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Entrepreneur and Security Mogul Moves to Starling City

Recent applications for new business licenses show that successful business woman, Isabella Swan, has confirmed rumors that she is making the bid to expand her company, Swan Security, with a new branch in Starling City. It is unclear of when she will begin the actual move, although she has already purchased property in the Glades where it appears she intends to base herself now.

Based on her history, it is not uncommon for Ms. Swan to prefer the less favorable neighborhoods for her business offices. She has an extensive background working with law enforcement and government agencies in bringing derelict cities back to their feet and one can only assume that may be her intent with this decision. A decision that is possibly spurred as a personal motive as her roots actually are based in our own Starling City where she was raised as a young child before she moved to Washington State with her father after the untimely death of her mother.

Isabella Swan’s charitable efforts never go unnoticed, and often keep business within the family as her father, retired Forks, Washington police chief, Charles Swan, is heavily involved with Swan Security. Resources confirmed that Ms. Swan has signed on with local nightclub, Verdant, owned by Oliver Queen, as a co-owner.

Oliver Queen’s family company, Queen Consolidated, has been reported to have struggles recently, and it is unsurprising that his personal venture in the entertainment business has been having its own dark times. Having Ms. Swan sign on with Verdant is one of the best business moves Oliver Queen has made ever since he returned after having spent five years presumed dead on an island.

~Richard Agers, reporter

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The grand reopening of Oliver Queen’s nightclub, Verdant, was as expected. It was full of energy and excitement. This writer certainly got more than what she bargained for however. As many anticipated the evening, Isabella Swan did not disappoint. She arrived in style wearing the most daring dress she possibly owned. I personally believed she pulled it off. The hormone level once she entered the club increased so much that many women that was their with their significant others had a difficult time keeping their partner’s eyes off her.

What no one expected was that she appeared to have already been taken by no other than one Oliver Queen.

Witnessing with my own eyes when he arrived was a woman who appeared to put on an act that she did not want to display any interest in him. Possibly because of the obvious audience in the room. Who would blame them? Before that night, no one had ever seen the two together. One cannot help but wonder if Isabella Swan returned to Starling City for Oliver Queen.

After I learned about her partnership in Verdant, I had to learn more about the woman. In my research, I found that while she lived most of her teenage and adult life in the Seattle, Washington area, Ms. Swan was originally from our very own Starling City!

It wasn’t long before the two disappeared from the dance floor to the manager’s office but whatever the couple discussed must have been displeasing because both came down shortly after. Ms. Swan was rather angry and Mr. Queen appeared to barely keep him own anger in control. Perhaps not all is well in paradise?

~ Rebecca Michaels, blogger


Did Isabella Swan move back for Oliver Queen?

This old childhood picture, graciously donated by someone who used to be close to the Queen and Swan families, shows that the two were inseparable when they were children as they were pictured holding hands on numerous of pictures donated by our anonymous source.

This person could also tell us that there was a certain intensity between the young children that it scared some of the adults in their lives, but she was certain that there’d be one day that the children would end up having children of their own. If one was upset, the other would comfort the other, no adult could achieve the same thing.

So it’s not weird to wonder if Ms. Swan moved back for Mr. Queen. It’s not a secret that the former billionaire with a tragic backstory doesn’t have the qualifications to run a company, nor the attitude that is required to do so, whereas Ms. Swan does. With her owning a part of Queen’s night club Verdant, one begs to question whether it’s because they’ve rekindled their friendship and like to take things further, or whether it’s because Ms. Swan wants to expand on her own portfolio.

One thing is for certain; should these two people do get children of their own, they’ll be drop dead gorgeous, just like their parents.

~ Abigail McGee



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