Chapter 08: Klaus

Klaus was amused. He had believed that the ball was going to be a bore and that he wouldn’t find entertainment other than the random compelled servants, but both his brothers had quite a story to tell. When Klaus started to pay attention to their guests he noticed a few of them leaving for a little while and then returning with a bit of a dazed look not long after.

He had followed Elena out with the mystery girl who he suspected was stirring up trouble and had hid in the stables until he watched the girl walk out again, without Elena. He waited for another ten minutes to see where Elena was keeping herself and couldn’t contain his laughter when he found the teenager strung up against the wall, completely naked. Elena, of course, was embarrassed but grateful when he helped her out of her predicament and scrambled to get dressed and return to the party.

He was certain that this mystery girl was one of Carlisle Cullen’s. Klaus was no stranger to order one of his escorts, simply because Carlisle somehow managed to tailor make them if he didn’t have a girl on hand that Klaus requested. He hadn’t had a girl for a while though, mainly because of his friend’s influence and for being on the run from Mikael for a very long time. And looking back with that he knew now; the little information that he had on the organisation, he had regretted his requests to make a girl to his own liking.

However, this girl had slipped up by not noticing him following her and her subject of interest and that was interesting. Carlisle was all about perfection, and this girl obviously wasn’t. Or perhaps she was tired after all her activities, but Klaus knew that Cullen’s girls were durable and had a lot of stamina. Something was up.

Instead of waiting for the girl to find him, he decided to find her first. That was the only way he knew he’d have the upper hand, to make sure that she couldn’t use whatever she possessed on him. But even so, to have a free encounter with such a high class escort? Why would he even want the upper hand?

He didn’t have to look long and hard, she was waiting for him in the study, sipping on a glass of wine, eyeing him seductively as he walked in and sat down in the empty seat opposite of her. Classic move. “I was wondering when it was going to be my turn,” he said kindly, pouring himself a drink from the strategically placed table. “Was it an accident that I could follow you or was that deliberate?”

“What do you want it to be?” the girl replied with a playful smile on her face. While she had dressed elegantly, she wasn’t wearing evening wear. A dress, sure, but it was more mundane than what everyone else was wearing that night. More relaxed. And it worked, too. Klaus didn’t feel that obligated to talk to her as he had with the guests. Her reply to his question was deliberate, standard. Let the client shape the encounter.

“I’d like to think that you slipped up,” he smirked, taking a sip from his bourbon. “That despite the reputation your boss has, he made a mistake.”

“With me?”

He was taken aback by how broken she sounded, how fearful. She reminded him of the one girl that he had hired from the service, his second, who wasn’t up to his standards after all and he later heard that she had been let go. Even later he heard that she was destroyed. Since then he made sure that his feedback had always been great, to at least avoid his entertainment being killed off.

Klaus wasn’t sure how Carlisle Cullen worked, but to kill your girls because they weren’t doing a great job was simply taking things too far. When his friend Myriam started a brothel in New Orleans, he made sure that she wouldn’t do anything to harm her girls, even if they fucked up. Yes, he was a vampire and yes, he was supposed to kill humans – and he did, but professional adult entertainers were doing a job and weren’t a burden to him. It was Kol they had to look out for, the lunatic was never able to control himself.

“I suppose not,” he assured her. “But then again, I didn’t hire you so I would be more worried about that person than me.”

She let out a visible sigh of relief and downed her glass of wine in one gulp. “I wanted you to see me,” she eventually said. “Someone had to get Elena down and I wasn’t going to do it.”

“What’s your purpose here, little one?”

“Oh, I can’t reveal that,” she smiled at that. “I’m more curious as to whether or not you’d like to make use of my service.”

“Without your influence?”

She shrugged. “You know where I’m from, so why not? If this body pleases you, sure.”

She pointed at herself. Kol and Elijah had spoken of a brunette, but the girl sitting in front of him was clearly a blonde. Her eyes were a strange mixture between blue and grey and, this was amusing, she had a couple of freckles around her nose. So endearing. She looked younger than his siblings had described, almost as if her gift had changed their perception of her. He set his glass back onto the table and sat down on his knees in front of her, caressing her upper legs as he looked into her weary brown eyes. “You look tired, love. Are you sure?”

She looked down to her hands and sighed. “I’m almost done.”

“What are you talking about?” While he understood that this girl was only functioning between the rules set by the agency, he knew that she was an escort, so what was the problem? “Come on, love, let’s tuck you into bed.” He lifted her from her chair, her arms immediately around his neck as he walked her to his bedroom.

“Ground rules,” she whispered in his ear as she nuzzled his earlobe. “No feeding from me, no marking and don’t kill me… anything else goes.”

Klaus ignored her speech and nuzzling as well as he could, but he couldn’t help but be interested in her. “You are using your influence on me, aren’t you?”

“It’s what I do.”

He opened the bedroom door and found her alert in his arms. “The whole tired thing was an act?”

“It’s what I do,” she smirked before kicking the door closed. “Take what you want from me, Mr. Mikaelson, do whatever you wish to do to me, or tell me what I should do with you.”

“How about we both enjoy ourselves?” Klaus placed her onto the bed and started to undress her as if she was a gifted package. Careful but fast. Her eyes didn’t look tired anymore, she was alert, her blue eyes with a mischievous twinkle in them. Arms wide. Legs wide. He had all access to her once he had undressed her and he tried to find any distinguishing marks on her that would tell him what she was, but she was flawless.

Her skin was absolutely flawless, not a mark on her, not a bruise, not anything.

“Stay,” he said as he pointed at her. “And I mean it. Don’t get up and reverse the tables on me. I enjoy it immensely when I am able to give pleasure to someone.”

“Yes sir,” she breathed out, closing her eyes and visibly relaxing. Switching off.

Klaus quickly ran downstairs to gather some things from the stable he had found Elena in and when he returned, she was still laying there, all splayed out, eyes closed and breathing, an occasional giggle escaping her lips. It was then that he remembered that even though the illusion was that a client was alone with a girl, they never truly were. Their handlers had a temporary spell over them to make them invisible, only to turn visible when the handler felt the need to.

It wasn’t a big deal to Klaus. In fact, he loved it when being watched.

“Your handler, is it a man or a woman?” He asked as he started to strap the girl to the bed, causing the girl to curiously look at him. This surprised him, it meant that she truly was giving in to him, not having the upper hand. “Is it your handler who told you you could trust me?”

“My handler thinks you’re an asshole,” the girl replied, her eyes following him in fascination, just slightly out of focus as if she was being touched by an unseen force. “But she wants me to really enjoy your company as it’ll be a once in a lifetime experience.”


“That, and if all goes well, you’ll be my last… she wants me to enjoy myself and not see our time as work.”

“Well, that’s nice of her,” he made sure that her wrists were tightly secured before looking at her. Already, she had a delirious look on her face and was making little noises. “You fancy your handler, don’t you? She’s fondling you right now?”

The girl giggled. “She can’t keep her hands to herself.”

He growled as he started to undress himself. “She’d better retreat to her corner because right now, you’re mine,” Klaus then paused for a moment when a thought flashed in front of him. “Or she can join in.”

The girl sighed and bit her lip as she looked at Klaus. “She’s gone. What are you going to do with me? I mean… I’m all tied up and I have nowhere to go…”

“Are you sure you’re not doing your thing?”

“If I were, it would be you on this bed right now. Or against the wall with me on my knees, sucking you dry… or pushing you to unleash what’s inside of you onto me to make you feel better,” she arched her back to show him her pussy, already dripping wet and he was going to ignore that for the time being, but it looked so inviting. His cock certainly liked it.

No, apart from the ropes, he had also retrieved a feather and a handful of sex toys from that box and Klaus intended to use them all. Either on her or her companion, but perhaps her companion would like to help him drive her ward completely insane with lust and need? Because the girl was right, if she was in control – the Cullen girls always were, the situation would be reversed, and this delighted him to no end.

Klaus got onto the bed and admired the girl’s perfect body. He watched her breathe, how her breasts moved, wondering what she’d do if he’d suck her nipples and make them hard, only to tease her erect nipples with the feather. Smirking, he cupped one of her breast and started to work her nipple, the girl was already squirming underneath his touch. He could feel her eyes on him, watching him as she had started on the trip of a lifetime. He only removed his lips from her breast to talk to her once. “If you don’t keep your legs still, I will tie your ankles to the bed as well and you will have no wiggle room, have I made myself clear?”

She sighed deeply and nodded.

“Good, now, feel free to make as much noise as you wish,” he said with a smirk before resuming his attention to her breast. Once the nipple was erect, he shifted to the other breast while tickling the free and still wet nipple with the feather. The girl was trying hard not to move her legs and kick him in the head as her body made involuntary spasms. She wasn’t acting, he knew that much. The noises she made was music to his ears, though. She was thoroughly enjoying herself and he hadn’t even started!

One thing the escorts from the Cullens had in common was that their bodies were highly sensitive and yet durable. She could be broken but once she’d stop influencing her mark, she’d heal up. Some girls had a regular vampire, one of the Original sire lines, as their handler to speed up the process if they had a long day ahead. He wasn’t too happy about that, but it was unavoidable with the amount of sires he and his siblings had amassed over the years.

This information came from his friend Myriam in New Orleans, she was housing a few of the ladies the Cullens had trained and brought up, but she found it frustrating as well, as she knew that the girls were holding back something important. Klaus had told his friend that if they were truly runaways that she had to keep them safe, no matter what they were hiding, but after what this girl underneath him had told him, he now was immensely curious.

“How do the Cullens manage to train you so perfectly? Where do they find you?”

“No,” the girl moaned, her back arching into him as he blew on her nipple while still teasing the other with the feather.

“Tell me.”



“Uhuh,” she breathed, opening her eyes to look at him, her brown eyes urging him on to continue, she was loving what he was doing to her.

“Or,” he smirked. “I could torture you for the information.” Should the girls be in trouble, he was going to direct Myriam and her team to pull them all out. He wasn’t heartless. Even his family didn’t know that he had his hands into something like this. “If you want out, I can help you.”

She smiled then. “I’ll be out tonight. Only then I can tell you who I am and what I am.”

“Love,” he sighed, the story of one particular Cullen girl coming to the surface of his memories. Raquel, she was called. She had fulfilled her contract by the Cullens after fifty years of service and had been bought by a mortal man who, a year after acquiring her, met an untimely death and the Cullens had sent their enforcers Jasper and Emmett to retrieve her. It hadn’t ended well for her. “You do realize that you’ll be at the mercy of whoever buys you once your contract is up?”

“I do.”

“That you’ll never be completely free and always at the mercy of someone else?”

“I’ll be free. He promised me.”

“Unless he dies. Then you’ll have to go back. Has he already bought you knowing that you’d fulfill your contract tonight?” He gently pushed her hair out of her face. It felt a little awkward to have this conversation with her as she was tied up and all, but he needed to know. She kept her mouth firmly shut, which was telling. Yes. A sale had already been made and all she needed was to fulfill her contract. “Very well, then I’m not going to play along with this, and I’m going to keep you here until they’re coming to retrieve you.”

He noticed the panic in her eyes as a fog entered his mind. Yes, she was panicking and she was now trying to influence him. Klaus tried to fight it as he watched the girl look at the corner before she started to kick around her legs to get him away from her. Her handler was likely going to untie her and take her away.

“He’s fighting me!” the girl cried out. “Help me! Don’t let him do this to us!”

The next thing he knew, Klaus was knocked flat on his ass by someone powerful, hitting his head against the dresser, but he was faster and managed to grab hold of the invisible force. “Show yourself,” he growled. “Show me your face and face the consequences of fooling this young girl.”


“It’s alright, chickpea,” a far too familiar female voice sounded.



  1. It’s just the one girl 😉 You’re freaking awesome though. I love your theory. I dig it! However, it was not Myriam or Klaus who set this up. You’ll find out who in the last chapter!

  2. Now that was an interesting twist at the end! Was that voice Katherine acting as her handler? That would explain Elijah hearing Katherine’s laugh? At the time I read Elijah’s chapter, I considered he was manipulated to hear the voice and laugh he wanted to hear or that she might have been the client that requested the service, but I’d been leaning towards the client being either Esther (to get blood samples for use in her spell) or Klaus. Now I’m thinking it was likely him, Myriam or both of them who set this up.

    Also, I’d been thinking it was Bella servicing each recipient, but with the shift between a blonde and a brunette I’m thinking there two girls with two handlers. Is the brunette that some remember Bella and the blonde with Klaus Caroline? If so, maybe in the sequel you could pair up Caroline with Klaus and Bella with Kol (as he was hoping).

  3. Yes, I’m evil like that.

  4. Well, somewhere it got a mention that the handlers are temporarily spelled to be invisible, only to reveal themselves when they wanted to. Surely the girl can see her handler in case something happens or in case they need to communicate.

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