Once upon a time, there was a handsome prince. Some people might even say that, when God had a spare magic trick, he created this prince. With his beautiful eyes and dark yet unruly hair, he managed to make every girl and woman in his country faint. The prince had everything going for him: good looks, money and even a talent for making pretty and old things glow and shine.

However, this prince was lonely. He had been lonely for a very long time and his father was ailing. Having lost his mother a dozen season changes before, he needed to find a wife. Preferably, someone who liked him for who he was and not because of his title, so that when his father passed, the prince could take over the kingdom.

But, how was he going to do that? He decided to organize a Queen pageant. Girls from all directions came before his jury, made up of his godfather, Meredithus McKay; his trusted knight, adviser to the King and leader of the army of Atlantica, Sir Ronon Dex; and his head of house, Teyla Emmagan.

The prince’s father, though still quite ill, continued on with his work. As much as he wanted his son, John, to assume the crown, the governing laws still required that the man must marry before he would be eligible. Prince John, while he would wed a woman for the need of the many, was not at all pleased with the choices who had sought him out. Princess Chaya Sar, of Proculus, was amongst one of the many that he would not even consider – despite his father’s favor of the girl.

Prince John knew what he wanted, which was a woman who would rule by his side and offer her counsel. However, that was easier said than done. The women of his land, and the women who came from afar, that were of nobility, did not share the same beliefs he did. To rule with his heart, and not for the riches, was of grand importance.

Even though his most trusted people had created a list of women that they thought had potential, upon meeting them, Prince John had grown tired of the women doing whatever he told them to do. He decided to take it upon himself to find the right woman for him and he would do everything in his power to find her.

He packed some garments and got dressed in a pair of farmer’s clothing he had asked from Farmer Woolsey, a dedicated servant, and set out on his horse to find his one true love; his princess, his queen.


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