Chapter 27: Love Bites

Note to self: It’s not surprising that the Cold Ones have their version of the white oak, it’s just incredibly silly of them to have it wrapped into a fairy tale. One human to kill them all. It’s too ridiculous for words.

Note to self: Remember, you were too intrigued by their silliness.

Note: Oh god, what if the stories are true and that one day there’ll be another weapon of mass destruction for the Cold Ones? Remind me not to tell Elijah or Niklaus. I want to swoop in and be the hero when they get into trouble with them. Or laugh at them after another daggering and hearing the stories.

I traveled to Greece. Yes, the main area is in Italy, Volterra, but I believed that the Volturi forgot about most of their history. I met with an old witch, a traveler, who told me that everything in this book is true. And that there was more. While the witch wasn’t particularly fond of vampires, she’d heard about my reputation with witches and knew of me being a member of the Original family. She gave me a prophecy that was told for generations, in the hope that one day, it’d come true. Scarily enough, it seems that it ties in with my family.

When fidelity gets born, the elements shall fall into place.

The first of hot ones will fall. Fidelity will turn and aid the officer.

Fidelity will find strength in the officer and will give strength to the officer and merriment.

Fidelity will set fire to the ice and will find its place among the first.

You see, this is interesting. I figured it out; we’re the hot ones. Now, I don’t like it that we will fall – or might fall because we can’t fall. Not without a lot of trouble. And I like trouble. Nik likes trouble and don’t get me started on Rebekah; she’s trouble incarnate. I have no clue about fidelity, officer, and merriment. The witch showed me the corresponding tarot cards, but I’m torn. The officer could be either Nik or Elijah. It’s usually Nik, though. Merriment? Well, I don’t see Finn being merry, is that me? Rebekah?

It is exciting to know, though, that we will be in the presence of someone as magnificent as Carmen the original singer, slaughterer of thousands of Cold Ones before the Volturi finally were able to kill her. Or turn her.

If we do come across a singer who’s survived the presence of Cold Ones, we need to do everything in our power to protect him/her. Perhaps enlist Rebekah’s help when it’s a man. I hope it’s a girl. I can’t wait to woo so much power.

What I know for certain is that Nik has to be the one to turn it. Great. Another chance for him to be the big bully that he is, to showboat his power.

Best to keep this a secret, knowing Elijah he will worry about everything.


Once she had transcribed what Kol had written all those centuries ago, her mind went into overdrive. Granted, if this was truly about her, she was going to be kickass, and all she needed was Klaus. Taking into account the last part of the prophecy that was tied to the Mikaelsons in this current time, Klaus first had to lose it all before he could turn her.

She had to stay alive for that, until his return and his part of his prophecy had played out. After that, everything was going to be okay. More than okay, it would mean that she could finally take her revenge, and then some.

A huge burden had fallen off her shoulders, and she could feel how sleep overtook her mind and body, drifting off to a light sleep the moment she laid down.

When she eventually woke up, she could smell the freshly made bread that someone had gotten her. Coffee. Freshly squeezed orange juice. Was someone bribing her? Sitting up, she looked around to see Myriam sit in a lounge chair on the balcony drinking from a blood bag. Bella shuddered and got up to have something of her breakfast. She was hungry, not having taken the time to eat properly in the last two days other than junk and she needed to eat something proper. “Morning.”

“Oh, good, you’re awake. Klaus was worried that Freya had put too big of a spell on you.”

“Klaus? Was he back? How long was I out for? Freya spelled me? The bitch!” She popped a piece of bread in her mouth. “Why didn’t you wake me when Klaus came back?”

“They were busy anyway,” Myriam said as she discarded her empty blood bag. “You didn’t miss much, trust me.”

“I don’t care! I would have liked to see Klaus well with my own eyes! Where is he now?”

“Tristan took Freya, so he and Elijah are after him.”

“Why the fuck is everyone taking everyone? Is that something you like to do for fun?” Bella said annoyed. “Oh, we have a disagreement with that person. Let’s kidnap it, torture it, poke it with a stick and release it again. Have them escape!” She added mockingly. “Geez, what are you people? Small children?”

“Bella!” Myriam said shocked and watched as Peter turned the corner and halted immediately after seeing Bella’s face. He wasn’t going anywhere near her. Smart vampire.

“What? It’s that easy, isn’t it? You’re more powerful; you can easily take your captors and kill them and get it over with.”

The vampire didn’t know what to say; she wasn’t quite sure what Bella was getting at, that maybe Freya’s sleep spell had somehow corrupted Bella a little. “It’s not that easy in theory; I’m sure Klaus has explained that to you.”

“Oh, he did,” Bella nodded as she popped another piece of bread in her mouth and took a sip of the orange juice. “But you know what that sounds to me? Sentimentality. I mean… you know that on the one hand, this other person, vampire, whatever, is a part of your history. You have a history with them and despite them being a pain in the ass, you can’t just get rid of them without getting rid of a part of your past. On the other hand, that person is a fucking pain in your ass. Rip them apart and get it over with. Jeez.”


“Don’t you Bella me, Myriam!”

“Peter!” Myriam growled at the other vampire, who was grinning from ear to ear. “What did you do?!”

“Nothin’,” Peter grinned, casually leaning against the doorpost with his arms crossed over his chest. “Right now, I’m admiring the lil’ Spitfire, because she’s right. Someone causes you trouble but killing them immediately is out of the question because of sentimental reasons?”

“I don’t care about that, what’s wrong with her?”

“Nothin’,” he repeated with a shrug. “My best guess is that she’s awakening, even without being supercharged as the prophecy foretells. She’s a singer; she’s always been a singer. It’s been that instinct that has kept her alive for those years she was on the run from them and now that they’re back in town, of course those qualities come back. Bella was known for her violent outbursts from time to time. She even punched a werewolf in the face, but regretted it after hurting her hand on him.”

“Jake had it coming. I want to hit him again. I will. Eventually. Asshole.” Bella said as she downed her coffee and went to grab a few clothes. “I’m going to take a shower, and you better call Klaus to tell him I’m awake, and he and I need to have a chat. I’m fucking tired of being shoved to the side and treated as if I’m fragile.”

“You are, cherie,” Myriam said as she watched her friend. “You’re still human, and we all are merely trying to keep you alive.”

Bella eyed Peter. “He tried to wake me, didn’t he?” She had woken up with a metallic taste in her mouth, no doubt Klaus trying to have her take some of his blood in her slumber.

“And he warned them that you’d be upset if you’d wake without him by your side. Again,” Peter agreed. “Take your shower; I’ll go and try to find out how long your man will be.”


Bella startled when she suddenly felt Klaus’ hands on her back while she was in the shower. “Why not take a bath, love?” He said sweetly. She turned around to face him and took him in. Klaus was naked, dirty and hurt. His hair a mess and his eyes looked sad.

She put her arms around his waist and pulled him closer as she looked up at him with a small smile on her lips. “Rough couple of days, huh?”

“I feel quite guilty for taking a few moments to relax,” he admitted truthfully, his lips brushing the top of her head. “We still need to give Camille a proper send-off, but I feel that if we get complacent just for one second… we’ll lose everything.”

She gently guided him to the bath tub; he even moved as if he was tired of it all. She helped him sit down and started to rinse off the dirt and blood out of his hair, off his body, lightly touching his spots with her fingertips, making circular motions to make him relax. “It’s going to be alright,” she cooed, reaching for the shampoo to start putting it in his hair.

“The witches dug up Jackson’s heart,” he said, his voice filled with hate. “They want to break the sire link.”

“Can they do that?”

“With the right spell, the right ingredients… nothing is impossible. I certainly wouldn’t put it passed Davina to…”

Was that worry in his voice? “But you don’t get your power, your strength, from your sirelings, do you?”

“Not physical strength, no,” a small smile danced across his lips as he enjoyed feeling her hands all over him. “However, they are obliged to me. For instance, should I want to pick a fight with your Cold Ones, my progeny will have to fight for me if they want a shot at surviving my fight. If I die, they die. Then there’s of course those in high places that I’ve turned, those who aid us with for example legal documents. Should I want for something, all I need to do is ask.”

Bella huffed as she massaged the shampoo into his hair. While she could see the benefit of knowing people in high places, did he actually have to turn them? “What’s the worst thing that could happen should Davina manage to break your sireline?”

“Not everyone was happy about me turning them, even though I saved them from unsavory and unwanted situations. For example, there are countless of women I rescued from their abusive home or from their relatives who were ill.”

“Not everyone wants to be saved,” she gently rinsed the shampoo out of his hair. “I can understand that would tick people off.”

“Others were happy; I’m not too worried about them.”

“Others? Like Myriam?” She stopped doing what she did and moved to face him. “Just how many people did you turn, Klaus?”

“I’m a thousand years old, love,” he said with a slight chuckle, a sparkle in his eye. “And I have to admit, that in the beginning, neither myself or my siblings were especially picky on who we turned. We found it easier to compel vampires we turned than to compel humans.”

“Why is that?”

“Because humans are magnificent beings who should be protected at all cost.”

“But vampires were humans before they turned.”

“You’re overcomplicating things, love,” he softly kissed her. “As long as those vampires stay sired to myself, Elijah or Rebekah, they’ll feel obligated to protect us, because even though they might be angry with us for turning them, now that they have the eternal life, they’d want to keep it that way.”

“So if your line gets broken?”

“There’s no doubt that every enemy that I’ve acquired over the last thousand years will come out of the woodwork and will want to kill me. They’d kill me and live on as if nothing happened.”

“Well, that’s not going to happen,” she said, shifting again to continue cleaning him up. “If someone’s going to kill you, it’ll be me.”

Klaus let out a chuckle. “Are you keeping the trinket safe?”

“Of course.”

“Good,” he mused. “Now all we can hope for is that we’ll find the new White Oak tree before our enemies do.”

She was glad that he sounded more like himself now, less afraid, more confident in surviving this ordeal. “New?”

He pulled her into the water with him and held her tightly with one arm before running his fingers through her hair with his free hand. “The spell my mother used to create us upset the balance of Nature. Magic, no matter what kind of magic, is always looking for balance, just like nature. For example; you’re from a long line of Travelers. When Silas and Amara drank the elixir of immortality, Nature rose against them and created shadow selves of them, doppelgangers, to die instead of the original templates. Or, in our case, mother’s spell upset the laws of nature, that all things must die. She drew upon several things in existence to create us. The sun – which will burn us without the daylight rings that we wear, not kill us, but it would kill a non-original vampire.”

“Beats turning into a walking disco ball.”

“True,” he smirked. “She also drew upon the power of the White Oak Tree. Now, that’s the only thing that could kill an Original. We can burn it down, but another will sprout in a protected area to ensure that the balance can be preserved.”

“So if your enemies would find it…”

“We’ll all be dead by the end of the day.”

“Okay, that sucks.”

Klaus hummed in agreement. It was silly, perhaps, but he knew that Bella knew most of the information he had just given her; she’d been living with Myriam for nearly three years, of course she would have picked up something, however, talking it all through with her gave him some perspective. Truth be told, either way, he would be royally screwed. However, with so many vampires obliged to protect him, to fight for him, there would be a chance he could survive.

He wasn’t going to die. Hope deserved two parents who loved her very much so, and he wanted to spend the rest of eternity with Bella; if she wanted to do the same. “Now, a little birdie told me you’ve gone and done something I don’t agree with…”

“Oh, yes,” she said with a grin, closing her eyes as Klaus’ hands started to roam her body. “But at least I got results?”

“That you did. Tell me, how was my brother?”



“What?” she responded impishly. “He was a little rough around the edges, but I think he wishes to be here with us if only to witness the demise of so many Cold Ones. He also truly believes in Davina, that she can bring him back.”

“I have no doubt, either,” Klaus responded as he took the soap and started to soap up Bella’s body. “The little witch is a force to be reckoned with, and it’s best to keep her at arms length in case she does something that irreparable. With her affiliation with the Strix coven, I’m quite…” It was a good thing to take a little moment away from everything that was going on in his life, in their lives, in the life he shared with Bella. She always managed to calm him, to center him. To… “Bella,” he felt guilty all of a sudden; he realized he’d never told her how extraordinary she was. Any other woman would have simply packed up her things and left him when faced with the way he was handling things. The unintended lack attention. The threat of losing everything. And yet, she was here. She was still here. And, perhaps because he felt that the end was close, he needed to tell her that. “Do you have any idea how extraordinary you are? How wonderful? Understanding?”


“I feel the need to apologize for the mess that we’re in.”

“What mess?”

“Bella…” he sighed as he tiredly rubbed his eyes. “Would you please just let me-”

“No,” she said as she turned around to face him and kissed him tenderly. “Because nothing’s going to happen and whatever will happen, we can fix it. You just do you. Do what you feel is necessary and I’ll still be here. But you will live through all of this. You’re Klaus fucking Mikaelson, and you’re going to fuck me. Right now.”


It was nice to wake up next to Klaus again, although it appeared that he hadn’t had any sleep that night, and he looked annoyed. “Morning?” she said as she rolled back into him and put her legs around him. He was going to leave again; she could feel it.

“The wolves have found Tristan,” he muttered, running his hand through her hair. “We’re going to deal with him today, and hope they’ll find Lucien as well.”

“I didn’t know Lucien was missing,” she propped her head up on her hand and looked at him. “But you know, I’m starting to think that he’s not on our side, either. Haven’t seen him around much after Thanksgiving, for someone so hellbent on protecting his sire…”

“I know, love.”

“You have to kill him.”


She smirked as she crawled on top of him and used her weight to keep him down – not that it would make any difference if he wanted her off of him. “Myriam said the same thing. You’re all sentimentalists,” Bella softly kissed him. “Old friend or not, he’s annoying and probably up to something. He needs to die.”

“It’s not that simple,” he then looked at her, curiosity sparked. “Surely you’re not going to kill all Cold Ones when you’re able to.”

“Why not?” Bella shrugged. “If I kill them, they won’t be able to hurt anyone else. They’re a pest. A blight that needs to be burned. If I’m truly going to be able to kill them, I will.”

“What about Peter? You like him, don’t you?”

“He’s a means to an end. He knows that.”

He was surprised to hear that, and for a moment feared that his Bella, his sweet, kind and loyal Bella, would turn into a monster when turned. They wouldn’t be able to stop her if she’d become a ripper as she was unable to be compelled. “What about the non-Cold One afflicted?”

“Those are your problem, mister,” she playfully smacked him on his chest. “But seeing as it takes a lot of strength to take on one Cold One, perhaps I could lend my strength to you when you’re in a bind.”

Klaus let out a snort and then lifted her off of him as he kissed her. “I have to go. We have an old friend to catch and Elijah’s been hissing my name from behind our door for the last 30 minutes.”

“Hi, Elijah!” Bella called to him as she wrapped herself back into the blankets before watching Klaus get dressed. “I could stay in bed all day… naked… ready and waiting for you when you come back…”

“As much as I’d love that idea,” Klaus smiled at her. “There’s no need, just stay safe. Don’t leave the compound; Freya’s told me that there are more Cold Ones about.”

Bella pouted. “There’s no chance of you taking me with you?”

“We have no idea what we’ll be walking into, and I’m sorry, love, but you’re a very fragile human being and quite precious to me,” he replied and kissed her once he was dressed. “I promise I’ll return to you.”

“You’d better or I’ll find you, revive you and kill you myself,” she commanded before she hit him over the head with a pillow. “Go. Get them.”



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