20: Teething

It felt wrong to take her off the floor and run downstairs to the holding cells, but for her safety – and those of others, but mainly hers – she needed to be locked up. It made sense that this was happening, she had his blood in him for years. No doubt Carlisle had done something to mess up her genes as well. Or maybe it was the spell, they would have to ask Jeri about it when she’d risen again.

To see Bella in so much pain hurt him. But he took solace in the idea that this was going to be her only time she had to go through this; they were going to work on control when she snapped out of it. Klaus didn’t like it to be on the other side, watching someone he loved go through this alone. He had done it. Mikael and Elijah had run from him while it happened. He needed to be with her.

“Whatever happens, Elijah, please do not open this door,” Klaus said as he opened it. “Only to throw in one of those guys for her to maul when she grows to frenzy. I’ll stop her from escaping.”

“Niklaus, you’re not going to do what I think you’re going to do?”

“I don’t want her to be alone.”

“She won’t know what she’s doing. It’s highly irresponsible.”

“Is it? She can’t kill me, Elijah,” he said as he could already feel his body preparing for his shift. He pulled his shirt off and joined Bella in her cell as she lay writhing on the floor. “Do take a picture of her once she’s fully turned. I think she’ll love to see what happened.”

It had been a long time since he’d seen the part of his brother that he kept hidden; the perks of being a hybrid was that he never needed to turn or could turn at will. He was more vulnerable as a wolf. To do this, for Bella, was a touching gesture, and he’d follow his brother’s instructions out of respect. “Good luck, brother,” he said as he moved to sit on a bench and kept his eyes on the cell in front of him.

His brother’s transformation was fast and with ease and by the time he was done, Bella had completed hers as well. She was unlike any other wolf he’d seen. All the werewolves he’d encountered appeared natural. They could blend in with the regular wolves. Bella, however, was white all over. She wasn’t quite an albino as her eyes were yellow like the rest of the wolves, but her entire coat was white. It fit as he thought about it. Bella’s whole life had been unusual. She became a vampire in the most unusual way and due to unnatural circumstances, why would becoming a hybrid be any different?

Bella snarled at Klaus as she paced around the cell, it was one of the larger ones that Klaus had brought her to, but she was searching for a way out. His eyes calmly followed her, but when she got near him, she snapped at him. He let out a growl in response and Bella kept circling the cell, eyeing Klaus, but her body language was not letting up. Elijah was wondering how far Klaus would let Bella go before he’d do something about it.

It was sometime after midnight when Bella finally stopped pacing and started to approach his brother. It was remarkable how calm and collected she was, perhaps they had underestimated her. She sniffed Klaus, before biting his tail, hard. Klaus retaliated by letting out a roar, and a swung at her head with his paw and soon, both wolves were fighting. While Bella was intentionally trying to hurt Klaus, Klaus did his best not to hurt her but still establish dominance.

When Bella drew blood, Elijah knew it was time to throw in one of their captured criminals. It was entertaining to watch their reactions to the wolves in the other cell. He could smell the fear coming off of them. Grabbing the closest, he pulled him out of the cell and walked back to where Klaus and Bella were. “Watch it, Niklaus,” Elijah said before opening the cell door and threw the man in.

Without hesitation, Bella’s attention snapped to the man and pounced on him, pushing him to the floor and removed a piece of his torso with her teeth. The sound of bones breaking and meat being devoured could still be heard over the man’s screams. Klaus patiently watched as Bella ripped the man apart, the blood staining her white coat. Elijah took a step back when the man’s genitals flew through the air, towards him, and he could swear he could hear Klaus huff in appreciation.

Elijah didn’t want to know what was going on inside his brother’s head right now.

Bella howled when there was nothing left for her to take apart before flopping down on her stomach with a content huff and started to lick her paws clean. Klaus lowered himself to the ground and crawled towards her before putting a paw on her head and began to help her clean herself up.

Eventually, Bella rolled over to show her belly to him, and Klaus started to lick that. Yes, she had settled down, and Elijah could go back to watching from afar.

He threw another deviant in the cell after two hours and then was joined by Rebekah, who gasped when she saw Bella. “Elijah, she’s…”

“White, I know.”

“Beautiful!” She replied and then scrunched her nose. “And they’re both being very disgusting right now.”

“I suggest you take a few steps back, sister. Bella likes to throw body parts around.”

Rebekah did as she was told. “Jeri’s already awake. I came to get her a body to feed on.”

“Awake already?” He said surprised. “How on Earth is that possible?”

“I don’t know, Elijah, and frankly, I didn’t ask. We’ve had enough surprises in the last two days to last us a lifetime,” she walked over to the other cell and pulled a guy out. “Confess your sins,” she compelled him.

“I beat my wife and children.”

“Good enough for me, come on,” she said as she dragged the man with her towards Kol’s room. “For your sake, brother, I hope the wolves aren’t going to have sex.”

“Oh lord help me,” Elijah muttered as he quickly fetched a bucket of water in case he needed it. But apart from them playing, challenging each other and yelping as they ran around the cell, nothing else happened. The moment he saw the first signs of Bella changing back, he ran up to Klaus’ room to fetch the both of them some clothing. He then threw them in the cell as he had his back turned towards it. “Good morning,” he greeted them.

Bella groaned and blinked at Klaus, who was getting dressed. “What happened?”

“Congratulations, love. You’re a hybrid,” Klaus smirked and softly kissed her. “Get dressed, we’re going to have a wash and discuss this over breakfast.” He then looked at his brother. “Did I hear it correctly? Jeri’s already awake and fed?”

“Yes, she is.”

“Well, breakfast is going to be interesting then,” Klaus smiled as he wrapped his arm around Bella and headed upstairs with her. He remembered most of the night, maybe not as sharply as normal, but he knew most of it. The last time he was in wolf form was after he’d broken the curse, and that had been his second time. There was no need for him to be transforming, and so he didn’t. But he couldn’t let Bella deal with hers on her own, and he had to admit, it had been an entirely liberating experience.

And Bella. She had surprised him. She kept surprising him, and that was fascinating. He had sensed the feral inside of her, but she remained – mostly – calm. She had tested him, of course, and for a while he thought he’d surrender to her, but he wasn’t ready for that. He was the big bad wolf, and he wouldn’t surrender like that, not to her, not to anyone. Not yet. Maybe not ever.

After their refreshing shower, he and Bella joined the rest of the family for breakfast. Including Jeri, who had the biggest smile ever on her face. She still looked a little worse for wear, even after feeding, but she’d perk up soon enough. “Good morning!” she greeted them.

Bella hugged her tightly. “I’m sorry I hurt you.”

“That’s okay, I’m whole now,” Jeri said with a grin and gently tapped Bella’s arm to let go of her. “You should try a waffle, it’s extraordinary.”

“I’m not really hungry,” Bella said as she sat down next to Klaus and reached for the tea. “You’re heavy on the stomach.”


Klaus smirked. “Actually, Bella, you’ve had two humans to eat during the night. And you didn’t drink their blood but had some of their meat.”

“Oh! Yeah!” Jeri said enthusiastic. “That was what I was figuring out last night, whether or not she could turn into a hybrid. It seems that’s a definite yes.” She slapped Kol on his arm. “And you said that could wait until today. Wouldn’t it have been a lot better if they knew before it happened?”

“Don’t hit me, Bella was hungry.”

“A hybrid? That’s what you are, isn’t it?” Bella looked at Klaus. “And what Jeri is now.”

“And you.”

“But I can’t be, as far as I know I don’t have any weird genes… Carlisle would have found a way to get rid of them,” Bella said as she took a sip of her tea and moaned at the taste. “Oh, so good…”

Klaus was tempted to pull the tea out of Bella’s hands, but he had to control himself. Everything tasted new and good to her, and Jeri, now and he was sure that Kol was currently in the same boat as him.

“No, but you see,” Jeri said excitedly. “This is where it gets interesting; to bind you to Klaus, some of the blood changed a little bit of your genetic makeup and voila. You’re a hybrid. Well, it’s a little bit harder than that but you know,” she shrugged as she devoured another waffle. “As I said when I first met you, some serious magic was involved in assuring that Bella wouldn’t be corrupted.”

He smirked when he took a sip of his tea.

“Oh, would you like to see pictures? I took a few,” Elijah offered as he took his phone out. “It’s quite spectacular.”

Klaus took the phone and showed Bella the images. “Tell me, love, which one are you?”

“The grey one?” Bella was astounded when she looked at the images. Had she really turned into a wolf? That was quite surreal, wasn’t it?

“No, love, you’re quite special. You are the white one.”

“Wow,” she said surprised. “I’m sorry… I… it’s still weird that a human can become a wolf… a real wolf.”

“And being a vampire is normal?” Kol snorted.

“Well… yeah. It was being human that was so awkward. Fragile, I guess.” She had only been a vampire for such a short amount of time, but it already felt right, as if she was in the right place. That she finally belonged. She took another sip of her tea and despite its deliciousness, she tried not to moan, she had seen how Klaus had responded to that earlier.

“Well, you can turn into a wolf,” Jessica said with a pout. “I feel like I’m the most normal person at this table right now.”

“You are very… fu- vulnerable,” Elijah said as he hid his smirk when he took a sip of his tea.

“Yes, and because you were on babysitting duty last night, we didn’t get to do what we had planned,” Jessica still pouted. “You’ll make it up to me, right?”

“No, he won’t,” Bella murmured as she gingerly took a pancake of the plate and hoped it would taste better. “Neither of you are going to get any. Klaus and I haven’t had some either.”

“And it bites!” Kol cheered.

Jeri sat there with her bite of waffle paused at her lips. “Cockblocking already Bella? You know I won’t put up with that shit. Wolf venom or not. I’m the only one in the house truly immune from the two of you so rethink your strategy.”

“You two probably had sex when Klaus and I were tearing up two people,” Bella said as she took a bite of the pancake and spat it out again. “Ew.”

“Excuse you,” Rebekah said disgustedly. “Kol and I were taking care of Jeri last night, to make sure she was well fed just as Klaus and Elijah were taking care of you. So, if you lot want to turn this place into a brothel amongst the six of you after I finish eating, have at it! I’ll be at Marcel’s.”

Jeri dropped her fork on her plate. “I just lost my appetite. Kol is mine. I might have swung for Klaus at some point if either of us weren’t attached, but beyond that, the rest of you aren’t my type.”

“Thanks, I think?” Klaus blinked at her before eyeing his sister. “We will not do any swapping of the sort.”

“You weren’t shying away from that a few hundred years ago,” she said playfully as she put her napkin on her plate and rose to her feet. “Have fun!” Before Rebekah left, she turned around with a smile on her face. “Oh, do teach the girls how to slow down and how to use their new strength before they break things around the house. Ta!” She said with a slight giggle and ran off.

Kol huffed. “As if we’re novices.”

“You are a bit irresponsible,” Elijah noted.

“Says the one that was ready to hand his own newborn back to the pound,” Jeri muttered into her coffee mug.

“Ah, but that’s entirely different. I didn’t sire her; I merely took her in for the night, and I hoped that Marcel would take care of her. Things turned out differently.”

“And here I am, still mourning the fact that pancakes are now problematic in taste,” Bella pouted as she looked at her pancake. She grabbed the maple syrup and the icing sugar and covered her pancake in that before trying another bite. “Okay, that’s better.”

Jeri stared at her with a raised eyebrow. “There’s nothing wrong with the food unless it’s something with your new wolf traits fucking with your taste buds.”

“I know,” Bella grumbled as she took another bite from her pancake. “I love pancakes.”

“You’re a dog; you’re supposed to eat everything.”

Bella’s head snapped to Jessica, and she let out a growl. “Excuse you?” She’d never have done this before, but something inside of her just snapped when Jessica spoke up.

“Oh fuck,” Jeri muttered as she sat back in her chair and watched the spectacle about to ensue. She couldn’t help but to smile in anticipation, barely restraining herself in her seat not to lash out for the comment herself.

“What? That’s how it works, doesn’t it? You’re a hybrid now, part dog. You basically eat scraps.”

Klaus growled and wanted to move to do something, but Bella was already on it. She leapt over the table and grabbed Jessica’s arm before biting it. She wanted to tear it off, but she figured that if werewolf bites were toxic to vampires, then a bite would suffice.

Elijah wasn’t fast enough to protect his new protégé, nor reprimand her as he was too, stunned by her comments. “Bella!” he called out as he jumped from his seat, reaching to stop her, but her growls forced him to step back. “Let her go before you kill her.”

Kol grinned as he too, sat back and watched Bella take a bite out of Jessica. “Don’t piss off a vampire who can’t filter emotions that well yet, Jessica,” he teased. “Look what happened!”

Bella released Jessica as she looked at her. “Don’t you ever say something as stupid as that again!”

“Fine,” Jessica quickly got to her feet and tried to feed on Bella, but Bella moved back to the other side of the table before Jessica could do so. “Bitch! Even as a mutt you’re special needs! I hoped you’d be cured of that!”

Bella circled round the table again as Jessica came after her and on the next round, Klaus managed to grab Jessica by her throat and growled at her. “We treat each other with respect in my house, Jessica. You should know your place and it’s certainly not amongst Jeri and Bella. Bella could have killed you for her remark, but she chose to bite you. You will not forcibly take the cure from her, and I am not willing to give it to you either. This leaves Jeri to siphon it out of you but from the look on her face; you have some grovelling to do. Choose your words wisely because she might not feel charitable either.” Then, as if she was a ragdoll, he threw her in Elijah’s lap. “You should have taught your toddler better, brother.”

Bella bit her lip as she looked at Klaus. His voice had sent pleasuring vibrations through her body, and he was simply irresistible. But was she in trouble for biting Jessica?

“And you,” he said as he looked at Bella. Why was she biting her lip? Didn’t she know that it was something that could make his insides melt in a good way? “Take your tea and go upstairs, I’ll be with you in a moment.”

There was a promise in his voice. She nodded as she took her tea and grabbed a piece of toast and headed towards Klaus’ study. Bella waited for him in anticipation, and sure enough, once she had finished her tea and her toast, he appeared, his eyes filled with lust. She grinned, she was in trouble alright, but not the kind that immediately popped up in her head. “Sorry?”

“Oh, don’t give me that puppy look, Bella,” he said huskily as he lifted her up and brought her to his bed. “You were well in your rights to bite her, if you hadn’t, I would have.”

“Not sorry then,” she giggled as she kissed him eagerly.


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