Chapter 33: Fast Food

When Kol managed to bite down on her and take her blood, his cries of pain subsided, his body stopped shaking, and he had started to relax again. She soothingly caressed his back while a quiet little moan escaped her lips, making Kol suck even harder. Somewhere in the distance, she could hear Myriam explain to other people around them that Kol was a terrible flyer and that his sister was the only person who could soothe him.

Kinda made sense – it also dampened Bella’s mood significantly. There was no way she was going to have sex with a sibling. That was just gross. And here she wanted to join the mile high club…

Kol’s mouth and teeth disappeared from her neck, and he immediately had his phone out to call Vincent. “You’re going to find out if the Ancestors did something to me, right now!” He hissed in the phone.

“I can’t believe you used those two words – the equivalent of a bucket of cold water – to ruin the mood,” Bella muttered to Myriam as she used her sleeve to wipe the blood off her neck.

“He said no, you have to let it go,” Myriam reprimanded her before waving her phone around, it had quietly been buzzing with a phone call from Klaus. “No doubt he felt what you were feeling, and I have to explain to him that his brother sucked blood out of your neck and that you liked it.”

“Please don’t,” Bella muttered again and reached for her bag to get her iPad out and started to list the many ways she could kill a Cold One. Even doing some research online through the plane’s wifi to see how much force it’d need for a baseball bat to cut steel, and if it’s impossible, what would cut it with ease?

Myriam had been right, was right. Kol said ‘no’. He agreed a few times, but it was mostly ‘no’. Kol was with Davina, and he was really trying hard to be on his best behavior for her, so it was likely that all the wild stories she had heard from Klaus were over. And it wouldn’t be fair towards Klaus if she’d have sex with Kol, either. No matter how angry she was with him, no matter how horny she felt, she couldn’t give in to the feelings.

It was her and her hand. And maybe a vibrator she’d buy as soon as she could. Refocusing her energy on the prospect of ridding the world of Cold Ones seemed to work, for now. She’d have to find a different coping mechanism once that wouldn’t work anymore. Control herself. Not act like a horny teenager.

Sighing, she held out her hand to take Myriam’s phone and called Klaus; the wifi made it so that it was free – despite her being a modern girl, she still hadn’t really gotten the hang of the more technologically advanced phones because she never had one. She was going to learn eventually. It was time they’d speak about this, even if they were on the plane to Italy. She had to know how much he felt and how bad it was.

Why do I have the feeling that I need to shag the closest person to me at the moment with that person being the mother of my child?” Bella could hear Klaus’ scowl as he spoke.

“I’m sorry,” she sighed.

Bella! I thought Myriam was calling me. Didn’t they give you your own phone?”

“It’s still in its box in the bedroom. And just because I’m calling you doesn’t take away the fact that I’m still angry.”

A sigh on the other end of the phone. “What is going on?”

“I don’t know; it’s one of the reasons why we’re going to Italy. Or maybe even Greece to find out more, but what I figure is that what’s currently happening is the cosmic power of two prophecies and nature trying to work hard to balance things out,” Bella looked at Kol, who was still on the phone to Vincent. She could hear Vincent say words like ‘ancestors’ and ‘balance’ and ‘you’re fucked’. “It seems like the Ancestors wanted to use Kol to kill Davina, but he accidentally bit me and got some of my blood inside and that urge disappeared. When we left New Orleans, he started to desiccate and once again, my blood saved him.”

Klaus let out a low growl. “I understand the Ancestors’ reasoning but why does nature have to screw you over? You’re not a walking blood bag, Bella. Next time you feed him, it’ll be from a cup!”

“We’ll see. I was merely calling to ask how much you feel and how much strength you’ve gained.”

I do feel as if I have my entire sire line back,” Klaus admitted. “Not that a sire line gives you actual, physical power, but… As for what I feel… I never knew you felt all of this, Bella. It’s difficult to put in words…”

“You still doubt me?”

I’ve never doubted you, love. I have treated you poorly, and it’s… well, Camille would say to ‘walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’ to feel what the other person feels. I feel that now.”


Although I could have done without the new vampire emotion roller coaster raging through my body.”

“Suck it up, I’m working on it,” she muttered. “I’ll try to deflect as much as I can.”

Very well. I notice that Elijah has sent Myriam with you to chaperone you and Kol?”

“Bad idea?”

Do keep an eye on her, you know what she’s like when she gets high on blood. I do not wish for her to have sex with a third Mikaelson.”

“Of course,” Bella replied with a smile, looking at Myriam, who had heard what Klaus had said and was rolling her eyes. “Anything else?”

Kol is the worst vampire to learn from.”

“Got it.”

I mean it, love, I don’t want him to corrupt you.”

“Says the man who left me in his care, good job,” she remarked sarcastically. “You should have thought about that before. Have fun with Hayley and Hope. I’m going to have fun in Europe,” she said before disconnecting the call. She could feel her anger rise again and after handing the phone back to Myriam, she realized she’d shattered her iPad. “Oh great.”

“I’m screwed,” Kol said after disconnecting his call to Vincent. “Be ready to keep serving me blood, Bella, the Ancestors didn’t let me go without a goodbye present.”

“We’ll buy you a sippy cup at the airport,” she retorted and put the iPad back into her bag. She wasn’t going to throw it out just yet. She needed to make sure that all of her data was saved somewhere and then, only then, she’d wreck it completely. She wished she could talk to Klaus more often after he left. Granted, she was still incredibly pissed at him, but talking to him calmed her down. Relaxed her. Centered her. Reminded her that she was a stupid little girl with her girl crush. She was going to do better. For Klaus.


She held true to her word and bought a sippy cup at the airport in Rome, only to fill it with her blood in the bathroom and handed it to Kol with a smile on her face. Much to his dismay, he started to drink from it, and Myriam snuck in a picture to send to Klaus and Elijah. Kol had taught her to compel people on the plane, and it was fun making the other passengers so something innocent; like cluck like a chicken or make out with their significant others.

They acquired a beautiful convertible car to travel in; it was big enough for the three of them and for the luggage they were going to get in the city. Not that they needed much; sleep was optional, and while camping out in a tent sounded great to Bella, neither Kol or Myriam liked it, and they’d stay in a hotel or a home when needed.

It was only less than four hours to drive to Volterra from the airport, but as they also wanted to go to Greece, to the coven that Kol had encountered and that came up with the Traveler prophecy, they were going to need that car. And a few changes of clothes. Myriam was still happy with her brought luggage, but Bella wanted to shop. Shopping in Rome. She’d never done that, and shopping made her happy. New clothes for a new girl. She got a few tight fitting shirts, but nothing too restricting, same with her pants. Comfy shoes.

When they passed a lingerie shop, both she and Myriam insisted they’d buy some new sexy lingerie if only to make it harder on Kol, but mostly to surprise Klaus and Elijah. Italian pizza for dinner. Bella fell in love with the Italian pizza. It was so good. One of the good things about being a vampire was that she didn’t have to watch what she was eating anymore.

And then there was the gelato. Bella didn’t care that both Kol and Myriam thought that she went a little overboard with the cravings, but she just wanted to indulge. Who knew how long they were going to be there? At least their little trip into town was fruitful; they had a shipping company come to the castle in a day or two to pack up stuff that they wanted to keep before torching the place.

When the sun started to set, they continued their trip from Rome to Volterra; it would take about four hours and Bella was pretty sure that they were going to encounter some Cold Ones on the way there; the Volturi were strong, but they weren’t idiots. Of course they’d have some lackeys close by to protect them when the guard couldn’t.

Kol was more than happy to give Bella a history lesson on Volterra; despite the Cold Ones’ presence, it was also a prominent place in European history. Bella eventually just refilled Kol’s sippy cup with her blood and handed it to him to shut him up. “You don’t think I’ve heard the stories before?”

“Oh, right,” Kol apologized. “Sorry about that.”

“I’ve also been there already, although I wish I hadn’t,” she sighed as she threw her legs over the side of the car and relaxed in the back seat as they drove. “I should never have saved that fucker.”

“And then what? You’d probably be a walking disco ball right now,” Kol said with a shrug as he took a swig from his cup. “Feeding off animals, yuck.”

“Unlike us, they don’t lose strength if they feed on animals. They only think it’s more humane to eat animals instead of humans. However, those are just a few of them. Most of them do eat humans. Like the Volturi.”

“And you didn’t need to tell me that.”

“Good, oh, stop the car!” Bella felt freezing all of a sudden while they were passing through a small village. Kol had opted to avoid the main road and do some sightseeing while they were at it, and while she had felt cold for a while now, she currently felt it the strongest. Bella was hungry, she could smell the humans in the village, all cozy in their beds, well, most of them. They wouldn’t be able to enter the houses, but the Cold Ones were on the prowl, she could feel it, and unlike them, they didn’t need an invitation to enter the homes of the villagers.

On the other hand, these Cold Ones could be living in the village. In any case, they needed to be destroyed. She climbed out of the car and started to run. She encountered the first Cold One, sitting on a porch as still as a statue, occasionally blinking. It was funny how it all worked; she couldn’t quite explain it, but it was as if there was this built-in navigation system inside her mind telling her where to go. As long as they were close, she would be able to find them.

She pulled the female off her chair by the neck and wrestled with her. The Cold One didn’t even know what was going on, which was great because Bella wasn’t one of the best hand to hand fighters, but she knew what to hit and where. It helped that her daddy had been a cop and that the A-Squad helped her quite a lot as well. She was a lot stronger as a vampire, a Singer, and when she took out the Denali, she was surprised on how strong she was.

Combined with her anger, her rage, she was able to tear off their heads or tear them in half, and it was as frightening as it was empowering.

When the vampire was on the floor, dismembered and leaking venom, Kol and Myriam finally found her and looked somewhat in shock, especially Myriam who had not seen the carnage in the Bayou. “We need to find a wheelbarrow; it’ll be easier to put them all in there and make a beautiful fire,” Bella told Kol as she kicked down the door of the house and she was surprised she could enter the home. “Huh.”

Kol followed her, but couldn’t enter and neither could Myriam. “Must be that bloody Cold One venom inside of you,” he said sourly. “Not fair.”

She smirked as she looked over her shoulder. “Hungry?”

“Famished,” he replied playfully as he watched her go deeper into the house before her head popped up from above them through a window. “What are you doing?”

“Catch!” She said as she opened the window even further and then pushed out a half naked, half asleep, human for Kol to catch and sink his teeth in.

“Bella!” Myriam was appalled when Kol caught the quiet human and sunk his teeth into his neck. Sure, it was great that Bella had learned how to compel people, but this was simply… unlike her.

“What?” Bella peeked out the window. “I’m merely making sure they’re not hiding any Cold Ones and am having a snack! Want a human?”


Shrugging, Bella moved away from the window and sunk her teeth into the wife of the man she’d thrown out to Kol and felt how the yummy coppery substance went down her throat like a fine wine. To be honest, maybe this woman had a few wines before going to bed, but it was nice. A nice little buzz made things easier. As the woman died in her arms, Bella had a brilliant thought. Since the woman was taking some time to die, Bella impatiently snapped her neck and peered out the window. “You should be able to come in now, and I have a great idea!”

“What’s that?” Kol watched as Bella used the stairs’ railing as a slide with a big smile on her face.

“Hunt the Cold Ones in this village and feed on all the people. I’m so hungry, so incredibly hungry and I want them all.”

He nervously looked over to Myriam and swallowed hard. While he had quite the appetite himself, not caring about who he killed and why – not even using them all for food, this sounded too much as if Bella was a ripper. And Klaus wouldn’t like that. “Darling, how about you just focus on the Cold Ones and only feed when necessary?”

“You’re one to talk about moderation,” Bella huffed.

“I know you’re angry, Cherie, but razing an entire village to the ground won’t make you feel better,” Myriam tried to reason as she saw the reservation on Kol’s face. “You don’t like killing innocent people and I can promise you that while it’ll feel good to decimate this village, you will feel guilty about it soon enough and that could tear you apart.”

“I can’t fucking believe this,” Bella shook her head. “I’m a vampire. I should behave like one; I want to behave like one, and now mom and dad are trying to limit my experience? Please,” she countered before speeding off and rounding up all the Cold Ones, reluctantly leaving the humans alone.

Damn right, she was angry. She was mad at everything and everyone. The Cold Ones were the source of her being unable to live a normal life – mainly the Cullens and the Volturi, but she was going to kill them all. She was angry with Klaus, still, for leaving her alone while she was vulnerable. She was mad at him for leaving her in the care of his brothers and his former shag, Bella’s former boss, and friend. She was angry with herself, for allowing Klaus to go ahead with his little plan to seduce Aurora and that that had involved sex. She was mad at herself for thinking that she wasn’t any better than anyone else. Bella was angry with herself for not allowing herself to have a voice. She mattered.

She fucking mattered.

As she lit the small pile of corpses – she was certain she had found every Cold One in the village as she felt less hungry and not cold anymore. Bella came to the conclusion that while Myriam came along to Italy was to keep an eye on her and Kol – and Kol coming along for his own personal agenda, she didn’t actually have to listen to them. She could do whatever the fuck she wanted and should she get caught by humans; a mere compulsion would do the trick. It was highly unlikely that people were on vervain here.

And fuck them all, she was allowed to have a little fun! Klaus had been right, somewhat. She put all the unwanted feelings into anger, and it made her feel stronger, more powerful. She could do whatever the hell she wanted. Even snap Myriam’s neck if that meant for her to be free. She could hardly snap Kol’s neck as he needed her blood on regular intervals to stop him from desiccating but fuck them all.

Then again, Kol was an Original and would likely get up quicker than Myriam. As the plan formed in her mind, a big grin appeared on her face.

After appreciating the bonfire for a couple of minutes, she walked back to the car and filled Kol’s sippy cup with her blood. She wasn’t a savage; she knew he was still topped up on her blood, and he wouldn’t need anything by the time he’d wake up again, but just in case. She didn’t want to accidentally kill Klaus’ favorite brother.

Yes, she was a new vampire and yes, she probably had a lot to learn, but she wanted to be on her own for a while. Do whatever she wanted for… probably ten hours, until she’d have to find Kol again to give him more blood. Twelve hours, if she stretched it enough. While she didn’t want to take away his fun – and she likely wasn’t going to, she did need some time on her own. Volterra was close by, and she wanted to see how fast she could actually run. And then start killing everyone in the village.


The worshippers had to go. Maybe she’d compel one or two people to take care of the children and forget all about the Volturi; have them move away and stuff, but that place was going to burn. Whether everyone liked it or not. It would be a bold statement; having killed the Volturi AND taken away the seat of power. It would throw the Cold Ones in a tizzy, and it would be so much more fun to take them all out, and see who came out on top before Bella would kill them too.

“Bella, what are you doing?” Myriam asked as she watched the young vampire place the sippy cup back in the glove box of the car.

Myriam was standing too close. And while the vampire was older, Bella had the advantage; the element of surprise, something she wouldn’t have with Kol, but she’d figure it out. Turning around, Bella snapped her neck and put her friend’s limp body in the car. “I’m going for a run.”



  1. Oh Bella what are you going to do? As much as I want her to take control of herself and situation I don’t want her to become a ripper.

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