TVD/Twilight: On the Sixth Day of Christmas, My Brother Gave To Me… (lemonade)

1Written for the Winter Wonderland Contest 2015 over at BetterInTexas.

And it was the Fun Commiteé’s pick for “Wonderland Erotica”.



“I’m just checking in,” Stefan’s voice sounded on the phone. “The weather and all.

“Oh yeah, the weather,” Damon replied mockingly. “Thanks, for that. And the present in the closet.”

She was meant for Bella!” Stefan’s voice sounded panicked. “I thought you were going to have her transition!”

“Bye!!” Damon laughed as he disconnected the call. His brother was so easily fooled. Of course the human was for Bella. What was he, stupid?


“Well, isn’t this grand,” Damon said, his voice thick with disdain as he looked out of the window. “Brother gifts us a weekend away and on the last day we get this weather. There’s no way that I’ll be taking you home now.”

“Good,” Bella pulled Damon away from the window and kissed him, hard. “More uninterrupted fun times for us.”

“Oh, aren’t you the sassy minx,” he winked at her as he buried his hands in her hair and responded to her kiss. He loved the feeling of her naked body against hers, how she tried to climb into him, disappear into him. Damon was well aware of the reasons though; she was still being haunted by the Cold Ones even though they had taken care of them a couple of months ago.

It had been Stefan’s bright idea to take her to the cabin and spend some quality time with her, having fun and enjoying her company and the distraction had worked. She felt safe.

Damon had always known that she was an exhibitionist at heart, and she and him hadn’t worn clothes since the moment they had stepped into the cabin. The bar was heavily stocked on booze – mainly for him to make sure he wouldn’t take a bite out of her – and there was food aplenty, so maybe Stefan knew about the weather forecast. Either that, or he had ordered it by special delivery. Had Bonnie cast a spell or something.

He was also fully aware of the compelled human hiding in the closet, but hadn’t alerted Bella to her as he didn’t want to compromise her sense of security. Safety. “I have an idea,” he muttered as he allowed himself to be pulled down to the cozy rug in front of the fire. “Before we lose ourselves again… I have an idea.”

“I don’t want to hear it,” she said as she straddled his waist and sat on top of him. She was wet for him, he could feel it. He could smell her arousal. Hell, even Stefan would be able to smell her arousal if they’d open a window, it was that potent.

“I think you would love to hear this idea,” he said with a groan as she scraped her teeth along the vein of his neck. “How would you feel if you’d become like me? Strong enough to fight off anyone who’s after you?”

“No one will come after me, you, Stefan and Bonnie got rid of my pursuers.”

“Yes, but don’t you feel like you want to take some revenge of your own? What if another one strolls into town? What if I am not around to save your beautiful ass?”

Bella sat up and eyed him. “Are you telling me that you’re expecting more trouble and you want me to be able to take care of it myself?”



He laughed at that and pulled her down for a kiss. “You know I’m right.”

“Of course you’re right,” she replied as she smacked him on the chest. “But you’re implying that you want to turn me so I can clean up my own mess, and I don’t think that’s the best reason to turn someone. Because, you know, I’ll stick around like… forever.”

His hands cupped her breasts and teased her nipples, causing her to moan. “What’s so bad about that?” Damon asked in barely a whisper. “Maybe I’d like you to stick around. Like… forever.”

“Do you?”

“Do you?”


She couldn’t believe he had actually done it. That they had actually done it. Not the sex part, that was standard, although this time it was mind blowingly fantastic, the best session of the entire weekend, but he actually fed her his blood and killed her on the height of her orgasm.

How mean.

“At least you went out on a high note,” Damon grinned as he watched Bella wake up, and how dark clouds seemingly appeared above her head. “You can’t disagree on that.”

“You owe me an orgasm,” she noted as she looked at him. “That wasn’t fair.”

“But it was fun,” he grinned and kissed her. “Are you hungry? Because you know… Stefan hid a little surprise inside the house and I want you to go and find it.”

“A surprise?”

“Yep, go and find it,” Damon pulled her up and slapped her ass as she left the bed. “And bring it back here!” He loved to see her without clothes. Maybe they could make it a regular thing at home, but then again, he didn’t want Stefan to see Bella like this; comfortable in her own skin. Her gorgeous body with her swaying hips and her beautiful rounded breasts.

It didn’t take Bella long to find the human girl and the confused look on her face was hilarious as she brought the girl back. “Why would Stefan hide a human here? To annoy you?”

“Nah,” Damon said, pulling the girl onto the bed, sprawling her out so that both he and Bella would have access to her. “And look at that, she’s naked too!”

“She could do with a bath,” Bella muttered as she looked at the girl, who was very compliant. She was beautiful, too. Gorgeous. Bella had always known she was also attracted to the same sex, but never really realized just how much. “What’s your name?”


“Go take a shower, Jessica, then you can come and join us in bed,” Damon said as he compelled the girl. “It’ll be fun.”

Jessica got up again and walked to the bathroom. The moment the shower turned on, Bella was on the bed, on top of Damon and kissed him tenderly. “Will she be my transition snack?”

“Are you hungry?” Damon asked playfully as he stared into Bella’s beautiful big brown eyes. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay, I thought it would be strange or an out of body experience, but so far, I feel great. I know that I need human blood to make it stick and all, but… I think I can get used to this.”

“Good,” Damon smirked. “But we’re not going to tell Stefan. We’re going to wait out this blizzard.”

“Agreed,” Bella playfully twisted his nipple, causing Damon to hiss. “Too much fun to be had.”

“So many new things to try…”

Bella was just about ready to burst when Jessica climbed back on to the bed, forcing Bella and Damon to separate. Strangely enough, she assumed the same position that Damon had forced her in before her shower; arms and legs spread out, all access to her body.

While it was very tempting to take advantage of the girl, give her pleasure in more ways than one, having Damon to tell her to participate, Bella had to draw the line there. There was no way in hell that she was going to have sex with someone who couldn’t consent to something, but she didn’t mind draining the girl of all of her blood.

Licking her lips, she dove straight at Jessica’s jugular, burying her teeth deep inside the girl’s neck and started to drink her blood. Unconsciously, Bella’s hand travelled up the girl’s body, squeezing her breasts as if she was trying to pump more blood out of her body and she thought she could hear Damon moan. Temporarily distracted, Bella looked up from her food and saw him with his cock in his hand, watching her and Jessica with darkened eyes. “You’re such a perv,” Bella noted before she continued to feed from her.

“Oh, but you have no idea how sexy you look right now…”

When Jessica’s heart beat had significantly slowed down, she stopped to look at him. “Would you like some? She’s really nice.”

Damon was conflicted. Yes, he was hungry, but he also had a desire to finish himself off. A big smile appeared on his face as he let go of himself and joined Bella on the bed, pushing her over and moving her a little so he had the space that he needed and access to the fading Jessica. Her heart was going to give out soon and the blood going to waste? That would be such a pity.

Grinning, he plunged deeply inside of Bella, causing her to moan loudly because of the new sensation. Damon knew that all of her nerve endings would be on fire and everything was heightened, she’d learn how to tune out and control everything in time, but for now, everything came at her in high definition audio and feelings.

After a few thrusts, he took Jessica’s arm and bit down on it, his eyes locked at Bella’s as he circled his hips a few times. Bella was making these tiny noises of pleasure and he was going to make her scream in just a little bit, but for now, he was taking things long and slow. They both were teetering on the edge already, but playing with fire was always nice.

He only had a few sips when Jessica’s heart gave out and stopped beating, turning the remaining blood immediately undesirable. With a push, he pushed the limp body off the bed and returned his full attention to Bella. “You’re right, she was tasty.”

“Hmm,” Bella tried to claw at his back to pull him closer, but she had lost all sense of reality then. She was high on blood and hormones, the best combination ever.

Playing with fire was fun, but he didn’t want to cause the both of them pain either, and frankly, he was ready to blow. He picked up the pace of his thrusts and nuzzled her neck, only to be surprised by how quickly Bella grabbed his hair, pulled his head to the side and sunk her teeth into his neck. Needless to say, he came, hard, and she followed soon after he had collected himself enough to bite her in return.

Best. Weekend. Ever.


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