05: It’s On Tonight

The alarm buzzed for the second time that morning but Bella only reached out to slap her hand to silence the device again before turning over in the bed. Ducking her face partially under Oliver’s pillow, she let out a groan at the interruption before relaxing back into some sort of rest after the long night the two shared dealing with a pair of rival gangs attempting to claim new territory.

“Next time that thing goes off, I am going to rip it out of the wall and throw it out of the window,” she mumbled, although it was muffled by her face being obscured.

He wasn’t feeling particularly fit either, mostly considering he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in ages – which was a weird thing to say because he only started to have good nights of sleep a few months into his relationship with Bella – well, the nights where he wasn’t being called out, that is. But he’d be okay the moment he got out of bed. But bed was very comfortable right now.

Groaning, he sat up and rubbed his face. “I’ll go to the club and keep an eye on Felicity and Laurel keeping an eye on things, you sleep some more,” he eventually said.

She let out a sigh as she sat up reluctantly. “Oliver, you have had even less sleep than I’ve had. You need sleep too. I can go. I should anyway with everything tonight,” she said sleepily as she rubbed her hands over her face.

“Sleep,” Oliver said before he softly kissed her and got out of bed. He grabbed some of his clothes together and got dressed before walking to the bathroom to splash some water on his face. Just as he had thought, he was fine the moment he left the bed. Although he kind of suspected that ‘date night’ was not going to be the cinema but at home, on the couch, watching a movie On Demand and dozing off half way through the movie.

Bella pouted as she watched him disappear from her sight. Scratching her head, she pushed the covers off of her and grabbed her robe and left the room for the kitchen to get a pot of coffee started. Covering the yawn that escaped, she eyed the newspaper her father had left on the counter that featured an article about the charity event that evening supporting the police department. It was going to be a long day she knew as she listened to the coffee pot begin its process.

“What did I tell you?” Oliver said as he walked towards her to put his arms around her. “I told you to go back to sleep for a few hours…” he softly kissed her neck as he pulled her closer to him.

She released a sigh at his touch and closed her eyes. “What’s the point? I won’t be able to fall back asleep for anything worthwhile. I may as well get up too. Charlie is around,” she murmured regretfully as she didn’t want to lose the feeling of his arms around her.

“Too late,” the old man interrupted with a disgruntled tone as he walked back in from the direction of the basement, leading Bella to believe he’d been downstairs working on something. “Don’t you have a bedroom to do that stuff in? Or anywhere else than where I don’t have to see it?”

Oliver sighed as he reluctantly let go of Bella and grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl. “My apologies, Mr. Swan,” he said as he took a bite of the apple.

“Oliver. What have I told you about this mister business?” He commented as he went to pull the newspaper over from Bella and pulling out the sports section.

“Sorry, Charlie,” Oliver said as he set down the mugs so they’d be ready when the coffeemaker was. “You’re still coming tonight, aren’t you? It would mean a lot to Bella and myself if you did.”

“Of course I’ll be there. Aside from Bella here, someone has to officially represent Swan Security now that she is retired and we are supplying the bulk of donations tonight,” he huffed.

“And it’s very much appreciated,” Oliver replied as he started to pour the coffee. “Who knows, we might find you a date tonight too,” he said with a playful grin on his face.

Bella raised her eyebrow as she looked over at her father whose face reddened. “Now let’s not get carried away here. I’m not dating. Period.”

“Alright,” Oliver said amused and took a sip of his coffee. “But you know, at these events – no matter the setting – there’ll be some pretty women, single women, your age.”

Charlie scowled at him. “Do not start on me boy. I’ll just say you aren’t welcome here anymore if that’s the case.”

“I won’t direct Starling’s finest your way, I promise.” Oliver finished his apple and took another sip of coffee. “I will also try to stop Felicity from doing so.”

“Smart move,” Bella murmured as she stared into her own mug. Once her father had his own refilled and escaped the two, she looked up at him and let out a breath. “This place is beginning to feel a little crowded sometimes.”

“Yeah,” He breathed out with a nod. “Tonight my place then? Just to give your dad some space?”

She smiled as she pulled him back to her. “Sounds like a plan. I still have some things by you so we can go there straight from the club as long as the powers that be allow us. I’m really starting to believe there is some conspiracy against us lately.”

“Hmm… I agree…” Oliver said as he softly kissed her. “But we’ll get there, eventually.” He grinned.

“A vacation on a deserted island that isn’t Lian Yu is sounding more and more appealing. If only for the peace,” she stressed.

Oliver thought for a moment as he caressed her hair and nodded. “I think that Roy and Diggle could hold down the fort… how about after Christmas? Spend the new year somewhere else?”

“Sounds absolutely enticing. We’ll have to look at travel brochures after we get through this weekend because come heaven or hell, we need to get away from here before I kill our friends myself. Don’t think that I won’t,” Bella replied as she poked him in the chest. Pulling away, she reached for her coffee and finished off the cup quickly. “Anyway, give me a few to shower and get dressed. I’ll come with you to the club since I have to make sure things for the party tonight are running smoothly anyway. I can just get ready downstairs later.”


He realized that he was only in the way at the club as Bella was in full organizing mode. It was adorable and scary at the same time so he fled to the basement where he walked in on Felicity trying to hold off Barry.

“As much as I want to show PDA at the place where I work, my experience is that other people might find it gross,” Felicity said as she had one hand on Barry’s chest and her eyes on the computer.

“It’s fine by me,” Oliver said with a shrug, which was met with a shriek from Felicity, she obviously hadn’t heard him come in. “Any news?”

“No,” she stammered as she quickly sat down and continued to monitor her computer.

“I saw the headlines this morning,” Oliver said to Barry. “Apparently the red streak is moonlighting in my city.”

“Felicity got fed up with my energy and kicked me out,” Barry replied with a shrug. “What else was I supposed to do?”

“Thank you,” Oliver smiled at him. “Sometimes I wish I could be in two places at once. Bella, Roy and I were crashing a party last night.”

“So I’ve read,” Barry grinned. “You two must have gotten quite the workout.”

“Could have been worse,” Oliver replied and walked over to the closet to get into his workout clothes and started to work on his routine, tuning out Felicity and Barry discussing dinner plans before he would go back to Central City.

Bella escaped the hordes of caterers and decorators as she joined the group and collapsed into what had been designated her chair with a resounding gust of irritation escaping her as she was practically sprawled awkwardly on the contraption. One glance towards her boyfriend was enough to express what her emotional state and lingering desires were from their earlier discussion. “Start collecting Oliver. I want to start looking after this,” she said, not allowing anyone a hint as to what she was referring to.

“I will, when I’m all by myself,” Oliver had been on the tail end of his routine and lowered himself from the ceiling where he’d done some pushups and let go. Since it was drafty inside, he got into his sweater and grabbed a water bottle before leaning against the workbench to look at her. “Anything I can help you with today?”

“No, not really. I have Chuck dealing with the rest of the stuff upstairs right now. I just had to escape the madness until it’s time to get dressed. Is Diggle bringing your suit here or you going to your apartment?” she asked as she reached over to toy with one of the cables from Felicity’s computer just to annoy her.

“Yeah, I was planning to go to my apartment just to make sure that there’s food in the house for breakfast tomorrow and stuff…” He replied as he took another sip of water.

Bella nodded, tugging lightly on the power cord as she eyed their friend carefully. “Okay. Maybe I’ll go with you since it’ll be expected we’d arrive together. I might cause bloodshed if I stay here.””

“You want to come with?”

Felicity snatched the cord out of Bella’s hands and replaced it with the cup of coffee that Barry had gotten her earlier. “The big house becoming too small for you?”

Bella smiled at the girl playfully before turning back to her boyfriend. “Yes. I do but I want to make a little side trip on the way if you don’t mind.”

“No problem,” He replied as he walked towards the showers. “Let me just get a quick shower and then we can go.”

“Sounds good. I’ll be right here, not moving a muscle and being completely lazy,” she teased.

Barry had been watching the exchange with an amused look on his face. “You two should get-”

“Barry, no.” Felicity scolded him. “Do not go there.”

Bella’s eyes snapped over to the boy and if they were capable of spitting fire, he’d be up in smoke. “What the fuck do you think we’ve been trying to do for the past fucking month Sonic?”

“Hey, you’re the Arrow’s girlfriend, that’s all I’m saying,” Barry said as he threw his hands up in defeat. “It’s not like Felicity and I are-”

“Barry,” Felicity warned him. She knew that Bella was well aware of the difficulties that came with dating Oliver due to his main job, but Bella was part of that now. They just hadn’t found the time yet to do something together lately – some things were not cured by working out every spare moment. Felicity was very happy for the both of them, if she had to be honest, for the first time in a very long time Oliver didn’t have to lie to a loved one about his day job. And also; her boss had lightened up significantly since he started to date Bella.

The woman scrambled to her feet and made her way over to him where she approached with a glare. “You may be faster, but know that it is never a good idea to piss off a woman,” she hissed at him. Turning to her friend, her tone softened slightly as she knew the girl was more understanding of how she was feeling. “Let him know I went upstairs to wait – and why,” she added with an additional glare the boy before storming out.

When she got upstairs, Bella went straight to the bar where Roy was inventorying the incoming liquor delivery for the party that night. “Break open one of those bottles of champagne,” she said as she took a seat at the counter. “Take a breather and have a glass with me while I wait for Bruce.”

“Sorry, I can’t,” Roy apologized with half a smile as he set a glass in front of her. “I’m working, my boss doesn’t like it when I drink on the job and I’m too busy right now. However, there’s a garrison of men waiting for you,” Roy pointed towards the door. “And I think Steve’s there too, he wants his men to get familiar with the building before tonight.”

“Ugh,” she moaned as she threw back a large gulp of the champagne and waved for refill before making her way over to her friend. “You’re early. Like,” she commented as she glanced at her watch. “Three hours early. Your guys can go look around and get acquainted with the layout. The basement is off limits and is secured by the security door which they will figure out when they find it. What’s going on?”

“I just want to be thorough,” Steve replied as he looked her over and didn’t like to see the sleep deprivation on her face. “What’s going on with you? Are you okay?”

Shrugging a shoulder, she eyed her glass. “Just been busy, you know? We were actually out late last night on a job so neither of us got much sleep,” she admitted. In truth, she’d been feeling more run down over the previous week than usual but didn’t want to worry anyone for something as minor as a cold.

“Then what are you doing here? Don’t you have minions who can take over for you? Go home, get some sleep and come back all bright and shiny tonight.” Steve smiled at her. “My guys and I will hold down the fort and bully your manager.”

Bella couldn’t help but to grin as she held in the chuckle that threatened to escape from the champagne she quickly finished off. “That’s the plan. I’m just waiting for Oliver to finish his workout and then we’re heading back to his apartment because his suit is there. Oh crap…I left my dress downstairs…” she complained, not wanting to have to go back down and deal with Barry and his energy again.

Pulling out her cell phone, she shot Felicity a quick text to make sure that OIiver grabbed her garment bag on his way out with him before turning back to her friend. “Food is on the house tonight for the staff. We’ll have a cooler behind the bar at the end with bottled water for everyone. You’ll be able to reach it without any problems and without actually having to come behind the counter. I don’t know how late the night will go, so if you want to have your guys take a break in turns so they can eat, or if they just want to make a plate to take home later, it’s up to you. I made sure we got enough to include them as well.”

Steve grinned at her. “You always know how to take care of us, Momma Goose,” he replied as he nodded into Oliver’s direction. “Lover boy’s here.”

“Your dress,” Oliver smiled at Bella as he held up the clothing bag. “Hey Steve, you guys are early.”

“Thank you,” Bella said as she smiled back at him gratefully. “I would have choked Sonic but you know he would have gotten out of reach before I could have gotten close enough. He was just getting on my nerves before.”

“Hmm,” Oliver said with a nod. “He had boundless of energy even before the accident but hey, at least he and Felicity are a good match for each other, both very chipper and geeky.”

She rolled her eyes as she looked at Steve. “I’m sure you’ll meet this guy tonight. Fair warning, you’ll wish you had a tranquilizer,” she commented as she wrapped her arm around her boyfriend’s. “We will see you later. If you have any questions that Chuck can’t answer, just give either of us a ring. If we don’t answer – you know why.”

“No no,” Oliver said to Bella. “We’re going to put our phones to silent when we get to my place.”

“Have a good sleep you two,” Steve laughed as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

“There isn’t much on that list but right now, it’s very limited to what I’m willing and it begins and ends with sleep for me,” she glared at him as she let Oliver pull her out of the club. She still felt dead tired on her feet despite not overdoing her activities that morning. “This is going to be a long night.”

“Yep,” Oliver walked over to the car and opened the door for her. “I think that you should sit out a few nights to catch up on some sleep, what do you think?”

“I’ll be fine. You’ve had just as much sleep as I have. Why don’t you sit out a few nights and catch up on sleep yourself?” she tossed back at him as she looked up with a mocking glare.

“I’m used to not a lot of sleep,” Oliver grinned. “I know you probably are too, but-”

“You seemed to forget what I used to do for a living.”

He quietly got into the car himself and after strapping himself in, drove off to his apartment. “You’re right.” He was used to having a few hours of sleep every night, but as he remembered the thought he had had this morning, being with Bella, getting regular undisturbed sleep, had somehow changed his biological clock a little. He needed the sleep as much as she did, just to stay focused and on point.

Bella settled into her seat and they were both equally quiet as they rode for a few minutes, thinking. “You can’t expect me to be okay with sitting back when you are in the same position I am,” she said, admitting her feelings on the matter as she glanced at him. “It doesn’t do either of us any good – nor the people in this city.”

“I know,” Oliver sighed as he gripped the steering wheel. “I often tell Roy or Diggle to sit one out because they’re unfocused or tired or have to do something else in their personal lives but for some reason, I can’t allow myself to do the same thing. This is my crusade and I just pulled you guys in, you’re my responsibility. You and the people of this city.”

“You know, you do have friends with abilities that are more than willing to help. We aren’t complaining Oliver. I got into this field voluntarily myself. I’m sure that Sonic will be more than willing to run around town happily to give you a night or two break. He seems to enjoy it.”

“He has Central City to take care of, I’m surprised that his friends didn’t call him back already.”

“Maybe it’s quiet there right now. It’s not like it’d take him that long to get back home on foot,” Bella snorted.

“About an hour instead of four,” he said thoughtfully. “Nah, the kid has been working his ass off lately, so I think they allowed him a break.” Oliver then looked at Bella with a smile. “When we’re off for our days away, I’m sure that Roy, Diggle and Felicity can hold down the fort. Roy keeps surprising me with how well he’s doing.”

She thought about him and despite how much both guys annoyed her earlier, she couldn’t help but to smile. “Sonic enjoys himself, even if he seems down at times. He’s just worried about his dad and as much as I’d like to help him, I know nothing about this whole meta thing to even be able to help with the research. He’s already got the best resources available, but if there is anything that I or Swan Security can give him, we would. Roy is doing great. He’s a great sniper too, but I still prefer that to be my responsibility in the field unless the situation calls for backup. It doesn’t hurt for him to be cross trained. I want to eventually get him to work on handguns better seeing as he knows only the street experience and nothing formal.”

“I’m still not entirely comfortable with him handling guns of any kind.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know. It doesn’t hurt to be familiar with multiple types of weapons either. If the enemy gets his bow away from him, you know that the majority of the bad guys carry firearms, right?” she smirked. “I’m training him to shoot kneecaps. Not heads.”

“I know, I know…” Oliver said as he turned into the parking lot for the supermarket. “Where did you want to stop before we go to my place?”

Bella didn’t answer right away as she turned her attention back out the window. She knew he wouldn’t be happy with what she had in mind, but all she wanted to do was some simple reconnaissance. “Head out towards the north end of town, as if you’re heading out to the highway but take that side road that wraps around towards the back end of Starling up into that residential area that was built a few years ago.”

He parked the car and switched off the engine. “Why?” Oh, he knew why, she wanted to see if a certain family was taking up a house in that area and it was a bad idea, who knows what could happen and they weren’t prepared in case something did happen.

“Recon. I just want to see what the hell is going on, maybe toss some cameras up,” she murmured with a shrug.

“Yeah well, not today. We’re hosting a big event at Verdant. We’ll do it tomorrow or the day after that.”

She glared at him, knowing that something would eventually come up and they wouldn’t make it. “I just want to verify that it is their house. I’ve been watching the real estate in town and this is the only one that seems to fit but if Esme changed her methods, it will take longer to find their location. It’s just a drive through the street, shoot a couple dart cams and be done.”

Oliver rubbed his eyes tiredly. “Alright, but not when it’s still day. We’ll do it after the event, okay?” He could try to stop her but she would go anyway, with or without him. It didn’t hurt to indulge her every now and then.

“When we leave the party,” Bella said definitively, eyeing him as she was not budging. She was confident that this location was where the Cullens were taking up residence this time. Months since they learned of their impending arrival to Starling City, they had failed to turn up a location that proved to be anything substantial.

“Yes. We’ll suit up and take the motorbike. I promise,” he said with a nod. “Can we go shop for food now?”

“Of course. Would you like me to cook for you Dearest?” she questioned with a mocking smile as she settled against her seat again.

He unbuckled his seatbelt and stuck his tongue out to her. “What did you have in mind? Mind you, we need to have dinner and breakfast and maybe lunch.”

“Alfredo’s is serving salads, lasagnas, and various raviolis tonight. So let’s keep it lighter because otherwise I’ll be rolling down the street. I can make a huge pot of soup that we can bring to the club for everyone to share. What do you think?”

“Sure,” Oliver said with a nod as he got out of the car before helping her out as well. “Then I’ll be on breakfast duty.”

“I know what to get you for Christmas,” she grinned as she brushed around him to grab a shopping cart. “And it’s actually something you don’t have.”

“I don’t need anything,” he grinned. “I’ve got you.”

Bella couldn’t help but to snort as she waited for him to join her. “You’re so sweet I think I’m getting a toothache. Seriously Oliver. You can be the hardest person to shop for. I’m sure the rest of the group is going to be bald by the time the holiday gets here – and it’s not that far away. I still haven’t figured out what to get Charlie.”

“Christmas isn’t about presents, Bella, it’s about spending time with friends and family. Food. Movies. Fun,” Oliver replied as he followed her. “The house filled with Christmas trees in every room, tinsel, decorations…”

She gave him a side eye, curious as he spoke so passionately. “I know it is, and while I don’t like getting presents myself, I do enjoy buying for others. I think it’d be fun having everyone together, don’t you? Maybe we can have a party or something? You think that bad guys could give us a day off? We could always send Steve out for us. He’d have fun but we’d risk him going overboard with his eggs…”

“Eggs?” Oliver questioned with his eyebrow raised. “Eggs that go boom? That’s not really festive. He needs eggs filled with glitter for Christmas.”

“It’s Steve. I’ve glossed over his military history with you already,” she sighed, knowing they share some feelings on the need for vengeance. Entering the market, Bella picked up one of the circulars and looked for any sales that were worth while to her. “Anyway, a nice big party with everyone at the house sounds like just the thing we need. I can start planning that in between dealing with our other, um, complication.”

“Thank you,” he said as they started to walk down the first isle. “For not looking at me oddly for liking Christmas…”

“Nothing wrong with liking Christmas. It’s a great holiday,” Bella replied as she threw a few boxes of items that she used time to time when she cooked but also kept well on the shelf into the cart. “It’s been a long time since I’ve celebrated the holiday properly myself and as it’s my first year not being buried in work in some way. I could do with something more – traditional.”

“Hmm… I didn’t do anything last year and the year before that was a personal disaster but at least we had a party at the house and it’s really something I missed, you know, spending time with people you love… maybe even Thea will come home for Christmas. That would be nice.”

She hesitated as her hands tightened on the handle while she pushed the cart. “You’re still looking for her right?”

“Of course I am, Felicity is too, but she doesn’t want to be found. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t leave a digital footprint anywhere. We have no idea where she is and the occasional text I get is made with a different burner phone every single time.” He grabbed some breakfast cereal off the shelf, it was good for late night snacking.

“Would you be okay if I asked Steve to choose someone to look into her? He knows someone good at tracking down people who don’t want to be found. There is something more with her Oliver because she doesn’t have any training to go under that good,” she whispered. “I think someone is helping her.”

“Oh, I know exactly who’s helping her,” Oliver said as he threw in another box of cereal into the cart. “It’s best not to look into it.”

She glared at him, knowing the road he was about to take was not one she was going to like but in the middle of the grocery store was not the place to argue. “I disagree but we can discuss it later,” she said evenly, her voice giving him enough warning that she had very strong feelings about the topic.

Taking a deep breath, she glanced around, making sure no one had taken notice to the tension that quickly grew between them, she grabbed the end of the cart, pulling it behind her. “They have pistachio ice cream on sale. Although I think I would just spring for the gelato.”

“Yes, ice cream, lots of it,” he said with a nod. “Good call. Oh, and wine.”

There was still a certain amount of irritation under Bella’s skin as she moved over to the poultry case to choose the chicken pieces for the soup she’d make the following day. She felt hurt that he didn’t trust her judgement and confidences in the people she had employed at her company or even the ones that she contracted to help them with their secrets. Grabbing two whole chickens, she set them in the seat and brushed her hair from her face, avoiding looking at her boyfriend as she moved towards the fresh vegetables next. “Anything in particular you want?”

“Eh, no,” Oliver said distracted as he heard his phone ring. He grabbed it out of his pocket and answered the call. “Queen.”

As he handled his phone call, Bella went on to continue their shopping, collecting whatever fresh vegetables she planned for the soup as well as stocking up on assorted fruit for his apartment, the house, as well as the lair.

We’ve got a problem.”

“Hi Felicity.”

We’ve got a problem.”

“You already said that, what is wrong?”

I just received the final list of names coming to the event tonight.”


Dr. Carlisle Cullen and Mrs. Carlisle Cullen are on it.”

“Okay,” Oliver said, keeping his voice neutral.

I could send Barry over to… I don’t know, deflate their tires on the car?”

“That won’t be necessary, I’ll deal with it later.”

You’re not going to tell her, are you?”

“No, I’ll deal with it. See you tonight.” He disconnected the phone and went after Bella. “So, I was thinking… toast and eggs for breakfast tomorrow?”

Bella looked up at him from the container of mixed nuts she was debating on getting as she eyed him. Raising an eyebrow, she smiled slightly. “I’m buying you a cookbook for Christmas. All breakfast recipes.”

Oliver grinned. “Deal. More breakfasts.”

“Awesome. So what was the call about? What was Robin freaking about?” she asked as she held the nuts up in silent question for him.

“She’s begun dealing with my work emails again because she was bored and apparently I received an email that required my attention but I said I’ll deal with it later,” he said with a shrug. “Those nuts are good.”

She looked at them again before flicking her eyes at his, then down to his pants and back up. “I prefer your nuts,” she announced bluntly and put the can back on the shelf before pushing the cart back down the aisle casually as she looked at the items, leaving him standing there.

Oliver groaned as he followed her like a drooling puppy. “You’d better hurry up, Ms. Swan,” he whispered in her ear as he finally caught up with her before walking off to get the things he needed.

Bella could only smile widely as she grabbed a couple boxes of broth. She knew she was playing with fire when she teased him, but she couldn’t help but come out with it as it all was just set up so well. Finishing up their shopping didn’t take much longer, once they split up thankfully, but they did end up getting more than they each anticipated as they loaded several bags into the trunk of his car. “You do know that we don’t have time to play, right? The limo to pick us up will be there in less than four hours and we both do need a nap,” she pointed out.

“Yes, but we still have a short ride in the car and an elevator going up…” He grinned mischieviously as he closed the trunk of the car. “Plenty of time to warm you up.”

“Just to be rudely cooled down? If you want a bad case of blue balls, I’ll happily oblige Oliver. So gladly,” she said with narrowed eyes as she rounded the car to her door. “I actually have this nice little number that I bought not long ago. It’s sheer and black and comes up to here,” she said as she pointed to her hip. “I was also thinking of a few other nice surprises for you that could get you nice and excited just to walk away…”

“Oh no, not cooled down,” he said as he pointed at his phone. “It will be off for the next few hours and I’m going to have fun with you and then we nap for a bit.”

She looked at him across the hood for a moment as she considered it. It had felt like weeks, and probably had been since they had any uninterrupted physical time together, and she was truly missing him. “You’ll unplug the apartment phone too? We can set the alarm by the bed to make sure we get up to get ready on time. I’m sure Diggle will still end up at the door regardless to get us moving before we need to leave. Text him quickly to make sure?”

“Yes I will,” Oliver said as he grabbed his phone and started to text Diggle. Will not be reachable until it’s time to go back to Verdant. No landline either. Do come up to pick us up just to make sure we’re ready.

I’m not sure if I want to see that again…But sure. Have fun.


Bella stared at him in shock for a moment. “So we are actually going to be alone? Without any interruptions?” Blinking, she shook her head. “Why are we still here? Get in the car and lets go!”



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