06: Rebel Heart

“You think that’s enough?” Oliver asked Connor as he looked at the masterpiece of ice cream they had created on a tray. “Because it’ll start to melt soon.”

“No… that’s not enough.” Connor grabbed the bag of gummybears and sprinkled them over the blob that was supposed to be resembling the house. He then grabbed some M&M’s and did the same. “Now it’s done.”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh! The wavers!” Connor ran to the cupboard to get the ice cream wavers out of the box and started to stick them upright into the ice cream, occasionally licking his fingers as it got smeared on his hands. “Done!”

“Okay, you grab the spoons and I’ll take this inside.”

“What about the sparklers?”

“I think this is enough,” Oliver chuckled as he lifted the tray. “This is a masterpiece, Connor. Well done.”

After the somber discussion of her father, the group had found other lighter topics to talk about such as baby Sara, where Bella offered some suggestions for her colic when she saw the two walk in. At seeing the tray in Oliver’s hands, she could only plaster a huge, false smile on her face as she eyed the – creation. “Oh! What is … this? It looks delicious…” she pushed out.

“I made this, it’s our house,” Connor smiled widely as Oliver placed the tray on the table. “I wanted to add sparklers but daddy said there was enough on here already.”

“An ice cream house,” Bella noted as she eyed the melting mess. “I’m sure it will taste wonderful Baby…Why don’t you help hand the dishes out to everyone while Dad scoops it up for you that way he can help -”

“No no,” Connor shook his head and handed out spoons. “We’re all going to eat from this.”

She turned to eye Oliver, one look expressing that never again was he to approve such a thing. “Okay. You’re helping Dad clean up everything tonight right? Everything,” she stressed as she continued to stare at the man.

“Of course,” Oliver said with a shrug. “Now, enjoy the feast that our son created for us.”

“This is fun,” Felicity smiled as she took a spoonful of ice cream off the tray. “It’s like sharing take out.”

As Bella ate, she couldn’t help but eye the cream that’d melted begin to drip over the tray but took slow breaths to avoid getting angry since it was her that left them in charge of dessert. Lesson learned, she decided, as it was only more for cleaning duty for the two. “Gloves and bleach are in the cabinet above the washer.”

“Bella, sweetheart, I’ve got this,” Oliver said as he looked at her. “Don’t worry about it. It’s okay to make a mess sometimes.”

“Who are you and what did you do with Oliver Queen?” Diggle questioned.

“… when there’s a kid involved.” Oliver added as he ruffled Connor’s hair.

“I’m eating my ice cream here!” Connor complained as he groaned and elbowed him away so the he could dig into the ice cream again.

Bella couldn’t help but laugh at his attitude and shook her head.

“That look on his face is all worth it,” Oliver said as smiled widely at Bella. “You have to at least admit that.”

“True,” she murmured as she sighed and pushed her phone towards him. He knew her passcode so she didn’t have to say anything as she was sure he’d figure out what she wanted him to find. “It’s going to be hard to get him to sleep tonight.”

“Feed him some wine,” Felicity grinned.

Oliver took the phone and went through Bella’s messages, threats from her father that he was in Starling City and knew where she lived. That he’d bring some help to at least see his grandson and talk to his daughter and Oliver was worried about what kind of help. That he was coming by tonight and that he was going to show her what kind of man Oliver was made of, that message actually made Oliver snort. He handed the phone back to Bella, took another spoonful of ice cream and sighed. “Hey, Dig, now that you’re here, could you two help me out in the backyard for a moment? I had some trouble with one of those clippers, maybe you could help me out.” He got to his feet and headed to the backdoor. “Maybe Bella can go and check upstairs if everything’s closed, it’s a bit drafty in the house and uhm… How about an impromptu sleepover, Connor?”

“A sleepover? Where?” he asked as he looked up from digging in his ice cream house for some candy.

“Well, would you like to meet Sara? She’s the cutest little baby ever and she’s John’s daughter.” Felicity smiled widely.

“Yeah buddy. You said you wanted a baby sister. Until your mom and dad are ready to give you one, maybe you can practice with helping with her? How does that sound?” Diggle smiled as he eyed Oliver suspiciously.

“Okay, Mom needs to help me pack though.”

“That’s fine, she needs to close some windows anyway,” Oliver grinned as he motioned for Diggle and Roy to follow him out.

“Come on Baby. You, Felicity, and I will pack you a bag together,” Bella said as she held her hand out but also watched as the boys left until they were out of sight. “I’ll even let you take your DS with you tonight. Let’s go find it and your games.”

Outside, once alone, Diggle immediately turned to Oliver questioning him. “What is going on? Why are we suddenly sending your kid to my place?” he asked as he pulled his phone out to call his girlfriend to give her heads up for their visitor.

“Because Lyla is a trained agent,” Oliver said as he ran his hand through his hair. “At least there he and Felicity will be safe.”

“What’s going on?” Roy said. “You were kinda vague.”

“Connor doesn’t need to know that his grandfather is coming with help. That he’s already in Starling City and he’s coming tonight. I don’t know how much time we have.”

“All nice and well, Oliver, but shouldn’t you get Bella out of the way too?” Diggle asked. “You can’t use her for bait, man.”

“She can hold her own,” Oliver managed to smile.

“We don’t have weapons.” Roy pointed out.

“I taught you to fight even without weapons and we do have some. We can get them when Connor is out of the house, but I really hope it doesn’t come to that.”

Diggle eyed him as his friend spoke before looking back at the house. Turning his attention back he shook his head. “You’re not telling us something. Just how much does she know. She seems way too okay because she seemed to know what just was happening before we even knew of an actual plan – is there a plan?”

“Bella… she’s special Dig…” Oliver mused. “She accepts every aspect of my life, even the bit that I keep hidden from everyone else. She installed a high end weapons safe in our bedroom and I brought over some of our weaponry, just incase.”

“What kind of weapons?” he asked, shifting into battle mode, completely accepting things for now.

“Obviously no bows, but some sticks, a gun or two… I really don’t want us to use the guns but you know, we may have to use them to scare him off, but he’s an ex-cop and I’m curious about his help as they could be metas.”

“Dude, she told us a bit about his stalking her while you and the kid were in the kitchen,” Roy informed him. “About how much he doesn’t like you. Do you think he may have had something to do with your mother and had a hand in keeping you two apart? It seems too coincidental.”

“No, I don’t think so… well…” Oliver thought for a moment and sighed. “I wouldn’t have put it past her.”

Diggle patted him on the shoulder as he guided him back inside. “Let’s think about it later. Right now, let’s just get the kid out of the house so that we can take care of this asshole for your girl.”

Bella was coming down the stairs with Connor’s backpack over her arm as she looked back at Oliver. The concern in her face was hard to hide in the situation. “I’m going to go with Felicity and Connor to drop them off,” she said as she made her way up to him and kissed him hard. “I’ll be back as soon as possible. Promise.”

“We’ll clean up in the mean time and keep an eye out,” he said as he caressed her hair. “Stay safe.”

“You too,” she smiled back at him. “I won’t be long.” With that, she and Felicity guided Connor out of the house as he tried asking questions about the baby, leaving the guys standing in the hallway.

He waited for the car to be out of sight before closing the door and running upstairs to the safe, followed closely by Diggle. “See? This is a thing of beauty.”

“I agree with the kid. Marry the woman,” Diggle said as he stared at the safe. “She knows her security, that’s for certain.”

“Wouldn’t you when your ex-boyfriend turns out to be a psycho and when the mother of your other ex-boyfriend threatened to take away your kid?” Oliver said as he opened the safe. He grabbed two guns out of the safe and handed one to Diggle before putting the other one in the back of his pants, safely secured against his back before getting the sticks and bo-staffs out. “I know that I haven’t put much in here but I thought that a bow and arrows would be a bit conspicuous when used.”

“Seriously. So what kind of training does she have? Street fighting like Roy or anything formal? She didn’t strike me for a fighter like that,” he said as he reached into the safe to grab a couple magazines for the gun.

“Oh, she’s not. She’s a lover, not a fighter. She just has some anger and anxiety issues that she needs to learn how to control and I’ve been trying with her but… I can’t seem to get her angry.” Oliver shrugged.

“Isn’t that a good thing? Why would you want to get someone with anger management issues angry?” Roy asked confused as he took his stick and went to look out the window to check for any intruders on the back property.

“You’ll see,” Oliver grinned as he closed the safe again and went downstairs. He kept an eye out while he cleaned up the table, making it seem like it was business as usual should there be eyes on the house.

“So, Connor, he’s a meta, isn’t he?” Diggle asked as he had followed Oliver. “I mean, he’s clearly a normal kid but he’s super smart.”


“Does Bella know?”


“You should tell her, Oliver.”

“Yeah, I plan to, once she gets her own issues under control because she’ll freak out.” He quickly loaded up the dishwasher and then turned on the TV before closing all the curtains. “Is she back yet?”

Roy looked over at him and shook his head from where he was keeping an eye out through the windows as he’d been making frequent rounds around the house. “No, but I think our visitors are here. I’ve noticed some shadows moving across the street but they haven’t made any movement to approach so I can’t be sure.”

“Alright,” Oliver said as he positioned the sticks next to the door bar one set and looked at Diggle. “Could you circle around them for me and try to get an accurate count?”

“On it,” he said as he headed out the back.

Roy turned back to looking out the window and frowned. “I don’t like this Oliver,” he said. “They are purposely staying in the darkest shadows, like we do. Are you really sure that Bella will be able to get through to her dad?”

“No, she won’t,” Oliver said innocently. “She tried though. With words.”

“And that didn’t work so what’s next?”

Oliver smiled knowingly. “Either she smacks him around or we’ll make sure he gets the message.”

The young fighter eyed him, unsure what was going on as things were a little weird as he was keeping something big. “Okay,” he said and before he could continue on with his next thought, Diggle returned through the back, locking the door behind him quickly.

He moved to turn on the water and raised the volume on the television set. “There are at least twenty Oliver. What the fuck kind of family did you get yourself tied up in? I recognized at least two members of the mafia with them,” he whispered. “They also have a sonar microphone so whisper around other noises.”

“I can go to the club and get our gear in ten minutes,” Roy suggested, sounding slightly panicked. “Twenty guys is a lot.”

“No, no need to break our covers,” Oliver spoke calmly. “You two are going out there and take down as much as you can. I think it’s a wonderful night to have a beer on the porch while I wait for my girlfriend to come home and draw some of them out myself.”

“You’re nuts,” Roy said shocked. “Do you want to get yourself killed?”

“I’ll be fine, I mean, Charlie probably wants to make a spectacle out of killing me so won’t actually do something until Bella comes back.” He grabbed his beer and smiled at them. “Go. I’ll be fine.”

“You’re the boss,” Roy muttered as he walked to the backdoor. “But I’m not happy with this.”

“Noted,” Oliver said as he walked into the kitchen to get a six pack and walked out of the front door to sit down on the bench, setting the six pack next to him. He took a few sips of his beer and then shifted a little to get a little more comfortable. “Charlie, I know you’re out there, just come and have a beer with me.”

In the shadows, the older man frowned at how the man seemed to have been able to get around his contact and equipment. He didn’t understand how he knew he was actually there either, other than if his daughter was stupid enough to share his messages with him. Then again, what was a party boy such as he capable of? All he wanted was his family back.

Making his presence known, he was aware that there was no one else home on the street, he crossed with a few of his help and his gun raised. Narrowing his eyes, his hate for the man grew. “Where is my grandson you good for nothing bastard?”

“Guns?” Oliver blinked. “Come on, Charlie, I am your best shot for delivering your grandson to you.” He picked up a bottle from his six pack and held it up. “Let’s talk.”

“I have no interest in small talk with you,” he sneered, his gun raised to fire. “I’ll bring down everything in this city if I have to in order to find him even if it means taking down my daughter with you.”

Oliver shrugged as he took a swig of his beer. “Fine, then no Connor either. I was willing to hand him over to you but hey, no small talk. The boy is a handful though. I can’t believe you want him back.” He then got to his feet and approached the man. “Or shall I bring the talk to you?”

“I don’t think so,” Charlie said coldly as he aimed and started to pull the trigger back.

Oliver tossed the bottle in his face, causing Charlie to misfire and disarmed one of his friends, taking him into a choke hold and pointed the gun at Charlie while using the man as his shield. He shot Charlie’s other friends who were firing into their buddy – at least the man now knew that he was disposable and once Charlie was standing on his own in the street, he dropped the body and raised the gun to Charlie. “I want to talk, Charlie.”

Wiping the beer from his face, he stared him down, reassessing his opponent for someone he hadn’t anticipated. “Too bad for that. Doesn’t look like you’ll have much time to get to do any of that,” he grinned as he nodded behind Oliver where there was someone else waiting with an assault weapon, but also with his friend. “I said I wouldn’t come alone.”

Oliver stepped aside as to keep an eye on Charlie to see what was behind him and then looked over at a group of people stepping out of the shadows, they had Diggle at gunpoint. Oliver could easily take those men behind him, but he was afraid that if he’d do that, they’d kill Diggle. “Fine, you win,” Oliver said with a shrug as he put the gun on the floor and took a step back.

“Oliver…What are you doing?” Diggle asked as he struggled in his hold, shocked at his friend’s behavior.

“Oh, you know me, Dig, I’m just this party boy who’s good for one fight but knows when to stop,” Oliver said as he kept an eye on Charlie. “You’ll just have to trust me that I’ve got this.”

Out of nowhere, a random body was shoved to the side and thrown hard into a tree or car hard enough that they were knocked unconscious, beginning with the ones that were surrounding Diggle. Each of the hired help Charlie had brought with him looked around, afraid of this unknown entity that was able to perform such an act that a couple of the more superstitious members of the group took off running, yelling about fantasmas.

“What the hell is that?!” Charlie commanded, almost shoving his gun in Oliver’s face.

“Oh, you shouldn’t have done that,” Oliver warned him as he ducked and swiped Charlie’s legs from underneath him, kicking the gun out of his hand and stood on his arm while more bodies flew through the air. “Someone wants to have a word with you.”

Walking up the street, having parked a few blocks away so that she could try to scope the area herself, Bella made her way closer but there was anything but love in her eyes as she looked upon her father as she came into his view. “Get up,” she ordered and used her shield to push him up from the ground and shove him to his feet and away from them as she moved to stand in front of Oliver and Diggle once he made his way to them.

“This is your doing?” Charlie said shocked as he looked at his daughter, it was almost as if she was someone else entirely. “I didn’t raise you to be like this!”

She canted her head to the side and narrowed her eyes before she pushed him back without moving from her position. “Actually – you did make me this way. No support, no real love. Sometimes I couldn’t help but wonder if you were in bed with Oliver’s mother. What? Was she paying you to keep me down?”

“Oh come on, Bells, you know that’s not true, it’s all in your head.”

“We actually thought about that too,” Diggle said to Oliver, Oliver could hear fear in Diggle’s voice and pat him on the back, having nothing to worry about. Oliver was worried though, that she might black out again and do things she’d regret later.

Bella continued to stand there and stared at him. She looked over at Oliver and smiled. “What did I do to Jake again? I believe you said I tossed him around like a – rag doll?” she asked carefully.

“Yep,” Oliver said with nod. “And dragged him across the street, back and forth, back and forth…”

“What happened to Jake anyway?” Charlie asked curiously. “I couldn’t find him in the prison system.”

She smiled at him as she turned to face Oliver, taking a deep breath as she looked up at him and in his eyes. Winking at him, she looked over at Diggle and Roy but couldn’t bother with their reactions quite yet. “Jacob is somewhere that he cannot hurt anyone anymore.”

“Bella, I want Connor to come and live with me. You’re obviously not well.”

Instinctively he was shoved back and pinned against a car so hard that it caused the alarm to go off. “Would you like to handle that my Love?” she smiled.

“Oh yeah, I could definitely shut that alarm up,” Oliver said with a nod, walking over to the car before prying open the hood and pulled the alarm off the engine block. He then sought eye contact with Bella and pointed at her father. “Can I?”

“By all means,” she replied and went to sit on the trunk nearby Diggle and Roy who were eyeing them silently.

“Thanks,” he grinned at her before walking around the car and stood toe to toe with Charlie. “I really feel for you, Mr. Swan, I know what it’s like to have a very complicated family. But the truth is, you are not well and Bella doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore. You’re certainly not getting close to Connor anymore. If you are, I… or actually your daughter, might do something to you you will not like. She’s done with looking over her shoulder all the time. She’s done living in fear.”

Bella pursed her lips as she watched on. “Is there any place that we can stick him? He wouldn’t survive being where Jacob and the pack is, I don’t think.”

“Your dad is nothing special so there’s no way he’ll join Jacob and his buddies,” Oliver replied not taking his eyes off of Charlie. “How about real prison? I mean, we’re acting in self defense and all.”

“He’ll talk. He’s seen too much,” she pointed out as she indicated the manner in which he was currently being held.

Oliver shrugged. “I could cut out his tongue and cut off his fingers.”

She actually had to think about it for a moment.

“You’re a pussy, Queen, there’s no way you’d have the stomach to do that.” Charlie spat.

Rolling her eyes, Bella flipped her hand so that his mouth was forced shut tight as he spoke. “God! I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner!” she huffed as she looked to Diggle.

“I uh… well, we can’t take him to A.R.G.U.S. either. If he’ll talk, he’ll tell them about you and… you are remarkable.” Diggle managed to say.

“He’s got a point so now we’re back to square one. What to do with your asshole of a father?” Oliver said as he crossed his arms over his chest. He wanted to kill him. Just for hurting Bella, not giving up when she told him to back off, but the truth was, there were so many scumbags like him around. But, on the other hand, those other scumbags didn’t know what Bella could do. But he was still Bella’s father.

“Such a conundrum, isn’t it? You really up for surgery?” she asked. “Because I’m done with this shit now.”

Oliver walked over to Bella and sighed before kissing her. “I don’t see any other option other than to kill him and … I don’t want to do that to you… He’s still your father.”

Bella stared into his eyes as she remained in full control of herself. “I lost my father when my mother left us and he only got worse after I got pregnant. I don’t know who that is anymore but I do know that he is not my father. Do what you have to. I’ll hold the him still until you are ready to take off but make it quick,” she warned. “I had plans tonight that he ruined.”

“Oliver, you can’t do this,” Diggle said as he looked at his friend. “You can’t just kill a man because he knows a secret. Throw him in a mental asylum or something, pump him full of drugs.”

“You have any idea how many non-crazy people are actually in asylums? What if he speaks out and they come around?” Roy said, as always siding with Oliver. “I mean, sure, it’s crazy to kill a man for this but… seriously.”

Oliver ignored the two and looked at Bella. “Are you absolutely sure?” He needed her to say the words, he had vowed not to kill again but Charlie was a personal risk and they didn’t have any other option. He’d kill to protect what he loved, Tommy would have done the same. Sara, would have done the same.

“Don’t let him do this, Bella,” Diggle pleaded with her. “We’ll hold him for awhile while we find other alternatives.”

She looked back and forth between the two, her previous confidence in her choice wavering now as the man’s reasoning was coming through her. Her need to push the threat against her family as far away as possible had overpowered her so much but at least she’d been able to control it from throwing the man around again. Lowering her head towards Diggle, to make her choice, she swallowed. “Find it then and get him away from my family. I can’t promise control if I see him again.”

Oliver thought for a moment, knowing that they didn’t have a place to hold anyone for a long period of time and realized what Diggle was doing. He didn’t want to object because he was afraid that if he’d kill Charlie himself that his relationship with Bella would change and didn’t want that to happen. “Fine, you win,” Oliver said as he looked at Diggle. “I’ll call Captain Lance for the rest of these-”

“I’ll round them up and put them in the van. I’ll deliver them.” Roy said with a nod. “You need to stay with Bella.”

She knew that he would want to object. “Oliver,” she said as she pulled him to her. “I’m okay. Let them deal with that and come inside with me.”

He took a deep breath and let her pull him back inside as Diggle and Roy started the clean up. “Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked as he started to collect all the sticks and staffs that he had spread around the house should they have gotten in.

Bella followed him slowly as she stared him down. “Yes. Completely,” she said with a smirk. “I even remember everything. When he started to get to me – that’s when I turned to you.”

He put the weapons in the safe before turning around and kissed her hard. “So proud of you,” he muttered before kissing her again.

She buried her hands in his hair as she held him to her as she kissed him back. Pressing herself to his body, she bit on his lip as her hands started to move down to pull at his shirt. “I need you Oliver,” she whispered against his lips. “It’s been long enough…”

His body reacted instantly to her words as he tried to open her pants. “I want you so bad, Bella,” he muttered as response. Having managed to open her pants, he pulled them down, taking her panties with it.

Her hands yanked his shirt off before fumbling at his belt as she nipped along his jaw. Once she had his pants undone and got them over his hips, she pulled herself up in his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. “Bed, door, floor, I don’t fucking care,” she mumbled as she claimed his mouth again.

Oliver managed to turn them around and drop them on the bed. Not breaking contact with her, he managed to reposition himself as not to fall off the bed or on top of her and took both sides of her shirt in his hands before ripping it to shreds. He deepened the kiss as he put his hand on her stomach and gently squeezed it before moving it upwards to cup her breast.

Bella let out a moan and she thrust her hips up against him. Muffled curses escaped her as she writhed underneath him. “Oliver,” she begged.

He leaned on his forearm as he started to kiss her neck and checked if she was ready for him. They both needed instant release, no long foreplay, no cuddling, just friction and the release. He guided himself to her slick entrance and despite him wanting to plunge right in, he went slow enough as not to have them slide off the bed. He wasn’t quite sure where exactly they were on the bed and he didn’t really care, but he wanted them to enjoy this without a concussion. He groaned as he could feel her around him, tight, warm and wet. “You are so wet,” he muttered as he started to nuzzle her neck. “So good…”

Her head fell back to the bed and her mouth opened in a moan. It’d been so long since she’d given herself to anyone intimately and to be with someone she loved, she wrapped her legs around him again. “You got that right,” she grinned as her hands trailed over the muscles in his back and the scars. “Definitely good.”

Once he was fully in, he revelled in the feeling for a moment before he started to thrust, slow at first, but building up the speed as he went. “Oh, fuck…” he moaned in appreciation.

“You can say that again,” Bella muttered as she shifted and matched him thrust for thrust. She held him tighter to her as her fingers splayed across his shoulders.

He leaned on his forearms again and started to nibble her neck has he kept moving. It had been quite awhile for him, but he had missed Bella. He had missed how she felt around him, how it felt to be inside of her, to feel her every move underneath him as he thrust inside of her and it felt so good, there wasn’t another word for it unless expletives were involved. “I’m close,” he managed to grunt. “Sorry.”

Nodding, reaching down between them, she started to help herself along quickly so that she could finish with him, “I’m with you, I’m with you,” she whispered as her head fell to the side. “Shit…Oliver…”

He could feel her tighten around him and it sent him over the edge with her, he tried to keep moving but it was slower, longer as he tried to breathe with it. “Fuck… Bella…”

Her hand came up to his face and pulled him to her to a heated kiss. She had wanted to beg him for more, to rest and go again quickly after but her ‘mom’ ears had heard the door downstairs open and close causing her head to jerk to the side to eye the bedroom door that stood wide open. Bella panted through the end of her climax with him, attempting to remain as quiet as possible to not draw the attention of their returning guest until they were able to finish – Lord did she want to finish with him now and so many more times to come in the future.

“Oliver? Bella?” Felicity’s voice called out.

“We’ll be down in a minute,” Oliver managed to call back and grinned down at Bella, loving the look she had on her face. “Hi.”

“Hey,” she replied back, slightly dazed as she looked at him full of love. “I don’t want to – break this up but damn… She has horrible timing.”

“The night is still young and Felicity has to go to home to sleep at some point,” Oliver softly kissed her as he pulled out of her. “She probably just wants an update and wants to know we’re alright.”

Bella sat up on the bed with a groan. “I need to clean up,” she murmured as she tried to wipe away some of the mess with her tattered shirt before looking up at him sharply. “Fuck.”

“We just did that,” Oliver pointed out before he ducked into the bathroom and got them some wet washcloths to clean themselves up a bit.

“No, no. That is more than fine. I had been planning for it after everyone left tonight actually but Oliver… Just now more sudden and oh my god…” she said as went over to the table to pull out the box of condoms she had bought. “I hadn’t gone to the doctor yet to get back on the pill. My appointment is in two weeks! Like hell was I going to wait.”

“Right,” he said as he slowly nodded. “Surely you won’t get pregnant from just once…”

The look that she gave him could have set him aflame as she went about with cleaning herself enough to redress and make her way back downstairs. “All it takes is one time,” she said. “If you want to wait it out, fine. It’ll just be part of this crazy relationship that make it us it happens.”

“No,” Oliver said as he followed her while he pulled his shirt over his head. “I’ll go to the pharmacy tomorrow for you if you want me to.”

“I’ll take the pill then,”she shrugged.

“And I’m fine with using condoms it’s just like you said; it just happened.”

“Oh, I so didn’t need to hear this,” Felicity said as she quickly dove into the kitchen to make some coffee. “Glad you two are alright though!”

“Yeah well we weren’t exactly expecting anyone back for awhile either. Emotions, and hormones, are running a little high after everything. Now Oliver needs to go start some more rumors,” Bella smiled at her as she followed her.

Felicity grinned. “‘Oliver Queen’s walk of shame to the pharmacy’, would be a nice headline.”

“It’s not a walk of shame!” Oliver whined.

“Yeah, but do they know that?” Felicity said teasingly as she sat down on one of the chairs.

“Maybe I should just ask for the shot,” Bella mused as she looked at her boyfriend, cheeks flushing with her attraction. “Remembering to take pills or grab something else could be difficult.”

“Especially since he gets this intense vibe whenever he’s doing something he really likes and forgets the world around him. Or details.” Felicity said with a nod. “Not that he and I ever- I see him work out… like… a lot.”

She shrugged. “No worries. I know he comes home to me at night now. He knows how I’d be if he really hurt me like that. I can’t blame you or others for looking. Just no touchy.”

“No, no touchy.” Felicity said with a nod. “Barry would get his red suit in a twist.”

Bella raised her eyebrow as she stared at the girl before looking over at Oliver. “Is she talking about…?”

“Yep, she’s talking about the Flash.” Oliver said as he turned on the dishwasher.

“He and I have a complicated relationship,” Felicity explained as she went to get mugs to pour the coffee in. “Long distance isn’t always that easy. So… how did it go? You obviously won but I can imagine it was hard.”

Huffing, Bella rolled her eyes. “Not really. He tried pissing me off and Oliver just kept provoking him until I got there. I was all ready to go with his method of getting rid of him but Diggle had to come up and be the voice of reason. Just to warn you, if my father comes back and tries to take my son or harm Oliver in any way, your friend won’t be able to talk me down again. I’ll kill the bastard myself.”

Felicity narrowed her eyes on Oliver, who gave a shrug in return. “Something tells me that your father won’t be bothering you again,” Felicity told Bella. “Diggle can be quite persuasive.”

“My father is a stubborn jackass. I get that from him. I’m just making my position clear so that it’s on the record and no one comes to bitch later that if I do something and they act surprised,” she said evenly. “They’re my family. What would you do to protect yours?”

Felicity sighed and nodded. It was obvious that Bella and Oliver were even more alike than she had already thought. Despite Oliver’s no-kill policy – unless he had no choice, there was nothing he’d do for family. If he had to, he’d probably even take the legal blame for something done by his sister, it wasn’t that crazy of a thought. “I don’t know, really but I can understand where you are coming from.”

“Good because I’d hate to have to tell you to get the hell out of my house if you didn’t,” she smiled. “So what’s going to happen now? Diggle and Roy know about what I can do. They’re going to be able to handle it?”

“Of course,” Felicity replied as she poured the coffee into the mugs. “Diggle’s still not used to seeing Barry actually using his speed as to just hearing about it, but it’s fine. It’s not like they’re really crap at keeping secrets.” She shrugged and then smiled. “Maybe you can even help out the boys from time to time when they’re in deep shit. It’d certainly help with keeping our medical supplies stocked.”

“Felicity.” Oliver said disapproving.

“Oh come on, Oliver, she can take care of herself and help you out at the same time, there’s no shame in asking for help when you need it. And don’t worry about Connor, I can do my job anywhere.”

Bella pursed her lips as she was quiet as the two stared one another down in their opposing opinions. She understood his reasons for not wanting her involved, but as long as he continued the life he lived, she’d feel the need to want to be there to help. “Do I get a sexy leather costume as well?”

“No,” Oliver shook his head. “No way.”

“Sure,” Felicity grinned. “We can start building one as soon as possible.”


“I’m partial to black and purple. I know Oliver has a thing for green, unless you make mine black with green accents.”

Oliver grumbled as he took his coffee and took a sip of it. “I like red on you.”

“Definitely no red on your costume whatsoever then, the boy needs to keep his focus.” Felicity grinned as she pulled out her phone and started to make notes.

“Maybe a red wig? I can’t exactly run around looking like myself. Even in a ponytail, my hair might give me away. You guys have it easy. Bastards,” Bella complained as she went to add her creamer to her coffee. “Oh wait. You use leather for protection like bikers, right?”

“Lined with kevlar now,” Felicity nodded. “Cisco, Barry’s friend, upgraded Oliver’s suit the last time we were together.”

She made a face as she didn’t recognize the name but suspected the group who the person might be with. “Yeah, no need to share with them about me specifically. But I have something that we might be able to work with. Hang on,” she said before she took off and ran up the stairs.

“Why are you encouraging her?” Oliver asked Felicity.

“Because she has boobs and I am tired of being the only one on the team with boobs, since you refused to train Laurel and add her to the team.”

“Because it’s Laurel!”

“Yeah well, I’m not going to allow you to have the same excuse for Bella. Bella can take care of herself just fine. She has this nifty shield thing that protects her and yourself.”

Oliver made a face and walked out of the kitchen with his coffee, shaking his head. He was just going to let the women do what they wanted, seeing as they wouldn’t listen to him anyway.

Bella bounced back the stairs and ran into him on her way back. Looking at him, she grinned as she held the jacket she found up against herself. “Hey. What do you think of this? Think it can be modified? I know it’s not much but as a last minute thing if you need me, I think it’s inconspicuous enough to keep in the house with Connor. He’s seen it before so he wouldn’t think much of it.”

“Yeah, sure,” he said as he sipped his coffee. “I think so, you should ask Felicity.”

She looked at him searchingly as she stood there. Frowning in disappointment, she looked down at the jacket she held. “No. It’s fine,” she replied. “You don’t like any of this. I understand.”

He softly kissed her. “I’ll get used to it. Felicity’s right, you’d be a great part of the team,” Oliver smiled at her. “You’re going to need training and I will ask Diggle if he wants to do that with you.”

“Are you sure? Are you sure that you are going to be okay with this because if you aren’t…I…”

“Bella, I’ll be okay with it. I just don’t want you to get hurt but you have your shield and that makes it a lot safer. You just need some training on how to be even more stealthy,” he kissed her again. “I just don’t like to see someone I care about put their lives on the line, I’ll just have to make an exception for you.”

“We can make it work. Like you said, this ability chose me. Maybe this was why? Who knows, but all I want to do is help,” she said as she reached up to kiss him. “Now be honest. What do you really think about this jacket? Yay or nay?”

“Yay,” he said with a nod. “Definitely yay.”

“Great, now come back and join in with the planning because your opinion matters so much to me,” she whispered against his lips.


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