better come back from this, or I will find someone to resurrect you and I’ll kill you myself.”

“Good to see that chivalry isn’t dead,” she grinned as she looked up at the moon from the window. She could feel its attraction, it’s power, on her skin. “Can I have some more of your blood please?” she asked as she looked at him. “Just to be sure.”

“You promise me a taste of yours?” He put his arms around her and pulled her against his chest so she could still look up to the moon, but he could have the pleasure of feeling her still human body against his.

“Take a sip.”

Kol let out a content hum and bit his wrist to feed it to her, as usual. He then sunk his teeth into her neck and started to drink.

“Leave some for the new vampire,” Jeri said with a little moan as his lips were on her neck. She took hold of his wrist and started to drink his blood. She was going to do this, and she was going to come back even more kickass.

Was she scared? She was scared to death, absolutely. This whole idea was insane, and it was likely going to be traumatic as well. Bella didn’t know how to feed yet; it was going to be messy and painful for her. But she was going to do it anyway. The prospect of truly dying was freaking her out, but she wasn’t going to back pedal.

Even though the Originals could take care of themselves, it didn’t hurt to have her on their side either. Especially if the Cullens would come knocking.

“Shit!” Jeri said as she let go of Kol’s wrist and wiped her mouth as she tried to bump him away from her with her ass. “I completely forgot!”

“Forgot what?” he asked with a whine. “Relax, Jeri,” Kol pulled her closer and gently started to massage her shoulders. “Whatever it is, I’m sure it can wait until tomorrow.”

She huffed a response. “I was doing another blood test earlier on Bella, to see how things changed inside of her after completing her transition. I want to know the results.”

“Yeah, that can wait until tomorrow,” he snickered and kissed her neck. He started to laugh when he heard Bella stomp around in Klaus’ study, ready to blow a fuse as she was starving. “Are you ready? I doubt we can have her wait any longer. She might even run into the street to find someone.”

“And here I thought you were hesitant,” she said with a snort as she leaned back in his arms. “But yes, I’m ready.”

“Are you sure? No second thoughts? No other things you need to take care of before you stop being a human?”

“Let’s get it over with.”

“Bella! Feeding time!” Kol called out, earning him an elbow in the chest from Jeri. “Oh, look, we’ll have an audience,” he said slightly frustrated when not only Klaus and Bella entered their room, but also Elijah with Jessica and Rebekah. Bella already had her true face on, hers matching Klaus’, which wasn’t freaky at all. “Oh, she’s hungry.” If it hadn’t for Klaus holding her arm tightly, she might have attacked Jeri on sight.

“And yet, she has remarkable self-control,” Klaus said like a proud boyfriend. “She’s been pacing back and forth ever since the sun went down, itching for blood, but she waited. I can’t say she’s lucid, though.”

“Won’t Jeri’s magical blood be too much for her?” Elijah wondered. He’d been wondering about that all day if he had to be honest. Stranger things had happened with Bella, even though she was supposed to be in perfect health right now.

“No, it’ll be okay, just like snacking on any other witch,” Kol replied with a shrug.

“Please,” Bella whimpered as she looked at Klaus. “Please, I need.”

Jeri walked over to Bella and pulled her into a hug. “Go on then,” she said soothingly.

Kol wasn’t sure if he could watch this. The new vampire didn’t have to be told twice as she sunk her teeth into her neck. He had already seen that Bella was being sloppy and blood was already all over her, Jeri and the floor and he simply couldn’t. Not because he was squeamish, he didn’t want to see Jeri die. Taking a deep breath, he went into the bathroom. He’d come back once Jeri’s heart stopped beating.

“Easy, love,” Klaus told Bella, but she was too focused on finally being able to feed, and she was greedy, just like he was. Jeri was in pain; he could tell from the look on her face. Maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea to have her be Bella’s first. Was there a right decision in this matter? Not really.

She started to squeeze Jeri like a Capri-sun pouch when nothing came out of her body anymore. Her bones were breaking and before Klaus knew it, Kol had rushed back in and had tossed Bella across the room. He caught Jeri’s limp and broken body with ease and gently placed her on the bed. “You didn’t have to break her!” He scolded her.

Bella blinked at Kol as her face reverted to her usual self. “I didn’t mean to!” She countered, her head all of a sudden bright as day. “Is she alright?”

“Yes, she’s dead, and nothing is beyond fixing,” Elijah replied as he approached Bella with his handkerchief and handed it to her. She looked like a savage.

Something inside Bella started to move; a low rumbling was coming from her stomach. “I don’t feel so good…” A sharp pain in her abdomen caused her to double over. “Oh, that’s not good… I had too much…”

“Take a breath, love,” Klaus said as he took Elijah’s handkerchief and tossed it back at him before the sound of bones breaking drew the eyes of the Original Vampires onto the new vampire.

“I don’t think that was supposed to happen…” Rebekah muttered.

“Well, there was always a possibility…” Elijah added thoughtfully. “Didn’t think it would actually happen.”

“Well fuck,” Kol said with a growl. “Get her out of here!”


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  1. Loved this newest chapter, and does my imagination deceive me or is Bella gonna be a hybrid exactly like Klaus?? Can’t wait to find out. 🙂

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