Chapter 14

When Bella came to, she was in one of the more comfortable seats in the same building they had been in previously. Elena was gone, Kai was bound and gagged looking like he’d gone ten rounds with a star boxer and Kol was drinking straight out of a bottle of bourbon he had found. “What happened?”

Kol quickly put the bottle down and started to look her over. “Did you get hurt?”

“No, that spell is harmless, you taught me that yourself,” she said annoyed as she looked at Kai. “Are you out of your freaking mind?”

Kai mumbled something.

“His excuse was that you said ‘no’, darling,” Kol said as he gently squeezed her hand. “I wanted to kill him, but remembering that he’s your friend and a siphoner like yourself, I gave him a good and proper beating instead.”

“I see.”

“He had it coming. I didn’t hit any major organs, I just bruised him a lot.”

“I can see that,” Bella sighed and looked at him. “Thank you for your restraint,” she smiled at him before looking at Kai. She got to her feet and walked over to lean against the table and jabbed his shoulder with her finger, and apparently it hurt as he was wincing. “Now, what to do with you.”

Kai looked up at her with a hopeful look in his eyes.

“You didn’t like me saying ‘no’ to you, what makes you think I’d allow you to take your revenge on your coven? Would you kill me if I said ‘no’ to that, too?”

Kai shrugged as an answer.

“We’re no strangers to revenge, Kai,” Kol replied. “In fact, I do love me some good revenge, hence why my family and I are assisting Bella in taking hers, although she’s new to the whole killing thing that is so gloriously satisfying. But you’d have to be nice, and at least treat Bella with some kindness as she’s shown that to you, too.” The last bit made him throw up in his mouth a little, but Kol saw the look on Bella’s face, and she wanted to bring him home so he could lead a normal life.

Humans were so predictable.

But with Bella wanting to take Kai back to Forks they were going to have some issues with the guy even worse in control of magic than Bella, especially around his family.

Bella slowly nodded. “I find it easier to kill Cold Ones because they’re vampires. Killing a witch is different because they’re alive,” she said as she removed Kai’s gag. “What was your plan?”

“No plan,” Kai grinned. “Chaos is fun.”

“Does it involve killing?”

“No, it involved me becoming the leader of the Gemini and proving to them that I am worthy.”

“No offense, mate, the way that you are now won’t do you any favors and you might end up dead along with your coven,” Kol replied with a sigh. “I don’t mind much about your coven because they’re a dying one as is, but Bella wants you to have a life as the ultimate revenge.”

Bella looked at Kol and blinked in confusion. “How did you know?”

“I know you, darling, and I agree with your idea, but it will be under our terms and not his.”

She smiled at him then and looked back at Kai. “Who are you the most upset with?”

Kai huffed. “You know the answer to that.”

“Your father and Josette,” Bella nodded. “The coven is just a footnote.”

Kai shrugged. “Well, the lives of the coven is linked to their leader, so if my dad dies…”

“Everyone dies, including you.”

“Doubtful. I’m pret-ty sure my dad kicked me out of the coven when he put me into the prison world,” Kai replied with a shrug. “Of course, if I’d merge with Josette and win, I’d be instantly back in. See, with this magic inside of me, I can wipe them out. Just like that.”

Bella hated the supernatural community because they could do whatever, and now that she was a part of it, it was even worse, in some ways. The laws were apparently different for those not entirely human. “And that’s what you want? You want to be responsible for the death of many people by killing your dad?” This wasn’t her choice, it was his. And if he wanted this, then she was going to support it, no matter how conflicting it felt.

“Yes,” Kai replied, a smirk on his face. “You’re really going to help me?”

“Are you sorry for not allowing me to say ‘no’ to you? Will you at least try to be kind to me and to Kol?”

“Oh, he doesn’t have to be nice to me, darling, only if he doesn’t want to receive another beating,” Kol said smug. “But let’s add a deal in the mix,” he replied as he moved over to where Bella was and crossed his arms over his chest as he looked at Kai. “I know a lot of people like you, I was… am, like you. Bella’s going to put a binding spell on you so you can’t move far, and, when this is all over, she’s going to take whatever magic remains from you.”

Kai huffed. “I’m not going home with you.”

“As it is, and I’m likely going to face the wrath of Bella by saying this, but as it is, you, as a witch, are too unhinged to walk around freely. You’re going to be a danger to yourself and others. It’s either death or you’ll come with us. I don’t care that she’s your friend, but I have to make sure that she’s safe and you clearly proved that you’d even knock her out when she doesn’t want to entertain your crazy ideas.”

“But you didn’t mind some torture.”

“That’s because you and I are more alike than you might realize, Kai. And up until the point where you knocked Bella out, I kinda liked you. And then you had to ruin it by hurting her feelings. Quite disappointing.”

“Are you truly saying that if I hadn’t done that, you and I could have had some fun?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” Kol replied flatly. “Bella and I will help you get your revenge on your family and coven, but the question remains, what next? Am I going to kill you or are you coming back with us so you can live a life you’ve missed out on?”

“What about option C?” Kai grinned.

Kol wanted to kill him. Right now. What a wanker. “There is no third option.”

“Sure there is. Bind my non-existing witchy power and let me be on my way.”

“As I said, there is no third option,” Kol countered. “And might I suggest you stop being so obtuse if you value your life?” Kai was pissing him off, greatly. Kol needed a drink. Now. He pushed himself away from the table and pointed at Kai as he looked at Bella. “This is a bad idea. You deal with him, I’m going to have a snack and make sure Gilbert hasn’t alerted the Salvatores and the vampire hunter… or let’s hope she did so I have something to do.”

After Kol had left, Kai spoke up again. “Pretty sure he’s your boyfriend.”

“Shut up,” Bella said as she crossed her arms over her chest. “This isn’t anything like you.”

“Yeah well, we’ll talk again when you’re locked up in a prison world for 18 years all by yourself.”

“And lose all idea of how to interact with people, and respect them? Hardly. Otherwise, you’d be a caveman right now,” Bella chided him as she leaned forward to put her hand on his and started to pull magic out of him. “You need to calm down.”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m taking away your toys until you learn how to play nice,” Bella replied, a playful smile on her face. “But I have to admit, this magic packs a punch,” she added as she could feel the magic settle in her system. “You need a clear head for this.”

“Bella, you said it yourself you had issues with controlling magic,” Kai said worriedly. “Stop.”

“Yeah, I do, but at least that doesn’t turn me into a dickhead,” she countered as she let go of him, not entirely getting all the magic inside of him. “Jesus, that was insane. It is insane, what were you thinking?” Bella breathed out as she walked away from him.

“I wasn’t,” Kai said as he turned his head to look at her. “I’ll take it back?”

“No,” she said as she turned around to look at him. His demeanor was calmer, which was everything she had hoped for. “So, what do you think? Kol and I help you get your revenge, and you come home with us?”

“And then what?”

Bella shrugged. “Help you readjust to life? Help you with dealing with the magic?”

“How? You can barely contain yourself when it’s not magic coming off of your boyfriend,” Kai pleaded. “Just give it back to me, Bella, you’ll be fine.”

“Nope, you’re not going to get it back until you’ve earned it back.”

“What are you, my mother?”

“No, I’m your friend,” she countered as she shoved her hands in her pockets as not to accidentally blow something up or knock out Kai. “And I care about you. That’s why I came back for you every time despite you not knowing much about why I came and sought you out in the first place. Kol didn’t like me traveling back that much, and it was hard and draining on the both of us, but I didn’t want you to be alone. I still don’t want you to be alone. And that’s why we’re going to help you get you your revenge and that’s why Kol gave you the ultimatum; either he kills you because you’re a loose cannon, or you come home with us to start your life away from your coven.”

“You really care?”

“Yes!” She made her way back to him and crouched down next to him. Looking at him, she sighed. “Yes, your coven are a bunch of assholes for putting you away like that, but it could have been worse after what you’d done. They could have killed you instead. And if I had known that you weren’t dead, I would have come and find you.”

Kai huffed. “You’re just saying that because you’re afraid of me.”

“You’re the one who’s afraid,” she pointed out. “And hurt. And angry. And they’re all valid feelings that I want you to get your revenge for. But you also deserve a good life, and I want to try to help you get that. Because that’s what friends do,” Bella smiled at him then. “And it’s not going to be easy, but you’re going to be alright.”

“You don’t know how I feel, Bella.”

“No, no, I don’t. I only can imagine how angry you are, and how hurt. But you’re not the only one hurting,” she replied softly. “I hurt too. I’m angry, and mostly, I’m afraid. I keep thinking… the longer I’m away from Forks, the more risk I’m taking with my life. And at first, I didn’t even care, you know. So what if the Cold Ones kill me for leaving Forks? I don’t want to be stuck in Forks for the rest of my life,” she continued. “And then Kol started to take me away from Forks, further away than the two hours that I was allowed. And we spent a month and a half in Portland so I could spend time with a new friend and Kol made me feel safe.”

“That’s great, but what where does that leave me? I have no one.”

“You have me and you can trust me. I want you to stop hurting, to stop being afraid and angry. And I want you to have a great life. And that’s a big step, especially because you’ve been hurt by people in the past, but I am not them.”

Kai sighed as he finally tried to move, getting uncomfortable in his bonds on the wooden chair. “But I didn’t treat you like a friend, I disrespected you and your boyfriend beat the crap out of me.”

“And I’m still here. Just disappointed, but still here.”

“Yeah, alright. Fine. We’ll try it your way.”


Bella was surprised how easy and uncomplicated things were. She wanted to make sure that Kai was indeed no longer a part of the Coven so Kol taught her a spell to sever the tie and, as it turned out, papa Parker was already in town to congratulate his twins Liv and Luke on their 22nd birthday. He wanted to force them to merge, despite both siblings not wanting to, so that Kai wouldn’t do it with his favourite daughter Jo.

The magic she had siphoned off of Kai had disappeared the following morning, which was great as her sleep had been not an easy one. She had strange dreams and had accidentally travelled back in time for just a few minutes while asleep. She was glad that it was out of her system by breakfast and Kai was a lot more like himself too.

Bella warned both Kol and Kai about Joshua Parker as she had to deal with him only two months ago and he was a force to be reckoned with, one that she’d been unprepared for and she’d been outmatched, but Kai said not to worry as she’d simply been inexperienced and Kol vowed to end him if Kai for some reason couldn’t do it.

She knew that they both were thinking too lightly about this. Kai believed he could take on his own father, and Kol relied on his age and experience. And, in a way, they were right. They’d been a witch or around longer than she’d been, and maybe she was too cautious and anxious because they weren’t.

And why were confrontations done in the evenings in this stupid little town?

Bella was nursing the coffee that Kol had gotten her on their way to find Joshua Parker and hung back with Kol when Kai spotted his father. Kol hadn’t trusted Kai with his siphoning abilities so Bella siphoned some magic from Kol and had Kai get it out of her instead. Because Kai wouldn’t kill Bella.

And she could see in Kol’s eyes that he was neglecting to tell her something but she wasn’t going to question it. Whatever it was, it could wait. Kai was too eager to kill his father and end the Gemini coven along with it.

“You have some nerve,” Joshua Parker argued as he was pinned against the wall by Kai. “You can’t win, Kai.” And with one fell swoop, Kai was on his ass and Joshua freed. “Even with your vampire friend,” he flicked his wrist and Kol dropped to the ground with a snapped neck. “And you…” he said as he looked at Bella. “I should have killed you when I had the chance.”

Bella was too shocked to see Kol on the ground to do anything. She couldn’t do anything, she didn’t have any magic in her, or, come to think of it, just a little, and she wasn’t sure how it got there. Kai had taken everything.

“Bella, run!” Kai called out as he cast a spell to incapacitate his father. His father was only shaken by the spell before looking at Kai with a curious look on his face.

“You like her.”

“This is between you and me, you’re going to leave her out of this,” Kai responded angrily. “She’s here to witness.”

“She is an abomination like you, and like you, she will die,” Joshua replied as he reached out with his hand to freeze Kai in his tracks and his other shot out to Bella and his words had clear intent. “Phesmatos aspiciunt colorem abire magam.”

Bella doubled over as she could feel her heart hurt. It felt as if it was on fire. Beating fast. Clutching her chest, she tried to catch her breath but it was impossible.

“Stop!” Kai begged his father. “Bella, siphon the magic out of you, you can do it.”

Secat latera caeli!”

Bella started coughing as her lungs now started to burn and it wasn’t before long that she fell on to the ground and everything went black as her body hurt.

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