Chapter 23

She chained Stefan up in the little holding cell that she had installed and walked over to the cabinet where she kept some of her tools. The only person who’d be aware of this dungeon would be Klaus, as she had kept the werewolf Mason Lockwood in there previously for Klaus to turn. Sadly, Klaus had killed him when he killed 12 of his hybrids.

Such a pity.

She was happy to find her vervain in there, and even a little bit of werewolf venom that she had snuck out of Mason that one time. He hadn’t liked the experience much, but she fed him when she didn’t forget, so he had to pay up.

But her favourite was the baseball bat. It was made out of aluminum, and it had been a present from Kol, and it was just perfect for Myriam to use it to get rid of some of her anger towards Stefan. He had it coming. He had it coming for so long, she could feel the anticipation bubbling underneath her skin. Would she be as mean as feeding him human blood to heal up? How about no blood at all?

“Wakey wakey,” Myriam sang as she circled around Stefan, twirling her bat once he started to come to. “Ah, there you are,” she smiled at him. “Good boy.”

“Myriam, what are you doing?” Stefan sighed as he hung from the chains.

“Doing what I should have done a long time ago,” she said as she swung the bat and hit him in the stomach with it. Twice. Maybe three times. Or four times. Ah, who cared? She lost count at some point. “That, that was for getting involved with Katerina and for turning your brother into a vampire in 1864.”

Stefan groaned and tried to get out of the chains. However, Myriam had them spelt by a witch from New Orleans, so there was no way he was getting out without Myriam’s assistance. “He forgave me!”

“Well, I didn’t!” Myriam countered angrily. She swung the bat once more before discarding it and opting for a knife. “Now… let’s see… what was next?”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Why does anyone does anything?” Myriam shrugged as she circled Stefan and thinking about her next move. “Oh, just so you know; my humanity isn’t switched off. I’m merely doing what I have wanted to do for so long but refrained because it wasn’t necessary. And it still isn’t necessary. But I can. And I want to.”

“That’s not…”

“A good enough reason?” Myriam barked out a laugh as she stabbed Stefan in the back. Literally. “Tough,” she spat at him before placing the knife on his skin, barely piercing it before tracing around him with it as she walked around him. “Next. You killed Zak Salvatore. Your uncle. Your amazing uncle who was willing to take a barren widow into his home and care for her. He was selfless. Modest. Harmless. And you killed him before it was his time to go.”

“Myriam, you need to stop,” Stefan groaned.

“I don’t need to do anything!” Myriam said furiously. “I’m tired of men telling me what I need to do. I’m no longer listening, because nobody was listening when Kol and I came back from our search for more information about The Five and Silas. You all thought he was insane and now look what happened! Silas is on the loose and already messing with you lot!”

“You don’t have to do this.”

“I have to. And you know why? Because your precious ex-girlfriend and her brother killed my best friend. So I killed her best friend, and now I’m going to kill you. Might go for Liz Forbes next. Or Tyler. Or even Damon, because you were all in on the plan to kill Kol, weren’t you?”

“It was necessary!”

“Bullshit!” She plunged the knife into his abdomen and wiggled it around a bit before turning it. She could hear his skin rip and bones crush and Stefan yelled out in pain. “Oh, yell all you want, pup, nobody will hear you.”


“No,” Myriam growled as she grabbed one of the vervain syringes and started to clean out his wound with it. “Heal up. I’ll be back after I’ve had a snack,” she said as she cleaned up the tools and headed upstairs.

“There she is!” Damon knocked her against the wall. “Give my brother back!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Myriam said as she looked at Damon. “What would I possibly want with your brother?”


She looked at Klaus, all confused. “Am I missing something here?”

“Damon came to us saying that you took Stefan in a fit of rage, and he wants Stefan back.”

“But I don’t have him.”

“But you went out, what did you do?”

“After I checked that the brothers got my presents, I left to have a little feed and came straight home,” she sighed. “Honestly, just because I killed your beloved Caroline doesn’t mean I’m on a killing spree.”

“You did what!”

“Oh, she didn’t tell you, Klaus?” Damon teased him. “She sent Caroline to us in bits.”

“Eye for an eye. You kill my best friend, I kill yours. How’s Elena? Still not switching back?”


“Jerk,” Myriam said as she managed to get free from Damon and headed to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat, but she could hear Klaus, Elijah and Damon talk in the other room.

“It’s quite possible that you weren’t seeing Myriam but Silas instead,” Klaus explained to Damon. “Silas got inside my head too, convinced me I was dying.”

“It was Myriam,” Damon assured him. “Silas was busy with Bonnie, pretending to be Jeremy, dude can’t be in two places at the same time.”

“Can’t he? We don’t know if he can’t,” Klaus countered. “But I shall keep an eye out for your brother. If I find him, I’ll make sure to return him to you. Right now I need to have a chat with my wife about Caroline.”

“Wait with that until I’m out. Don’t want to risk her tearing me apart for my affiliation with Elena,” Damon said before the sound of a door opening, and closing could be heard.

Myriam walked out of the kitchen as she sipped on her blood bag and looked at Klaus. “What? You’re hurt because I killed that cheerleader? I have already killed her, and she came back. She always had a target on her back and not because of you.”

“Sweetheart, that cheerleader might have been a pain in everyone’s ass for various of reasons, but she and I were actually talking about you most of the time. She gave me…” he sighed as he cast his eyes downward. “I have to admit, I was taking relationship advice of a 17-year-old hopeless romantic, and she told me that if I wanted to make things right with you, we needed to do more things together.”

“You wanted to come back upon hearing about the Cure, Klaus. You have your priorities all wrong,” she pointed out. “And as I said, Caroline was always on my shitlist. I took extreme pleasure with taking her apart and sending her in bits to Elena and the Salvatores. You got her hair because you liked it. They killed my best friend, I killed theirs.”

“I could have helped.”

Myriam looked at him in shock. “You did not just say that.”

“I could have helped because you’re right. Eye for an eye and all that. I love that kind of revenge. There isn’t any better kind of revenge than that. Although I would have gone for one of the Salvatore brothers seeing as Kol was my brother and all.”

Myriam was speechless. She didn’t know what to say.

“There is a reason why our family was feared for so many centuries,” Elijah piped up. “We all liked our revenge, we all liked to play with our victims and their families.”

“Yeah see,” Myriam waved her blood bag around. “I don’t see that. I mean, Kol and Klaus told me the stories and all, but the only dangerous one of you lot is… was Kol.”

“Niklaus and I did calm down somewhat over the years, admittedly. Power isn’t everything, and to be feared makes life a whole lot difficult. As you yourself have experienced ever since Niklaus came back to Mystic Falls. Your so-called friends didn’t like you anymore.”

“I never claimed them to be my friends. I tolerated them, but I was hurt by their treatment of me when they learned I was Klaus’ wife,” Myriam snarled. “I would have raised this entire town to the ground years ago if it weren’t for safekeeping his precious doppelganger who’s now a vampire so yeah, I don’t know what’s stopping me now,” she sighed before she looked back at Klaus. “Speaking of which, your doppelganger is useless now. Kol’s dead. He died here. What the fuck are we doing here still?”

“The cu-”

“Fuck that!” Myriam spat at him. “You know, maybe I should take a page out of Elena’s playbook and turn it all off. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, love.”

“Why?” Myriam challenged him. “You think you won’t be able to handle me?” She huffed then and shook her head. “Whatever. Go and talk amongst yourselves, I’m going back to our guest in our basement.”

“What guest?”

“Stefan Salvatore,” she said simply. “Do you want to join me? You did say you wanted to kill a Salvatore brother for killing your brother, now is your chance.”

“But you just said-” Elijah said surprised.

“Hey, did you know? I’ve been living with a bunch of unstable vampires for the last 300 years and am even married to one! I know how to lie, Elijah,” she replied as she took a sip from her blood bag. “Are you coming, husband of mine?”

“Niklaus, don’t,” Elijah warned him. “I implore you…”

“You know the reason why we’re not a menace anymore? It’s because of Elijah. He wanted us to behave,” Klaus said as he put an arm around his wife. “And if my wife wants to do a little bit of murder and mayhem, then she shall get it. And I still stand by the fact that you should have invited me when you were dismembering Caroline. I would have loved to see you taking her apart.”

Myriam smiled widely as she sloppily kissed him and dragged him off to the basement where Stefan was still hanging from the chains. “I used a lot of vervain on Caroline. You know, on her open wounds and after I pulled out her teeth, I rinsed her mouth with it, too.”

“Klaus, you need to stop her.”

“I don’t need to do anything, Stefan,” Klaus said as he joined his wife in the little dungeon. “Well, what I do need to do is listen to my wife more often. And to my idiot brother that you and your co-conspirators had killed.”

“It was a means to an end! He and Myriam killed the vampires you created for Jeremy.”

“It’s still not an excuse.”

“Caroline gave the same excuse, actually,” Myriam piped up as she grabbed the baseball bat and swung it at Stefan’s knees, breaking his legs in an instant. “You know, Klaus, they all consider themselves to be so moral, while it’s okay to kill someone loved by an acquaintance of theirs. They see you as the bad guy but what does it make them, though? At least you’re always consistent. They’re not.”

“And I’m the least of their worries love, they obviously need to fear you.”

Myriam beamed then. “Aww, thank you Mon LouLou!” She then hit Stefan again with the bat. “Grab a knife! Have some fun! Take your revenge!” She encouraged him as she picked up the knife and held it out for Klaus. “I mean, killing him swiftly would be merciful, but he doesn’t deserve mercy. Not for all of the things he did. Like Caroline, Stefan always had a target on his back for what he did in 1864.”

“He was my friend, once.”

“Oh, you just liked him because he was a ripper,” Myriam rolled her eyes at him. “There are plenty of those.”

“Although, I do wish to return to New Orleans and could use someone like him.”

“You don’t need anyone but yourself to take back your city, Klaus,” Myriam kissed him sweetly on his lips. “You’re the big bad wolf. It’s time you get your balls back. You’re the King. You’re my King. We’re done with playing nice.”

Klaus nodded and smiled wickedly before taking hold of Stefan’s almost healed up leg and pushed the blade inside of the leg before using it to carve around it and break off the bone. “Shall we send him back in pieces just like we did with Caroline, love?”

Myriam thought for a moment as she looked at Stefan’s severed leg. “To be honest, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bunny eating vampire on one leg? Imagine the insults. Pirate Stefan. Ohh maybe we should pop out one of his eyes for good measure! Then compel him and send him on his way!”

Klaus looked disappointed for a second but then realised the fun this could be. “It could prove quite the entertainment.”

“Exactly!” Myriam smirked. “As much as I want the guy dead, I think it’s better if he gets ridiculed. More fun.”

“Love, you are quite diabolical. Are you sure you don’t wish to join me in New Orleans while I take back the city?”

She bit her lip then. “I don’t know, Klaus,” she admitted. “I love New Orleans, and I love Débauche, but… there are so many good memories of Kol there. And bad ones, like the time he set fire to my club but… it’s too fresh. I’ll join you when I’m ready.”

“But I will not allow you to stay here in Mystic Falls by yourself either.”

“I have Rebekah! And when she decides to join you, I’ll find somewhere else to live. Who knows? I might pull a Katherine and find and compel an entire town to like me!”

“Are you sure?”

“I am not running.”

“I’m not saying that you are,” he pulled her close and kissed her. “But I want you to be sure.”

“I’m sure. I need to heal, and I can’t do that in New Orleans. Here, the pain is less despite him being murdered here but…”

“I understand,” he smiled at her. “I’ll make New Orleans ours again, and when you’re well and ready, you can join me by my side, as my Queen. Because you are just that. My Queen.”

“You’re leaving tonight, aren’t you?”

He slowly nodded before Myriam dropped the bat and pulled the knife out of Klaus’ hands and jumped him, making him stumble against the wall as she kissed him. “Love me.”

“Oh no…” Stefan groaned.


A few days later, Myriam was all alone in her house. Klaus had set off for New Orleans, and Rebekah was out, having fun with her friends. Myriam knew that she had built the house and had lived in it by herself just fine, but now with everyone gone, she had the feeling of it being an empty nest. It was big and lonely. Myriam had surprised Elijah by daggering him, and she had unceremoniously dumped him in his coffin. Elijah was a bad influence on Klaus and Rebekah. A very bad one and they didn’t need him.

She hadn’t gone outside in a few days, merely to stop herself from lashing out again and instead had spent days on the sofa with bottles of alcohol and a compelled human standing in the corner of the room so she could have some fresh blood when she wanted it.

She loved watching all three Gordon Ramsay shows on television. There was one with a hotel, and she was just appalled by the state of the hotels he was going to try and fix. Kitchen Nightmares put her off from dining out for the rest of her life and Hell’s Kitchen was adorably sadistic.

She watched Toe The Line, a celebrity dancing competition, for shits and giggles when drunk and that was usually followed by Glee, and she danced and sang along. When she was drunk. If she wasn’t, she changed channels.

Supernatural was… entertaining. They had everything wrong about the supernatural, apart from maybe the demons. They were… slightly accurate. But it also made her miss that part of herself, her demons, and she usually ended up crying and drowning her tears in an entire bottle of vodka.

She switched channels at some point and had to blink twice because there was an actor on TV looking exactly like Elijah and he got blown up by a bomb. Causing her to cheer and throw popcorn around while she danced like crazy. Then rewound it, filmed it with her phone and sent it off to Klaus. For your enjoyment. This actor looks like Elijah. Kaboom!

A few minutes later, Klaus sent a message back. Are you glued to the idiot box? Go outside! Have fun!

But the idiot box is fun. Don’t worry about me.

I am.


Very well. Xxx

Now, one of Myriam’s latest additions to her TV line up was a show called Ghost Adventures. Three idiots who willingly locked themselves up in a haunted building. What could go wrong? Two of said idiots were quite easy on the eyes, and she couldn’t look away from it.

And at some point during the evening as she watched some of her TV shows, a freak storm erupted outside. “What the hell?” Myriam muttered as her TV switched off and all the lights went out. She swung open the door to the back garden and felt a strange sensation in the air, and she knew it was wrong. It wasn’t good. She quickly closed the door and grabbed a handful of her dark objects to surround herself with it before grabbing her phone and started to read a book on her phone instead.

She wasn’t scared.

Myriam wasn’t sure for how long she’d been reading, but the front door opened and when she looked, she saw Kol walking in. “Kol? Is that really you?”

Kol smiled widely as he sat down next to her on the sofa and pulled her into his arms. “The veil has been dropped, not for long and it’s not completely open, but you’re still in the triangle.”

“Really?” She poked him to make sure he was real. “You’re here?”

“Don’t look so surprised, darling, I just told my sister how much I appreciated her 24 hour mourning period and how someone who’s not a blood relative is still having trouble with my death,” he kissed the top of her head. “Great job on taking revenge.”

She smiled then. “Yeah?”

“I’d rather have killed Elena. Are you joining me?”

“Really? You get to spend time with people you love for only a short period of time, and you want to kill Elena?” Myriam looked up at him. “She’s still under Stefan and Damon’s protection, even though one of them has to regain his balance. And with the veil dropped, with you here, what about Jeremy? He’ll be protecting her wherever she is.”

“Well, how about you and I go on a little scavenger hunt? For old time’s sake? I take care of Elena, and you get to beat up Jeremy Gilbert. He’s no longer a hunter. He’s dead. So even if you’d kill him again, no curse!” He said excitedly before motioning around her. “You need to stop drowning yourself in alcohol, Myriam. You need to find something you’re passionate about. Make new friends.”

“You were my friend.”

“And I still am, but I’m dead. And I’m telling you I won’t get jealous if you find someone new. Someone that can complete you as I did. But before you do, let’s have one last hurrah.”

Myriam sighed. “Fine. Because the TV isn’t working and I want to spend time with you.”

They found Elena crying at Jeremy’s headstone in the cemetery. “Hello, old friend,” Kol greeted her, causing Elena to turn around to face Kol and Myriam. “Pity about your brother. I guess it’s just the three of us now.” He rushed at Elena and started to hit her. And then kicked her, causing the vampire to cough. “Now this is what I’ve missed: two people connecting,” he said as he kicked her again. “It’s lonely on the Other Side…and I swear being invisible will drive you mad. The way you couldn’t see me standing in front of you, or feel my breath on your cheek as I whispered all the ways that I wished for you to suffer.”

“Let me have at her,” Myriam said as she pulled Elena up from the ground and squeezed her neck. “You’re the reason why I have to miss my pets. You’re the reason why Kol’s lonely on the Other Side,” she said as she squeezed a little tighter.

“Go ahead, Myriam. Kill me. You’d be doing me a favour.”

“Ah, but I won’t kill you,” she said as she tossed Elena into Kol’s arms. “He is! He deserves this kill!”

Kol dropped Elena and caught a flying stake. Both he and Myriam turned to see who fired the stake and realised it was Jeremy. “How many times do I need to kill you?”

“Jeremy Gilbert…Welcome back. Now, what’s the saying? ‘Kill me once, shame on you. Kill me twice, shame on-”

“Me,” Myriam said as she launched herself at Jeremy and pulled broke his arm so he’d release the crossbow before she took a bite out of him and plunged her hand into his chest to rip out his heart. The boy dropped to the ground, and Myriam sighed. “Shame he’s already dead.”

“Feel better, darling?”

“Tons.” She turned around only to see Kol’s neck being snapped and him falling to the ground as well, revealing the eldest Mikaelson brother; Finn. “Oh come on! Leave your brother alone!”

“You two need to stop killing, Myriam. You’re only going to allow it to consume you. First Caroline, then mutilating Stefan and now you’re killing a ghost?”

“Fuck off, Finn,” she said as she looked at Elena. “You’d better leave before I kill you myself, you little bitch!” She then picked up Kol from the ground and took him home, and she was going to keep him there until the veil went back up again.

They had caused enough trouble and mayhem now, and Myriam wanted Kol all to herself. She’d chain him up in the basement if she had to. Maybe that was a good thing to do anyway. There was no doubt that the everyone who had a bone to pick with the Scoobies would come back or were back too, and Kol would be the perfect ringmaster. She didn’t care about the town, but she was selfish, and Kol was now hers.

She dropped him in the basement and closed the door of the dungeon with a dark object in front of it to make sure he wouldn’t be able to open the door when he came to. Oh, he was going to be pissed, but she didn’t care.


“Yes, mon chou?”

“Why am I locked in here?”

Myriam leaned against the door and smiled at him. “Because I’m selfish. Those people who were sacrificed in the name of Silas will be able to take their revenge themselves, they don’t need you for it.”

“But I’m so good at revenge.”

“And so am I, but I’ve missed you, and I’d like to spend my time with you instead you getting yourself into trouble.”

“I’m already dead, what’s the worst that can happen?”

“Do you have any idea how much I’ve missed you?”

“I do. As I said, I watched you grieve and take your revenge. Good call on Stefan and daggering Elijah, he really didn’t see it coming!” Kol laughed as he got to his feet. “And as much as I appreciate you mourning me, you really should move on as my siblings did. I do not wish for you to miss me as much as you’re doing right now.”


“Three hundred years is a long time to be friends, I know that and I feel your love and your grief over on The Other Side. Your grief hurts, Myriam.”

“I’m sorry…”

“Do what you told Alaric to do. Leave Mystic Falls. Don’t look back. Heal. And once you’ve healed and are ready to face New Orleans, be the Queen that Nik and I both know that you are. Run Débauche and give Isabella some time off.”

She sighed as she opened the door to his cell and hugged him tightly. “But I don’t want to let go of you.”

“You have to, darling, it’ll tear you apart if you don’t.” He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. He then let out a long sigh. “Very well, I won’t join the other spirits in their revenge against the town, let’s have a good old fashioned party with lots of booze, girls and alcohol.”

“And good music.”

“Of course,” he smiled at her and followed her upstairs before turning on the radio and grabbing a bottle. “Now, how are we going to get people in your house when everyone’s running scared?”

Myriam shrugged as she took a swig of her bottle and started to dance along to Bon Jovi’s You give love a bad name. A party with Kol was just what she needed, even if it was only going to be a private one, to give him a proper send off.

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