Chapter 28

It seemed as if things got even crazier for the Mikaelsons the following weeks. Klaus had turned his mother into a vampire, Finn went nuts and played with Kol’s life by keeping him locked inside the compound with a bunch of newbie vamps while channelling his parents and Kol forgot to mention that he’d misplaced Rebekah into the Witches’ Asylum who eventually broke out with long-lost sister Freya.

Myriam wasn’t keeping score. She liked to be blissfully unaware of things so she could remain happy, centred, focused. She was content in her fortress. Business was going well, and she even hired some new girls who came in to audition. She was in the middle of helping a human victim of the supernatural get settled when Kol just about fell into her establishment and security called for her.

She found in him in quite the state, anger and pain was written all over his face, and she took him into her office, pushed him on the sofa and handed him a big glass of alcohol before sitting down next to him, waiting for him to calm down. It was likely that he had merely had a fight with Klaus again, but realised he was actually too fragile to do something about it.

“Nik doesn’t want to help me, despite Rebekah telling him I spoke the truth,” he said as he clenched his hand around the glass. “He forced himself into my thoughts, and I had to defend myself and ran.” Kol took a big gulp from his glass. “Always and Forever, my ass. I’m always not included.”

She gently ran her hand through his hair as she looked at him. “What’s going on, mon chou?”

“It’s Finn,” Kol spat. “I was trying to distract him so that Davina and Aiden could free Josh from Finn’s hold and I was doing fine. Or so I thought, but he was playing me. And then cursed me into this body. No more jumping bodies. No escape from death. Which will come, you know, because he hexed me along with it. I might have days.”

“He did what!”

“Our family has always been at each other’s throats, you know that as well as anyone, but this?”

Myriam growled. “So, if I kill Finn, will that stop you from dying?”

“Likely, but darling, he’s fuelled by my parents. You’d need to sever that connection first before you can approach him and even then, he’s powerful. Mother choose our bodies with care; his with strong magic in his flesh and blood, mine with just enough. He’ll kill you.”

“I don’t care. I need to kill him because I’m not allowing you to die,” she said as she got to her feet and started to pace around to think. “Do you know where his host body came from?”

“I believe he’s a Tremé witch,” he replied. “I think. Should be.”


“It just feels like it, that’s all. Finn is doing things he shouldn’t be doing, things that weren’t taught to him, which means it comes from the mind of the person he’s inhabiting.”

Myriam let out a breath and nodded. “If you have a picture of him, send it to me on my phone. Get some rest, I’m going to do a little bit of hunting.”

“Myr, you’re going to get yourself killed.”

“I’ll be fine, Mon Chou. Nobody gets to hurt you and get away with it. Not now you’re so breakable,” she waved her phone around before grabbing a blanket for him. “Rest. I’ll be back in a bit.”

On her way over to Diane, Kol sent over a picture of Finn’s host body, and her anger towards him grew even further. Would she still had been in possession of her demons, she would have ripped him apart without even laying a finger on him.

“Myriam! Twice in such a short amount of time!” Diane greeted her with a smile. “What can I do for you?”

“I’m sorry for bothering you, Diane, but do you know who this man is?” she showed her friend Finn’s image. “I need to find him.”

Diane paled a little. “Oh, he’s… trouble. He and his ex-wife both are, she’s locked up in the Asylum now but…” she sighed as she motioned for Myriam to come inside and rummaged in a drawer to find a picture. “His name is Vincent Griffith. He comes from a long line of powerful Tremé witches. When he was sixteen, he met Eva Sinclair, and she was a wild one,” Diane laughed a bit when she handed the picture to Myriam. “When Eva fell pregnant, Vincent wanted to make New Orleans safer for her and their unborn child and rid the city of Marcel Gerard, because living under his rule was not a walk in the park. Vincent discovered a power even stronger and older than the Ancestors, and they both got so enamoured with it that it tore them apart. A tragedy, really. Vincent tried to back out of it, captured Eva when she kidnapped children from various covens to sacrifice them and threw her in the asylum. He then left the coven to live his own life.”

Myriam let out a breath and nodded. “That left him vulnerable, and he fell victim to Esther Mikaelson.”


“Yeah,” Myriam sighed. “But don’t worry, now I know that he is Tremé at heart, I can take care of him. He’s not Vincent anymore, but Finn Mikaelson was put in his body. And I’m going to clean up that mess.”

“You mean you’re going to kill him.”

“I’m going to kill Finn. Yes, he’s in Vincent’s body, so I suppose that’s killing Vincent too. He fucking cursed my best friend to die, and he doesn’t deserve to die again, so unless you know someone who’s powerful enough to break that curse and hex that was put on my friend while Finn’s channelling two very dark and powerful objects, then I’m willing to give that a shot. If not, I need to take him out.”


“Diane, he’s endangering New Orleans. I can’t allow that to happen to our city,” Myriam said as she rose from her seat. “Thanks for the picture, and the information. I owe you one.” She then quickly left the home and headed back to Débauche to talk to her witches to do a locator spell while she was going through her dark objects in her room. She still had the Devil’s Star that she had confiscated from Kol after he had killed half the parish of St. Anne’s and Dowager Fauline along with it.

She wasn’t a fighter. She had always relied on her demons to fight for her. But she had held on to the Devil’s Star for all this time in cases like this. There was no way that she could take on a witch that was channelling two very powerful supernatural beings. Even so, there’d be a risk that Finn would see it coming especially since he knew what she looked like.

He hadn’t approved of her in Mystic Falls, and she hadn’t actually mourned his death. He didn’t like her because she actually had made the Mikaelsons into a proper family, and allowed them to be who they were. Even now with Elijah back out of his box and scarred by whatever his mother did to him, Myriam wanted to make sure Elijah wouldn’t go back to meddling with the family.

Her witches gave her a location, and after checking in on Kol, who had passed out on her sofa, Myriam headed to the place given to her.

“Myriam. What are you doing here?” Finn questioned her as he spotted her in the doorway. “Do you wish to join my parents?”

“Pass,” she retorted. “I came here to talk because I know you’re a dick and hate vampires but to go after your siblings? What drugs are you on?”

“The truth. Vampires are an abomination. They’re monsters. Mother is trying to fix her mistake.”

“Your mother created a whole new subspecies who have learned to thrive and co-exist with the others. Your siblings are closer than they’ve been in a very long time and you’re fucking shit up, it stops now.” Finn reached out to hurt her, but she was faster and lodged the Devil’s Star in his chest. “How dare you to curse and hex your own brother? Your baby brother who’s in a weaker body than yours? How dare you, Finn Mikaelson? You’re saying your brothers are monsters, but you’re an even bigger one that Elijah is!”

She took out her phone and started to film Finn writhing on the floor, screaming as tiny slices appeared all over his body, blood pouring and squirting out of every slice. It looked glorious.

After he breathed out his last breath, Myriam headed to LaFayette Cemetery where she found Esther and Mikael in a circle, out cold. Sighing, Myriam dialled Klaus’ number. “Mon LouLou, how much are you going to love me when I say that I’ve found Finn’s lair where he’s channelling your parents?”

Tell me where and I’ll deal with them, love. I thought you were staying out of this?”

“I am. I just need to stop the power from them so that Kol’s curse and hex will go away.”

You’d need to-“

“Kill Finn? Yeah, did that. I’m also pretty sure he didn’t jump into another host body, so you’re welcome.”

Bloody hell, Myriam! Now I have to protect you from our sister Freya who’s a powerful witch of her own accord and hellbent on reuniting our family!”

“Well, I suppose she needs a crash course in Mikaelson family politics,” Myriam shrugged. “I’ll text you the location of your parents and where I killed Finn. And then I’m going back to take care of your baby brother. Oh, and you’re welcome.”


“How could you do this?!” Klaus fumed as he paced the courtyard, pointing at Finn’s dead body on the table for everyone to see. Their dessicated parents were on the rug together. “He’s my brother, Myriam! He’s a pain in the neck, but I’d never go as far as killing them! That’s what the box is for!”

“Yes, because that’s what you love to do, isn’t it? Dagger me repeatedly!” Kol was standing behind Myriam, feeling a lot better and healed.

“I dagger all of you, Kol!” Klaus shot at his brother. “Each and every one of you for your own good! I’d never go as far as killing you, not even Finn! If you don’t agree with my motives, then fine! I never claimed to be the bastion of temperance!”

“And I had to kill Finn for Kol to survive, Klaus,” Myriam snarled. “And I’m sorry, but if I had to do it all over again, I would have done the same. Finn was an asshole, and he would be the end of you all. I simply couldn’t allow Kol to die again, this time at the hands of his brother. So yeah, if this makes me the bad guy, so be it. I don’t give a fuck. All I care about is Kol’s survival. And yours.”

Klaus calmed down somewhat and nodded. “Finn’s been dead to me for a long time. Thank you, love, for making it official,” he then looked over to his brother Kol. “Oh, don’t worry, I’d never kill you, as annoying as you may be.”

Myriam was glad to hear that Klaus still accepted Kol as part of their family, he was a Mikaelson, after all. A girl was sniffing in the corner, and Myriam was annoyed by that. “Who the fuck are you?” She then looked at Klaus. “I swear, if that’s a whore, I’m going to rip off your manhood and-”

“Relax, love,” Klaus sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “That’s Rebekah.”

When Rebekah looked up, Myriam turned around to punch Kol’s shoulder. “You moron! Of all the people you could have jumped Rebekah into, you had to put her into the body of a serial killer?”

“I… what?” Kol blinked at her. “I did no such thing!”

Myriam took the picture Diane had given her out of her pocket and showed it to him before giving it to Klaus. “That’s Vincent Griffith and his ex-wife Eva Sinclair, and oh boy, do they have a lovely story.” Myriam sat down in a chair with a glass of bourbon and kept an eye on Kol as she told the story of Vincent and Eva. How Eva ended up in the asylum. By the end of the story, Rebekah was slapping Kol silly.

“They’ll be coming for me then! For fuck’s sake, Kol!” she screeched. “Why did you want to pull one over me like this?!”

“Relax, Bekah,” Kol ducked away from her assault. “I can get you back in your body right now if you want to, and we can put Eva back where she belongs.”

“Well, not exactly. Freya broke the spell around the cottage when she busted us out,” Rebekah sighed. “So what? We hand Eva back to the Tremé witches?”

Myriam nodded slowly. “They’ll take care of their own. However, we may have a new problem,” she looked at Kol. “The witches will come after you for destroying their asylum and-”

“I didn’t! You heard Rebekah, Freya did it!”

“Yes! To break them out! If you hadn’t put Rebekah in there, Freya would likely have found a different way to get out of there!” Myriam rolled her eyes at him. “They’ll blame you for Eva’s return to New Orleans. So, is there an easy way to rebuild your vampire body and put you back where you belong?”

Kol was silent for a moment as he paced the length of the compound. “There might be. If Freya broke the spell on the Asylum, that means she’s a very powerful witch. With her and Davina channelling our dead parents and perhaps even Nik, they might be able to resurrect me. However, I believe our dear long lost sister won’t be so forthcoming when she learns that you killed her brother.”

“Great!” Myriam said chipper. “Then I want you to grab a bag of clothes and your ashes, and you come with me to Débauche. That place is a lot more secure than the Compound is, and I’m going to keep you safe until your sister decides to play ball.”

“But that means…”

“That means no more Davina,” Myriam nodded as she got to her feet and ruffled his hair playfully. “So, I suppose we need to stop by your playhouse, and I think Klaus has your ashes?”

“Hey hold on, what about me?” Rebekah piped up. “Can you at least fix me before you’re being locked up in the ivory tower?”

Kol nodded. “Of course, a promise is a promise.”


Things quieted down for awhile while the siblings tried to reason with Freya, to get to know her better. Myriam still had to meet her again, but Klaus told her that he’d rather wait with the introduction because after all, Myriam killed Finn to save Kol and Finn was the only brother Freya had known before her abduction by Dahlia.

Kol was bored. Myriam had given him one of the apartments on the top floor, and she could have sworn hearing things blowing up when she was trying to get some rest but didn’t tell him to stop. It wasn’t fun to hide, to make yourself scarce and basically disconnect from the rest of the world. She was tempted to invite Davina over, and have her go upstairs while the cameras had a malfunction, but it was yet another Claire Kol was messing with.

On the other hand, she couldn’t meddle with his love life. Davina seemed to genuinely like Kol and Kol seemed to be smitten as well so, in a moment of weakness, she allowed Davina entrance through the back door and told her where to find Kol and whatever she did, not to linger on the second floor.

When Myriam returned to her office, she found a crumpled note on her desk that she knew she hadn’t put there herself.

Thank you for keeping my secret all these years. Can we talk? I’m outside. Freya.

She sighed and headed outside. Freya was standing right in front of the door. “You’re scaring away the customers like that,” Myriam said as she motioned for Freya to come inside. “Come, let’s have a seat inside. We serve the best coffee in town.”

“No, thanks,” Freya replied as she didn’t move a muscle. “You killed my brother.”

“To save one that was more favourable to everyone in the family and the New Orleans witches,” Myriam explained. “You’ve been hanging around with your siblings for the last few months, what do you think of them?”

Freya wanted to counter with something before having to agree reluctantly with Myriam’s words about Finn. “They’re arrogant. They think they know everything and they say that family is more important than anything and yet proceed to keep stabbing each other in the back! According to the stories quite literally too! And then there’s the paranoia, the anger. The angst! Both Niklaus and Rebekah told me that their lives became better after you entered their lives but how can one person have so much influence on such powerful beings?”

“I had my demons to play with and to threaten them with, but most of all, I’ve never allowed them to think any less of them than they are or to think of them as monsters because they’re not.”

“But they are! You are!”

“If I were truly a monster I would have killed you 98 years ago at the Christmas party for spying on your own family, Freya, because my jealousy would have gotten the best of me,” Myriam replied. “Besides, no one, not even humans, takes betrayal lightly. I was still human and a witch when I took revenge on my own family for abandoning my mother after falling pregnant with me. There are more human monsters out there than you may realise. Your family is far from it. They protect their own. Fiercely. As do I. And Klaus and Kol are mine.”

“You’re in a relationship with both?”

“No, but Klaus is my husband, and Kol is my best friend. Anyone who touches them is mine. Like Finn,” Myriam repeated. “I don’t care how powerful of a witch you are, Freya, but if you hurt my family, I will hurt you.”

Freya nodded. “I can appreciate that. Now, I understand that we need to put Kol back in his true body, correct?”

“The body that turned into ash before Klaus’ eyes, yes.”

“No problem. We still have our parents, and I can channel them. Is Kol ready to go back to being a vampire?”

Myriam hadn’t thought about that. All she’d been focused on was to keep him safe in his fragile and mortal body, but she knew that he liked being a witch too much. “I’ll have to talk to him about that.”

“And do ask him if he and Davina are expecting a baby, please. It’s of the utmost importance, for the survival of us all.”

Myriam blinked at that. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Niklaus didn’t tell you about Dahlia? Nor about the deal our mother made with our aunt?”

She blinked at her as she sought her own memories of her discussions of his family with him. “I don’t think he really knew of her before now and he hasn’t said anything to me recently. Why? What’s happened?”

“Dahlia took me away from our mother when I was 5 years old, it was part of the deal Esther had made to become fertile,” Freya started to explain. “For as long as Esther’s family would live, every firstborn would go to Dahlia. Dahlia bound me to her, and I’ve been running from her for centuries. But I feel she’s drawing closer, and that could be endangering us all before I get the chance to delink myself from her.”

“Kol is in this Kaleb’s body, and it’d be his DNA. A magical loophole to that deal,” Myriam replied. “It wouldn’t be Kol’s child if she was pregnant. Besides, I would have heard a heartbeat or been able to smell a change in her scent when she came by before. She’s the same as when I met her.”

“My brothers and sister are infertile… unless… did Niklaus take a lover next to you?”

Myriam growled at that question. “He wouldn’t dare if he wanted to keep his cock attached to his body. He’s sworn to me over the years he’s been faithful. I believe and trust him,” she hissed.

Freya let out a breath and nodded. “Then I suppose she figured that I’d be with my siblings, finally. At least we can all rest easy knowing that not another child shall be taken by her.”

“Do you want to rid yourself off of Dahlia?”

“Oh, of course! And I know what I need to do to be able to do so, but Niklaus told me not to involve you because you’d say ‘no’ anyway.”

“He’s right. Everything involving your parents or now your aunt always ends in misery so I’m staying out of it.”

Freya scoffed at her response. “That can’t possibly be true!”

Myriam rolled her eyes. “Your father took me as a way to get to Klaus when I was a regular vampire, loading me with vervain, and your mother kidnapped me and wanted to turn me into a vampire killer, but my demons managed to filter out the progress, and while I lost them, I am now an original vampire, like your siblings. So no, thanks. I will stay the fuck away from the Compound even with them dessicated. It’s not safe. Débauche is a fortress.”

“I understand that Mother is the worst, but Mikael… Niklaus allowed me to revive him and-”

“Oh hell no!”

“He’s so nice, kind and warm to me.”

“And Klaus is letting him live?”

“For now,” Freya nodded. “And Mikael is with Elijah in the dungeon, willingly. For me.”

“I’m never going to set foot in the Compound again,” Myriam shook her head. “In fact, I might never leave Débauche ever again!”

Freya smiled kindly. “You worry for nothing. You’re indestructible.”

“Don’t tell me what I feel,” Myriam shot at her. “Unless Mikael and Esther are both a pile of ash, I’m not coming over for dinner or for a fuck with Klaus. No, you can tell him that if he wants a piece of me, he comes back here,” Myriam said as she walked back to her door. “Anything else you wanted to talk about, Freya?”

“You really don’t have to be afraid, you know.”

“Again, don’t tell me how I feel,” Myriam opened the door with a sigh. “Thanks for stopping by and not killing me, Freya.”

“As you said, you’re indestructible, and I seem to be the only one who liked him. Thank you for answering some questions and hearing me out, Myriam. I appreciate it.”

“Yeah yeah,” Myriam closed the door after getting inside and went to her office to see what she could order from the various takeaway shops in New Orleans. Surely one was open at this time? She didn’t want to bother the cook who had a day off today, but she was hungry. Not for blood, but for Gumbo. The greasier, the better.

Myriam checked the security feed and saw that Kol and Davina were in the shared kitchen on the top level together, cooking and having fun. She was tempted to turn on the audio surveillance, but they deserved their privacy. It’s likely that Kol took Davina to the common area just so Myriam could see that they were up to nothing but talk and perhaps a bit of magic.

Letting out a groan, she placed her order online and headed upstairs. She needed to talk to Kol about putting him back in his body. “Hi guys,” Myriam smiled. “Sorry to disturb your conversation but can we actually have a chat?”

“Of course,” Davina smiled. “I’ll just go to his room and-”

“Nah, you can stay,” Myriam smiled at her as she sat down at the countertop. “So, I just spoke to Freya and the good news is is that she’s willing to help you get back into your own body, Kol. To make you durable again and safe from the witches who might have a beef with you for letting out Eva Sinclair.”

“I didn’t let her out!”

“Your actions did, anyway, I never stopped and wondered to ask you if that’s what you want.”

“Want what?”

“Be a vampire again. I know you love being a witch, so much, I can imagine you don’t want to sacrifice that.”

Kol let out a breath and nodded. “I’ve been thinking about it the last couple of weeks, and it wasn’t easy, but I think it’s time to give Kaleb his body back. I mean, he’s not even that powerful, and I have to use dark objects or even the diamond to boost his power. I’m weak.”

“Don’t say that,” Davina said in barely a whisper. “You’re a great witch, Kol. You’re smart, and your knowledge is so vast. You’re kind and…”

“That’ll all be still there when he’s back to his usual self,” Myriam smiled at Davina. “No matter what his siblings might say. Kol’s one of the good guys.”

“With serious impulse control issues, but I’m willing to work on that for you, Davina. I truly am. Nothing will change, other than not doing magic with you.”

“But you can’t!”

“It’s not your decision to make,” Myriam told her. “It’s his.”

Kol looked at his girlfriend with an apologetic look on his face. “I’m going to miss being a witch, but my family needs me, and I hate being weak. But nothing will change, Davina, I promise.”

Davina withdrew her hand from him and backed away. “I can’t be with you when you’re a vampire, Kol. I just… vampires are monsters.”

“Darling, I told you everything there is about me, and from the time I was a vampire. But I’d still be me!” Kol tried to convince her. “Honest! If you’d just give me a chance!”

“I’m sorry,” she said with tears in her eyes and ran towards the stairs.

Kol turned to Myriam and growled. “This is your fault!”

“How is this my fault?!” Myriam replied. “I can’t help it that all Claire witches are fickle! In fact, I believed she truly wanted to be with you and perhaps channel you for all of her spells, but I’m surprised that I was wrong about that.”

He scowled then. “I’m going to Nik’s and get this over with.”

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