So in my last post I asked for your help to decide on what story I’d make a tag to/au story that’d be around 20.000 words for something.

The responses were mostly for Sanctuaire. Here, and on my facebook, so I guess I’ll write an AU ending to Sanctuaire.

However, that big bang will span over 7 months, and 7 months to write 20.000 words is just peanuts. And I’m impatient. I decided not to continue with that, so here’s my offer; after I finish writing Exploit, I’ll start writing that addition to Sanctuaire. Deal?

You’ve heard it here, folks.

It’s not like I have other ideas to write after Exploit (I do!), but a promise is a promise.

Witch!Kol is fun!

So, to prepare for that happening, you can re-read Sanctuare by clicking on the banner below. I know I will! It was my first step into the Twilight fanfic writing thing!

For the last week I’ve been trying to write on Between Heaven And Hell and trying to finish it, but damnit, I keep writing Bella instead of Izzy, and this is going to be fuuuuunnnn…

So… I may have a way to bring Bella back. I know that not everyone is a fan of Izzy – who is basically Bella, without the self-confidence in her abilities (she doesn’t want them), but with more of a stronger will of her own with her own ideas and is less being able to be manipulated. She’s a better, more stable version of Bella with the name Izzy. And blonde.

But, remember this; Kol and Bella were maybe together for a year? Tops? 6 months? Their relationship was an intense one, and not neccesarily healthy. Izzy and Kol are a lot healthier together and what if I’d bring Bella back? Bella wouldn’t feel comfortable with it as she was the major one pushing out Izzy so quickly, and Kol would feel robbed, again, and it may not lead to a happy ending at all.

That being said, I’m currently writing on chapter 50. I hadn’t worked on it for nearly a year because I wrote so many chapters ahead. Something’s happening that will alter the course of Izzy’s future and she’s got some thinking to do.

Do let me know what you’d like to see in this story!

After being a fun collaboration project for so long, this story needs to be finished. I don’t like having unfinished things.

I recently uploaded chapter 43.

banner by thedarkestfallingstar

Speaking of Exploit, seeing as I was working, still am working, on Between Heaven And Hell, I haven’t added anything yet but that’s okay, there’s some wiggle room for me as I like to write ahead.

Four more chapters since the last update have been uploaded. Chapter 7 is now up!

And beside all the writing I’ve been doing, I’ve also been on a re-watch of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fun times 🙂

Until next time,



  1. Yep, I totally agree!

  2. Bring back Bella? No. Dead and buried. She needs to rest. She was some sort of supernatural, and Izzy is, too, but Izzy isn’t Bella. Bella fulfilled her purpose. She’s done.

  3. Ah yeah, keeping myself busy is what I do best:-)

  4. Boy, you sure are a busy bee. I can’t wait to read any and everything. 🙂

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