Chapter 31

Myriam was happy. Not only had Klaus allowed her to secure their rooms as she saw fit, but he also allowed her to work from home. In fact, he insisted when she brought it up. She still wanted to go back to Débauche at least once a week, but Klaus had promised he’d come with her.

Freya was getting on Myriam’s nerves though, but she could understand why. Dahlia was worse than Esther and Freya had been dealing with her aunt for a very long time. And Myriam was worried too. Now that she had accepted that she was going to be a mother, her unborn baby was in danger.

However, for her own sanity, she was going to let Klaus handle this, and stay out of it. She didn’t have to fix everything, just keep her head down. However, knowing her luck, trouble would find her or she’d find it. So, she didn’t leave the rooms that she had protected.

Rebekah came home with a big haul on books about pregnancy and babies and even had bought the first item of clothing for the baby which made Myriam want to go shopping for baby clothes herself. Which was strange because she’d never had that urge before.

Both Kol and Rebekah were more than happy to accompany her and, feeling safe, she went out with them, and the three of them had so much fun, it was a lot like old times like they used to get into trouble. For the first time in a long time, family felt like family and Myriam knew that their baby was going to be alright.

However, when it was clear that Dahlia had made it to New Orleans, Myriam stayed inside. She knew that she’d likely still be a sitting duck because of Dahlia’s powers, but she was safer. Perhaps the surprise that Freya had nothing to do with all the magic around their rooms was going to be a blessing, seeing as Dahlia taught Freya.

Myriam knew that both Klaus and Freya already had their run-ins with Dahlia and survived, but one night, Klaus told Myriam to leave town for a couple of days, with Kol and Davina. He and Freya were going to take on Dahlia, and he wanted her out of New Orleans until it was safe to come back.

She refused at first, but Klaus managed to convince her to leave anyway for her own and their unborn child’s safety. And Myriam accepted it because she was allowing Klaus to protect her instead of her protecting him. But, she didn’t want to go to Mystic Falls, either. Taking her far away from New Orleans, Kol and Davina decided to take her to Disneyland.

She couldn’t help but worry for the three days that they were there, but also loved it because Davina was so excited about Disney that it was infectious and Myriam ended up buying a lot of cute things for the baby. Klaus was going to kill her for taking this mother thing a tad too far, wasn’t he? Ah, who cared? She merely hoped that she had a Klaus to come back to.

When they returned, Klaus, Rebekah and, unfortunately, Elijah, were in rough shape but Freya was tending to them. “Welcome home,” Freya smiled at them. “We won. Your child is safe from Dahlia, and I am free.”

“Good,” Myriam replied as she sat down next to Klaus and ruffled his hair. “What happened?”

“Oh, she turned the White Oak Stake into ash and made us breathe it in, but we’re alright love,” Klaus kissed her gently. “Freya’s overreacting and wanting to play the big sister.”

“I’m not playing! I am!” Freya laughed, shaking her head. “But yes, they’re fine.”

“What happened?” Kol asked as he sat down with Davina on his lap.

“We’ve all become orphans,” Klaus replied. “And we won. Granted, nobody really stays dead in this family, but I’m sure that we’re through with them for once and for all,” he put his arm around Myriam and smiled. She smelled like cotton candy and sunshine. “How was Disney?”

“I know that we discussed no decorated nursery but…” Myriam bit her lips as she looked at Klaus. “I went a little overboard. It was simply too cute to pass up on and-”

“Love, if you want to have a fully decorated nursery, we shall have one.”


“Of course, whatever you want for our child.”

She smiled then as she ran her fingers through his hair. “Will you dagger Elijah for us?”

“What!” Elijah said confused. “Why? Haven’t I suffered enough?”

“No,” Myriam said simply, not taking her eyes off of her husband. “It was so peaceful without your brother around.”

“But we’re a family,” Freya said confused.

“Believe me, you’ll want his ass daggered within the year,” Myriam replied. “He’s not all that great.”


Myriam was so proud of Klaus, hosting an art show at St. James’ Infirmary. She loved his paintings, and there were actual people who weren’t compelled to be there to admire his work. She kept her distance and sat at the bar nursing a soda, but tonight, Klaus was basking in the light that he deserved to be in.

The critic, however, Myriam wanted as a snack. As her pregnancy progressed, she was getting hungrier and not for just blood, no for the weirdest human food ever. Bananas with mustard or pickles with chocolate. Fried Oreos. Jambalaya with waffles. It disgusted her, but it was all so good.

“I wouldn’t expect you to host an art show without compelling the critic to speak your praise,” a male voice sounded which made Myriam look at her husband’s back and the man’s back.

“And I wouldn’t expect an uncultured savage to crash such a formal affair.” Klaus sounded as if he knew the man. But if he did, how come she didn’t?

“Ah well, not my usual scene,” the man replied. “Although that annoying blood bag does have a point, your work is derivative.”


“Of Degas, I’d say. Of course, I happen to know that you compelled Degas to mentor you. I always thought his work improved after your influence.”

“Finally!” Klaus smiled. “Someone with an eye for art!”

“Ah, well, if you live long enough, you do acquire a taste for it. Amongst other things. Speaking of which, can we please have a drink? I am quite parched.”

Klaus chuckled as he slapped his friend’s shoulder and walked with him to the bar. Myriam tried not to snarl when this man started to bad mouth Kol, although she agreed with how he described Finn. “What are you doing in New Orleans, Lucien?”

“Oh, various reasons,” Lucien replied, and Myriam had to dig deep to connect the name to the stories Klaus told her about his life before her. “One, business. Two, there are rumors that there’s a vampire in New Orleans that can get pregnant and three, your life might be in danger.”

“My life is always being threatened, so I’m not concerned about that,” Klaus replied as he tried to remain his cool and Myriam tried not to show anything either. As far as this Lucien was concerned, she didn’t exist. “But a vampire who can get pregnant? Where did you hear that, my old friend?”

“Ah, well, you see…” Lucien said proudly. “I’ve perhaps pulled the greatest con ever. Mortals are so fascinated by the idea of living eternally, right? They hate growing old, there’s a shortage of donor organs and such… so, in the 1940s I went to a college not far from here and suggested to a few people that there was a way. With vampires but that no one had actually managed to catch one yet.”

Myriam wasn’t liking where this was going.

“At the beginning of the 50s, they had acquired a vampire and yet another through one of its members, and they began experimenting on them,” Lucien laughed. “It was glorious. Anyway, I’ve pretended to be a descendant of myself over the years, and they still allowed me to see the data they collected.”

“What was this group called, if I may ask, dear Lucien?”

“Augustine. They’re smarter than they look, honestly. They developed a cure against werewolf bites for vampires and for humans, they have a serum that can turn vampires into vampire eaters… Oh, Niklaus, it’s amazing. And through their research, they discovered a vampire who was carrying a fetus. A live fetus! And she’s in New Orleans now!”

“Well, that’s truly fascinating, Lucien,” Klaus said enthusiastically. “I happen to know that vampire.”

“Really? You want to introduce us, maybe? Wouldn’t it be grand to continue those experiments together?”

Klaus let out a breath, trying to stay calm. “I’ll text her a message, come, let’s go out back and wait for her.”

Oh, she didn’t want to wait until they got outside, but for the sake of all the humans inside St. James’ Infirmary and Klaus’ beautiful paintings, it was better if they’d do this outside. How old was this Lucien anyway? Oh, that’s right, he was only a hundred years younger than Klaus.

Lucien was a dick, and Myriam hoped that Klaus would allow her to get a few punches in.

“You rang?” Myriam said as she walked around the corner of the building.

“Wait, that’s the woman from inside,” Lucien was confused. Good. “What games are you playing, Niklaus?”

“Me? I’m not playing any game,” Klaus said as he made sure Lucien was between himself and his wife. “Lucien, please meet Myriam Mikaelson. My wife.”

“Your- what?”

“Wife,” Myriam replied as she looked around for anything she could hit Lucien with. “And you’re the fucker who created the Frankenstein society and fucked with my friend and me,” she said as she found a wrench and picked it up. “Do you have any idea what they put me through? What it felt like?”

Klaus threw Lucien against the wall and Myriam pounced. She started hitting him everywhere, blood spilling out and Lucien struggled when she kept him down with one hand and continued to bludgeon him. “Do you have any idea what they did to my friend? They opened him up, removed his organs and did it all over again the next day. While he was fully conscious!”

She threw away the wrench and popped out Lucien’s eye. “Like this!” Lucien cried out in pain as he put his hand in front of his empty socket.

“You bitch!”

“That’s Queen Bitch!” she growled as she looked at Klaus, feeling strong and powerful and capable of killing Lucien. But she wanted his permission first, knowing how much he wanted to rip apart Wes Maxfield.

“Go ahead, love,” he encouraged her. “I’ll take pleasure in watching you rip him to shreds.”

Myriam broke Lucien’s legs first and then ripped off his arms as he lay on the ground. She then picked the wrench after opening his torso with her bare hands and started to hurt Lucien so bad that Klaus had to muffle his screams. Myriam was soaked in Lucien’s blood, but she was feeling so powerful. Here she was, taking apart a vampire that had 800 years on her and it felt great. She put her hand around his heart and squeezed it before ripping it from his chest. “Oh, that felt good,” she let out a breath as she allowed herself to be pulled to her feet.

Klaus pulled her closer against him. “You look ravishing, my love,” he muttered in his ear. “And I’m sorry that Lucien set things in motion for you to get hurt.”

“It’s alright,” Myriam smiled at him before looking down at Lucien’s dessicated corpse. “Can we kill some more?”

He chuckled and kissed the top of her head. “How about I take you home instead where I can peel the clothes off of you and ravish you.”

Myriam let out a giggle as she jumped into his arms. “Yes please.”


Myriam knew that eventually, likely someday soon, she had to start giving birth, but as a vampire, wouldn’t that be impossible? Of all the books she read about childbirth, merely pushing one out of her lady parts would only cause the baby to go back in seeing as her body had healing abilities.

It was likely that the baby was going to have to be cut out of her and she didn’t like that idea at all, seeing as she wasn’t showing, the baby was hiding and chances were that they could stab the baby.

“What’s on your mind?” Freya asked after getting tired of the vampire wearing a hole in the rug. “Anything I can help you with?”

Myriam let out a breath. “How on Earth are we going to get this baby out? I mean, my body will heal itself, and it could keep the baby inside, and thus it’ll die. Can’t exactly cut into me either because you don’t know where the baby’s hiding.”

“Well,” Freya said calmly as she stopped Myriam from pacing by grabbing her by her arms and made her face her. “I could make an elixir that could temporarily bind your child’s powers so that we can see where it’s at. You likely won’t like it because the magic will go and you’ll balloon like any other pregnant woman. That might hurt.”

“But that would work?”

“It should,” Freya nodded. “I could have Kol check things over for you, and when he agrees that it’s safe for you, you drink it. You expand, we know where to safely slice you open and get your child out of there.”

“You make it sound so simple.”

“Because it is,” she smiled encouragingly. “Now, are you feeling any different from yesterday?”

“Apart from the anxiety? No,” she sighed, shaking her head. “But it would give me some peace of mind knowing how long I still have to go.”

“Likely another week or so,” Freya smiled. “Have you and Klaus thought about of a name yet?”

“Not really, no. But he said he’d leave that responsibility to me.”

“Of course he did,” Freya handed Myriam a book of names that she had picked up from the bookstore. “This might help you,” she said before leading her to the sofa and set her down. “Relax. Everything’s going to be alright, I promise.”

Myriam huffed. “Where is Klaus, anyway?”

“Dealing with Tristan and Aurora. They’re not too pleased that Lucien’s dead. Niklaus figured he should kill Tristan and Aurora before they have the chance to mess things up,” Freya replied, a smile on her lips. “You were right about my family. They may be violent and volatile, but they do everything for each other. And I believed them to be scattered, but you made them whole again.”

“I’m still not allowing Klaus to undagger Elijah.”

Freya smiled then. “He doesn’t have to. It’s terrible of me to admit this, but I went inside Elijah’s mind. I saw what kind of monster he truly is. You’re having a baby, and you don’t want someone like that around it while it grows up. The baby is going to have all the family it’s ever going to need with you and Klaus as its parents, and myself, Rebekah and Kol as its uncle and aunties.”

“It’s not terrible what you did,” Myriam smiled at her. “I would have done the same if I’d be reunited with the family I lost long ago. Granted, mine were selfish pigs and didn’t even know that my mother had been pregnant, and I didn’t accept them but killed them all, but that’s different. You knew you had a family and that must have hurt. So I don’t blame you for being curious to Elijah and visiting him in his mind,” she added. “That being said, we’re all still a bunch of vampires with emotions usually running high.”

“I know,” Freya replied. “But I wouldn’t change this for the world. I have wonderful siblings and who in a million years would have thought that Niklaus Mikaelson would have a great wife who’s not only beautiful, smart and resilient but also very strong?”

She let out a snort. “That’s debatable.”

Freya shrugged. “Would you like me to see if I can tell if your child has done cooking?”



It took another month for Freya to be comfortable with delivering the baby. She and Kol had gone over the recipe of the elixir that Myriam needed to drink and were sure that it’d work. “You do realize that it’s gonna hurt like a bitch, right?” Kol asked Myriam. “First drinking the elixir, temporarily binding the baby’s powers, will make you balloon and look like a pregnant lady for real. But that’ll hurt. And then… we have to cut you open and get the baby out.”

“She knows the gory details, Kol,” Freya said with an amused smile on her lips as she mixed the elixir with some blood and handed the cup to Myriam.

“I’ll be fine,” Myriam replied, slightly nervous but tried to hide it because she had an anxious hybrid pacing the room as it was. “Seriously, you all need to relax because you’re not making things any better for me.”

Klaus stopped his pacing for a record of 1.3 seconds. “I’m sorry, Sweetheart, but I just can’t stand to see you in any sort of pain or suffering. I’ve watched you through enough and this – the idea is almost unbearable because it’s not only you but our child as well.”

“Well, we know it’s going to be a bloodbath, but the baby will be fine, and I’ll heal. Even if they’d accidentally remove the womb as well, it’ll grow back, it’ll be fine,” she smiled at him. “You could leave the room if you wish, but I think that three pairs of hands are needed.”

“No. I’m not leaving your side. Where is Rebekah?” he pressed, coming over to take her hand even though his own were subtly shaking.

“I am here,” Rebekah said as she walked in with a bowl of water and some towels underneath her arm. The sharp knife she was going to use was already on the table. “Well, go on then, show us your pregnant belly,” she said encouragingly. “Kol, make sure you take a picture or two for memory sake.”

Myriam groaned at the sentiment during the stressful moments. “I fucking hate you all right now,” she muttered as she downed the blood and the elixir. Not soon after, she could feel her stomach expand and that hurt. Trying not to show her family how much, she decided to walk around to ease the pain somewhat. Her top was getting too tight. Her boobs were expanding as well, and she couldn’t help but be in awe of her child’s magic.

Looking over at Klaus, she found him staring at her. The expression on his face was one she didn’t quite recall seeing over the years, so she wasn’t sure how to perceive it. “Klaus?”

“Look at you,” he said with a hoarse voice. “You look-”

“I’m pregnant, and fat,” she pouted as she looked down at herself. “I don’t think I like this feeling. Why do humans enjoy this?”

“You look absolutely ravishing, love,” he said as he walked to her and gently placed a hand on her expanded stomach.

“We enjoy it so much because we feel our child grow inside of us,” Freya explained after she had swallowed hard and had tried finding the right words. “In a way, your child is a miracle and powerful, but on the other hand, it robbed you of the pleasures of being pregnant. However, I am certain that your next pregnancy will be different. If you so choose to become pregnant again.”

“Let’s just stick with this one for a while,” Myriam said quickly as she looked up to Klaus, he was standing really close to her with a look of admiration on his face. “You really like seeing me like this?”

“It makes it more real, I guess,” he muttered as he felt a kick against his hand.

“I felt that,” Myriam said as her eyes grew wide. “Oh wow, that…”

Freya smiled then. “I hate to ruin this moment, but we have to hurry. Kol and I didn’t make the elixir that potent as we were afraid to bind your child’s powers completely or we weren’t sure about whether or not it would have permanent side effects.”

“It’s not safe?”

“It’s magic and a child, of course, there’s a risk that it’s not safe,” she said as she nodded at Rebekah to get ready. “Just be ready to feed her your blood, brother, everything will be alright.”

Myriam could feel that Klaus was tensing up again and she made him look at her. “It’s going to be alright, I trust them, and I will heal. What’s important is that our child gets to meet all of us and live a beautiful life.”

Klaus let out a breath and scooped her up only to place her on the bed. “Ready?”



While it was entirely unnecessary for her to rest in bed as her wounds were healed, she did have to admit that holding her and Klaus’ child in her arms as they were on the bed with the three of them was an out of this world experience and Myriam loved it. They were alone in their bedroom, and there was this pink fluffy could that they were on. “He’s perfect,” she sighed happily.

“A miracle,” Klaus smiled at her as their son had wrapped his tiny hand around his finger and was sleeping in his wife’s arms. “Did you think of any names for him?”

“I still think it’s ridiculous that you’re putting me in charge of that. We should be in this together.”

Klaus shrugged. “I think it’s the woman’s duty to pick a name.”

“You’re being severely old fashioned, Klaus,” Myriam rolled her eyes at him. “But so am I, and yes, I’ve thought of a name for our son.”


“In my time in France, it was custom to name the first born son after their father. So, I was thinking we could name him Nicholas. Nicky for short.”


Myriam chuckled softly upon seeing the stunned look on Klaus’ face. “Nicky Mikaelson.”

“Love, I don’t think the world is ready for that.”

“If you don’t like it… or don’t appreciate the sentiment… that’s fine…” she said slightly disappointed. “I shall have to come up with something else. I could name him after his jerk of a grandfather, but I don’t want that… and the other one isn’t much better. Everyone knows the Mikaelson name. Everyone knows not to mess with Niklaus Mikaelson. I thought it’d be good to honor you and give our boy a name that would immediately tell people not to mess with him.”

He brushed her lips with his own. “I think it’s a wise decision and thank you, love…”

She smiled then as she gently caressed their son’s cheek with her index finger. “Welcome to the world, Nicholas Mikaelson. We are your parents and while we may be a bit silly at times, know that you are welcome and loved. You will be protected by your family. Always and Forever.”



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