Chapter 08

John was slightly disoriented when he woke up; he wasn’t in his own chambers. He was still fully dressed and someone had wrapped herself around him. Without freaking out, he managed to check to see who it was, afraid that he had already made a big mistake by sharing a bed other than with his new wife. He was relieved to find that Aracely was the presence in the bed, not even his bed, and looked up to the ceiling, wondering how he was going to get out of bed without waking her.

As he tried to shift in the bed, Aracely’s hold on him grew stronger and she had now put a leg around his to stop him from leaving. John knew she was still asleep, but this was opposite to her behavior while being awake, and he had to admit he liked it.

A maiden quietly entered with some fruits to set on the bedside table. She smiled lightly at the Prince. “Some fresh choices for when you and her Highness wishes,” she whispered.

“How are the arrangements coming?” John asked softly.

“Miss Teyla said that you should not worry yourself, that everything is being managed well,” she answered. “Is there anything else that I could fetch for you, Sire?”

“No, thank you,” John said and watched as the maiden walked out. John gently tried to release himself from Aracely’s hold, but as she started to stir more, he stopped. He didn’t want to wake her and freak out because she had wrapped herself around him.

She let out a soft moan as she slowly began to awake. Tucking her face away from the light that filtered in from afternoon sun, she grumbled. Lifting her head to look around, Aracely narrowed her eyes on John.

“Good morning, your highness,” he smiled.

Turning to look back at the window, she blinked before sitting up. “It is long past the morning,” she mumbled. “Why are you here?” she asked with her post-sleep confusion.

“I didn’t want to walk to my chambers,” John chuckled. Aracely looked adorable while she was still trying to piece things together. He sat up against the headboard and smiled. “I gather you slept well.”

“Heavily,” she sighed as her eyes fell on the platter of fruit. “Is that for us?”

“Yes.” He took the platter to bring it closer to her. “Want some?”

Aracely hummed her approval as she reached to take a piece and raised it to her lips. Looking around, she was relieved that there were no servants in the room. As she ate the melon, she looked back at John. “Thank you,” she smiled softly.

“Don’t thank me, you should thank the maiden who put it there.” He smiled at her. “You look beautiful, today.”

“You know that is not what I meant – John,” she blinked, trying to not think of his compliment, though it did bring colour to her face.

“I know what you mean, and you’re welcome,” he said playfully.

She found herself smiling unexpectedly. “Apart from managing the King’s burial services – of which I am deeply sorry for, what other business do we have to address?” Aracely asked more seriously as she passed a slice of melon to him. [leaving myself a note that this is where I am…]

“Nothing important right now,” John said. “Maybe I could show you around the castle, show you the gardens… and I want to talk to you about something very important… so maybe that is important, I don’t know.” He furrowed his brow. “I just confused myself.” He chuckled as he took the slice of melon from her. “Thank you, my Princess.”

“You confused me as well,” she replied. “What is it you wish to speak of?”

“I know I have been going on about how I want you to be my equal, that I want you to treat me as me and not as my title, and I know it’s hard on you, but I am glad that you’re trying.”

Aracely nodded and bit on her lower lip. “I truly am. I ask for your patience of course in regards to matters, um, more …” she trailed off unable to say the words.

“I’m a very patient man, I promise I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. You need to be open with me, speak your mind because I can not read minds.” He smiled. “For instance… if I do this…” he slowly reached up his hand and started to caress her hair, it felt so soft even without having her brushed it. “And you don’t want me to… you should say it…” He was suddenly fascinated by her hair.

She nodded unable to speak as her eyes stayed on his face. Every touch he made caused her to feel as if her heart was ready to jump from her chest. It was strangely frightening and exhilarating at the same time and when she turned her face to his hand a sense of warmth filled her.

John fought the urge to kiss her, and gently removed his hand. “When you’re my Queen, I want you to have something to do, something important, something YOU can decide over. If you wish, I want you to take care of the villages that need help, I will send out my men and make a list of villages such as San Franciskus and I want you to oversee that they are helped with anything they need. Would you like that?” John realized he had thrown a lot of responsibility in her lap, but he knew she was able to do it. “Should you require anything but the standard things such as food, medicine and water… for example, you need men to help rebuild a village or defend it, we can coordinate that together, but other than that, it will be your project.”

When he pulled away, she could not help but to open her eyes in surprise and feel a sense of loss. As she listened she nodded. “Thank you,” she said, still trying to come to sense with what had just happened.

“I know it’s big, and scary, and I will help you any way that I can, but I know you don’t like to sit around idly and if I want to change things, why not put you in charge of this?”

Aracely looked up at him before turning away. “I understand. I would very much enjoy assuring the needs of the villages are met.”

He then gently pulled her in his arms, wanting to feel her body heat against him as he put the platter of fruit in her lap. “Is there anything you would like?”

She smiled as she found that she actually truly enjoyed the feeling of his arms around her. “Actually, I am finding this quite enjoyable,” she admitted.

“So am I.” John smiled and sighed happily.

“Would you answer a question if it were a deeply personal one?” Aracely asked, her fingers toying with the bed linen.

John thought for a second and then nodded. “Of course, you’re my Princess now.”

“Please do not take offense but I cannot help but wonder how many women you have had. Of what I would be compared to when the time comes for you and I…” she asked feeling almost like a small child in his arms. It was a greatly inappropriate query in her place but she hoped that he was true to being open to her as he had spoke repeatedly.

“Ah… oh…” John frowned. “I never counted them, really. I was happy to receive the comfort they brought me when I was in need…” he then sighed and shook his head. “I am just as nervous as you are, Aracely, because even now, your warmth against me makes me feel things I haven’t felt before and I just hope that when you’re ready, I will be able to be gentle and to be give you the most wonderful sensation there is.”

Aracely nodded as she let his words resound in her mind. Falling into a quiet lull, her head rested against him. Laying against one another like that for sometime, she soon realized that Teyla or Gabriella had not come in other than the one maiden. “Is it odd that no one has come to see on either of us?” she asked.

“I think Teyla realizes we need some time alone. I’m sure that if they need something that they’ll come in.” John answered as he picked a grape from the platter.

“Oh,” she replied. “The quiet is nice considering all that has happened in just a day’s time.”

He held the grape in front of her mouth. “Grape, milady?” He grinned as she glanced up at him and opened her mouth slowly as her eyes stayed on his. His whole body reacted to that sultry look she had in her eyes. Did she even know what she was doing to him? John swallowed hard as he popped the grape into her mouth.

Aracely chewed the grape, surprised at how sweet the fruit was. Unlike the quality she grew accustomed to for herself. She smiled and looked back at the tray. “That was delicious.”

John smiled widely and took another grape from the platter. “Only the best is good enough for my wife.”

“Hmm, I wonder if it is possible to change the thoughts of the King to be?” she asked as she looked to the grape he held. “Because sweet fruits should be shared by all I believe,” she added as she took it from his hand and reached up for him to have.

John chuckled as he opened his mouth as she put the grape into his mouth. He really needed to keep himself in check if he didn’t want to ravage Aracely right then. iShe’s not as innocent as she looks/i, he thought to himself. He chewed on the grape and then put the platter back on the table next to the bed.

She sat up confused. “Have I done something wrong?” she asked as she looked around nervously.

“No,” John chuckled as he gently pulled her back against him. “Relax.”

Swallowing she let him guide her back to him and laid against his body again. The warmth she felt from him helped her to fall more lax as it gave her a sense of comfort. As Aracely had in her slumber, even in consciousness her form drew closer to his.

He softly started to caress her arm and kissed the top of her head, breathing in her scent.

Her eyes fell closed as she allowed herself to be open to him, albeit small affections thus far. Aracely’s breathing deepened as she waited for what the man, her husband, might do next as her heart raced from scared anticipation.

“Relax…” he said softly in her ear. “I’m not going to do anything you don’t want me to, you’re in control… I just can’t seem to keep my hands off of you.”

Aracely nodded as she ran her tongue instinctively over her dry lips. “I trust you,” she said in barely a whisper. “I trust you not to hurt me.”

“Can I just kiss you?” he softly caressed her cheek, glad to see that the redness had started to subside.

“Yes,” she whispered, pleased that John had asked for her permission. Opening her eyes, looked up to be able to see his face, his own expressions and it reminded her of the looks she had observed her father give her own mother. In knowing that, some of her tension did disappear into the darkness of the room.

John smiled and slowly moved his face towards hers, before unhurriedly kissing her. Gently parting her lips with his tongue to ease them both into a deeper kiss.

Aracely let him guide her before she felt comfortable enough to press herself back into his. It was a new feeling that she quickly found she enjoyed very much. When they parted for air, she blinked before leaning back in for more, feeling a loss as if the softness of his lips had so quickly become a part of her.

He kissed her again, after he was sure that she was okay. Her soft lips and her taste were already like a drug to him, he wanted more. John played with her hair while they kissed, burying his fingers into the thick strands.

The position they were in had soon grown uncomfortable, with her back against his body and head angled up to his. Breaking their connection she immediately apologized as she struggled to sit up. “I am sorry, so sorry,” she repeated. “It was um, I was…”

“Uncomfortable.” John nodded. “Why won’t you come sit on my lap?”

Aracely looked back at the door from her chambers to the corridor before carefully shifting on the bed so that she was sitting up, but faced him as her legs curled under her. She looked up at him with a small smile.

“Or that.” He smiled as he caressed her hair.

“I am sorry if this disappoints you,” she said. “I will sit on your lap if it pleases you.”

“Don’t do that.” John told her and shook his head.

She looked at him with her large eyes, smiling. “But – I do mean that. I simply found this to be of more comfort.”

“You’re doing what you want, and I’m more than happy.” He smiled as he kissed her again.

Being more than pleased herself with his kisses, Aracely returned them eagerly. Her hand had snuck up at some point, brushing against the skin of his neck that enchanted her.

His hands slowly wandered from her hair to her back and hoped he wasn’t going too fast for her. Feeling her hands on his neck, her skin on his, was unexpected but encouraging to continue with what this may very well be leading to. Slowly John began to stray with his kisses, over her jaw and down her neck.

Her eyes wandered around on the wall behind him as she quickly realized what was happening. The beat of her heart nearly doubled but she did nothing to stop him, except to take a deep breath to calm herself. She had to remind herself that he had done nothing to indicate any harm to her and thus far kept each of word of promise he made to her. Vala had spoken a great deal of the pleasures of love that she had shared with her own husband but the one story that she was told was the only one that could think of then. The physical pain she very well may feel if she were to allow him to proceed to the end.

John wanted to feel her skin with his hands, he could easily sneak his hands underneath her night attire, but he didn’t want to startle her. “Are you okay?” He softly asked her and caressed her cheek as he looked into her eyes.

She settled her hand on his shoulder, her fingers curling in the fabric of his blouse. “Yes, I am fine,” she answered, shifting her head so that her cheek rested in the palm of his hand.

“Can I put my hands underneath your night gown? I promise I will only touch your back, but you’re covered up… I want to feel your skin, caress it, and not the fabric.”

Swallowing hard, she nodded unable to speak. Oh how she wished to feel his touch as much as he wished to touch her but she still was not yet brave enough to do more herself to express that.

He gently tugged on her shirt, as she was sitting on the edges of the fabric with her knees, and made sure he didn’t pull it off of her, even though he was eager to see her without the shirt. He kissed her as he put his hands underneath her night shirt and started to caress her back, loving the feeling of her skin underneath his finger tips.

Feeling his fingers dance over her skin made it feel as if it were on fire. Every stroke made her feel like she was a magnet, being pulled closer to his body until there was only the small space of loose clothing separating them. “John,” she sighed into his lips, her unsaid words disappearing into his kiss.

John broke off the kiss and looked at her. “Hmm?” He smiled.

She narrowed her eyes as they were fixated on his lips and how they moved. “Why did you just stop?”

He chuckled and started to kiss her again. “Your wish is mine…”

Aracely enjoyed the moment greatly as her mind continued to comprehend everything. Coming to a decision, she pulled back from John, her hand on his chest. Her eyes were tightly closed as she struggled to compose herself.

“Do you want me to stop?” John looked at her as he slowly removed his hands from her back. “What did I do?”

“You did nothing,” she said quickly, shaking her head. She raised her eyes to his as she let out a shaky breath. Shifting on the bed, she moved to kneel beside him as her hands moved to her sleep shirt. Taking one last deep breath, she slowly pulled it over her head, feeling a moment of bravery to expose herself to him.

He was surprised by her action, and astounded by her upper body. She was perfect, her breasts were round and surely they must be very soft. He looked into her eyes to see if there was any hint of hesitation, but she was staring at him in return. “Wow…” he smiled and sighed happily. John had known she was beautiful, but he hadn’t expected that she was hiding such a beautiful body underneath her clothes. He slowly reached out to her body, gently touching her shoulders, and then moving his hands down her torso, unable to control himself. She’d stop him if she didn’t want him to touch her, he was sure of that.

Just as with her back, his touch felt as if he was sending flames over her skin. Looking down, her eyes followed the trail that he made as his fingers moved lower. “Do I please you?” she asked, nervousness in her voice.

“Always.” John swallowed hard as he looked at her. “Would you be more comfortable if I took my shirt off?”

“If you wish so,” Aracely smiled recalling vividly his body as he worked on the holes outside her village. Her hand had settled over his as it rested on her waist.

John kissed her as he started to unbutton his shirt. “You are beautiful, my Aracely.” His eyes were dark with desire. “I think that God had a spare magic trick, and decided to create you.”

Her eyes watching him and reveled in his attention. Yes, she understood the attraction many of the women she heard speak of him. Until that day, she did not care but now he was hers in a small way. Sighing, she could not resist reaching to feel the curls of his chest hair once he shed his shirt. “I must admit that I had thought often of touching your skin after seeing you work that afternoon,” she whispered.

“I hope I live up to your expectations.” John loved the feeling of her fingers moving across his chest and shifted a little so he was more comfortable sitting. He gently caressed her sides, slowly moving towards her breasts.

Aracely froze briefly under his fingers but did not stop him from his exploration. “Your touch is like fire to my skin. Is that unusual?”

“I don’t think so…” John responded as he gently cupped her breasts. They felt glorious! “Your touch has the same effect on me… when we kiss, it feels as if the world around us disappears, the taste of you driving me mad…”

Aracely nodded and leaned in closer where her body pressed into his palm and initiated a deeply felt kiss. “Yes, your taste is quite intoxicating as well.”

John groaned as she pushed her body into his palm to kiss him. He couldn’t help but squeeze them a little, before brushing his thumbs over her nipples.

A wave of excitement rushed through her straight to her core. The sensation surprised her so much that she bit down on his lip in a moan.

He had been ignoring the growing erection in his trousers for the sake of sanity, but her moan resonated through his entire body and combined with her unexpectedly biting down on his lip, his arousal started to press against the fabric. He deepened the kiss as he teased her nipples again, before lowering his hands to her sides again, caressing her stomach and lower back, to give Aracely a reprieve of the new sensations her body were giving her.

She could not help but grin. “That was interesting. Did I hurt you?” she asked while reaching up to touch his lip.

“No, you didn’t hurt me.” John smiled, glad that she found it interesting and not scary. If she’d allow him to, he might make her scream out in pleasure later.

Aracely looked at him, almost as if waiting for more. “What do you wish for me to do for you?” she asked, her eyes searching his face.

“I can almost promise you, you’ll like my touches more if you’d lay down and just relax.” John said with a lopsided grin. “I’m still not going to do anything you don’t want me to, I’m not going to hurt you… I just want to make you feel marvelous.”

“Alright,” she nodded as she moved to lay in the center of the bed, beside where he sat. She watched him move around with a wary eye but smiled reassuringly that she was thus far, alright with what he had already done to her. “You may continue on, John, but please if I do change my thoughts…”

“I am not going to do anything you don’t want me to.” He said again, and softly started to kiss her neck while he leaned on one arm and his free hand caressed her stomach, making sure he didn’t even come close the waistline of her night trousers.

Aracely nodded. “I will tell you to stop if need be,” she too reminded him with a soft moan of his lips on her neck. Her eyes rolled back in her head as John’s tongue traced her veins causing her hands to flex over the sheets.

As he slowly kissed his way down towards her breasts, his hands moved upwards. He decided to brush his thumb over her now erect nipple and felt her squirm underneath his touch, and her moan was the sound of heaven. John then decided to place a kiss on her breast, before capturing her nipple with his lips.

“By the Gods!” she cried as her eyes flew down to him. Was this the heaven that her friend spoke of often? If so, she was afraid she had been missing a lot. Her legs grew restless as they parted to give him a more comfortable place above her body. “Oh, John…”

John grinned up to her with a mischievous look on his face. “Yes, my lady?”

“You have the soul of a devil child,” she replied in a daze as she reached to touch his shoulders and slid her hands down his arm revelling at the detail of his muscle tone.

“Does that mean you wish for me to stop?” He teased as he decided to brush her other nipple with his thumb. He knew he would have her cry out sooner or later, and it had sounded as music to his ears.

A small laugh filled Aracely as she rolled her head back and forth. “I have not said as much, have I? Or is there little else to do?”

“Oh no, my Princess.” John grinned. “There is so much more I can make you feel.”

“How can you feel more than the heavens’?” she asked in disbelief.

“Well, the sensation of multiple heavens, of course.” He replied simply. “Do you allow me to help you out of the rest of your night attire?”

Taking another breath, she nodded her permission. Dropping her hands from his arms so that he could move to do so, she let them fall back to her sides. She knew that the closer to let him to the level of intimacy that they were approaching, it would become much harder to say no if she could even put a coherent thought together.

John helped her out of her night trousers, taking her underwear along as well. With her laying on the bed for him, sprawled out and naked, all he could do for that moment was to look at her, a beautiful wife with a heavenly body. Her curly mound of tawny wet hair was inviting, but he forced himself to stay away from that for the time being. He licked his lips, thinking that he’d get her used to be naked with him for a little bit first, and then started to kiss her on her lips again, deepening the kiss as he reached yet again for her glorious breast.

Aracely arched her back as she tried to keep her mind with John but it felt as if she was going to explode. Her pants were soft and quiet but each time he squeezed her breast, her hands struggled to find some place for them but they just could not stay still long in any one location.

He started to kiss his way down again, her jawline, her neck, her chest… he lingered once again at her breasts and nipples, while he started to run a finger up and down her inner thigh.

She felt so full, and so lost. There was a yearning inside for her to move, to stay, to do something and do nothing all at once. Instead, she buried her hands in his hair and tried to enjoy the sensations as consciously as she could.

“Don’t be afraid…” John said in a soft voice as he put his hand over her wet pussy, his fingers getting slightly tangled in the moist hair. He didn’t do anything but cover her center with his large hand and continued worshipping her nipple with his lips and tongue. Allowing her to get used to the sensation of his hand down there, he could feel how her skin started to burn. He was sure she was enjoying herself, and hoped that he wouldn’t do anything against her will.

Looking at her face, he saw that she had her eyes closed, a beautiful red color had started to show on her cheeks. “How does that feel?” He managed to say, and all he got in return were some garbled noises. “Want me to stop?” Aracely violently shook her head with a grin.

John moved his hand from her core, resulting in a whimper from his beautiful wife, and started to treat her pleasure center the same way he had done with her nipples, playfully brush over it with his thumb, causing Aracely to moan and convulse in pleasure.

He could tell she was getting close, and he knew that women were able to climax several times in a row and that with her being a virgin the penetration could hurt. Right there and then he decided to give her the pleasure of coming down from an orgasmic high first, before he’d gently try to do his best not to hurt her while loving her.

The Prince kept brushing her pleasure mound and started to suckle on her nipple while flicking his tongue against it for good measure. It didn’t take long before Aracely’s breathing to grow unsteady, before her moans turned into pleasurable whimpers and soft cries as her smaller hands held onto his shoulders tightly. “Give into the feelings, my love.” He said softly which was followed by her nails digging into his shoulders, her center arching into his hand and her whole body tensing up before the release.

She looked beautiful when she climaxed, crying out his name repeatedly as if it was some sort of hymn, the look on her face driving him mad while he tried hard to keep himself together.

John crawled up to her and took her in his arms as she basked in post-orgasmic heaven. He softly caressed her hair and waited for her to speak up, to be coherent.

Aracely thought she had died and had ended up in the heavens. There was no pain, only pleasure, and she had been feeling it build up in her body ever since she trusted John not to hurt her. Thus far, the old wives tale of it hurting the first time, wasn’t true. When John took her in his strong arms, she could not help but smile at him goofily. She was unable to speak then, but her husband was taking care of her now, making sure that she wouldn’t lose her head in the clouds forever.

“Am I in heaven?”

John chuckled and shook his head. “No, you’re in your bed, with me.”

“I think I am in heaven, or several heavens… I did not believe you when you said that would happen,” she breathed out as she tried to focus her eyes on him.

He reached for the fruit platter and took a piece of melon for her to chew on. He gently put it in her mouth and smiled. “Chew and swallow that, my beautiful wife, you will come back to me soon enough.”

Aracely had no hunger of yet but accepted the fruit. The sweet juice coated her lips as she swallowed it, forcing her tongue to dart out to catch it before it would drip to her chin. Still, she had no need because John’s eyes had been on her through every bite she made and leaned in to lap the nectar before covering her mouth in a lover’s kiss.

When John was certain that Aracely had recovered from her climax, he started to caress her center again, making sure that his fingers wouldn’t get tangled in the hair there, as it was a sensitive area. He was glad to find out that she was still wet as well as hot down there.

Aracely looked at him with eyes wide in surprise and gasped when he accidentally rubbed her sensitive spot again. “John?”

“I promise, I will try to make this as painless as possible.”


“Relax…” He said, removing his hand from her center and kissed her before he got to his knees and started to remove his trousers, revealing a fully erect and eager to get a release cock as he did.

Aracely’s eyes grew as large as saucers. She had seen the male reproductive organ before, while the little boys in her village would run around naked over the town square during a hot summer night, but she had never thought they would turn out to be so – big. She was certain that John would not fit inside of her. “Impossible…” she managed to say, which resulted in a heart-warming chuckle from her lover.

John got back on his knees as he placed himself between Aracely’s legs and he moved towards her to kiss her tenderly, placing his hand back on her delicate softness. Aracely moaned as John pressed his hand down, she was unable to understand how eager her body was for his touch, for his kiss and for his undivided attention after such a short period had passed since she had came down from heaven. John was easily sending her back there now.

He gently broke off the kiss and looked down on her as he yet again removed his hand from her hotness. “Don’t be afraid, this might feel a bit awkward and I will not blame you for stopping me.” He said as calm and reassuring as he could while the fire inside his body kept raging.

Had Aracely been one of his adventures, he would have been done within ten minutes of her arrival because he simply wouldn’t care about her but only for his own release. He took pleasure in pleasuring Aracely, and his own patience surprised him greatly.

She nodded for an answer, and he kept an eye on her as he softly started to push a finger inside of her, causing Aracely’s eyes yet again to become saucers. He made sure that her opening would be wet at all times, and he even gently teased her by brushing his thumb over her sensitive spot, sending Aracely’s arms trashing about again.

When his finger wasn’t meeting any resistance anymore, he inserted a second finger inside of her, causing Aracely to gasp loudly and moan in pleasure at the same time, instinctively arching her back towards his hand. John was sure that Aracely was yet again far removed from any coherent speech, but he decided to tell her what he was doing, knowing that she’d understand. “You’re too tight…” Oh yes, dear God, you’re tight! That’s going to feel… oh… Ronon in underwear. He managed to stop himself from prematurely releasing himself, by just a second. His cock was dripping as if it had a runny nose. “And it’s not impossible for me to enter your body with my penis unless I make sure that there is enough room… Do you understand?”

Aracely moaned as she nodded, John’s fingers inside of her felt weird at first, but the sensation of his very capable fingers stretching her felt good, she was sure this wasn’t going to hurt. When John added a third finger he accidentally brushed her heat, she sat up and her eyes flew open, dark with lust and desire as she let out a loud moan that filled the entire chamber. “Good grief!”

John eased her back down with his free hand and revelled in the fact that his Princess was as sensitive as she was. He kissed her tenderly on her lips, and then decided to distract her by sucking on her nipple again as he decided to add a fourth finger to make sure she was stretched enough for him.

“Johhhhnnnnn…” she moaned as she arched her back again, impatience was shown on her face, she wanted to have another release bad.

When John was sure that the first part of the journey into her body would go smoothly, he removed his fingers from inside of her, causing Aracely to whimper again. He spread her legs a little more and bended her knees so that it would be easier for her as well. “Breathe, my love.” he told her as he started to push his cock inside of her, inch by inch, meeting resistance after a few gentle pushes.

John felt how Aracely’s body tensed up, her face showed that she was in pain but she didn’t say a word. “Breathe,” he said again, “Relax, my sweet… I know it hurts.”

“So much…” she managed to say.

“I know…” he actually felt sorry for her, but if he didn’t do it now, they’d stop at this very moment every time they’d make love to each other. “I know…” he kept pushing in, and pulling out. He loved it that she was so tight, but he also knew that it was hurting her. “It won’t hurt this much again, I promise… you’re doing so well.”

After a bit more of pushing, staying still, withdrawing and doing it all over again, he knew that Aracely was going to scream in agony if he pushed a bit further, but it had to be done. “Take a deep breath, my love, this will hurt.”

She wanted him to stop. No, she wanted him to continue. What if he ruptured one of the veins down there? She’d bleed to death! She wanted him to stop… continue… She swallowed hard and took a deep breath. She was brave, she could do this. Easily. She took another deep breath, she had survived season in her village with a broken leg and a wound in the other, nothing could hurt as much as that.

John slowly removed his cock from her, before easing it back in, and when he met the resistance he was looking for, he continued to push through until it was gone. Aracely cried out a lot of obscenities, mainly directed to the cruel God who invented the woman’s body like this as tears ran down her cheeks. “Breathe…” John reminded her and kissed her tears away when he was through. “My brave Aracely…” he said as he caressed her hair. “I promise, it won’t hurt like that ever again.” She’s so tight… so tight… oh… I hurt her… so tight… His thoughts were going fast, but he needed to make sure that she was okay before he would proceed to work on his own release.

Aracely’s jaw quivered as she tried to keep herself together. Her eyes squeezed shut as she held her arms up at her sides. She had fisted her hands so tightly through the pain, her nails had broken the skin of her palm to spill a small amount of blood. She drew several deep breaths as she waited for the pain to subside. One thing the woman did know was that Vala had said it could be painful, for some it was not. Aracely knew now that she was not so fortunate and prayed that the next time, if there would be a next time, it would not be so difficult.

Opening her eyes she found John looking down at her with deep concern. “Please, just a few moments longer,” she said quietly. She needed just a little longer.

“Don’t worry, my love.” John said. “I’ll give you all the time you need.”

It was a few minutes before the sharpness truly left her. Swallowing she smiled lightly up at him. “Alright, I am alright,” she said as she carefully went to rest her hands on his arms that were supporting his weight over her.

John kissed her as he moved his hand between his cock and her sensitive spot, only to tease her with the sensation. He then started to thrust in and out of her, gently picking up the pace, knowing that he didn’t need much to come to a climax, but he wanted her to feel good too. With his hand getting in the way, he placed it on one of her breasts and started to fondle it as he stopped kissing her to allow himself air.

Even though John still hurt her, it didn’t hurt as much as before, and she actually found it an other worldly experience, her husband’s manhood inside of her. Despite the pain from the other moment, she was quick to lose herself in her husband’s touch, moaning as the combined sensation of him thrusting into her and him playing with her breast filled her body with ecstasy. “Oh lord… Johhnnnn!”

With Aracely arching her back, pushing herself deeper onto his cock, and reaching a climax for the second time, he couldn’t help but follow her suit, and coming hard and fast. “Fadge,” he groaned as he released himself into her, his face falling into the crook of her neck as he collapsed over her body. She felt so glorious, her body wrapped around him that he did not want to separate from her.

Aracely didn’t even feel the weight of her husband on her, she felt as if she had flown higher than the heavens, and loved the warmth of John spread out over her as if he were a blanket. Her hands fell to his body, her hands feeling the sweat across his skin. “My Lord,” she let out with a sigh of pleasure as she slowly came back to herself.

John groaned as he pulled himself away from Aracely and rolled off of her before taking her in his arms and pulling the covers over them. He had never come so hard before, and he certainly never had such a high before either. “How are you feeling?” He asked her softly as he nuzzled Aracely’s neck.

“I feel…as if I will be feeling very sore the coming days,” she smiled sleepily. While yes it hurt painfully, Aracely knew the pleasure was well worth that pain. She had rested her head on John’s shoulder as he had pulled her to him and opened her eyes to take him in. Catching her eyes, she had taken notice of a pitcher of water on the bedside that she did not recall being there before. “When…?” she asked lifting her head and pointed at the water.

John thought for a second. “When you were recovering from the pain I had to cause you.” He softly kissed her. “Sorry for that.”

“I do not remember hearing anyone enter,” she murmured. “Would you please?”

John reached for the pitcher and poured some water in to the two mugs. “The maidens and servants are very discreet and quiet if they have to be.” He replied as he helped Aracely to sit up before handing her water.

“Hmm,” she hummed as she sipped the water greedily. “I am so parched!”

He got himself some water too. “I can imagine,” He replied, “So am I.”

John heard the door open and looked at Teyla’s amused face. “Glad to see you awake, your Highness’. I am wondering if you would keep an eye on the proceedings of the servants as they transfer your Father from his bed into his coffin, so that he can be transferred to the main hall for the Royal Court to pay their respects.”

Sighing, John nodded and kissed Aracely. “Get some rest, my love. I will return shortly.” He said as he got out of bed and started to look for his clothes.

Teyla had lowered her gaze away as he hurried about to dress himself before giving his bride one last kiss and leaving. Aracely looked to the woman who still had that smile on her lips. Pulling the covers up to cover herself more, she flushed from embarrassment.

“Can I get you anything, Aracely?”

“Perhaps some dignity?” she asked innocently. “I am only just realizing what everything truly appears.”

Teyla frowned and turned her back towards Aracely. “Is this better?”

“You were just fine Miss Teyla. I simply meant that I realized that the Prince and I – were not alone all that time,” she replied.

“You were, for the most part.” Teyla turned around again. “I am sorry, I told Katie that she had to bring you some water, I did not realize you are not used to the maidens walking in and out of the room during… happy times.” She smiled warmly.

Aracely pushed her hair back behind her ear and looked pained. “Before this even I had never experienced these – happy times,” she explained.

“Oh dear child, are you alright?” Teyla asked worriedly, knowing that John could be rough.

“I will be I believe. The Prince seemed to be concerned for my experience and I did wish to please him as he had given me. I did not expect him to be so…” she trailed off unable to find the words.

“Careless?” Teyla offered, “Rough? He usually treats women with respect, I just wished he did the same behind closed doors.”

Aracely looked up at her full of fear and shock. “He was not rough with me. He offered to stop many times over…You mean he has been -” She cut herself off as she tried not to imagine John being so aggressive with anyone but the thought made her feel ill deep inside. “Oh my!”

“I am glad to hear John was patient with you, and gentle.” Teyla smiled. “Yes, John often mistreated his adventures in the past, but then again, I don’t think he really cared about what he was doing to the girl, only to get his own release out of whatever emotion he felt.”

Swallowing hard, she could not help but be fearful that he might use her as a vessel for his frustrations as her new friend described. If his being gentle this even hurt that greatly, what would that be for her body then?

“John seems to truly care for you, and I am glad that he does. I am sure you will be treated with the same gentility as today.” Teyla bowed her head slightly. “I can already tell that you have a good influence on him.”

“Thank you,” she smiled still uncertain. “How is everything progressing? Gabriella settling in well? I did not wish to disturb her early this morning.”

“We are showing Gabriella around, making sure she knows every fast route through out the castle and every place she needs to know to be of service of you.” Teyla smiled. “So far, she’s doing alright, she’s a quick study. As for the Royal chambers, we cannot do anything with it until the King is transferred out to the main hall today.”

Aracely nodded. “I suspect that Prince John will be in no hurry to move into his father’s room,” she shared. “He does not need to speak those words for me to feel them as I watched him at his side last evening.”

“Prince John absolutely hates the Royal Chambers.” Teyla chuckled. “It is that his Father slept there, otherwise he would not have gone in to it. I believe he got frightened by something as a young boy, and ever since then he hates it. Before John wants to trade his own chambers for the Royal Chambers, we need to refurbish. And even then, John can decide he wants to keep his own.”

She could not help but wonder what could be curious as to what John would say to that and considered asking him after events settled. “Is there anything that I can assist with?” she asked as she shifted over to the side of the large bed.

“Oh, I don’t think so Princess.” Teyla answered and looked at the clothes Gabriella had given to her to hand to the Princess. Making a face, she said; “We could visit tailor Cadman for a wardrobe fitting?”

Aracely stretched her neck to see what dress she held. “Is there something wrong with what garments I had brought with us?” she asked, actually fond of that particular one.

“Of course not, but surely, you’d like more clothes?”

“If I must but I am sure that the fabrics could be used for someone in more need than I?” she asked. “I understand that there are more formal garments that I would be expected to wear but for routine days can we not save the finer items?”

Teyla sighed and nodded. “As you wish, if you’d like, I’ll leave you so you could dress properly. Would you like a bath first? I have maidens standing by to refresh your bed, we hadn’t expected that John would sleep here.”

“A bath sounds lovely,” Aracely smiled gratefully. She crawled off the bed fully, keeping the bed sheet wrapped around herself. “And you do not need to leave. You have been nothing but a pleasure to me.”

Teyla bowed gracefully. “I shall get the maidens in to run you your bath.”

She nodded and ran a hand over her face before her fingers got tangled in her hair. Reaching up she made a face as she came to a realization as to how she must have appeared. What a sight.


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