Chapter 09: The end of the beginning

Klaus recognized that voice even before the girl’s handler made herself visible. “Katherine,” he growled and pushed her away from him. “How dare you take advantage of this girl? Are you that depraved? You had to make someone else suffer?”

“Stop!” The girl squeaked. “Untie me, please!”

Katherine sighed as she calmly walked to the bed and untied her girl. She wrapped a blanket around her and cradled her in her arms as if she was something precious, which surprised Klaus immensely. The girl was still trying to influence him into remaining calm, and he welcomed it a little bit as he put on his pants and shirt. “Talk.”

“Like yourself, I occasionally hired a girl or a boy from the Cullens. They’re the best place for us vampires to get our kicks,” Katherine said softly, not looking at Klaus but keeping an eye on the trembling girl in her arms. “I fell in love with this one. I’ve heard the stories, Niklaus, they’re heartbreaking. The Cullens aren’t that warm and fuzzy as they lead everyone to believe.”

“No,” the girl whispered. “They’ll hear you… stop.”

“It’s alright, I doubt they’ll try anything here when you’re surrounded by the most powerful vampires in existence,” she soothed her before resuming her explanation to him. “Naturally, I made myself available as a handler. It pays well. They’re quite generous and once you’re in, you get to know every little detail that goes on. Everything.” She then looked directly at Klaus. “At first, I felt sorry for this one here. She was once a mere human gifted with a mind of a fortress. She can’t be read and she can’t be tracked by ordinary means. But the Cullens have found a way around it, trust me. Her extra gifts are wonderful and also make sure she can’t be compelled. She’s like me, in a way, fell in with the wrong crowd and got burned.”

“As I recall, my brother had the elixir to ensure your survival of the ritual but you chose to run instead.”

“Yeah well, I didn’t fancy being a human pincushion,” Katherine retorted angrily. “And I certainly didn’t appreciate you chasing me for over five hundred years for my betrayal.”

“You earned it.”

“No, I didn’t,” she shot back, still caressing the girl’s hair. “Carlisle Cullen is the vampire version of Dr. Frankenstein. He likes to create the perfect creatures, takes great joy in shaping them to his liking. You know their tagline, right? If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll make sure we’ll have it. This girl here has been worked on for sixty years, Klaus. Sixty years in a lab. Poked and prodded. Died and revived. Trained. Changed.”

So that was what the girls at Myriam’s were hiding. “Bloody hell.”

“No one deserves that. But I’m a one woman show, you know, so I did the best that I could by taking care of this one, make sure that she’d serve out her contract so she could be bought by a private owner. I was so sure that she was going to make it tonight that the sale has already been made. So, please, I beg you, have sex with her so she can be free.”

“The hell I will,” he growled. “Haven’t you been listening? If her buyer dies, she will have to go back.”

“The buyer is quite durable and he bought her for me. He’s not interested in her at all.”

“Tell me who he is so I can better his offer.”

“She’s already been paid for, Klaus, it won’t work. But if you’re not going to have sex with her, we’re going to find someone else, because between now and an hour, they’ll be ready to pick her up and take her home.”

He scowled. “She’s had sex with my brothers tonight.”

“And your sister and the two Salvatores. She scared the shit out of Elena, though. That was fun.”

“Rebekah? Really now?” Klaus was intrigued. He had always thought that his sister was up for anything but on a night like this?

“Kol already expressed interest that he wants her again. So, if you’ll excuse us…”

Without warning, the door swung open, revealing Elijah in the doorway. “Niklaus?”

“Elijah,” Klaus growled, moving a little so he was between the girls and his brother in case his brother would want to hurt Katherine for simply being present.

“And you!” Katherine laughed as she pointed at Elijah. “Wow, never thought you had that in you, Elijah! Rawr!”

Elijah’s jaw dropped to the floor and looked at his brother, searching his face for an explanation. “Niklaus?”

“Katherine’s the little girl’s handler. She’s been watching her every move tonight.”

“Katarina allowed me to mangle that girl?”

“I love the birthmark on your buttcheek, by the way,” Katherine winked at him before looking at the girl who was now collected enough to get dressed. “And I didn’t allow anything, it wasn’t as if I have a choice in the matter. She does all the work, she gives you what you need in that moment. I’m merely keeping an eye out so you don’t kill her.”

“I nearly did!”

“Nah, Stefan was worse,” Katherine huffed, waving her hand idly in the air. “Oh! Call everyone in here! I can’t wait until they see her again and get all flustered and realize you’ve all been sleeping with her!”

“Katherine, enough,” Klaus tiredly pinched the bridge of his nose. “If we do that, your girl will influence us all and will get her quota tonight and I can’t do what I’ve set out to do.”


“What’s her name anyway?”

Katherine shrugged. “Once her contract’s up, she’s allowed to reveal it to me. She hasn’t heard her name in a century and a half. Hey, chickpea? Do you even remember your name?”

“Of course,” the girl replied before walking over to Elijah and caressed his cheek with her hand. “Ready to go for another round, Mr. Mikaelson?”

“Oh, for god’s sake,” Klaus pulled the girl away from his brother and back into Katherine’s arms. “For the next hour there will be no sex!”

“Did someone say sex?” Kol peeked around the corner of the open door. “Oh hey! There she is! Come, darling, we have some unfinished business! And mother is about to make a toast, she wants us all with a glass of champagne in our hands.”

Katherine looked at the girl and then at the Mikaelsons. “And I wouldn’t drink that champagne if I were you, she’s planning on killing you all.”

“Oh look, it’s the whore,” Kol quipped as he addressed Katherine and moved passed his brother to get to the girl but was stopped by Nik. “Nik! Let me have her!”

“Enough!” The girl was still working him, he could feel it. It was harder to resist as she became intensely focused on completing her mission. Perhaps it would be a better idea to move this to the hallway for the toast so that the girl would get overwhelmed. On the other hand, perhaps not, it could all end up in one massive orgy and that would be a disaster. “Katherine, Mother is all about forgiveness and bringing the family back together.”

“Yeah, dead,” Katherine huffed. “When the girl had some downtime I snuck into the conversation to see how far Elena was with her chat with your Mother and I overheard them. Drink the champagne and you’ll all be linked together. If one of you dies, you all die.”

“And usually you don’t care about this,” Elijah said, intrigued. “Why now?”

“Because I’ve seen a different side to you all tonight and you’re just as fucked up as everyone else. True forgiveness is moving past all the crap you’ve pulled. I just want to move on with my little chickpea here,” Katherine kissed her girl’s hand.

“Katherine and the girl are going away on a trip,” Klaus said as grabbed his cellphone. “Preferably before the girl’s time with us is over so that they can have a head start.”

“What part of they can track her don’t you understand, Klaus?” Katherine shot at him.

“You’ll be safe where I’ll be sending you.”

“So what, we’re helping Katherine now?” Kol huffed. “Are you serious?”

“No, we’re helping the girl, Kol.”

“Oh, yeah, okay. I’m good with that, what do you need me to do?”

“Keep Rebekah from drinking the champagne. There’s no doubt in my mind that Finn knows exactly what’s going on and I don’t really care about him at the moment,” Klaus turned around when he heard Katherine silently curse under her breath. “Katherine?”

“Give me the White Oak Stake and I will kill him myself,” she said angrily, getting up to march past Klaus. “I can’t believe he’d do this… well… I do. I actually do. Why didn’t I see this before? Fuck, I’m so stupid!”

“No argument there,” Kol muttered as he left the room in search for his sister.

“What’s going on?” Elijah had tried to follow the conversation between his siblings and Katerina, but had to admit defeat. He was lost, and that was not easy to admit.

“I’ll explain later,” Klaus sighed. “Right now, what’s important is that these two are going away for a while until we can do something about this.”

“Where are they going?”

“Let me handle that. Please go and do what you do best, keep everyone entertained and replace Mother’s champagne, just in case.”

“Very well, Niklaus,” Elijah spoke quietly before he, too, left the room.

Klaus then turned to the girl. “Do you want to be free? Truly free? Not just pretend free with someone buying you?”

“Of course,” the girl replied with a small smile before she looked at Katherine and her smile grew. “But that will be impossible.”

“Perhaps, but if you allow me some time to sort it out, I promise I’ll make it happen for you. You have my word.”

She hesitantly looked at Katherine, who shrugged in return. “He’s all we have, kiddo, because with everything that’s going on here, you wouldn’t have been free for very long even if you finished your quota for them.”

“How many more times does she need to entertain someone to the point of an orgasm?” Klaus inquired curiously as he walked to his desk and retrieved a business card.

Katherine sighed. “Well, my hopes were that it was all going to end tonight,” she said as she checked her phone with the most recent update. “But apparently some of our most recent clients over the last few months weren’t entirely happy with her so they bumped her quota back up.”

“What!” the girl protested. “But I was good! I was perfect!”

“I know, I know,” Katherine soothed her. “It’s likely that they sent Jasper and Emmett over to make sure you got a negative review, you know Edward doesn’t want to part with you.”

Klaus sighed. “Fine, what’s the quota?”

“With her stamina? Given the right partner… I’d say about a month.”

“And she can only fulfill the quota when she’s hired through the agency?”


“Good. Give me your phone,” Klaus held out his hand for Katherine’s phone before destroying it once it was placed in his hand. He handed her a business card. “You’re going to New Orleans, to my friend Myriam. She’s going to keep you safe. Her club is well protected and shielded against any kind of locator spells. You’re going to stay there until I find a permanent solution. Until then, no contact with the agency and no sex for hire.”

“But…” the girl piped up.

“No. I’m going to help you and in order for me to do that, you need to do as I say, you hear me, little one?”

The girl nodded slowly, clearly deciding to resign to her predicament.

“Long days of watching movies and ice cream are in your future,” he said kindly. “Now, there’s a car waiting for you both at the back. Be safe. I will take care of this, I promise.”

“Thank you, Klaus,” Katherine pecked him on the cheek.

“I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing this for her, you got that?”

She smiled at that. “It’d be in her best interest if I stayed alive,” Katherine remarked before putting an arm around the girl and leading her out of the bedroom.

“For now, at least,” Klaus muttered under his breath after he was certain Katherine was out of earshot. Taking a deep breath, he composed himself and mentally prepared himself to deal with whatever was coming next, but mainly his Mother. She should have stayed dead.

Oh dear. You’ve reached the end of The Vampires Are Coming! But, the sequel is coming soon. I’ll reveal more later this week after I’ve thought long and hard about the title for the sequel! Speaking of which, the contest is closed. Yeah, I closed it prematurely because I can’t wait to bring you the first chapter and have you all wondering while I’m off on my little trip! The response has been overwhelming – at least for me – and it’s quite difficult to pick out a favorite. I’ll have to sleep on it, I guess!

I’ll announce the sequel here on this website, of course, and I’ll start posting it when I can. Here and on ffnet if that’s what works better for you.

Also; the notification system for comments is broken due to recent behind the scenes upgrades to keep this website running. I hope it’ll be fixed soon. If you leave a comment, be sure to check back later to see if I’ve replied!

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    He wanted his siblings and other vamps distracted, yes. And he knows how his siblings feel about Katherine so by brokering the deal he’d get some fun with his family, hurt Katherine and all at the expense of some whore 🙂

    Hmm… might have to put that in the sequel somewhere…

  6. So Katherine was her handler and was organizing her sale upon her scheduled to have met her contracted quota by the end of this evening, so she could have her for herself because she’d fallen in love with Bella. However, the Cullens have manipulated complains from former clients to make it so as she could not meet her quota because Edward wants to keep her. But wait a minute, who hired her? I thought you said we’d find out who was behind it all in the last chapter, or were you just referring to Katherine’s plan?

    I suppose that bit is kind of immaterial compared to Katherine’s plot and Klaus’ determination to free Bella and take down Carlisle’s organization to also free the other girls, but I still want to know who hired her for the night and for what purpose. I suppose it might have been Esther or Finn doing so for blood collection as I’d thought or even as a mere distraction to her whole link-her-kids-together-so-she-can-kill-them-all-at-once plot, but it could have been a number of other people too.

    For that matter, who was the durable guy who was fronting the buy for Katherine? It would be ironic if it was Finn since he was in on his mom’s plot and knew he’d be dying soon, but he doesn’t even know Katherine since he’s been in a coffin for 900+ years. I hope we find out hired Bella and who was buying Bella in the sequel.

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