Everything worked out in the end. Some time in the new year, Johan Halling was born. Johan, the child of King John and Queen Aracely, future heir to the throne.

Nicholas and Charlotte were banished from Proculus lands and were living exiled on a small island off the coast of Proculus, and their daughter Chaya was now living under King John’s roof, receiving the lessons that she needed most, the ones she’d missed, and she worked hard to earn her keep.

Much to King John’s surprise, combining two different kingdoms wasn’t as hard as he’d imagined. The people of Proculus welcomed the Royal couple with open arms, knowing that their lives would become a lot better now that the old King and Queen were gone.

Queen Aracely’s housing for widowed mothers and orphaned children was finished in the summer, turning out to have become a settlement on its own. Aracely loved spending time with the women and children, and did so almost every other day with some of her servants and even Chaya.

As for Aracely’s friends in San Franciskus, the village was prospering in the Spring, Danyel and Vala were expecting their second child, and Radell was happy with his rebuilt workshop. Herbalist David had taken over the role of healer of the village after Samanthia’s passing. Both John and Aracely were saddened when they heard the news, and that they were not able to attend to her burial. Halling and his wife were graced with a new pregnancy as well.

By the end of the second year of King John’s reign, both Atlantica and Proculus were fairing better than before, having opened more trading towards other Kingdoms, the subjects were all healthy and John and Aracely were expecting their second child.

Chaya was eventually courted by Prince Fraeir of Asgardia, and in honor of John and Aracely, for all that they had done for her, they named their first child Johanna Aracely.

Ronon asked John to give his blessing to ask for the hand of one of the servants, Amelia, and both John and Aracely were happy to give it to them.

One by one, each of the former advisers of John’s father passed away, such as Meredith, George and Todd, and even though John knew that it was a part of the cycle of life, it was hard to come to terms with it, as it dawned to him that he was now able to really shape the Kingdom to his liking and the way he wanted to reign without interference or objections from days of old.

It was amazing to see how the sapling tree that he and Aracely planted near the Castle lake was growing strong, and they went to the tree almost every month in the Summer.

The halls of the castle in Atlantica were filled with joyous screams and laughter from many children, by the time John and Aracely reigned 15 years, and it was then that King John was happier than ever. His life couldn’t be better than it was, and he was still very much in love with his wife, his queen and his soulmate.

And they lived happily ever after.

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