Mystic Falls, June 15th 2013

Kol waited for Isa to wake up, and when she did, she let out a groan before rolling into him, causing him to snort and wrap his arms around her. “Good morning, darling, welcome home.”

Her eyes flew open then, and he watched her in fascination. She prodded his chest, tugged on his hair, almost as if she was testing reality, before she eagerly kissed him. “I’m back!” She exclaimed as she pushed him to his back and straddled him before kissing him again. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“You’re welcome,” he laughed.

“You found me,” she smiled widely, still on top of him before her head snapped to the tree in the middle of the cabin. “And you! I can hear you!” She hopped off her beloved and hugged the trunk of the tree.

Normally he’d find it an insult when a girl left a perfectly fine position on top of him to do other things, but Kol found himself turning on his side and watch his Isa communicate with his namesake, the tree. He had missed this nutty side of her, well, it wasn’t nutty. It was a part of her, and it was real, and that scared him.


Because if the bloody Cold Ones would go after her, who would be next?

After a while, she turned around and looked at him, concern washed over her face. “What is it, love?” He asked as he sat up.

“Damon brought back his mother from a jail world?”

“He mentioned plans of doing that, yes. I told him that he had to leave it alone, as she was put there for a reason if she was in one.”

Isa nodded. “He managed to bring her back. And with her, the vampires she created. How much have you seen of Mystic Falls?”

“I went to his house once to get you your food, but he met me halfway.” See, he liked this, she seemed to be able to tell him everything that he had missed. In his defense, he had been focused on her, not his surroundings, knowing that her cabin was a safe place. According to her drawings in the caverns below, Ayana had put up a boundary spell that only people could see it once they’d been taken to it by Isa herself. And it seemed to work perfectly. Ayana had also been the one who gifted Isa with her own daylight ring and looked after her until she died. It had comforted him, somewhat, to know that Isa hadn’t been completely left on her own. It probably also explained the diet of animal blood. “I told him he’d be on his own if she’d cause trouble.”

“You don’t wish to help him?”

“Depends on what the problem is, darling. Damon likely found himself in a situation that even you can’t help him out of. You don’t get locked in a Gemini prison world without having done something terrible.”

Isa sighed and nodded. “I suppose you’re right.” She felt slightly disappointed, because she felt the need to protect Damon and his brother, like she’d always done, but according to her trees, Damon had really opened the box of Pandora with his latest emotional mistake. “How did you feed?”

“Damon gave me some bags, I didn’t want to leave you.” He saw the restlessness on her face and pulled her towards him. “Tell me, how bad is the fall out of Damon bringing back his mother?”

“She brought friends. Heretics. There’s a truce in play where all the humans, bar one human cop, have left Mystic Falls so they have the run of the town.”

He blinked at that. Heretics? Granted, he had a run in once or twice with Oscar, who wasn’t that bad and only liked to have fun, but the Heretics were crazy. They were powerful and while he could tell his siblings about it and have rain hell down on the Heretics, there were more important matters at hand. Such as Isa and her recovery. Reign in Rebekah with the wedding preparations, ask Isa about what she wanted and much more. But most of all, have fun. Taking care of some Heretics wasn’t fun.

“Can’t we go to our flat in Los Angeles for a while?” She put her arms around his neck. “Damon and Stefan have to fix this on their own, I don’t feel like meddling with this. The trees are terrified that something will happen to me again.”

“Are they?”

“Kol says that Geezer and Ezekiel want us out of here. They’ll let us know when it’s safer to come back.”

“What? Now?”

“Well, yes, but I’m not going anywhere until I’ve had something to snack,” she mused. “There’s an Elk not far from here, would you like to come?”

He scrunched up his nose. “No thanks,” he kissed her forehead. “And can we have sex when you’re topped up? Before we leave?”

She smirked as she left his lap. “Come with me. I know a great spot.”

“We have a bed!”

Isa shrugged. “Thought you liked an adventure.”


New Orleans, June 20th 2013

Their few days spent in Los Angeles, did Isa some good. Did him some good. Simply enjoying each other’s company over a nice warm body to drink from and less of him trying to keep her close. She’d be in the park behind the flat if he found her missing. Of course, the first time she wasn’t next to him in bed when he woke up he freaked out, but she had left him a note. Hilariously in Norse runes.

She later explained to him that she preferred the runes, still, despite knowing the English language, and she wouldn’t mind re-acquainting him with the language. That evening was spent with her drawing all over his skin in the blood of the tourist he had snagged off the beach and it had been amazing. Especially when he could practise on her.

However, he had received a worrying message from his brother Nik. Lucien Castle was in New Orleans. Lucien. Bloody Lucien, the one he had voted for to gut and eat when Rebekah had insisted in posing as noblemen for a while after running for so long. What was the name again? De Guise-Rochefort? Granted, he had been fed up as well, but the bloody family vow kept them together. Like a noose around his neck.

If this had anything to do with the message that was left inside Isa’s mind about a war between the sire lines, it was going to get bloody and entertaining. It worried him, because Lucien was capable of doing anything. The slimy bastard had been a very clever servant and with his own agenda. Kinda like his brother Niklaus, although he’d never been a servant.

What was worse, Lucien was part of the Trinity; three vampires first sired. The oldest ever sired and they were all brats. What was hilarious, that they didn’t know about Isa because nobody knew about her until three years ago and they kept it a secret between them. Oh, this was going to be so much fun.

Nik told him to stay away. Kol told Isa and, because of her own curiosity, agreed that they should go to New Orleans, granted that Kol would allow her to go to the Bayou or wherever else when she felt like it. He already figured that taking her to the zoo would be a hoot. Yes. New Orleans.

While there was no doubt in his mind that Freya would be able to back up his siblings, Kol knew that Lucien, Tristan and Aurora were even more manipulative than any one of them. It was best to have two extra sets of eyes, even if it meant for Isa to pretend she wasn’t older than those three for awhile. Besides, Lucien had always liked Kol, despite Kol not liking him. It would be great to fuck with his head again.

He was also sure that Rebekah was going to keep Isa occupied with wedding talk. Something he and she still hadn’t spoken about together since her return.

But, of course, before they’d go to New Orleans, Isa insisted on going back to Mystic Falls after hearing that Ezekiel had fallen ill. When they arrived at the stump, that had started to grow back but hadn’t completely re-rooted itself even after all this time, she insisted that they’d take him to New Orleans, plant him in the Bayou due to its unique soil and hope he’d be better then. Maybe dig a little deeper, too.

It was her own fault that Ezekiel was doing worse. Of course, he’d insisted that he was doing fine and even Damon had said a few times that the tree was doing fine. But she’d been so caught up in Kol that she hadn’t noticed that everyone was lying. At least he wasn’t dead. He was still hanging in there.

Kol didn’t mind taking the stump with them, it meant a lot to Isa, so what if it looked ridiculous on the motorway?

After finding the right spot for Ezekiel, they had spent the rest of the afternoon digging a hole and taking care of him. Even Kol had started to call the stump a ‘he’ now, instead of an it. Mostly because Isa talked so vividly about him. Now that he had thrown rationality out of the window and started to believe her, more stories came. More observations. There was more life on her face, and he absolutely loved it.

Most importantly, he believed her. She knew about so many things it simply had to be true. Even her stories in her cabin on the walls, how could she have known all of those things if she’d never left Mystic Falls? Just because he couldn’t see it, didn’t mean it wasn’t possible. He was the biggest witch-loving vampire out there, he’d been an idiot not to accept that Isa’s quirkiness had become more powerful over the years.

Then again, who’d ever expect that his or her lover of a thousand years ago would resurface?

They stayed in the Bayou maybe for longer than necessary, but Isa wanted to make sure that Ezekiel was properly tucked in this time, and she wouldn’t leave until he sounded stronger, felt stronger. Covered in mud, they compelled the owner of the first house they saw, took a shower and got changed before crashing their brother’s dinner party.

“Oh, joy!” Kol smiled widely as he walked onto the courtyard. “The whole family is here! Lucien, Tristan, Aurora, so good to see you again!”

“What is this?” Lucien demanded as he looked at his sire. “You told us a moment ago that Kol got killed!”

“Oh, did he now?” Kol said with a pout, reaching for the first glass of wine in his reach and downed it in one go. “Well, surprise!”

“I thought I told you to stay away, brother,” Klaus said, a smile on his face but it wasn’t genuine. It was filled with concern.

“Oh, you know how I am, Niklaus,” Kol said as he handed Isa a glass of wine. “I happen to like parties. Especially reunions, they are so… what’s the word… special.” He looked around the table. “Where is our sister?”

“No, no, no,” Aurora squealed in panic. “This isn’t happening. If you’re not dead, what happened to your sire line?”

Kol looked at Isa. “Oh, I believe we found ourselves in the midst of the sireline war that Bella warned me about,” he said, mockingly.

“I hated that bitch,” Isa muttered as she took a sip of her wine. “So glad she’s gone.”

Elijah looked at Isa with an amused smile on his face. He hadn’t heard her swear like that before. “There is an entire prophecy dedicated to our family.”

“There is no prophecy. They’re like… scary stories people make up to keep them in check,” Isa said as she made her way over to Niklaus. “Like the stories they tell about Klaus,” she smiled at him and ruffled his hair. “He’s simply a big puppy.” She ruffled his hair some more. “Aren’t you?”

“Still crazy then?” Klaus countered as he looked at Kol.

“Oh yes,” Kol grinned. “And no, you’re not going to kill her, Niklaus. She’s here to help.”

Isa zeroed in on Aurora. “I don’t like you,” she said as she approached her, fearless. “You’re truly out of your mind and you’ve done something to Rebekah, haven’t you?” She looked at the shrubbery and then back at Aurora. “Don’t worry, I’ll find her, only to make sure that your sire can rip you to shreds for what you’ve done.”

“Darling?” Kol questioned her.

“Oh, not in front of the children, Kol. They’re already playing dirty and your brothers and your other sister know that. This dinner had a special function.” She grinned as she turned to Klaus. “Please, let them leave with their hearts still beating in their chest. I like some entertainment.”

“Excuse me, but who is this and how dare she talk to us like that? To you!” Tristan demanded angrily as he slammed his fork on the table, breaking the table in half, causing the food and the drinks to spill into one heap.

“Such a waste,” Isa pouted and then pointed at Lucien. “He smells like steel. Cold steel. Mechanical. Technological.”

“Well, I happen to have become quite rich with my-” Lucien started, but Isa ignored him before she joined Kol at his side again.

“I’m going to our room,” she said as she looked up to him with a smile on her face as she slipped a round disc that she had lifted from Lucien in his pocket. “Come join me when you’re ready.”

While Isa walked away, Kol sighed happily as he reached for a piece of chicken that was still on a plate, nearly having to have to crawl over Lucien to do so. “So, now that we’re all reunited and we do not have to worry about our sister, let’s celebrate.”

“What, exactly?” Elijah asked curiously.

“Well, there are plenty of things to celebrate, Elijah. Such as this reunion with your first ever sires. Such as Isa’s safe return and such as our engagement. The wisest person in her life has given me his blessing and we’ve been celebrating it with the two of us, but what’s the fun in that?”

“Your fiancé just left you here to go to her room.”

Kol was quiet for a moment before a big smile appeared on his face. “You’re right. You’re absolutely right. We’ll talk later!” He started to walk into the direction Isa had gone. “Lucien, Tristan, Aurora, so good to see you conniving faces again and I can’t wait to have a proper chat with you, but alas, my gorgeous fiancé is waiting for me.”


New Orleans, June 21st, 2013

“Why did you have to make your entrance like that?” Klaus asked as he shot his brother and Isa a dirty look over the breakfast table. “Do you have any idea how much we’ve worked for? What we’ve done? What they’ve done? And now you bring her here? I was trying to keep the both of you safe after all you’ve been through!”

“Relax, brother,” Kol said, waving his brother’s anger away before pulling out a chair for Isa to sit on. “The first sign of trouble we’re out of here.”

“You’re still here.”

“We’re not in trouble,” he replied and sat down.

Klaus tiredly sighed as he turned to his food. “Quite the display you two put up last night, must have been exhausting.”

“I’m sorry if we were loud, Nik,” Kol smirked. “But ever since she returned to me, we simply-”

“I didn’t mean that. Although I was quite tempted to kill the both of you for disrupting our sleep. Please refrain from that for as long as you’re under my roof.”

“The only one to have sex in this building is Niklaus?” Isa asked innocently as she poured herself something to drink. “Maybe we should stay at that shack in the Bayou. It looked empty yesterday.”

“Yes, do that,” Klaus snapped before looking over at Kol. “The Bayou? Is she still talking to trees even after what she’s been through?”

She is sitting right here!” Isa threw her knife towards Klaus, who caught it before it could hit him. She ducked when the knife came back her way, hearing it clatter against the stone wall at the far end of the compound. “And if you want Rebekah back, you’ll have to deal with me as well, because I don’t believe that your infamous Trinity will cooperate. One has the longitude and the other the other one? Please. How childish.”

“How?” Freya asked as she joined them. “I can’t find her anywhere, she’s protected by magic.”

“And you’re supposed to be a powerful witch,” Isa rolled her eyes at her before snapping her toast in half and took a bite off it. “Maybe because the best way to find Rebekah is not by using magic but use of other means.”

“And what do you suggest?” Klaus said, an entertained smile on his lips. “Start dredging every ocean, pond and river?”

“I suggest I go for a swim this afternoon,” she simply stated and continued to eat her toast as she relaxed into the chair.

It was quiet for a moment before Kol spoke up. “So I’m dead to you?”


“You told the terrible trio that I was dead.”

“To protect you.”

“I don’t need your protecting, Niklaus, I’m very capable of doing that myself!” Kol shot at him. “But must have been easy to persuade them that I was dead, seeing as I don’t have a long line of little sirelings hopping about, causing a fuss.”

“No, instead you got a lunatic.”

“Niklaus, it’s not fair to vent your frustration onto your brother and Isa,” Freya said kindly. “They haven’t deserved that. Stop being the mean older brother, we all know that you sent me to aid Kol and Damon in retrieving his beloved Isa.”

Klaus scowled.

“Isa lifted this off of Lucien last night,” Kol said, holding up the round disc that Isa had put in his pocket. “It’s the Serratura, a dark object to keep people locked in one place for a very long time. I created it with Mary Alice Claire back in the day. Thought I’d lost it!”

“Camille told me it was between the dark objects her family has collected over the years.”

“Ah, okay, so it wasn’t lost. Maybe she has more items that I’ve misplaced.”

“You created it with a Claire witch?” Elijah asked as he finally joined his family at the table. He had been amused to see how well Isa held herself against his brother, and how Freya had put Niklaus in his place. “That explains why the Strix want Davina. Brother, they can’t get a hold of that disc. Not while Davina’s allegiance is still questionable.”

“Not to worry about Davina, I hear that Marcel and Vincent have taken care of that. She’s no longer at risk of being used against us and she’ll live because of that,” Klaus replied as he took a sip of his drink.

“The Strix?” Kol blinked. “They’re still around? Elijah, I thought you put a stop to them ages ago!”

“No, I simply left,” he countered. “Much to my dismay, it seems that they’re all more deranged than our brother’s line. Talented, famous, but quite off the mark.”

“Yes, of course. I told you not to do it because it would come round and bite you in the arse, but nobody ever listened to me.” Kol mocked his brother. “Rebekah and I were never really allowed to have our own opinion.”

“Hand me the disc now, so I can keep it safe.” Klaus said, holding out his hand.

“What? This little trinket?” Kol huffed and tossed it to his brother. “This is merely the copy I created. It’s a dud. Doesn’t do anything.”

“Excuse me? Why is everyone looking for this then?”

“Oh, come on, Nik,” he said as he buttered his roll and put something on it, he wasn’t quite sure what, but he didn’t really care. “You’re not the only one known to misdirect. Would I really leave such a powerful object, that could even sideline me, out in the open? Plant seeds here and there that you don’t need a White Oak Stake to kill an Original? That’s an overly decorated coaster with some gibberish scribbled on it,” he laughed. “Although, I have to admit that it’s fascinating to see your beloved triad to come running with it. Go through all that trouble.”

Klaus tossed the disc back to his brother, applauding his thoughts behind it. “So where’s the real thing?”

“I have something better. Ask yourself this,” Kol said as he let the disc roll through his fingers. “Did I just tell you the truth? Or maybe a half truth? Is this really a copy or is it the real thing? Or even better; is there even such a thing that could lock people up for an eternity?”


“I mean, I have to admit,” he said with a snort. “If I was sired by you lot and I didn’t want to die, it would be amazing to just take you out of the equation. No harm being able to come over you. Safe keeping. Then proceed to do whatever I wanted. Quite tempting indeed.”

“Unbelievable.” Elijah said, clearly impressed.

“If you do believe in this so-called prophecy, or that a fraction of the White Oak Stake is still around, as you expressed during our late night talk over the phone a few days ago, why don’t you kill Freya?”

“Excuse me?” Freya’s head snapped to Kol. “What?”

“Well, according to Nik, you saved his life, along with Elijah’s and Rebekah’s by inhaling the dust of the stake when our dear Auntie Dahlia destroyed it in hopes of killing them with the dust. So you, dearest sister, our oh so human witchy sister, have remnants of the stake within you. You could cause all of our deaths.”

“You need to stop talking if you don’t want to get boxed,” Klaus warned him with a growl. “And yes, I’ll even be willing to go back on my word for it. Freya’s done nothing to deserve your suspicion or crazy theories, brother, so stop talking.”

Isa had watched Freya through the entire exchange and she could have sworn to see the color drain from her face. Her heart was beating faster, she was getting nervous. Who wouldn’t, though? Being accused of being a weapon of mass destruction in the presence of the people she could possibly kill with a single drop of her blood, or with a poke of her finger. Isa would be scared.

While Isa had a habit of taking out threats towards her or those she loved, she felt unwanted by Niklaus. Elijah hadn’t really spoken to her or about her so she didn’t know about him. And Freya… well, she had come to her rescue, somewhat. But it was possible that Freya was a danger to her siblings. Isa needed to keep Kol as far away as possible from her. But killing her? No. She wouldn’t do that. She owed Freya one and until the theory was proven, she wasn’t going to risk killing an innocent.

“Let’s grab a few things and take with us for lunch,” Isa suggested to Kol. “The sooner I can get a location on Rebekah, the quicker we can go and collect her to return her to the loving arms of your siblings. Maybe that will return us to your brother’s good graces.”

“Freya, I’d like you to work some more on deciphering the prophecy today. See if you manage to do so,” Elijah said kindly. “Niklaus and I shall continue with our plan concerning Lucien and Tristan before Kol and Isa rudely interrupted our civil dinner last night.”

“I told you, you shouldn’t have come,” Klaus shot at his brother, throwing his napkin on his plate and stormed off to his study.

Isa got up to follow Klaus, but Kol grabbed her hand. “Don’t. He’ll rip off your head.”

“No, he won’t,” she said as she pulled herself free. “Grab some food for lunch, I’ll be down in a second,” she smiled at him before following the hybrid up the stairs to his study. Once there, she closed the door and hugged him, and she was going to hold on to him for as long as he tolerated.

He wasn’t sure what the little Mouse was doing, but he tolerated it for a few minutes. “Isa, what are you doing?”

“I’m giving you a hug that you desperately need,” she replied softly, still not letting go of him. “I know you’re scared. I know that the witch managed to lift the curse that was placed on the wolves and I know you’re scared of losing your daughter. I know that the idea of the prophecy scares you shitless and that you hate having to deal with your progeny. And that’s alright. Everything’s going to be alright.”

“Right now, I’m more annoyed by you holding on to me.”

“Tough,” she tightened her hold on him and breathed in his scent. “I’m alright with you thinking that I’m crazy or not right in the head if that makes you feel better,” she said as she looked up to him. “But you have to stop doing that in front of your brother. He looks up to you and you’re making it really hard for him to be with me, because he loves you.”

“That’s none of-”

“Yes, it is. All he wanted was to be part of the family. Part of the pact you share with Elijah and Rebekah. We came to New Orleans despite your wishes, because you’re his brother, Niklaus. You’re in trouble. The entire family is in trouble if you don’t stand united. That’s including the mother of your child.” She gently caressed his cheek and smiled at him. “Trying to push me away won’t work on me, Nik. I’m the vampire who waited, remember? I’m nothing but durable.”

“I wanted you both to stay away from here with Lucien, Tristan and Aurora stomping about, and not for selfish reasons, but for Kol. And yourself, of course, but mainly to give my brother a part of his life back.”

“And yet, here he is. To help save his family. Also to raise some hell, which is so much fun.”

“You have to be careful, Little Mouse. You’re only a year older than they are, they may be able to match your strength. Not to mention, they have combat experience.”

“And I wrestle bears for their blood without getting a scratch,” she pointed out. “Don’t discard your brother. He genuinely wants to help, he knows more than he lets on,” she smiled at him then. “And relax, will you. You’re so tightly wound despite your appearances that you’re upsetting the vines.”

“I’m what?”

Isa rolled her eyes at him. “Relax. And no more sex with Aurora.”

“How did you know that?”

“The vines,” she said simply before giving him a peck on his cheek and almost skipped away to join her fiancé for their trip to the Bayou.


She had been in the water in the Bayou for hours now, and Kol wasn’t complaining. He had brought a good bottle of bourbon with him and while leaning against Ezekiel, he watched his fiancé float around, eyes closed and an intense look on her face. But he wasn’t complaining. He was quite enjoying the view.

“Does she have to be naked?”

Kol looked up to see the wolf girl standing next to him and smiled. “I don’t know, but you don’t hear me complain,” he countered before looking back into the water. “Nik sent you to check up on us?”

“No, he sent me to clear out anything belonging to me or Jackson in that shed over there so you two can take up temporary residence. Are you sure you want to be in there? It’s drafty and the roof leaks when it rains.”

“Isa’s cabin has a big tree in the middle, sticking out from the roof. In fact, she built the roof around it. I’m used to it by now. Strangely enough, the cabin is quite warm and dry.”

“Interesting,” Hayley said as she eyed the girl in the water. “She’s hot.”

“Stop looking at my fiancé as if she’s your next meal. It’s likely you’ll be hers.”

“Hey, you two at the water’s edge,” Isa’s voice sounded. “Could you please shut up? I’m trying to learn a whole new language here!”

“Ah, I see what Klaus meant that she was a little crazy,” Hayley said, dropping her voice almost to a whisper. “Does she really talk to trees?”

“And animals. Birds. Plants. And now fish, apparently.”

“Shut up!” Isa growled. “Don’t make me come out and slap you silly!”

“How about you ride my-”

“Kol! I’m serious! Fish are stupid creatures! Their language is insanely hard and they mumble. Mumble! Because they’re under water! And getting one out of the water would be potentially harmful so shut the fuck up and let me concentrate!”

“Oh, that’s so hot,” Kol countered with a big smile on his face, taking another sip of bourbon. “Your time as Bella has done your vocabulary some good!”

Isa rushed to the shore and snapped Kol’s neck before she looked at Hayley. “If you can clean out that cabin in silence, you may proceed, but otherwise, you’re next,” she threatened. “I’m trying to find Rebekah and you two are a major distraction.”

Hayley swallowed hard. “I’ll uh… I’ll come back in a few hours.”

“Good,” Isa grabbed the bottle of alcohol and took a few big gulps before going back into the water. At least with Hayley now gone, and Kol unconscious, she could continue to try and understand the stupid fish. She remembered trying to do this once before, but eventually gave up because the trees could tell her so much more. However, in this case, the trees remained silent. Not a whisper about Rebekah or having seen something being dropped in the water. The only solution was to ask the fish. And their memory spans were worse than that of a gnat.

Eventually, Isa got frustrated and decided they needed to head out to the ocean, or at least deeper water where there were bigger fish. She didn’t like floating around in the water much, and she had to punch a crocodile or two for getting too close and not listening to her to stay away. That she wasn’t a meal.

She got out of the water and wrapped herself in a towel before nudging Kol with her foot. “Wake up, sleepy head. I know you’re pretending to be asleep.”

“Did you get Rebekah’s location?” He asked hopeful.

“No. We need to get to the other side of the Bayou that reaches into the Gulf of Mexico. The fish here are stupid. Probably because they don’t get to see much of the world.”

“Then why did you choose this spot?”

“I didn’t! You did!” She smacked him on his shoulder after he’d gotten up. It didn’t take them too long to pack up and move to the other side, which was a less preferable area for Kol because there was even more dirt. “You could always join me in the water,” she smiled. “As long as you shut up.”

“No, I’m good. I’m afraid that if I join you, you won’t be able to talk to the fish at all or the fish will think you’re a pervert.”

“But I am,” she winked as she dropped her towel and walked back into the water. “Nothing new there, my love!” Isa nosedived into the water and was submerged for quite some time before she floated back to the surface and stayed there.

All Kol could see were her beautiful breasts and her toes, but after listening closely, he could tell that she was still with him. “Have you ever thought about our wedding in the last thousand years?”

“Yes,” she replied as she kept floating. It was easier now, to communicate. There was a pod of dolphins close by and they had already picked up on her intentions. Some of them had swum off to look for Rebekah in different waters, and it was only a matter of time before she’d learn where she was. “Have you?”

“Obviously not. Tell me, what do you wish for our wedding?”

“Just you and me, declaring eternal love and commitment to each other, no clergyman or priestess to bear witness, just us. Then again, we’re practically married already so…”

“You don’t want anything official then?”

“Kol, we’re blessed with eternal life! Well, you more than me but that makes it official for me. Granted, as a little girl I had always wanted for my father to bring me into your loving hands. I’d wear the best dress I could make or my father could afford and we’d have a party after being blessed by Ayana or our village elder. We’d dance to the music made by musicians from our community and eat from the pigs that have been roasting over a fire for the entire day.” She inhaled deeply. “Nothing beats the smell of that succulent piece of meat, the way it’ll fall apart in your mouth… heaven. Then, while the party is still going on, you’d take me to your bed and make me yours in another way.”

“Oh, that pig sounds amazing,” he said as he begrudgingly sat down in the sand. She had envisioned the most normal wedding ever, just like Rebekah, although Rebekah had always wanted to be a princess. She was girly like that. Isa had never been a girl. More like half a boy, climbing trees with him, doing stupid stuff together and of course, not afraid of blood. “I like the idea, now bring that to this century, darling.”


“The wedding is a great excuse for the biggest party of the year at the compound, come on, party. Party!”

“At the compound?” She stopped floating to look at him from her spot in the water. “What? With your family?”

“Of course with my family,” Kol huffed. “Knowing Elijah, he’d probably want to invite some important people over as well, and maybe some witches and whatnot.”


“A party isn’t a party without people, Isa.”

“But what about Geezer? Mark? Amy? Paula and the rest of my family?”

“We can’t go to Mystic Falls until Geezer tells you it’s safe, Isa.”

“Then we’ll wait,” she huffed as she started to float again. “I’ll agree to the party, but we’ll have the trees on our wedding.”

He let out a whine and crossed his arms over his chest as he continued to watch her. “Just you wait until Rebekah comes back!”


New Orleans, June 22nd, 2013

“The bloody Niagara Falls!” Rebekah fumed as she walked into the dining room, picture perfect as always. “It took your minions far too long to get me back to the surface Nik, but thanks for the rescue.”

“You’re welcome, sister. Welcome home.”

Rebekah huffed as she sat down next to Isa and started to put food on her plate. “I’m just surprised that they told you where I was. Or did you have to torture it out of them? That would have been lovely! Sad I missed that.”

“Well, actually, we had a little help,” Freya smiled at Rebekah and nodded towards Isa. “She found you.”

“Oh please don’t tell me you’re still talking to those blasted trees.”

“Fish, actually. Dolphins,” Isa countered and scooped some chicken onto her fork. “New experience for me, so yay.”


“I learned new things, roll with it,” Isa smiled and put the food in her mouth. “Glad you’re back, Rebekah, these dummies need you.”

“Ha!” Klaus let out. “She was safe at the bottom of the Falls, now she’s not. Same with you two, but you came anyway.”

Rebekah lowered her gaze upon her brother before looking at Isa with a big smile on her face. “Since Nik obviously doesn’t want our help with dealing with the Trinity, we should focus on your wedding to my brother. What are you going to wear?”

“My clothes?”

“She’s going to be naked,” Kol grinned. “My Isa’s going to be naked and that’s got my vote. I’ll be naked too.”

“Oh, ew,” Freya said as she made a gagging motion.

“No, a dress. A pretty dress specially made for you,” Rebekah grinned. “Trust me, you’ll love it. Kol will be wearing a suit and I’m going to make sure you’ll have a dress you’ll love.”

“Forget it, Rebekah,” Kol said with a snort. “She wants to get wed in Mystic Falls with her trees, so until we’re allowed to return back there, there won’t be a wedding.”

Rebekah huffed. “There are trees in the Bayou if you hadn’t noticed.”

“Oh, that’s right!” Kol smiled brightly at Isa. “And Ezekiel’s there, so you still have someone of your family present.”

“You brought a tree to New Orleans?” Elijah blinked at that. Granted, nothing surprised him anymore when it came to Isa, but to bring an entire tree?

“Ezekiel was ailing and I didn’t want to leave him on his own in Mystic Falls. With his roots soon to be deeply rooted in New Orleans soil, there’ll be a forever connection from here to Mystic Falls.”

“There’s something called a telephone, dear Isa.”

Isa smirked as she defiantly looked at Elijah, crossing her arms and leaned on the dinner table in challenge. “Please, point me to a tree that can use a phone.”

Klaus had been observing the little exchange between his siblings and Isa. While it was still strange, and hard to wrap his mind around it, maybe Isa was able to talk to nature. She had correctly located Rebekah and she simply knew things that were impossible to know. More and more, he was leaning to wanting to believe her, but he also didn’t want to believe her because right now, the so-called prophecy that was making its rounds made life interesting.

Isa said it was fake, and he didn’t want it to be fake. He wanted something to fight against, other than the terrible threesome that seem to want to instill nothing but panic and fear. He was at his best when he had something to fight for; such as his Aunt only a couple months ago. His Mother and Father before that. With the prophecy fake, it would deflate the entire situation and that wasn’t fun.

Isa had thought about the wedding after her chat with Kol in the Bayou and realized he wanted an ordinary wedding. Since Rebekah came up with the Bayou idea, she had somewhat warmed up to the idea of it being slightly bigger than she wanted. This also meant that she needed someone to give her away and the person she had in mind would be amazing for the task. “I want Damon to give me away to Kol.”

“What?” Klaus and Elijah nearly choked on their drink.

“What? Damon’s practically family to me. I took care of him and Stefan, kept an eye on them for years. He and I share a bond. He’s going to give me away.”

The brothers looked at Kol, who simply shrugged. “Don’t ask. If that’s what she wants, we’ll get her what she wants, even if it involves compelling the asshole to do so.”

“He’ll do it,” Isa nodded, sure of herself. “Because it’s for me.”

“You do realize that we don’t like the Salvatore brothers?”

“Get over it.”


New Orleans, July 31st 2013

Rebekah had been right when she said that they’d get her a dress she’d absolutely love. They had gone to various shops, spoken to various designers to get opinions and see sketches, but Isa didn’t like the modern feel of most dresses. Some were gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous with a wide skirt or a multi-layered skirt, but it wasn’t her. Rebekah, at one point, lost her patience and shoved pen and paper into Isa’s hands so she could draw what she wanted and have someone make it for her.

That had been the best idea ever. The dress felt comfortable and it was perfect. The skirt of the dress looked like a flower, or a tree, or a lily and Rebekah had joked that it made her look like a wood nymph. It had been a mocking joke, but when Rebekah said that, Isa knew she wanted the dress. While she agreed with Kol about having a modern wedding, she wouldn’t budge on three things; the dress, the trees and Damon, much to every Mikaelson’s chagrin.

The top of her dress was modern-ish. Isa certainly noticed she had a good set of breasts in her dress, and she liked that too; it would distract Kol immensely and the mere thought of him staring at her with his jaw dropped to the floor made her want to have her way with him.

Apart from the dress, Isa hadn’t been allowed to contribute in the wedding preparation, Kol told her that everything would be a surprise and that she should simply relax and not ask her trees what they were up to. Of course, she couldn’t help but overhear Ezekiel talking to Brent, the nearest tree to him as they were observing the preparations. She was more than excited to hear that there were indeed several open fires with game roasting above them.

Isa thought it would only be fair for the werewolves to be at the party, not at the wedding, but at the party, as the Bayou was their land, much to everyone else’s objection. But Isa liked Jackson. She didn’t like Hayley, but she liked Jackson. He had a good head on his broad shoulders and he was nice. Believed her immediately when she said that the trees spoke to her.

Jackson’s grandmother, Mary, was a shaman for the wolves and she agreed to marry Kol and Isa, but only because she really liked Isa despite not liking vampires at all. She understood that Isa wanted a somewhat ‘earthy’ wedding, while her fiancé wanted it more modern. Mary knew that Isa was special, not because she was a vampire, but due to her heritage, the heritage that Isa knew about due to Esther and Finn discussing it while she was in their presence.

Isa hadn’t told Kol about it. Or anyone else. It wasn’t important. She was Isa. Daughter of Karl. Kol’s beloved. Treehugger. Woodnymph. She wasn’t even sure if she’d have used the knowledge if Kol hadn’t started to believe her, to believe in her, because it sounded ridiculous. ‘Oh, one of my ancestors was a forest spirit, how amazing is that?’ That sounded crazy.

Everyone was already gathering, but Isa couldn’t find Damon. Or her trees couldn’t, and she was worried that he wouldn’t come. She had spoken to him on the phone after Kol called his number, and he was more than excited to leave Mystic Falls for the day, but what if something had happened to him? She had her trees look for him, but they moved slowly and eventually asked a bird to seek him out.

But he still wasn’t there. But he was alive, otherwise she’d have known.

She quickly opened the door and was relieved when she stared into Damon’s face. He had a big smile plastered on it and she pulled him inside to hug him tightly. “Oh, I’m so happy you made it!”

“Of course,” Damon replied as he returned the hug. “I could use a breather from mom and hunter trouble.”

“Hunter trouble?”

“Ah, don’t worry your pretty little head. We’re dealing with it, it’s fine,” he said, waving away her concern. “Today’s your day. Your big day. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Of course I am.”

“Okay, good, because I don’t think that anyone would like to get on Kol’s bad side.”

“Even if I refused him now, he’d get hurt, but he’d get over it.”

“Doubt that, sweetcheeks,” Damon winked at her and then pointed at her dress. “That’s so you.”

“You like it?” She beamed with pride. “It took us quite some time to settle on this one. I had to draw it myself!”

“I love it.”

“Oh!” She said as she started to bounce around. “Did you see Ezekiel? He’s doing great! He’s already rooted himself into the soil and there’s no chance he’ll be uprooted again or get ill again because he’s being looked after by so many wolves!”

“You’re nervous, aren’t you?” He laughed as he leaned against the nearest wall and watched her springiness. “Tiny thousand year old woodnymph is nervous!”

“Am not!”

“Are too!”

“I so am not nervous,” she stopped dead in her tracks and took a deep breath. “Maybe a little,” she eventually admitted. “But I feel as if I shouldn’t be. I’ve waited so long for him. It hurt so much and-”

“Now it’s finally happening.”

“Yes, but without my father’s official permission,” she said sadly.

“Welcome to the 21st century, Isa,” Damon said as he put his arms around her and gently caressed her back. “You don’t need anyone’s permission but your own to do whatever you want. You deserve this. You deserve to be finally officially bound to Kol, even though I can’t stand the guy. I’ll gladly accept him as your husband as it’ll make you happy.”

“I’m already happy,” she sighed as she breathed in his scent. “You’re here. Kol’s here. Ezekiel’s here. That’s all that matters, the rest is just for show.”

“Uhuh, and you know what? The meat that has been roasting over those fires all day? Smells delicious.”

She grinned. “That was one of Kol’s surprises you just spoiled. But then again, I was already spoiled. I can smell it and the trees told me.”

“Yeah, can’t keep a secret from you, huh?” He tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. “Well, I think they’re ready for us. Are you?”


If he had to be honest, he was quite chuffed by how things had turned out. He had expected the decorations to be somewhat problematic as he didn’t want anything to be pinned into the trees – for Isa’s sake, not his – but there were other ways to do it and it worked. There wasn’t a breeze, so everything was safe. Freya had made a bowtie for Ezekiel and had carefully wrapped it around his trunk, knowing that Isa would love the acceptance.

At times he felt as if he was too much in control for the wedding, but Rebekah assured him he wasn’t, she did the most of it anyway, taking in account Kol’s and Isa’s wishes and she had done a bang up job. It was incredible. Magical, even. His only hope was that Isa would love it too, she’d been locked in the cabin for almost two days, with last night being on her own. Damn his sister for being old fashioned.

And he hated wearing a monkey suit. Too restrictive, but he looked handsome in it. Isa was going to faint on her way to the altar for sure when she’d look at him. Yes. Grinning to himself, he saw the door of the cabin open and sucked in a breath. He was nervous, he shouldn’t be, but he was nervous nonetheless. He didn’t do commitment very well, which was why he preferred whores in the past, or no sires, but he’d do commitment for Isa, as he had always been committed to her.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when Damon escorted Bella down the aisle. The dress was perfect in every single way. It accentuated all of her best bits that she liked to hide from the rest of the world with her dress sense, and she looked as if she had stepped out of a fairy tale. Maybe she was Tinkerbell. Who knew?

“Breathe, brother,” Elijah murmured as he nudged him with his elbow.

“Right,” he said, letting out the breath that he forgot to let out before. He was absolutely gobsmacked with her looks. Her hair was done nicely by Rebekah and Freya and the dress. Damn, the dress. Her boobs. Her dress. Her bare feet. He laughed at that, he found it hilarious, and predictable, which was why he wasn’t wearing any shoes either. Just for the heck of it. She was perfect.

“Where’s that smart mouth of you now, brother?” Klaus smirked at him. “No sharp remarks?”

“Shut up, Niklaus, I’m ogling my woman.”

“More like drooling.”

“She’s not wearing any shoes!” Rebekah gasped, wanting to make her way over to Isa and force her into her shoes, but she was stopped by Freya who pointed at Kol, showing Rebekah that he wasn’t wearing any shoes either. “You two are insane,” she huffed. “Spend 200 bucks on her shoes and she’s walking without them.”


After the wonderfully short ceremony performed by Mary, which included a blessing she gave all of her married couples, even though Kol and Isa weren’t werewolves, it was time for good music and food. Marcel and Cami had been in charge of finding some local bands to play music for them and Isa loved it. She liked seeing everyone so happy, and even the trees seemed to appreciate it. The birds, not so much.

She had compelled one of the cooks to allow her access to the pig that was still roasting above the fire and started to tear little pieces off of it, trying to stop a moan from escaping her lips, but wasn’t able to. Giggling when all eyes turned on her, she popped another piece of pork in her mouth and joined her husband. Her husband. That was so bizarre.

She used to have the feeling that it was unattainable, that they’d never see each other again, but it was official now; they were married. She was no longer Isa Karlsdotter, but Isa Mikaelson. Which was also quite scary, but safe. Everyone was afraid of the Mikaelsons, it would give her protection should she and Kol get separated again.

Her head snapped up to Lola, the tree that Kol had been standing at as he chatted away with a witch – Niklaus was reluctant to inviting some of the figureheads of the witches as well on Marcel’s insistence, as the werewolves were at the party and he didn’t want to risk the witches thinking that the balance of power would shift. He made it clear that none of the other parties were invited to the wedding, except for Jackson and Hayley but that was because of Hope. However, he would have been a fool not to see the potential to gain back some positivity with the spoiled witches.

What Lola was saying didn’t sound too good, and hoped that the intruders would stay away.

Klaus enjoyed seeing the wolves having a good time. Despite his hatred for some of them, they were having fun and that was what mattered. A day of truce. He could continue hating them tomorrow. He was curious when Davina made sure she stayed away from everyone, almost as if she was a shy little butterfly, afraid to get squashed, and he was going to see if she was up for a little chat. “Why the long face, Davina? Aren’t you enjoying yourself?”

“We didn’t actually believe there would be a real wedding. We figured the party was some kind of a trap,” she replied curtly, crossing her arms over her chest and nodded towards the girl. “I remember Kol flirted with me to befriend me the last time I saw him, where did he dig up that girl?”

“Do I detect a hint of jealousy, little witch?” Klaus asked amused. “Surely a girl in your position can’t have any feelings for a vampire. An Original, at that.”

“I haven’t always been in this position and you know it,” she replied sharply. “But I see that I was foolish to believe that Kol actually cared about me.”

“Kol did care,” he immediately countered. “He’s very fond of witches, especially those of your line. Should the need arise, he’d be the first vampire to throw himself in front of you to protect you. But not at the risk of his wife now that he’s reunited with her.”

She looked at him, curiously. “He’s different with her, more… mellowed out. The way he moves around her, almost as if he’s molded against her for support or something. It’s nice,” she eventually said. “But surely, I’d have imagined that a Mikaelson would go for someone with a better head on their shoulders. It’s like she’s not even there.”

“Are you insulting Isa?” Klaus asked with a smirk. “Don’t let her appearance fool you, little witch. She has a nasty bite.”

“Please,” Davina huffed.

“Just know that I wouldn’t have agreed with this union if there was something wrong with my brother’s mate,” when he looked over to Kol and Isa, he could see a cloud of thunder appear on her face. “Excuse me for a moment, I think the bride’s unhappy.”

“Niklaus!” Aurora’s voice sounded just as he was about to go over to Isa.

“And I just found out why…” he muttered as he turned to the sound and saw her, her brother and Lucien approach the party site. “Strange, I don’t remember sending you an invite.”

“You should have! I could have come as your date!”

“You’re having a party without us, Nik? How positively rude!” Lucien scowled.

“It’s a family only affair,” he responded curtly.

Tristan pointed at Davina and then the rest of the wolves in protest.

“The wolves are family as they are the pack of my daughter’s mother. The little witch is family as well. You three, are merely the product of our indiscretions and do not belong here.”

Aurora’s eyes grew big as saucers. “Niklaus! You don’t mean that!” She said offended in her shrill voice, causing everyone to stop talking and look at them. “How dare you treat us like that! We ARE family. You love me, Niklaus!”

The only sounds that could be heard around them were the sounds of crackling fire and a low, threatening growl coming from Isa. Muffled. When Klaus looked over his shoulder, he could see that Kol had put his hand over Isa’s mouth and smirked before turning around to the spoiled brat in front of him.

“Yes, this isn’t fair, Niklaus,” Lucien said, clearly hurt by the snub from his maker.

“Very well,” Klaus said with a slight nod. “I’ll allow you to stay under a few conditions; you’ll play nice and you stay away from Kol and Isa. Do not believe for one second that I will hesitate to kill you if you step only one foot out of line.”

“No, you won’t. The prophecy-”

“I’m not afraid of the prophecy, now, enjoy yourself and behave,” Klaus said pleasantly before turning back to Davina. “Where were we?”

“I don’t want them here,” Isa muttered as she pulled Kol away from the party. “Please tell me that Nik didn’t just allowed them to stay.”

“Would you rather have them throw a tantrum in New Orleans, my love? At least here, we can keep an eye on them.”

“I don’t like it.”

“You don’t have to like it, I don’t like it either, but there are plenty of ways to keep ourselves occupied,” he smiled at her, pulling her back to the party where everyone had gone back to doing what they did before the rude interruption by the children. Servers were setting up tables with plates and other kinds of food apart from the fire cooked game. He took her to the dance floor and pulled her closer, before he started to move at the sound of music. “Like dancing.”

She let out a breath and closed her eyes for a second to push the thought of the trio away and looked up to Kol with so much love all over her face that he thought that she was going to burst. “I like this,” she said as she put her arms around him. “But I know another way to have fun,” she added with a devious smile on her face. “It involves you helping me out of this dress.”

“Ah, not yet, darling,” he grinned at her. “The night is still young. There’s lovely food and more fun to be had.”

“No, Tristan!” Aurora shrieked as she nearly stumbled into Lucien. “That’s not fair!”

Isa closed her eyes and counted to ten. “I don’t want them here. Make them leave. Please.”

“What is she going to do to stop us? She’s a baby vamp and they won’t do anything,” Aurora’s nagging voice swam around in Isa’s head.

“Aurora, this is why I didn’t take you to New Orleans with me. You’re still ill,” Tristan tried to calm her down. “You’re ruining everything.”

“Yes, such as my clothes,” Rebekah piped up as she joined the quarrelling siblings. “Thank you so much for dumping me in the water, Aurora, that was much appreciated,” she said sarcastically as she wanted to reach for the girl’s heart and remove it from her chest, but refrained, because now was not the time for revenge.

“How did you-”

“Family secret,” Rebekah said playfully as she lowered her gaze upon the girl. “But do understand that I’m extremely angry with you and that you will pay. Not today, but I will make you suffer for what you’ve done.”

“Allow me to help,” an all too familiar voice sounded as he emerged from the shadows. “Her day should be perfect and not ruined by squabbling children.”

Isa felt how her perfect happy feeling turned into a dark, seething rage and crossed the space between her and Jasper before anyone could react. She pushed him so hard that he fell into one of the fire pits that had been cleared out of game and she jumped right on top of him. The flames were already licking his skin and she ignored the burning of her own. She’d been through worse.

“You have some balls to show up!” She said as she hit him in the face. “How dare you! What did you want to do? Make everyone at this party your puppets like you’ve had me under your spell for three fucking months?”

“Isa, I-”

“No!” She tore off Jasper’s head and pushed it on the stick that previously held the animal carcass and jumped out of the fire, taking pleasure in how his blood caught on fire and burned him, scorching his face with his own body.

Everyone had gone quiet again, in awe by how Isa had taken care of the vampire. The trinity stood there, watching with their jaws on the floor and she took advantage out of that by pulling Tristan’s heart out and tossing it on top of Jasper.

This caused Aurora to snap out of what she’d just witnessed and she went into rage mode as she started to throw punches at Isa who managed to avoid a few. Isa was faster, she wasn’t a skilled fighter, but she was fast, and she could take down angry bears who didn’t want her to feed on them (but sometimes eating a bear was just so good).

Isa managed to draw her away from the party to avoid any other casualties and managed to fight off Aurora for quite some time before Lucien joined in on the fight. “This is impossible! We’re the first sired, you can’t be stronger than us!” Lucien grabbed a piece of her dress and ripped it.

“I don’t know if I’m stronger than you,” Isa said as she broke Lucien’s arm while she kicked Aurora away from her. “But I am faster. You’re nothing but spoiled brats! On,” she kicked Lucien in the shins as Aurora came back at her. “My. Fucking. Wedding,” she continued between punches. “You make me ruin my dress!” She got the air knocked out of her when Aurora charged at her again, colliding with her, causing her to fall down. Isa grabbed Aurora’s hair and kicked her off of her.

Isa got up again and looked at her hand, realizing that she was holding a handful of Aurora’s hair and a piece of her scalp before casually discarding it and assuming a defensive stance as she saw the hesitating looks on Lucien’s and Aurora’s faces. Isa was more than capable of holding her own, especially fuelled by her rage, but it was well placed. “Do you really feel as if you should be included in everything that they do? That it’s your right to party crash a party? Do you have no boundaries, at all?”

“You should treat us with respect, little one,” Lucien breathed as he started to circle her, mimic Aurora’s movement around the tiny vampire as if she was going to be their next prey. “Despite you having had the element of surprise on Tristan, you won’t get lucky a second time.”

“Third, actually,” Isa countered. “But I suppose you don’t think that a Cold One is a vampire, do you?”

“Isa, that’s enough.” Klaus commanded angrily. Tristan’s death was going to have a huge impact on the vampire community, he didn’t want to see what would happen if Isa would kill Lucien. His sire. Elijah was standing next to him, fuming.

“No!” she yelled at him. “And I swear, Niklaus, if you or anyone else tries to interfere, I will hurt you.”

“You allow her to talk to you like that?” Aurora questioned him. “Kill her, Nik!”

Isa let out a low growl, causing Klaus to throw up his hands in defeat. “You’re alone on this one, love. I prefer to have my cock still attached to my balls, thank you very much.”

“Oh yeah, she’s good at breaking dicks,” Damon remarked. “Not recommended. And as Klaus told the little witch here, appearances are deceiving. That tiny monster packs a mean punch, being the first sired and all.”

“Damon!” Kol shot at him. “That was one detail we didn’t want our guests to know!”

Lucien and Aurora stopped dead in their tracks and turned to their sires. “Is this true?” Lucien said hurt. “You made us believe we were the first!”

“You are,” Klaus said annoyed as he had snapped Damon’s neck for his stupidity. “Of mine and Rebekah’s, seeing as your brother is now dead, so that takes Elijah’s out of the equation.”

“Oh, that’s very smart,” Lucien said with a conspiring smirk on his face. “Oh, that is brilliant.”

“What?” Aurora asked.

“Don’t you see, Aurora? They made us believe that Kol was dead, seeing as there were no vampires of his line, they could easily make us believe that.”

“Yeah, until he showed up.”

“With Isa.”

“Hi,” Isa smiled widely and punched Lucien in the gut before reaching for his cock and twisted it, causing him to double over. “Ever heard the expression of ‘the baby was an accident?’ well, hi! I’m Kol’s little accident! But I don’t blame him, really. We were the best of friends growing up and he was new.”

“You’re my happy little accident, darling.”

Isa giggled as she kneed Lucien in the face, but got blocked when she tried to push him over. She rolled away from him and got back to her feet. “And how do you dare to accuse them of misdirection while your plan was to cause panic amongst my family with your fake prophecy?”

When she saw the surprised and shocked looks on their faces, she laughed. “I knew it! I knew it was fake!” She said happily and jumped around for a bit, proud of herself. “Oh, let me guess, your seer was a great faker. In bed too, I imagine. Did she write those horrid fortune cookies in the Chinese restaurants too?”

“How did you… but…” Lucien stammered.

“Because that’s what them lot would do,” she said as she thumbed over her shoulder towards her family. “In fact, they’ve done it in the past with a few things here and there. Their biggest mistake was siring you because you’re just as clever and ruthless as they are. Your charm might have fooled them, but not me. Nope.”

Isa turned around and pulled Aurora down to her level, taking her into a choke hold. “You’re so arrogant, your only wish was to make sure that they wouldn’t die so you could live on, with an imaginary weapon!”

“No, it’s real, we’ve found records…” Lucien started as he looked at the Mikaelsons, Kol had the biggest smirk on his face. “You absolute loon!”

“Hey!” Isa snapped. “I’m the only person who can call him that!” She reached into Aurora’s chest cavity and ripped out her heart before throwing it at Lucien’s head. Dropping the body, she got blood splattered all over her, but didn’t care. She lunged at Lucien and used him as a punching bag.

“You’re stupid. You’re an arrogant, stupid little vampire who thinks he owns the world. Well guess what, asshole?” She swung her leg to have him fall on the ground and sat down on top of him. “Your days are over.” She snapped his neck and then continued to pull on his head until it came off.

She laughed as the sheer force caused her to fall backwards into the sand, still clutching Lucien’s head. “That was fun!” She cheered as she threw the head away, into the river, before snapping off Aurora’s leg and pierced Lucien’s heart with the other vampire’s heel for good measure. “So much fun!” She dusted herself off, getting more blood on her dress, before she rejoined the party. “I’m hungry now, let’s eat!”

She looped her arm through Kol’s and made her way over to the roasted pig. “It’s delicious.”

Slightly annoyed by Lucien’s demise, Klaus steered Davina away from the carnage. “Don’t worry, little witch, Kol and Isa made their home in Mystic Falls,” he said in a low voice. “But if I find out that you, or one of your witches, have harmed them in any way, I will retaliate.”

“She’s nuts!” Davina hissed. “She’s unstable!”

“She’s actually quite stable, love. You just need to stay on her good side, that’s all.”


Mystic Falls. September 4th, 2013

“And what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Isa asked angrily as she watched Damon walk towards the open coffin.

“I’m giving up.”

“No, you’re not.”

“Isa, come on,” Damon whined. “I don’t want to live without Elena. I know that you’ve done it for Kol, but let me do this. I’m not you.”

“No,” she grabbed him by the collar and dragged him out of the Salvatore home, followed by a confused Stefan. “There have been many times I wanted to simply dessicate to forget the pain I was feeling. Most of the times I worked on half strength, lived on one animal a month, but it’s not worth to allow yourself to completely dessicate. It’s only 60 years, you big baby.”

“If Bonnie doesn’t survive longer!”

“Then boohoo, make it 70 years. 80. Whatever,” she rolled her eyes at him. “I will not allow you to do that to yourself. Nor allow Stefan to agree to this.”

“Hey, leave me out of this!”

Isa turned to Stefan and glared at him. “Then leave like you planned. Your brother isn’t going anywhere. He’s staying with me, to help me and Kol rebuild Mystic Falls.”

“Oh come on!” Damon objected. “You can’t make me!”

“I can’t, but Kol can,” Isa smirked as she waved at Stefan. “Bye bye, Stefan. Have fun living your life!” She said and started to drag Damon away to the woods. “Kol said you could have a branch to sleep on, it’s going to be great.”

“Isa, please, no.”

Isa merely smirked as she reached out to his private parts.

“Ouch! You bitch!”

“Shut up, you big baby.”

The End

A/N: Meeko made a joke about a future “Two Mikaelsons and a Salvatore, living beneath a tree…” I might be tempted in the future. But for now, I have other projects to write and I hope that my muses behave and not scatter into different directions for different stories 🙂

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