Chapter 37: Changes

He had grabbed her, knowing that he didn’t have to be that delicate with her anymore, and had brought them upstairs. Once she had regained her footing, however, she fought him for dominance by trying to push him down. She failed, of course, and he pushed her against the wall before claiming her mouth.

Bella pawed at him until she had a full fist of fabric and proceeded to tear off his shirt as they kissed, reclaiming each other one step at a time. “Have you been faithful?” She asked while they kept kissing, digging her sharp nails into his shoulders, sending waves of pain and pleasure through his body.

What kind of bizarre question was that? Of course he had been! “Have you?” He knew that she had, despite it being hard for her, especially in the beginning after her transition.

She growled, then, dragging her nails through his skin. “I want you inside of me, now!”

“You should have worn a skirt, love,” he said amused before grabbing her and threw her onto the bed. Klaus got rid of her shoes and peeled off her pants before she flipped the both of them over, and she ripped off his pants. “Love, I know you have super strength now, no need to use it on me.”

“Fuck you,” she growled as she kissed him, hard. She felt like a nun the last year. Kol had no qualms about finding someone to have fun with – it was a secret between her and Kol so Davina wouldn’t find out, she helped herself. “I want you inside of me, now, we can do gentle later.”

He ripped off her panties and sunk right into her after flipping them back on the bed, nearly rolling off of it. They were close to the edge, on the brink and edge, both needing to reclaim each other and falling into their own personal and shared oblivion first.

Being a vampire was fantastic, especially when you were as insatiable as her and Klaus. For ten whole hours they didn’t talk about the last year, but only paid attention to each other, breaking the bed and a table in the den and cuddling in the bath. Bella loved being back in Klaus’ arms and feeling his hands on her. Sex as a vampire was beyond anything she’d ever experienced; every touch, stroke, and nibble were heightened, and she felt like wax in his hands.

Unfortunately, they had to stop having fun after they both got hungry and Klaus excitedly pulled her to the cellar, not caring that the both of them were naked. “We’ve made an adjustment in our diet, love,” he said proudly. “No longer are we feeding on our staff, even though we paid them quite generously. We now are snacking on healthy criminals instead.”


“Because blood is blood and there are criminals aplenty. Some of these hooligans don’t even have a family anymore; you don’t need to be that careful when feeding.” Klaus pulled one of them out of the jail and pushed him into Bella’s arms. “Enjoy, my darling,” he smiled at her. He’d been wanting to see her face ever since he turned her. He couldn’t ever forgive himself for having missed her ‘firsts’. First feed, first kill, first everything. At least she had behaved herself and allowed him to be the first she’d have sex with.

She loved him still, despite his treatment of her. He never stopped loving her. And seeing her vampire face for the first time was glorious. She was so beautiful and so glad that that didn’t change when she fed or hunted. Klaus was used to normal feeding noises, but she actually moaned at some point, and he had not expected that.

Pulling the man out of her hold and back into the cell, he pushed her against the wall and kissed her, hard, as he plunged into her, resuming their previous 10-hour affection for each other.

Bella barked out a laugh as he fucked her against the wall. Who knew that Klaus Mikaelson couldn’t control himself? She melted into him so quickly; she’d do anything for him, to feel his hands on her, to feel his lips on her skin. She had missed him so much, she hadn’t realized that, or perhaps Bella had ignored the nagging feeling as she was focused on killing Cold Ones, but now that she was back, she didn’t ever want to leave again.

She felt the familiar knot building up in her stomach whenever Kol was in need for her blood. It wasn’t unpleasant, but it was disruptive to say the least. Also served as a precursor to make sure that he wouldn’t desiccate. Now that they were back in New Orleans, and he was with Davina, it was to stop him from killing her. Unfortunately, it appeared that he needed to have her blood more often now. Perhaps it had to do something with the proximity of Davina.

“We need to get dressed,” Bella moaned as Klaus still moved inside of her. She didn’t want him to stop. She didn’t want to tell him to stop, but she was worried about Kol now. Davina could seriously hurt him if she’d try to stop him herself. “Klaus, please,” she whimpered as she tried to stop from flying apart against him, but he sent her flying. Again.

“I will not allow my brother’s needs to be disruptive to our life,” Klaus said in a low, threatening voice, sending pleasurable sensations all through her body. “He’d just have to break up with the witch if he doesn’t want to kill her.”

“He’s your brother. He has every right to be happy like you and Elijah,” she softly kissed him as he pulled out of her. “Feed. I’ll get dressed and fill a glass with my blood. He’ll be here soon.”


She could hear a disapproving tone in his voice, and she returned that sound with a glare before pushing him back and running upstairs to get quickly dressed. She was in the courtyard just in time when Kol walked in, clearly agitated and angry. She filled a glass with her blood and handed it to him, gently caressing his cheek. “It’ll be alright,” she said soothingly.

“No, Bella, this isn’t a matter of me desiccating,” he threw back the glass of blood and took a deep breath, feeling the unwanted feelings getting less. “This is a matter of whether or not I’m going to kill my girlfriend!”

“We knew this was going to be a possibility,” she said calmly, pulling him onto the couch and put her arms around him, holding him like she’d done quite a few times over the last year, for comfort, calming him. “Maybe you should ask Klaus if you could live here with Davina, that way you’re close by and you don’t have to cross a busy city when you feel like you were feeling just now – saving a lot of innocents in the process.”

“It’s not just Davina… I know I’ve never wanted to control my bloodlust, but now it’s impossible to…” Kol sighed, slightly shaking as Bella’s blood made his way through his system, also shaking off the bad feeling he had in his body; the sense of dread. Davina didn’t understand, despite him trying to explain the situation as well as she could. She wanted to destroy the ancestors for him, but he doubted that even that would lift the spell. Destroying them would only take away most of their power, they were ghosts. They couldn’t be destroyed.

She gently ran her hand through his hair before she tugged it to make him sit up. “We’re going to make this work,” she said determinedly as she nodded towards Klaus, who was watching them from the walkway. “And we can start with having you move in. I’m sure there’s an empty room around here. Like that one on the corner there, with its own den and bedroom, just like what we have upstairs.”

“Absolutely not!” Klaus growled as he made his way downstairs.

“Tough,” Bella said, getting to her feet and standing between Kol and his older brother, her lover. “The time that you treat your brother as anything less than is over.”

“It’s not that!”

She rolled her eyes at him. “We’ve gotten close in the last year, yes, but that’s it. We’re friends. Good friends. He needs my blood on occasion, but that’s fine. It’s nothing sensual, Klaus.”

“Just kill the witch and get it over with.”

“And then what? Banish him from New Orleans?” Bella huffed. “Even with Davina dead, there’s still the problem that he can’t leave this city without my blood.” She smiled at him before tiptoeing and kissing him. “He’s not a bad person, Klaus. Just like you’re not a bad guy.”

He looked around Bella to look at his younger brother. “What do you think?”

Kol shrugged. “Do you wish for me to slaughter half of New Orleans when I’m in need for a top up?”

“Kol,” Bella warned him.

“What? Do I need to admit that I would love to stay here? That this is my place too? That I’ve earned my place by now and that Nik owes it to me for me to stay here after all the things that he did?”

“I did?!”

“Hey!” Bella smacked Klaus on his chest. “It’s decided then; Kol is moving in.”


Breakfast was interesting. This was the first time that everyone was back together since Bella and Kol had left for Europe. Even Myriam was there; she was spending more time with Elijah than at the club, where she had hired an excellent manager to free up some of her day. Bella was surprised to hear that, seeing as Myriam had always been so hands-on when it came to the club. But it was good that she finally decided to let her hair down. It was a little sad, though, as Bella had figured she’d go back to work at Myriam’s as a bookkeeper but she didn’t need one anymore.

Everyone was more curious as how Bella and Kol had fared in the last year. It was so much fun to retell their stories, the way they lost count when killing Cold Ones and even how they stopped at Klaus’ former favorite artist retreat Belaga. While Gaspar Cortez had burned the entire village all those years ago; the village had been rebuilt and had turned into a tourist trap. Bella decided to eat everyone. Kol and Elijah saw the humor in that; Klaus didn’t like it – despite not having been to Belaga in so long.

And then it was time to reveal something Klaus would love even more. “We traveled through the States to round up the remaining Cold Ones and returned to Forks.”


Bella slowly nodded. “It was strange to return there; Kol made sure I stopped by the cemetery to visit my dad and then we went to the reservation.”

“Get this, instead of driving straight onto the reservation, she stopped at the border, and we had a picnic,” Kol rolled his eyes. “I would have stepped on there if I wanted something.”

“They’re a tribe of shifters who are capable of tearing apart a Cold One. Despite them being asses and listening to a lovestruck teenager instead of doing what they were made for, I respect them too much to do just that. On top of that, I wouldn’t survive it if they’d take me apart. You might have.”

“Love, not everyone deserves your compassion and respect,” Klaus said amused as he took a bite out of his pastry. “You don’t owe those wolves anything.”

“No, but I didn’t particularly have a death wish, either, Klaus,” she stuck out her tongue to him. “Anyway, we went there because I wanted to give them a chance to do what they were built to do; kill Cold Ones, maybe throw Emmett at them or something so that they’d feel adequate.” Bella saw the shocked faces of Klaus and Elijah. “Don’t worry; they refused like I knew they would. However, I’ve given them a new task and should they fail it, I promised them that we would kill every single one of them. Every Quileute, innocent or not.”

“You should have seen her, Nik, it was glorious,” Kol grinned. “She is your queen, no doubt about it.”

Freya smiled knowingly. “I told you that Bella had an errand to run, didn’t I? She found the new White Oak tree.”

“You did?” Klaus said surprised. “Did you burn it down?”

“No,” Bella smiled widely. “A pack of shifter wolves trained to kill vampires is guarding it. Should something fall off it, I instructed them to burn it and they will.”

“You should have burned it to the ground.”

“And then what? Only have it to reappear in a few hundred years in a space we can’t control? We know where it is now. It’s safe. I’m sure Freya can come up with a spell that will protect the location from locator spells and whatever, but tearing it down didn’t seem the wisest decision.”

“Bella, you don’t understand that-” Elijah said slowly, eying her carefully.

“I don’t understand what? That that tree could kill you all a hundred times over? I do. And you can do whatever you want with it when I’m gone.”

“It’d be good to have the tree around,” Freya said with a small smile on her face. “The magical properties of that tree are astronomical; I could get a piece of it and use it to cast more extensive and more powerful protection spells for our family.”

“I don’t care,” both Elijah and Klaus said as they got to their feet. “That tree is going to burn. And Kol, you’re unbelievable, how could you have allowed her to arrange this?”

“We know where it is now. Bella’s right, it could pop up again in a place we’re not privy to. Where we can’t control it because we won’t be able to find it. It’s safe.”

Sometimes Kol talked a lot of sense and usually, both he and Elijah ignored him. But Bella was right, Kol was a member of their family, they were brothers for god’s sake, and it was time to take his opinions into account too. “And you’re sure those wolves will continue to protect it?”

“Yeah, they feel pretty bad for screwing me over,” Bella said with a shrug. “But one call from me and they will burn it to the ground if you want to.”

Klaus sucked in a breath. Maybe it was alright to give in just a little, have her decide something and lay down the law. She had a good head on her shoulders, and she knew those wolves better than he did. “I suppose that for now, we’ll have them guard the tree, but if anything goes wrong…”

“We’ll burn the tree,” Bella smiled at him. “Have a little faith.”

Maybe leaving the decision up to her was a mistake. “Having faith doesn’t keep us safe, love.”

“And you can take your paranoia too far.”

“She’s right, Niklaus,” Elijah said calmly after having given it some thought. “And usually when that happens, we all suffer. I’m not saying I agree with keeping the tree whole, but perhaps it is time that we try something different, change with the times, sort to speak.”

Bella finished eating her beignet and then grinned. “So, have I earned a Cullen to kill?” She rubbed her hands together in glee, causing Kol to snicker.

“I’d say that you have. It’s the icing on the cake!”

“Yes! Exactly!”

“We could make it into a game as well, release one and then chase it.”

“I’ve done too much chasing,” Bella whined playfully. “Remember Egypt? Ugh. No, just take me to them and I’ll kill them all.”

“Where’s the fun in that, love?” Klaus pulled her into his lap, still not liking it that she had struck a great friendship with his idiot brother. “They’ve earned it to be tortured, to be pulled apart one bone at a time… to be sliced apart with a blunt knife.”

Bella thought for a moment before she put her arms around his neck and softly kissed him. “Blunt knives won’t penetrate their skin, no matter how much force you put behind it. Sharp things. A million sharp things… a wall of tiny sharp things and then throw one of them into it… Oh! Like a giant cheese grater!” She could already imagine what it’d look like, skin being shaved off as the venom went everywhere, unable to move – with a little help from Freya’s magic – and their cries filling the room; it would make her heart sing with joy, it would be a real turn on, too.

“Bella,” Kol glared at her. While he had learned how to tune out most of her emotions over the previous year, it was quite obvious that his brother hadn’t had much of them up close. Knowing that the two of them had quite the night, he just had to warn her a little; Elijah would not appreciate another round of smashing and moaning.

“Before we’re going to end your nightmare for good, can I ask a favor?” Freya asked Bella as she wiped her hands on a handkerchief. “Alina has fallen hard for Peter, and he is equally smitten with her.”

Bella wanted to save Peter. He was a good guy, but she knew that she couldn’t control herself once she started killing Cold Ones. He was still a Cold One, and that could prove problematic. She also wanted to see Alina again but wasn’t sure how that was going to work with her dating Peter. “I can’t promise I won’t kill him.”

“No, that’s alright,” Freya smiled reassuringly. “While you were away killing my brother’s enemies and your own, I’ve been working on a spell to turn around his vampirism. He won’t turn into a human as that would kill him, but he’d become like you.”

“You can do that?”

“I’m confident that I can, yes. I’ve wanted to try for a while now, as a present to him, but Niklaus convinced me that it was best to ask you first, seeing as you’re who you are.”

“Aw, thanks! That’s sweet, and yes, do that. I can kill Cullens whenever.”


“Yeah,” Bella smirked as she ran her hand through Klaus’ hair. “Your brother and I have a lot to catch up on anyway,” she said in barely a whisper before she blew in Klaus’ ear. Before she knew it, he had brought her back up to the bedroom.

“For the love of god, I hope that will end soon,” Freya muttered as she rose to her feet. “I’m going to call Peter with the good news and prepare for the spell. The sooner he changes, the better.”

“Can I look at the spell, please?” Kol asked his sister.

She let out a breath of relief. “Yes, brother, please! I can’t wait to see if your brilliant mind can make the spell simpler or even better!”



  1. Good idea having the wolves guard the White Oak. I hope Freya can change Peter.
    I’m happy that Bella and Klaus are together again but I’m still bitter on him changing her horribly, leaving her with only a note (!) and not going after her on her year quest.

  2. Thank you for the update I love it.

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