Chapter 27

Jeremy blinked at her. “What do you mean, you’re trapped?” He hissed, knowing that Myriam could hear it, but no one else. “You’re not a ghost, you’re energy!”

‘And spirits are energy, Jer!’ Bella replied angrily as she got out from underneath him and started to pace the room. ‘And I think I can come back, but I need to recharge. I… I should have thought it through when I decided to destroy the mirrors. Maybe not to sit in the middle of the room, for example…’

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Myriam sighed as she quickly compelled everyone who could be compelled to go away and then looked at Linda. “You’re a witch.”

“I am,” Linda smiled at her. “But not to worry, your secrets are safe with me, I already told Bella I’m on her side. Right now she’s a little bit angry and disappointed, I don’t think she expected this outcome.”

‘A little bit angry?!’ Bella tried kicking against some shards of the mirror and sent it flying, luckily missing her friends and Linda. ‘I’m furious!’

“If it’s any consolation, I found the vortex earlier. It is really powerful but I believe that with Myriam’s help, I can weaken it. Now that you’re energy, perhaps it’ll be easier for you to find the anchors that keep the spirits here and destroy them. Then you’ll be able to come back too and you won’t have to use a lot of your light to do so,” Linda said calmly. “And then perhaps you can finish what Myriam and I have started with the vortex.”

“Yeah, and let’s do that quickly so we won’t have to explain Bella’s absence?” Jeremy suggested as he watched Bella turn into a ball of energy and flew out of the room. “That’s not fair, Bella!” He called after her. “How am I supposed to keep an eye on her when she’s like this? Oh man… Kol’s going to have my balls.”

“Let’s do some damage,” Myriam said to Linda before pulling Jeremy with them. “Where’s the vortex?”

“In the kitchen, of course, where else would it be? Nobody ever looks into the kitchen of a haunted home!” Linda replied, a smile on her face as she lead the real vampire and the magical whatever-he-was down the stairs.

Jeremy sighed as he switched his camera back on and his mic and shook his head. “Didn’t Carlisle’s wife Esme haunt the kitchen? Oh, and Alice?”

“Nah, Alice is haunting the halls, you don’t have to worry about her, she’s a peach,” Linda laughed as she took a deep breath, nodding. “Bella’s working fast.”

“Speaking of my girlfriend, where in the bloody hell is she?” Kol had used his speed to get into the house unseen, and was now in the kitchen, waiting for Jeremy and Myriam to arrive. He was merely lucky that Jeremy and Linda’s camera were pointing downward and not upwards. “Gilbert,” he said as he advanced on him. “Where is she?”

“It was an accident, I swear!”

“That’s not an answer.” Kol growled as he pushed Jeremy against the wall. “Where is she?”

“I don’t know!”

“Hey, calm down,” Myriam said as she pulled Kol off of Jeremy and stood between them. “Bella was in the mirror room, she got rid of the portals there and the mirrors. You know how Bella is… Doing things without thinking it fully through? The mirrors came crashing down.”

“She poofed?!”

“She poofed,” Myriam repeated calmly and nodded. “She used too much energy with the mirrors that she couldn’t push through the barriers that are keeping the spirits inside and she’s now releasing those anchors to come back, but we’re not done yet. Okay? Relax. Or go find her yourself.”

“I can’t,” Kol sighed as he tiredly rubbed his face. “She offered her blood, I said no, because she needed her strength. I should have… I mean… what if this house is a trap built for her? What if she can’t come back? What if-”

“As long as she’s not going to the top floor, she’s going to be fine,” Linda said reassuringly as she eyed him. “You’re even more ancient than Myriam is.”

“Yeah, thanks, darling,” Kol shot at her and pushed Jeremy again. “You are going to find her, now.”

“No,” Jeremy huffed.

“She’s down the hall. There are no cameras there, go wait for her,” Linda replied as she moved around the kitchen island and pointed at it. “This is the Vortex. I think we can weaken it by using our combined magic, Myriam.”

The house looked very different from this perspective and while Bella was quite scared, she was fascinated by the things she didn’t see before. The ‘anchors’ were visible and easily to be rid of as a spirit and when she was breaking the last one, she had an unsuspected visitor.

‘I heard you wanted to have a conversation, Miss Swan,’ the voice said politely. When she turned around she saw a man with bottle blonde hair, immaculately dressed and she recognized him from the photos that Jeremy had dug up months ago. This was Carlisle Cullen, and her fear grew even stronger. ‘Not to worry, I do not wish you any harm.’

‘I don’t believe you,’ she replied as she took a step back. ‘You’ve hurt me before. Through my boyfriend.’

‘Because you were hired by our idiot of a family member to find our family secrets that he wasn’t, isn’t, smart enough to deal with. Of course we do everything in our power to stop you from finding it. We have always done that. It’s why we’re still here.’

She narrowed her eyes on him.

‘Granted, in life, neither myself or my son Emmett were decent people. You’ve heard Jasper’s story and believe me, we’ve done far worse things than that. However, I am not going to hurt you now, because you requested a conversation. And now you are here. And you are alone.’

Bella let out a breath and decided to take this chance. She didn’t know why she was so scared, anyway. She could still hurt him when needed, she knew this. Question was, did he know? ‘Do you know what I am?’

‘I know now,’ Carlisle nodded solemnly. ‘I suspected it, at first, but to be honest, you acted more like a normal human investigator than yourself.’

‘Because I didn’t know. And it was that document that I stole from your secret room that started all of this.’

‘Well, your secret is safe with us, it is not as if we have the ability to tell our masters.’

Bella smiled then and then hoped she was a great liar. ‘The reason I wanted to talk to you is to promise you that Edward will not get his hands on what’s in that room. I have an idea to screw him over, royally, and make him look like an even bigger fool that he is by the time we’re done here. And I will help you move on, if you want to,’ she started as she sighed. ‘However, I’d like to have free passage to that secret room to find more information about the Volturi. I want to know if it’s possible to fight them or if my fate has been sealed. If the latter is the case, I will turn myself in, voluntarily, as I do not wish for my friends to be hurt. But I’d need more information.’

‘You are not serious?’

‘I am.’

‘I’d have to think about that.’

‘And you have a few hours to decide, still,’ Bella replied, shrugging as she casually motioned towards the glowing sigil in the floor. ‘I mean, this is the last anchor I need to lift before I can find a passage out for the ghosts that Edward put in this place. The vortex is being dealt with. I am cleaning up your relative’s mess, a mess that he made because of his obsession with the family secrets. And you’re right, he’s incapable of continuing the family legacy of worshipping such a powerful organisation as the Volturi. They’d likely have him for lunch.’

Carlisle raised an eyebrow. ‘You are quite the rebel, Miss Swan. Unexpected. Say, if I would grant you a free pass to our sanctum and you would find the information seek, what’s there to stop your family of vampires and hunters not to come and kill my famiglia? Your boyfriend is the passionate sort.’

‘They won’t.’

‘Are you certain of that?’ Carlisle pointed behind her and she could see Kol walking down the hall, looking around and looking worried. ‘Even now, he’s obsessed with finding you after your… accident.’

‘If I choose to turn myself in, he won’t be a problem,’ Bella replied as she moved to the sigil. ‘Think about it.’

‘Are you truly going to clean this house up from all the paranormal and supernatural mess that Edward has created?’

‘I am. Not completely, you might still have some extra tenants still, but you will be able to move freely throughout the house again. Your Native American wardens have gone, too. You could choose to leave the house and haunt some other place or move on.’

‘We are content with the extra wiggle room, Miss Swan, we don’t particularly fancy going away from this place. At least not until we know our secrets are safe.’

‘As I said, think about it,’ she said as she removed the last anchor. ‘I’ll be here for the duration of this… thing Edward has orchestrated. Feel free to mess with his friends, but stay away from mine, please.’ She tried to come back, but could feel that she was still very much depleted. ‘Oh for the love of…’ she muttered as she walked towards Kol and started to poke him.


Bella poked him again and started to nudge him towards Jeremy. When he wouldn’t budge, Bella went to Jeremy instead. ‘Jer, call Kol back, I’m here.’

“Huh? Yeah, okay…” Jeremy said surprised as he filmed whatever Myriam and Linda were doing over the kitchen island. “Kol! She’s here! Wait, why aren’t you back yet?”

‘I don’t know, I think I need to recharge some more. Or maybe if I go outside it’ll work.’

“Can you go outside?”

‘I should be able to, yes. Tell Kol I meet him at the back of the house,’ Bella said before turning into a ball of energy and flew away, but before Jeremy could tell Kol what she had said, a loud crash could be heard coming from the front of the house.

‘Goddamnit! What the fuck am I missing?!’ Bella yelled out loud as she walked back to the door where she previously had bounced off of.

“Hey guys? The camera downstairs picked up a loud crash,” a voice could be heard over the walkie talkie. “And the word ‘fuck’ on the paranormal puck!”

Kol let out a groan as he looked at Jeremy. “She’s upset.”

“Yep,” Jeremy said as he headed towards the entrance. “You know,” he said out loud to Bella, but basically addressing a ‘ghost’. “Potty mouths never got anyone very far.”

‘Shut up, Jer, and tell me what I’m missing,” Bella snapped as she hit the doorpost with her flat hand, causing the house to shake.

“Conserve your energy, I’m not impressed,” he replied as he stealthily blocked the set up cameras. “And I don’t know what you’re missing.”

‘I haven’t checked the top floor,’ Bella replied before hitting herself with the palm of her hand. ‘There must be an anchor there as well.’

“You’re not going up there.”

“Where does she want to go?” Kol asked as he stood next to Jeremy.

“Oh, the one place that truly affected her earlier, although her behaviour now also is an indication how the house messes with things,” he said casually. “I think she may be stuck here forever.”

‘Don’t say that.’

“Don’t say that.”

“Well, it’s true. Without you we have no possible chance to save those children up there, you can’t get out and the house will make you its bitch.”

Bella looked at her friend and started to cry. Kol looked as if he wanted to murder Jeremy.

“Go to the pantry to cry,” Jeremy ordered Bella. “You’ll have some privacy there.”

‘You’re a jerk,’ Bella said as she marched herself to the pantry, knocking over a few of the cameras on her way and kicking the paranormal puck underneath a chair.

“Good luck,” Jeremy smiled at Kol before restoring the cameras and spoke on his walkie as Kol zoomed to the pantry. “One angry spirit, but I think it’s gone now,” he said as he looked at one expensive looking camera that now had a broken lens. “You might want to replace this.”

“Are you okay, Jeremy?”

“Yeah man, I’ve dealt with scarier things,” he chuckled before returning to Myriam and Linda. “I sent our upset spirit to the pantry,” he explained. “She believes she missed an anchor and that it would be on the top floor.”

“This vortex is sufficiently weakened now,” Linda spoke quietly as she adjusted one of her candles. “We could go back up there to check to see if there’s another anchor up there, although I suspect she’s merely emotionally affected by this house.”

“I thought she was stronger than this,” Jeremy sighed, earning him a slap on the head by Myriam. “What?”

“You may not feel it, Jeremy Gilbert,” she scolded him. “But this house is doing a number on Linda as well. Not to mention the spirits. Bella’s a little lost, that’s all.”

Kol sat down against a wall and sighed. “It’s alright, darling, take a breath. I’m not going anywhere as long as you can’t.” He could feel some movement beside him and then Bella’s familiar energy around him. “Yes, this sucks, but you’ve always come back to me before. We’ve got time.” He fiddled with the SB7. “You want to talk?” He could feel her fist hitting his chest. “Okay,” he laughed. “No tools to communicate with my beautiful and talented girlfriend. You know what? After all of this, we’re going on a trip, just you and I. Somewhere with clean beaches and blue oceans… sunny… maybe with a lot of talented masseuses… booze… We’ll worry about our new friends later.”

“Truth be told, I can’t wait for you to discover other sides to yourself, new hobbies. I don’t expect you to give this up entirely and I do not want you to, but you’ve earned it to think about yourself, be selfish. And be selfish with me,” he continued as he looked into the general direction of where he believed Bella to be sitting against him. “Screw the rest of the world.” He then shrugged. “Granted, if you want to see our new friends first before all of that luxurious relaxation… that’s fine with me too. Nik can’t wait to have some fun with them.”

“But you and I, darling, I can’t wait to begin helping you explore new avenues. Or to have some fun with you in our bed…” he whispered. “If you come back to me, we’ll leave this house and get you something to eat and drink, perhaps a little nap? If it were up to me, we’d leave, period, but I know that you feel like your job here isn’t done.”

He was quiet for a while and could hear Linda, Myriam and Jeremy go back up the stairs while the three stooges were still walking around doing stuff as he had told them to do. But he could also hear banging, scratching, screeching, and that without having had Bella’s blood. No, this was real. “Some angry ghosts in his house,” he mumbled before he felt Bella stir against him. Looking down, he smiled at her. “Welcome back, darling,” Kol pushed her hair out of her face and softly kissed her lips. “How are you feeling?”

“Completely drained,” she replied quietly as she nestled herself against him. “I could do with a nap… do you think they’ll allow me to?”

“Of course,” he huffed as he got to his feet and lifted her up in his arms. “Or else they’ll have me to deal with. We’ll get you some food and something to drink… with a little extra in it, and then you tell me how long you want to nap.” Kol kissed the top of her head and started to walk out of the house with her towards base camp and where some of the trailers were. “We’ll take Drew’s trailer. I’m sure he won’t mind.” He took the walkie talkie she had on her and spoke into it. “I’ve found Bella, she’s alright, albeit slightly shaken. I’m taking her for a rest.”

“Do we need to call the paramedics?” A voice came back. “They’re on site?”

“No need,” Kol replied as he turned off the walkie and brought Bella to Drew’s trailer. He had nosed around earlier, to get the lay of the land and whatnot, and while Drew’s trailer wasn’t one of the first, it wasn’t cluttered or anything. Besides, Bella preferred Drew’s energy over that of his mates. He opened the door and brought her inside, gently laying her down on the bed before raiding the fridge, finding Bella a sandwich and a sugary drink. He handed her her sandwich and only handed over the drink after putting some of his blood inside of it.

“Thank you,” Bella smiled at him. “And I’m sorry… I… this… I… I’m stupid.”

“You’re not stupid,” he sat down next to her and put his arm around her as she ate and drank. “You speak with your heart, not with your head and that’s a loveable quality of yours although it gets you into trouble the most. I don’t care. I love it. Although it’s quite scary at times. Like today,” he let out a slight chuckle. “You’re doing great and miraculous things in that house and I hate it that you have to be with Jeremy and that I can’t be with you.”

“It’s for your own protection,” Bella replied as she set the empty glass on the table and nestled herself against him. “I’ve done a lot without them knowing about it, but for a part of my plan I need access to Edward Cullen, so Myriam will have to remove that spell from his trailer.”

“We’ll worry about that later, darling, go take your nap.”

“Wake me in two hours?”

“I will wake you in two hours. I’m not going anywhere.” Bella was awake before the two hours were over, and he was surprised to see her this refreshed. “Slept well, darling?”

“Oh yes, gorgeous,” Bella purred as she softly kissed him. “I feel as if I have napped for at least a century!” She didn’t sound like Bella, she had a Louisiana drawl in her voice and that wasn’t Bella. “I feel a new person.”

“I bet you do,” Kol eyed her warily, taking his hands off of her.

“Now now, gorgeous, why are you taking your hands off of me?” She purred as she pulled him closer to her. “You’re beautiful, I’m pretty… We’re on a bed…”

He thought for a moment as he recounted his previous encounter with this ghost and got off the bed. “Alice?”

“Bingo,” she grinned as she reached out to him. “Come.”

Kol knew that Bella would have never allowed Alice to enter her if she were awake, this meant that she was still sleeping. And if Alice had been able to leave the house, then that meant that the anchors were down and an opening had been created for the spirits to leave, just what Bella had wanted.

What Kol wanted, was to get Alice out of Bella as soon as possible, but on the other hand, he wanted to throw Drew a bone here too, a full possession by a spirit on one of his friends, a spirit that was quite handy. Would Bella agree with him? As a joke? Likely. He grabbed the walkie and smiled. “Hey Drew?”

“Yeah, buddy?”

“A friendly ghost has possessed Bella, want to play?”

“Are you serious?”

“Oh yeah, Bella’s still sleeping, but this little minx got out of the house and into Bella, we’re in your trailer.”

“Cool! On my way!”

Kol looked at Alice and smiled. “So, up to you. Either you leave, or my friend is going to have a blast doing sciency stuff with you.”

“Sounds exciting!” Alice replied as she bounced on the bed. “This body… is extraordinary. So… energetic. So… bendy,” she stretched herself and giggled. “And she’s hot for you! Come here,” she purred as she reached for him again. “I’ll make you see the stars!”

“No darling,” he laughed as he opened the door for Drew, he had run to come to his trailer and witness Bella being taken over by Alice. “I’m mad for Bella, not quite for you, besides, aren’t you married?”

“To Jasper,” Alice sighed dramatically. “We didn’t get to have sex… hold on, if you allow yourself to be Jasper’s vessel…”

“No!” Kol said appalled as he looked at Drew. “Are you hearing this?”

“This… this is amazing,” Drew said shocked as he had a camera pointed at Alice. “A full possession by a kind spirit? I mean… we’ve never seen full possessions before but… holy crap.”

“My, aren’t you a looker?” Alice winked at Drew as she fixed her hair. “Do I look pretty?”

“What’s your name, sweetheart?”

“Alice Cullen, what’s yours, sugar?”

“I am warning you,” Kol whispered in Drew’s ear. “If she’s going to kiss you, I will hit you, if not worse.”

“Don’t worry,” Drew told Kol as he sat down on the bed with a meter and his camera. “My name is Drew, nice to meet you, Alice.”

“Oh,” Alice said as she crawled towards the devices and picked up the meter. “What does this one do?”

“It’s a milligauss meter, it finds disturbances in magnetic fields and you’re making it skyrocket.”

“I always make people skyrocket,” Alice winked at him as she placed the device down again. “What is your obsession with the dead, anyway?” she questioned as she laid back down on the bed and stretched herself. “It’s boring to be dead. Daddy doesn’t allow me to leave and my husband likes this girl… Oh, and Rosalie. My husband loves Rosalie and not me.”

“Where is Rosalie?” Kol asked curiously. Not that he cared. Nor that Drew cared, but he knew that Bella cared.

“Who knows? That house was a mess, it still is with all the muck from all those people who came to our house. For all I know Rosalie is buried underneath the floorboards as a ghost. I’m sure she’ll turn up once this girl fixes everything,” Alice chuckled and then clapped her hands. “Or Emmett has Rosalie somewhere to keep her away from Jasper. It’s a shame Emmett’s dead, too, that we’re all dead, but Emmett was an oaf, perhaps, but oh so skilled with a knife and peeling off skin…”

“What can you tell us about that secret room we’re trying to find?”

“Nothing,” Alice giggled before looking quite annoyed. “Daddy! I’m just having fun!”

‘I told Miss Swan we’d leave her friends alone, for now.’

“But she’s not her friends, is she!”

‘Don’t anger me, Alice. You leave that girl alone until I say you’re allowed.’

“Fine,” Alice sighed dramatically before looking at Kol and Drew. “Was nice talking to you, gorgeous boys… maybe next time we can do a threesome?” She winked before leaving Bella’s body, and Bella herself woke with a start.

“What the fuck,” Bella stated as she sat up and scratched her head. “Was that…” she looked at Alice and Carlisle who were still in the trailer with them. “Don’t ever do that again! Ugh, I feel like I need to be scrubbed clean on the inside.”

‘My apologies, Miss Swan,’ Carlisle replied as he and Alice disappeared.

“Wow, that was amazing,” Drew said as he checked the milligauss meter and it was back to normal before looking at Bella. “Do you remember anything at all?”

“No, I was asleep!” Bella growled. “Had I been awake, I would have thrown her out!” She rubbed her arms in disgust. “Oh, that’s so gross!” She then grabbed a pillow and whacked Drew over the head with it. “And you used me as a science project!”

“Oh come on, Kol alerted me that you weren’t quite yourself and… well, this was mind blowing! I mean… never seen a possession that far along! Like… that was Alice and not you,” Drew started to explain. “And you didn’t fake it, either, did you?”

“I was asleep,” Bella growled as she shot a look at Kol. “You should have done something.”

“I did,” Kol smirked. “I called Drew. Had it been anyone other than Alice I would have raised the alarms.” He was great to see her in fighting spirit again. “But welcome back, darling, I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

“Oh yeah, I’m ready to kick some ass,” she said as she bound her hair with a hair tie found in her pocket and got off the bed. “Drew, this bed is nice and comfy, well chosen, but now, it’s time to lead a bunch of kids to freedom if they haven’t left on their own already.” She then pushed Kol back onto the bed. “And I will pay you back for this stunt. Ugh, I still feel gross.”

“Glad to have you back darling,” Kol laughed as he looked at her from his position on the bed.

“Thank you for saving me, though,” she sighed as she followed Drew back out of the trailer and first went to the food supply table to get some chocolate where Jeremy was already waiting for her to tie her back up again. “Hi.”

“Don’t ever do that again,” he said, slightly patronizing. “You had me worried.”

“I was worried,” Bella muttered as she munched on her chocolate bar. “Okay, so what happened while I was out?”

Jeremy thought for a moment. “We had to save Linda from an enraged Jace, he and Emmett’s energy don’t quite get along. Jace hit Hugo in the process, they’re both fine. Uhh… there’s a significant decrease in spirits. Myriam did some voodoo rituals to help. Linda did some rituals to help, but Jace and Hugo weren’t too keen on ‘helping’ per sé, they were there to study things and how can they do that when we take away their toys?”

“That house is unhealthy,” Bella said with a full mouth. “We’re merely making it safer for them to hang out in. Oh, and did Myriam free Edward from his trailer?”

“Unfortunately, yes,” Jeremy nodded. “He’s hanging out in base camp with Klaus at the moment, so he’s docile but still… even then…”

“No, that’s good,” Bella nodded as she took her gear from him. “Let’s go to the kids.” She found the kids still in the same room, playing with the marbles. “Hey guys!”

‘You’re back!’ Marie smiled widely and ran up to Bella to hug her, but realized in time that she was a ghost and actually couldn’t.

“Of course I’m back, I told you I’d be back,” Bella replied as she looked at where the cameras were pointed and gently nudged Marie with her energy. “Why aren’t you guys out of this house yet?”

‘We were waiting for you,’ Jeremiah replied as he emerged from the shadows. ‘You’re really able to let us go out?’

“Well, you’re all able to get out by yourself. And you can choose to go into a big bright light or go to the big scary looking Elementals outside so they can keep you safe,” she squatted down and smiled at them. “But something tells me that’s not going to be that easy.”

‘We want to tell our stories.’

“Yep, no problem,” Bella said as she turned on her voice recorder as she made herself comfortable on the floor instead. “I’ll repeat everything you say and… well, post it onto my internet page if they’re not showing this on television right now. But, I only have one request. You tell your story one at a time, otherwise I’ll get confused.”

For the next hour, Bella and Jeremy listened to the stories the children had to tell about their lives before their deaths, and how they died. Nobody disrupted them, but occasionally Drew, Jace and Hugo came to look around the corner of the room to see how they were doing. Jeremy thought it was useless at first, but then reminded himself that this is what Bella liked to do; to tell stories. Some stories were heartbreaking, others were uplifting, but the main thing was that all the relatives of these children were dead.

When everyone had told their story, Bella rose to her feet and turned off her camera to give it to Jeremy. “Who wants to hold my hand while we walk outside?” Bella asked, with Marie and Christine jumping up as the first. It was strange to hold a ghost child’s hand. Bella could feel them and she was sure that they could feel her gently squeeze their hands too as they walked down the stairs towards the door. “Have you guys thought about what you want to do?”

‘Do you think our families are in that white light over there?’ Christine asked softly as she pointed outside.

“I think so, yes,” she replied with a shrug. “That is actually beyond my area of expertise, but my friends say it’s a good thing.” Once outside, Bella got group hugged by the children, their energies warming her with love and kindness and happiness and she actually started to sob when the kids walked off into the light that Bella couldn’t see, but they vanished before her. “Wow,” she let out a breath and then smiled at Jeremy. “We did a good thing.”

“Uhuh,” he said as he swallowed back his tears. Why was he so affected by this? “Now what?”

“We’re going to find Rosalie,” Bella said, determination written on her face. “And get her and Jasper away from the crazies,” she said as she turned around to walk back into the house. “Thing is, I didn’t see her before and the only place I haven’t been to…”

“You are not going to the top floor,” Jeremy told her. “Absolutely not. No way. I’ll go up there with Myriam or someone else and then we’ll find her. But you’re not going up there. Angry and agitated you is no fun and a health hazard to all of us. We need you sane.”

“So you’re allowing me to roam free?”

Jeremy thought about that and shook his head. “You and Myriam go somewhere together and I’ll go up to the top floor with someone else,” he said quickly. “And I don’t want to go up there, but you’re right, we need to find Rosalie and maybe I can find her there and convince her to go to you.”

“Okay,” Bella sighed. Myriam wasn’t going to be much of a problem for her, Myriam had an awesome energy and she knew what she was doing. On top of that, Bella trusted Myriam as much as she did Kol and Jeremy. “Let’s do this.”

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