Revival part 3

After Kol had left, Myriam bounced into the room and told Bella to freshen up so they could go out and have some retail therapy. Bella needed her own clothes, her own style, and wearing some dead psycho-witch’ clothes was simply a no-no. While she had been able to deal with Myriam’s energy before, now that the vampire was free of her boundaries and restrictions, Bella felt that she was in her face.

Perhaps just what she needed. Kol seemed to like her enough.

Bella took a quick shower and got back into her clothes and Myriam was already impatiently waiting for her, holding her bag for her. “I’m going to take you into town. If at any point you become overwhelmed, tell me so we can move away and wait for you to calm down, okay? No need to bottle it up or to avoid it, we’re going. Simple as that. And eventually, it’ll become easier, but I think you know that,” Myriam said as she handed her her bag with a smile on her face. “Stop hiding, Bella, Kol told me you’ve got quite the mind and mouth.”

“Okay,” she replied carefully.

“And if you don’t want to shop for clothes, that’s fine too. But you need your own clothes, your own style.”

“No, I understand, it was merely not a priority of mine.”

“And I understand that,” Myriam playfully pushed her towards the door leading to the pathway on the first floor. The whole compound was empty apart from Hayley and Hope, as everyone else had gone off to attend the spell to get the Ancestors over with. “Look at this place, it’s a fortress and you’re safe. Nobody here is going to hurt you or judge you or make fun of you. If they do, you’re well in your right to give them hell for it, because they’re in no position to make that judgement as they’re all a bunch of paranoid idiots for the most part, and dealing with all different kinds of PTSD in unhealthy ways. And it works for them.”

“So… rationalizing that I could be the Beast from their prophecy wasn’t a good thing then?”

“Oh, it was,” Myriam said as she lead Bella down the stairs. “It got them thinking, and it’s good to get them to stop and think every once in awhile, to see situations from a different perspective. And yes, both Elijah and Freya still believe that you could have been right, but Kol, Klaus and I believe that it’s bullshit. If Rebekah were here, she’d think it’s bullshit too.” Myriam then paused for a second then and turned to face Bella. “Hey, you don’t happen to know the cure to Bekah’s curse, do you?”

“I’m not that good of a witch,” Bella said blushing. “I can do some cleaning spells to make my job easier when I have to wash the floor or dishes, I’m good with herbs, but I’m really weak and a useless witch.”

“No, you’re a witch. Not useless. And if you want more power to do things, I’m sure that Kol has a few tricks up his sleeve to boost your power.”

“I don’t want to boost my power, I don’t want to be a witch, I want to be a vet,” Bella said determined as they walked over the courtyard. Myriam was right, this place was a fortress and it was also very beautiful. “And maybe use my herbal knowledge to heal sick animals instead of using regular medicine, but that’s something completely different.”

“Finally a witch who’s not self involved and power hungry! Good on you, Bella Swan, good on you!” Myriam cheered. “Now, I take it you can read?”

“Of course.”

“What about math?”

Bella shrugged then. “I think I was fortunate that I was taught how to read because my father sent me away to New Orleans to that coven of witches.”

“Fair enough,” Myriam replied, thoughtfully. “To become a vet or at least to qualify you’d need to know about biology, chemistry and science, how about we tackle one or two subjects at the time? Math and biology?”

“Is that even possible?”

“Oh honey, you can buy school text books in normal bookstores now. We’ll start with the lower grades and work our way up, time a plenty, isn’t there?” Myriam laughed as they walked out of the courtyard and straight onto the busy Bourbon Street. “You need to have something to do or your mind will become your prison. I hold several phd’s because I never gave up studying. I love to study.”

“What did you study?”

“Well, I’m a trained nurse, midwife, psychologist, herbalist… I can run businesses if I want to… the possibilities are endless. I think Vet’s assistant would be a new one.”

“Why go for assistant?”

“Because I’d like to work with you,” Myriam smiled at her. “I’m pretty sure Rebekah would volunteer to run the administration department and the three of us could be the best veterinary clinic New Orleans have ever seen!”

Bella started to laugh. “Big dreams, keep dreaming.”

“It’s not a dream when it’ll be reality, now, let’s go, we’ll go somewhere else than Forever 21 where that bitch got her clothes from,” Myriam pointed her down the street and was glad that Bella followed.

As the morning progressed, Myriam watched Bella come out of her shell more. She didn’t need to be told what to do, just gently steered into the right direction, unless she asked for clarification of something. Her mind worked quick, and keeping her engaged was a hoot. Myriam could tell that Bella was a bit careful around her, mainly because the trust wasn’t really there yet, but that was something that would grow. For now, she took pride in the fact that Bella truly seemed to be enjoying herself.

It wasn’t unsurprising to Myriam that Bella went straight for the dresses. Of course, a lot had changed since the early 1900’s, but Bella didn’t seem to mind the lack of sleeves or the shortness of the skirts, although she did have her limits. Knee-length was short enough, in her opinion. And Myriam didn’t even have to tell Bella about the clothes or if it looked good on her or not, Bella had her own opinions and they were correct. Some of the dresses even enhanced Bella’s assets a bit and Myriam knew that Kol was going to have a hard time resisting Bella, or at least to see her as a mere friend.

There was a connection between them. It was obvious, it was clear, but not to them. And it wasn’t as if Myriam was forcing them to be together, but they were clearly exhibiting couple behaviour and from the stories Kol had told her about Bella and him in the 1900’s, they’d been exhibiting that same behaviour then, too. It was no secret that Kol Mikaelson loved his witches, but Bella had stolen his heart and had never returned it to him.

Kol had only fallen for Davina by accident when he was a human. She’d been the first warm body who actually acknowledged him and was curious about him and that had been something new, but she’d been nothing but a replacement, a cheap copy of Bella, and an even cheaper personality. No, it was a good thing the backstabbing bitch was dead, although Myriam would have loved to have killed Davina herself.

See, despite her banishment from New Orleans, Myriam knew everything that was going on thanks to her spies in the city, especially when the Mikaelsons returned to New Orleans to save the witches from that fucktard Marcel. Compelled humans or some of her loyal vampires Elijah didn’t know about. Fucking Elijah. He should really impale himself on a branch of a White Oak Tree.

They had a late lunch at the waterside before Myriam took Bella to one of her favourite bookstores to buy math and biology books on the lowest grade possible, small steps, and Bella seemed to agree, but she was also interested in a book on the anatomy of animals. While she likely wouldn’t be able to understand most of it in the book, Myriam found her determination encouraging and heartwarming.

When they were done, the night was already falling and Myriam took her to the Garden District to a restaurant that had been around since the late 1800’s, and that had been a mistake. Bella refused to go in there as Edward had taken her dining there a couple of times, quite the fancy establishment, and it had gone wrong every single time. She was clawing her arms in frustration whenever Myriam tried to stop her from walking away, much to the point where she drew blood, and then Myriam gave up. She hadn’t known, but she also felt slightly disappointed that Bella didn’t trust Myriam enough to make sure she’d be safe in there. Edward was long dead.

Perhaps she should find out where the asshole’s buried, and then take Bella with her to the grave and dig his bones up, only to start a bonfire and release the girl from bad memories. Or at least make a first step at it. Then again, Bella had killed Edward in a fit of rage, and that idea could actually backfire and make things worse.

After Bella had calmed down somewhat, she thanked Myriam for a lovely morning and afternoon, but that she’d liked to go home now. And they did. It was a good thing that Bella remained out of the loop with the things going on right now, it was what would keep her safe in the end.

Lucien was already dead, and after destroying the Ancestors they would have to deal with Marcel. Despite all the proof against Marcel and for Bella, Elijah and Freya still were a bit on the fence about Bella’s involvement in all of this, but Marcel was the new super vampire and he could mean the end to every Mikaelson. Things were at play that Bella wouldn’t like, but they couldn’t resolve this peacefully.

The whole family were in different places right now, Klaus and Elijah were dealing with Marcel – which sucked because Klaus would be the first to be ripped apart by Marcel, and Kol, Josh and Vincent were now working on destroying the Ancestors. And Myriam was worried. Bella knew that Kol was going to play with the Ancestors, but she didn’t seem to be worried.

She followed Bella up to her room and leaned against the doorpost as Bella started to calm down some more. “Aren’t you worried about Kol? What if Davina keeps him over there while she destroys the Ancestors?”

“Then I’ll set fire to her body so she won’t be to return, ever,” Bella muttered, having stopped scratching herself. She cast a minor spell on her arms to have them heal faster and stumbled when a shock wave was sent through New Orleans, explosions could be heard in the distance. “But I think everything is going to plan… Kol will be home soon.”

“How do you know? You have some sort of weird connection to him apart from your life being dependant on his?” Myriam asked curiously. If this was the case, it was a very dangerous thing to have, indeed. Luckily Freya established that the link only went from Kol to Bella, not the other way around too – otherwise it meant that they’d have to keep Bella alive at all costs and that it was a closed loop. Myriam didn’t like Freya much, but Klaus seemed to trust his sister.

Myriam was curious to hear what Rebekah thought of her. Closed loops were hard to break, but Freya believed that she could sever the link between Kol and Bella if needed. If Bella turned out to be someone else. Or if she’d turn on the family in the future.

“No,” Bella replied as she sat down on the bed. “Those explosions came from the City of the Dead and I felt some invisible tie break deep inside of me. Kol’s been successful in having Davina help to sever the link.”

“Okay,” Myriam nodded. “Are you hungry? Should I have the cook prepare you something delicious?”

“No thank you,” she looked at Myriam and smiled at her. “Again, thank you for the lovely day out, it was good.”

“You’re very welcome, be prepared for more of those days,” Myriam winked before getting the feeling that Bella wanted to be alone. She was going to have one of the servants bring up some tea and sandwiches for her later, but now she was left in her worry about Klaus. She understood why she had to stay at the compound, or at least far away from everyone else, with Bella – it was for their own protection and theirs, but still, it hurt. After a century of being apart, all Myriam wanted was to screw Klaus’ brains out, every single minute of every single day, to make up for lost times.

A few hours later, Kol appeared in her doorway, gently knocking to get her attention. He looked somewhat dishevelled, but Bella was glad that he was still in one piece. “I know you don’t like touching and stuff, but I could really use a hug right now,” Kol said softly, a hopeful look in his eyes.

Bella nodded, put her book down and got off the bed to put her arms around him. It wasn’t that she didn’t like to be touched, or touching, but she was more open to it if she was asked or instigated it herself, that way she could keep control over the situation somewhat – as it was usually taken out of her hands. In that respect, she was easy and adjustable; if people wanted ‘to do what’s best for Bella’, then she’d go along with it, silently making another plan if things would go wrong. It was how she taught herself to be more sociable, too.

“I’m glad you are back safe,” she said as she gently rubbed his back, and was surprised when he put his arms around her too. Stiffening for only a moment, she found that she was liking this. He was strong, but he was gentle, it was almost as if she was wrapped in a nice warm blanket. There was a hint of blood on him, and she wasn’t surprised that he’d gone and feed after his short reunion with Davina and all the excitement, but it didn’t bother her, all the smells around them were fairly neutral. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“No,” he replied, hugging her a little bit tighter. “But you felt the connection break, didn’t you? Please tell me that the explosions weren’t just for show.”

“The connection is broken,” Bella confirmed.

“Good,” he breathed out. “Because for a moment there I wasn’t sure if Davina was on the same page about the Ancestors as we are, but I guess that’s what happens when one’s soul gets shred by the people you were loyal to for so long.”

“The Ancestors are a necessary evil, but for now, it’s a good thing that they’re disconnected.”

“Yes,” he agreed and then took another deep breath before letting her go. “How was your day with Myriam? Did you manage to find some things you liked?” Kol walked into the room and saw the clothes and the books spread out on the bed. “Darling, how are you going to sleep when your bed is this full?” he laughed.

Bella shrugged. “I figured you were going to be curious to my day and wanted to see.”

“This is lovely,” he smiled at her. “Did Myriam behave herself?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t she?” Bella replied as she started to clear her bed. “And it was nice, the experience was like I was walking around with a friend instead of a chaperone.”

He sat down on the bed and leafed through the biology book. “No more chaperones for you. It’s unheard of for a young lady to be escorted outside the walls of her home, frankly, I believe that a lot of young ladies would rebel against their chaperone in this age.”

“But what if I get overwhelmed or confused?”

“I gave you a phone this morning, darling,” Kol winked at her. “But honestly, you’ll be fine. You know the city as well as anyone of us and people are just people. But, shouldn’t you want to go out alone, that’s alright too.”

Bella finished putting her dresses away and then turned around as if something clicked inside her mind. “Does that mean that when I know those books very well and am ready for new ones that I can go out by myself if I want to?”

“Yes, that’s what I said, and only if you feel up to it.”

She nodded as she crawled back onto the bed. “For now I’m good here,” she smiled as she pointed at the books. “Lots to read and learn.”

He let out a snort. “Don’t forget to have some fun too, darling. All work and no play is no fun.”

“But this is fun,” Bella replied pointing at the books again, a small smile dancing on her lips. “Is that wrong?”

“Nope,” he shook his head before sniffing the air and noticing a distinct lack of the smell of food hanging in the air. Sandwiches and tea, a few hours ago maybe. “Did you have dinner yet, Bella?” He believed he heard his brothers call for him from the courtyard, but whatever it was, it could wait. Bella was an ocean of calmness, and that was what he needed right now to stabilize himself after having to ‘die’ and interact with Davina.

“I was given some sandwiches and a pot of tea, I’m not hungry.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure,” Bella smiled at him. “Myriam and I had a big lunch too, it was delicious. We had a table filled with all sorts of seafood and vegetables and it was amazing.”

“Very well,” he replied before sighing deeply. His brothers were determined. Very determined. “Will you excuse me for a moment? Nik and Elijah are demanding my presence downstairs.”

“I was thinking about going to bed, but I wanted to wait up until you came home to make sure you’re alright,” Bella replied as she collected her books. “Don’t worry, I’ll still be here in the morning.”

“You’d better,” Kol laughed. “I might camp out in front of your door to make sure.”

“Please don’t,” Bella replied with a sigh. “I was joking.”

“I know, but who says I was?” Kol grinned before getting off the bed and jumped over the balustrade to land on his feet in front of his annoying siblings. “I’m here, what do you want?”

“Freya has been tracking my enemies,” Klaus huffed, Kol could hear anxiety in his brother’s voice. “They’re all coming.” He pushed the spelled map into his brother’s hands. “Marcellus has taken the serum, Elijah killed him.”

“I had no choice!” Elijah defended himself. “Had I known-”

Kol hummed as he looked at his sister’s handiwork. All the blood was either already in or traveling to New Orleans. “I suppose you’re not being paranoid when there is in fact a whole horde coming for you…”

“Now what?”

“It looks like it won’t be long until they’ll be knocking at the gate. It’s good, I could use a good fight,” Kol said as he handed the map back to his brother.

“Our advantage is that no vampire can cross that threshold as long as the deed stays in Freya’s name,” Elijah pointed out.

“So what? We just wait it out, starve to death?”

“If they are so determined to die at our hands, let them come,” Klaus smirked as he watched the map with glee. “And it’s going to be rather soon, you might wish to instruct Bella to get some place safe, somewhere not here.”

“What about Myriam?”

“While this is a family matter and our old enemies come knocking, I don’t believe Myriam would like to sit this one out,” Klaus said as he shot off a text to Hayley. “Hayley, for that matter, doesn’t have an option as she needs to protect Hope.”

Bella had just dozed off before she was rudely awakened by noises coming from the roof and stairwell near her room. Carefully peeking out from her doors, she could see a bunch of vampires heading towards Klaus’ study where Freya was at that point. She nearly got the air knocked out of her by Myriam as the vampire pushed her back into her room. “Collect your things, we’re leaving,” she ordered as she pushed a duffelbag into Bella’s arms. “I’m not sure for how long, so take your new clothes and your books.”

“What’s going on?” Bella wondered as she did as she was told.

“Mikaelson trouble, they want me to take you to Lucien’s old Penthouse to keep you safe and maybe we can find stuff that could cure Rebekah’s curse or maybe even the cure to Lucien’s bite.”

“But I can’t die,” Bella replied, slightly confused. “I know my magic isn’t good for battle but isn’t it better I stay here and help out where I can?” What about Kol? He already had gone through such an ordeal today that she couldn’t help but wonder if he was going to be okay. “And I thought Lucien’s dead?”

“It’s alright, Bella,” Myriam said, helping the girl pack, definitely choosing not to tell her about Marcel. “There’s no White Oak anymore, Kol will be safe. Now, are you ready? We really need to go.”

Bella hated to be brought somewhere on vampire speed, Myriam had picked her up and was taking the roof route to the old penthouse. Bella was glad when she was standing on her own two feet again and ready to get on the elevator. “Why do I have the feeling that the situation is very dire and that I’m being kept out of it?”

“Because you’re right,” Myriam replied as the doors closed. “Elijah thinks this situation is none of your business, Klaus wants to give you time to have fun and to adjust and Kol wants to keep you out of harm’s way and doesn’t want you to worry about anything.”

“Tell me what’s going on,” Bella urged her as they got off the elevator and headed into the penthouse suite. It was a mess, and Myriam quickly put all the chairs back on to their own feet and went looking for the safe. “Please?”

“You know Marcel’s story, right?”

“How can’t I know the story? It’s what Kol spoke of very often when he was trying to teach me a different kind of magic when I was alive the first time,” Bella said as she put her bag out of everyone’s way. She was tired, but she couldn’t sleep now, could she? “He’s basically like a son to Klaus. Family, to most of them but not to Kol. He’s always hated Marcel for taking his place in his sibling’s hearts.”

Myriam nodded. “Anyway, Marcel’s really angry with the Mikaelsons, especially Klaus and Elijah, for being who they are. He’s angry with Kol for not having been around to protect Davina when Van and his witches came for her-”

“But that was my fault, Kol was taking me to you!”

“It’s not your fault and Marcel’s a big baby and acting out right now. Toddler tantrum. Although it’s far worse than that, Elijah killed Marcel today without having known that Marcel had already taken the serum that had made Lucien the beast. One bite from Marcel and they will all die.”

“And you said that Kol was going to be fine!” Bella squeaked, her anxiety levels currently going through the roof. “But there is no cure!”

“Says who?” Hayley said as she brought Freya in. Like the supermom that she was, she had Hope with her too. Freya looked like death. “She got poisoned,” she pointed out before plopping her onto the couch and assisted Myriam in finding the safe and other hiding spots. “Lucien has the antidote, we got it before, surely he put it somewhere here.”

“Even if I was cured, the power I used to fight Lucien is gone. There’s nothing that can stop Marcel now…” Freya said weakly. “I’m going to die.”

“Shut up, you’re not, and I’ve already taken care of Marcel,” Hayley said determined. “Bella, could you look after Hope, please?”

“I’m not good with kids,” Bella said carefully. “Especially as young as Hope, they wiggle.”

“Stop being useless and look after my daughter while I’m trying to save this family!” Hayley growled at her, nearly launching herself at Bella but was being thrown back by Myriam. “Let me go,” she growled at the vampire. The intruder. While Hayley didn’t have feelings for Klaus anymore, she didn’t like it that Hope was going to have Myriam as a stepmother.

“You do not talk to her like that, have I made myself clear?” Myriam said as she held Hayley down. “Stressed or not, you’re not going to lose your temper.”

Bella quickly picked up Hope and almost ran to the bedroom with the baby, quickly putting it down on the bed, put pillows on both sides and the baby dozed off in seconds. Exiting the bedroom, Bella grabbed a cloth, made it wet and put it on Freya’s forehead to cool her down somewhat.

“There’s nothing here, the place has been cleaned out,” Myriam said after an extensive search. “Is Hope asleep?”

Bella nodded, as she kept a careful eye on Hayley. “If it starts to cry, it’s not my problem, though. Kids aren’t really my thing.”

“I thought you were pregnant before?” Freya asked from beside her. “That’s what Kol said, anyway.”

“Not by choice,” Bella replied as she turned the cloth on Freya’s head. “And it died because I wasn’t getting the help I needed.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Freya apologized and gently squeezed her hand. “I know what it’s like to lose a child.”

“I’m not sorry,” Bella replied, pulling her hand back and jumping from the couch when Klaus dragged in a seriously injured Kol, followed by an equally injured Elijah. “Kol!”

“I’m sorry,” he whined as Klaus dropped him on the other couch. “I’m going to die…”

“You’re not going to die!” Klaus shot at him.

“That’s what you told Finn and Cami, look where they are now!”

Klaus sighed as Hayley fussed over Elijah. “Look, Lucien engineered his venom from the seven werewolf packs, so maybe, that’s the key to a cure.”

Freya got up from the couch as she threw the cloth down. “Oh great, that’s the first piece in a puzzle none of us will be alive to solve. I’m poisoned, Rebekah is hexed, and our brothers are bitten. We need three different cures to three different ailments, each of which could take years to find, and none of us will make it through the day.”

“Time to come up with a plan then,” Hayley said determined. “We still have time.”

Bella pulled Kol into her arms and put her arms tightly around him. “I don’t feel sick yet,” she said hopeful. “Maybe you won’t die after all.”

“You heard Freya, there’s no cure, and if there is, we’ll all be dead before we find it, just put me to sleep already, put me out of my misery!”

“You’re being overly dramatic,” Bella said playfully as she ignored the rest of the voices in the room. She ran a hand through Kol’s hair and could feel him shiver against her. “You’re going to be alright,” she said softly, worried, however, that it was not going to be that way. Kol was in rough shape and Elijah was fading. “Rest some, I’ll be here.”

“Don’t leave me,” Kol grabbed her hand and held it against his chest. “Please don’t. If we do make it out of this alive, you and I are going to have a serious talk…” he groaned as his body twitched uncontrollably.

“About what?” Bella cast a minor spell to relax Kol a bit, not dampening his fighting spirit but to dull the pain somewhat. She couldn’t stand seeing him in pain, not like this. He didn’t deserve this.

“Missed opportunities. Missed chances… everything,” he let out a breath as he closed his eyes. “Just don’t leave me. Ever.” He then faded a little, and Bella didn’t have the heart to keep him awake. He needed his strength. Hayley handed her a new wet cloth and she put it on Kol’s forehead. She wasn’t sure what he meant by missed chances or missed opportunities, but she was keen to find out.

All of a sudden Kol shot up. “No, don’t hurt her, Davina! Leave Bella alone!” He panted, it was almost as if he was having a panic attack.

“Hey,” Bella said as she tried to pull him back into her arms, but he was stronger than her, even in his weakened state. “I’m right here,” she said as she kept tugging on him. “Kol, I’m right here. Davina’s gone.”

“Freya! It’s getting worse!” Hayley called out to Freya as she pushed Kol back down. “Calm down, Kol.”

“Don’t hurt her, Davina, please,” Kol whimpered as he curled up against Bella, holding her tightly. Bella could feel and hear one of her bones crack, but she didn’t care.

“I’m here,” she whispered, gently rubbing his back. “You’re going to be okay.”

Not even 30 minutes later Freya had finished the spell she wanted to use to make all of the Mikaelsons sleep and enter a chambre du chasse to give Hayley, Myriam and Bella time to find the cures for all of them. For the poisoning, the bite and the curse. Myriam had hated the plan, she hated the idea of Klaus having to suffer for as long as they needed before they could get to him, and she had told him just that before he left. And she didn’t like the plan because it meant having to spend time with Hayley. Myriam didn’t mind Hope as she was Klaus’ daughter, but Hayley was a bitch of a wolf.

Bella helped the now somewhat alert Kol into his chair around the table, as the rest of the Mikaelsons moved to sit at the table. There was a piece of paper on the table with their names on it in Old Norse. As soon as everyone was ready, Freya started to chant and Myriam pulled Bella back from Kol for safety reasons and Bella couldn’t help but feel as if she was being suffocated, until everyone at the table let out a deep breath and went to sleep. It was only then when she could breathe again.

She quickly rushed over to Kol to make sure he didn’t fall off his chair and looked at Hayley and Myriam. “Now what?”

“Now, I’m going to get their coffins, get the truck and we’re going to load them up, and pick up Rebekah on the way out of town, it’s going to be just us girls until we find everything we need, are you ready for that? Or do you want to stay in New Orleans by yourself and hope that that maniac doesn’t come after you?” Hayley said impatiently as she checked up on Hope. “And we need to pack up Hope too.”

“I promised Kol that I’m not leaving him, so I’m not going to,” Bella said determined.

“He was delirious.”

She had a feeling that Hayley didn’t want her to come with. “I don’t care, I promised.”

In less than an hour the truck was packed, with both Hayley and Myriam lifting the coffins as if they weighed nothing, and Bella crawled in the back with them. “What are you doing?”

“There’s no room in front for the four of us,” Bella shrugged as she made herself comfortable in a corner near Kol’s coffin. “I’ll be here. Out of your way.”

“Fine,” Hayley huffed as she closed the truck and soon after Bella could feel the truck starting to move on high speed, they were truly going to leave New Orleans, and it was fearful and exciting. She had never left New Orleans before and now she was on the road with a vampire-werewolf hybrid, a vampire and a baby who was a tribrid. Their cargo was precious and their mission was an important one. There was no room to be afraid, they all had to be strong and do the best they could.

On to a new adventure…


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