Chapter 20

They drove to Vancouver to catch the ferry to Alaska, while Kol wouldn’t have minded breaking many speeding laws on the 45 hour car drive in a super fast car, but Bella wanted to be in Alaska, fast. Maybe they’d drive back or continue traveling.

The ferry took about eight hours, and to entertain themselves, Kol had Bella play with compelling the humans aboard the ferry and they discreetly snacked on just about everyone. Kol hadn’t been afraid that Bella couldn’t handle all the blood, she wasn’t prone to addiction like Myriam was. Or like Rippers were. And without anyone supervising them, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There was no need to hide and there was no need for moderation.

Kol knew that Bella was hurting, and he kept her distracted in more ways than one. After not having slept on the way to the ferry, he booked a hotel room – which was nothing fancy but it had a bed – and there was a simple restaurant. He didn’t like Alaska much, he supposed that nobody did, apart from the inhabitants and if you needed to hide from someone.

Cold Ones didn’t feel cold, they were cold. And Kol wanted comfort, so they found a house they liked to stay in, found one of the owners outside by their truck, compelled them to let two strangers inside the house before compelling them all to go and stay at the hotel that he’d booked for them.

In the past, he’d just had killed them all. However, there were several reasons why he didn’t do it now. He didn’t want to attract attention to his and Bella’s presence, and Bella wouldn’t appreciate the bloodbath.

The next morning, Bella shot Jasper a message, demanding him to tell her the current location of the Cullens and much to Kol’s surprise, he actually sent it. “I’m so stupid,” Bella muttered as she pocketed her phone. “I’m such an idiot.”

“Doubtful, darling.”

“So, we know that the Cullens are hanging out with their cousins, the Denali, right?”


“It’s an actual fucking place here in Alaska, it’s a National Park and Preserve and the highest mountain range of North-America.”

Kol stifled a grin. “That could have happened to anyone, darling. It doesn’t mean you’re an idiot.” How he managed to say that with a straight face was beyond him, he just started laughing.

Bella was unamused. “It’s about 2 hours away by car.”

“We can be there in less when running,” Kol offered, knowing how badly Bella wanted to have this over with. Complete and utter freedom was close, and she could taste it. And he could sympathise with her, he had felt the same way, many times over. “Might be a good way to calm yourself before you end up hurting yourself.”

She shoved her hands in her pockets as she entertained the idea of running or traveling by car. “I think the car is a better option, I really need to calm down so I’ll be level headed when I kill them. I don’t want to get hurt. I only want them to hurt, and I want to do it without magic, that’d be too easy for them. They deserve to suffer.”

Kol shrugged. “There are plenty of ways to hurt them creatively with magic, darling.”

“Yeah… but it’s the easy way out. Only Jasper and Rosalie deserve that, I guess. Sort of? I mean, Rose didn’t like me and tried to stay away from me and Jasper handed himself in to the Volturi… and he’s going to kill Alice the moment we show our faces.”

“That’s remorse. I think they should all die.”

She was hesitant. “Or, I could take them to Klaus and have him compel them a different life.”

“One filled with agony?” Kol said hopeful. “They don’t deserve anything but.”

“I don’t know,” Bella replied, sighing as she sat down on a bench and looked up at him.

Kol sat down next to her and put his arm around her. “What’s wrong, darling? You’re being indecisive.”

She nodded. “This isn’t… I don’t know how to explain this but… it feels… wrong and good to take my revenge but…” Bella let out a sigh and ran a hand through her hair. “I need a different solution.”


“I know that we killed the Volturi, and they deserve that because I wasn’t the only human Cold Ones manipulated… and that was a lot of fun,” Bella let out a chuckle. “Thrilling and fun. But, on the other hand, we did kill them.”

“That’s what we do, darling. We’re vampires, we kill anyone who gets in our way or has hurt us. Or, in Nik’s case, keep some of them alive to play with.”

“And I get that,” Bella nodded as she looked out over the bay. There were some birds on the water, diving and coming back up again, the sound of the water and the splashing of the birds almost distracted her from her thoughts. “I can feel that rage, that need to kill to get even. Killing Victoria and the newborns was an accident, we slaughtered the Volturi,” she let out a small chuckle. “And it felt good. But it’s… not me? My dad’s a cop. Protect and serve.”


“He taught me how to defend myself, not that I should inflict harm on others.”


“What about it?”

“By killing the Volturi, and the Cold Ones and their cousins, aren’t you protecting the rest of humanity by ridding the world of them? They won’t be able to hurt anyone else,” Kol countered, afraid he wasn’t going to get some killing in now. “You have the power and strength to protect people now. If you don’t want to do it for you, do it for the people they can still hurt in the future, innocent non-superpowered people, defenseless, like you once were.”

She just looked at him blankly.

“Look, we just like killing things and play with our enemies, we keep the damage to a minimum. But those Cold Ones… they say they keep to themselves but honestly. You’ve seen first hand what they can do to people. The ultimate revenge is to make sure they won’t hurt anyone else.”

“Yeah, I know.”


She shrugged. “I don’t know. Small lapse of sanity, I guess?” A small smile appeared on her face. “Maybe I’m nervous.”

“What for? They’re nothing but marble statues. Easy to smash, especially with your magic.”

“There’s history.”

“All the more fun to crush them,” Kol grinned. “I mean, if you really don’t want to go through with it, that’s alright, I’ll do it by myself.”


“What?” Kol replied sheepishly. “Two good reasons for me to do it; one, I like killing things and two, I promised you that nobody was ever going to hurt you again and that you’d be free. By killing the Cold Ones, you will be. And once you are, you and I are going to travel the world. That was the deal.”

She softly brushed his lips with hers. “I’m sorry.”

“That’s alright, darling,” he smiled at her. “It’ll get easier, I promise.”


Bella stepped aside as she could hear something come off the ceiling and looked at her and Kol’s handiwork. A lot of emotions had come out as she’d dismantled Edward. Anger. Sadness. Rage. Fury. Seeing Kol go to town on Emmett and Rosalie made her feel horny and Jasper not only killed his wife but everyone else who came close to Bella.

Jasper was now standing in the doorway, looking lost and in shock with himself.

Bella hadn’t used her magic at all, she had merely used her raw vampire strength which was enough to break Edward. It had been enough. Easy. Satisfying. Liberating.

The weight that she had felt on her shoulders and in her chest was gone and it felt so good. She proudly looked around in the living room where parts of Cold Ones were laying around, leaking, and she just had the biggest grin on her face as she moved through the house, kicking some parts away from others so they wouldn’t be able to reassemble.

Everything that could break, was broken. Cold Ones, furniture, paintings, the works. The only thing that was still standing was the house with flammable Cold One venom smeared across the walls, ceilings and of course on the floors. Bella might have used her magic for that.

She found her way downstairs again and was pushed against a wall by Kol, who smothered her with a kiss, his hands roaming over her body. “I’m so proud of you, darling,” he eventually said. “What are we going to do with the two remaining Cold Ones?”


Kol nodded as he thumbed over his shoulder.

Bella looked over his shoulder and looked at the extra Cold One that was now standing next to Jasper, sporting a stupefied look on his face. He was almost as tall as Jasper, had the same long blonde hair and had red eyes. This was a vampire who fed on humans. And he looked like someone who tried too hard to look like a cowboy. Peter. Unpredictable and dangerous Peter. He was Jasper on steroids.

“Relax, I ain’t here to hurt ya,” Peter said as he put his hands up in defense. “Just makin’ sure ya not hurtin’ my brother.”

“I should be,” Bella replied as Kol let go of her. “Give me one good reason as not to kill you both.”

“My wife an’ I lead a peaceful existence. We feed on the human bottom feeders, the no-good, twisted kind, and are no danger to you.”

Crossing her arms over her chest, she stared at the Cold One. “Your so-called brother emotionally manipulated me.”

“That’s his gift. It’d be akin to you not using your magic to aid you. I ain’t making excuses for his actions, I want to ask ya to hand him over into my custody.”

“And then what?”

“My wife an’ I will make sure he’ll pay for what he’s done to you an’ to others, make an honest man outta him an’ we’ll be in your debt,” he looked over to Kol. “I know ya like havin’ strong vampires in ya debt, Kol Mikaelson. For a rainy day.”

“You won’t be in my debt, mate, you’ll be in hers.”

“Stop the bloodshed, Bella, ya made ya point by killing the Volturi, the Cullens an’ their cousins. Ya won’t be messed with again.”

“It shouldn’t have happened and Jasper is one of the reasons why it happened in the first place.”

“There’s a thing called mercy. I solemnly swear to keep him away from humans. An’ if ya hear otherwise, then ya can come and kill us. Please, have mercy, Bella, allow us to live in peace. Jazz ain’t a bad person.”

She had been indecisive about Jasper ever since they found him in Volterra, and knowing the history of Peter and Jasper, she thought it might be a good idea. “Where will you be living?”

“Our territory is North America, we ain’t go anywhere else.”

She let out a breath and nodded. “Okay. But I will keep my eye on you, and I’m not telling you how. One step in the wrong direction and I will come for you.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Peter replied as he put his hand on Jasper’s shoulder. “We won’t let ya down.”

“You’d better not.” She watched Peter and Jasper leave and turned back to Kol, letting out a breath. “Please tell me I didn’t just make the worst mistake ever.”

“Nah,” Kol replied, putting his arms back around Bella. “It’s always good to have powerful beings be in your debt, and I know you have been thinking about sparing the Major anyway.”

She nodded and softly kissed him. “Let’s set this place on fire and go home.”

“That’s a great idea,” he kissed her back. “Although I’d rather we just start our travels now. You’re free.”

Bella giggled. “Whatever you want.”

“Oh, hey now, that’s a dangerous thing to say! You have no idea what I have planned!”

“I’m at your mercy, Kol Mikaelson.”

“Oh man.”

Laughing, she pulled him out of the house and used her magic to set it on fire. For a while they watched from a distance before Bella’s phone beeped.


Letting out a giggle, she showed the message to Kol. “What do you say?”

“Now… that will make my ideas a whole lot more interesting… Look out world!”



  1. Yeah and they lived happily ever after, I hope lol. This was a fun story. I love when Bella gets her own powers and strength plus revenge.

  2. Hahaha thanks! I was trying to do something else, write the aftermath instead and see how it worked as I generally kill the Cullens at least twice a year in my stories.

  3. So I finally got back into a Kol/Bella mood and thought, ‘hmm, where can I read some lovely, well written and entertaining Kol/Bella stories… and then I remembered my old mate Buggy!’ *grins* I loved this, though that ending, slightly underwelming. I was totally jonasing (know wrong spelling but do not care, so just imagine the Jonas brothers dancing or something) for some Cullen Confrontation, but eh, maybe in another one. Loved this!

  4. Thanks for the Great story!

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