Chapter 07

John carried Ziva into the bedroom, and clumsily kicking the door open that blocked their way. He gently laid her on top of the bed and climbed on it himself, before he started to ravage mouth again. She couldn’t help but laugh through it all until they were settled back down on top of the soft comforters of the bed.

As his kisses slowly moved down from her lips to her neck, she could only think about how wonderful he felt. Not just the intimate kisses, or his body above hers, but the overall aura of the man. Soon she found herself rolling them over in the bed to where she had dominance on top of him and grinned down as her shorter frame straddled his stomach.

He looked up to her, smiling widely. She looked absolutely beautiful and her smile was wicked. Hadn’t he known any better, he’d think she was up to something devilish. He tugged on her shirt to pull her closer so he could kiss her again.

Ziva wasn’t having any of it. She batted his hands away before she reached for the hem of her shirt. She slowly pulled it up and over her head, sitting there for his viewing pleasure now in only her black lace bra from the waist up. Her hair fell around her shoulders in a silky cascade and her eyes glowing from the dim light that filtered in from the fireplace in the next room.

“Wow…” he managed to say as he gently started to caress her sides and worked his way up to her breasts. Her skin felt amazing underneath his hands, silky smooth and the way she looked at him made his cock twitch with anticipation. “You are so beautiful.”

She leaned forward to kiss his lips before moving down along his jaw to give some tender attention to his throat that begged for her. Strong and masculine, and perfect. Once she reached the collar of his shirt, thus hindering her from further exploration of his skin with her tongue, she sat back then carefully pushed herself up so that she was standing on the bed. Unbuttoning her jeans, Ziva slowly pulled them down over her hips and thighs, revealing inch by inch of more naturally tanned and toned skin.

He swallowed hard, she was evil. He sat up and got rid of his shirt easily before he put his arms around her legs. He smiled up to her and then flipped her onto the bed, helping her out of the rest of her jeans. He then got onto his hands and knees, deciding to discover the taste of her. He planted a kiss on top of her foot, before he started to lick and softly kiss his way up.

Giggling as John brushed over a bit of a ticklish spot, she shook her head in disbelief. “I do not believe that it has been a while for you,” Ziva grinned. “You’re oooh, quite good at this…”

“You’d be surprised,” he said once he reached the top of her leg and bit her inner thigh playfully before he started on her other leg. She tasted so good it drove him crazy already, and wondered how on earth he was going to keep from releasing himself before they both were ready.

As he kissed, licked, and nibbled his way up her other leg, she parted open naturally for him. Her breathing deepened to long breathy gasps whenever he came close to her center that was aflame and screaming for attention.

He noticed that once he had reached the top of her leg that her panties were soaked. “Fuck.. Ziva…” he looked up to her from his position and saw that she was trying to look as innocent as she could and shrugged with a giggle. He started to caress her stomach at the same time he started to pay attention to her torso with his tongue.

Ziva bucked her hips involuntarily which caused John’s hand to slip over the fabric of her black panties. To her, the talking, the silence, the quiet dinners between them in Miami and his arrival in DC was a very long foreplay that was all leading to the moment they were at now.

“Sorry,” he grinned. “I’m not done with you yet.” He planted a kiss on her belly button and then released her beautiful breasts from the bra. “Hmmm…” He hummed as he started to lick the nipple of her left breast.

Her hands wove their way into his uncontrollable hair and gripped tightly. He must not have anticipated the level of her strength because he accidentally bit down on her nipple hard causing her to jump from the surprise and pain.

“Are you okay?” he said spooked. “I… didn’t mean to…”

“Yes, I’m fine. Just – surprised. Actually I have a high pain tolerance so it wasn’t too bad,” she said petting his hair and face gently.

“Remind me not to arm wrestle with you.”

Laughing she threw her head back. “I could do oh so much more,” she grinned and raised an eyebrow suggestively.

“Oh…” he smiled and gently kissed the nipple he’d just accidentally bit, massaged it with his hand and moved to her other breast with his lips. Her breasts were beautifully formed, and as the rest of her skin, drove him crazy.

Ziva let her hands roam and explore what she could reach of him. Through his hair, down the sides of his face, along his neck and across his shoulders and back. She couldn’t get enough of touching him and she soon would realize that it was going to be difficult to return to work once he left.

He gently squeezed her breasts as he moved up towards her collarbone, and neck. “You feel so good… you taste so good…” he muttered in her ear and then nibbled on her earlobe. He could feel her body shiver against his touch as he started to kiss his way down again, carefully avoiding her extremely wet center. John then sat back down on his knees and opened his jeans. Unlike Ziva, he didn’t want to make a show out of it and got rid of them, revealing a few healing bruises here and there on his legs. Helping her out of her remaining underwear, he then kissed her tenderly while he started to gently caress the dampening cleft between her legs.

She watched as he pulled off his jeans and couldn’t help but frown at the bruises she saw. Many of them familiar to her from her own past. Both being warriors of their peoples, she let out a breath and tried to get past it. Her instincts knew even then in Miami that there was more to John Sheppard than just being an Air Force pilot and she respected the secrecy. As he began to touch her warm and wet center, she let out a moan that filled the room. Squirming under his gentle touch, her lip quivered as she anxiously watched him for what he would do next.

“What would you like me to do next?” he whispered with a low voice in her ear as he started to prepare her for his cock. “Would you want me to continue this?” he asked as he brushed his thumb against her clit.

Ziva ground herself over his hand as she turned her face to lick then nip along his stubbled jaw. “I like that,” she growled back to him as her nails raked across his back.

“Hmm…” he grinned. “I can tell.” he licked the throbbing vein in her neck as he continued to stimulate her core.

It did not take him long to get her to lose all cognitive and coherent thought. Just before she thought she was about to break, her muscles in her lower stomach turning, he pulled his hand away leaving her whimpering at the lost attention.

He reached for his jeans and fiddled a condom wrapper out of it. He lost his shorts and after putting the condom on his length, he re-positioned himself and slowly started to enter her moist flesh.

Ziva felt her insides stretch to accommodate his size. It was surprising because she actually didn’t think he would be as big as he was, not that she was complaining about what she did assume. She shifted herself on the bed for a more comfortable and complimenting angle before she nodded for him to continue when he was ready. Finding words to speak was difficult because if she did open her mouth for more than breathing, all that would come out would be the loud moans that would follow soon.

Once he made sure that she was fine after her body managed to accept all of him, he slowly started to move in and out of her. The sound of her moaning drove him wild, but he didn’t want to hurt her and tried to take it easy. He was also grateful that so far, he had managed to hold it together.

As if anything felt so good, she found it hard to keep her eyes off John. The man seemed to have an uncanny sense for what she liked and where. There were brief moments where he would thrust into her and hit that sensuous spot inside that caused an uncontrollable loud moan of pleasure.

He slowly upped the pace of his thrusting into her, trying to find his own rhythm. He could tell that he was rusty, despite running around all the time and dodging weapons. He was sexually out of shape. It didn’t help that his foot started to cramp up. He put his hands around Ziva’s waist and flipped them over so that she was sitting on top of him, impaling herself on his cock. “Crampy foot, sorry.” he apologized, trying to catch his breath.

Laughing she picked up easily where he left off. “No matter. I like being on top,” she grinned down to him as she did a little trick with her hips and internal muscles tightening around his incredibly hard cock inside her. Seeing his face, her grin only became more wolfish when she repeated it. “You like that?”

“Yep,” he replied with a husky voice. “Fuck…” His self control was slipping.

Ziva knew that tone loud and clear. “No, no. Don’t want that yet,” she replied reaching around to slip the tip of her finger into his anus to press gently on his prostate. A nifty little trick she learned over the years that help keep the men from letting go too soon.

“You’re evil,” he yelped in surprise when she pressed on his prostate.

“Did it help?” she asked simply as she lowered herself onto his cock slowly again.

“Yeah.” he nodded and put his hands around her waist. He started to caress her sides with his thumbs as she was grinding against his body.

She nodded in approval and slowly road him as she began to pick up speed back to where they were before. Sweat glistening off their skin, she leaned over to meet him in a chaste kiss between her own thrusting. In between, her tongue left lines over where she had a taste of his salty skin.

He was amazed by the way she was riding him, there was something about the way she moved, period, that made him think that Ziva was no mere NCIS agent at all, but maybe someone with special training, under cover training or something, former CIA or NSA maybe. The way she looked at him made his skin crawl in the most pleasurable way.

It was rather quickly then that Ziva’s insides tightened so greatly that they held a firm hold on John’s cock as she reached her climax in a sudden burst of fire ripping through her veins. Crying out, one might be able to hear her down the road from the intensity. As the waves simmered, she fought from collapsing over him so that she could continue to help him reach his break.

The look on her face when she reached her climax and the noise she made were enough to push him right over the edge. He gently pushed her down on his cock while he bucked against her, and it didn’t take long for him to explode inside of her with a loud groan.

Panting, Ziva laid across his body with his dick still quite well inside her. The feeling she was still riding was so overwhelming but incredibly … there were simply no words to describe it. She raised her head to look at this man. This glorious man who made her feel so much, feelings she never thought she would experience, in such a short time. He was indescribable.

“Wow… that was…” he took a deep breath and grinned. “Wow.” he nodded. He held on to the condom as she slid off off him and then discarded it into the waste basket next to the bed. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her tenderly.

“Yeah, wow is certainly a word I might use,” she breathed out. “My legs feel like jelly.”

They lay against each other in comfortable silence for a while and then he started to feel his foot again. “Oh… I really need to walk that off…” he grinned and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Sighing she nodded. “I also need to go clean up,” she grinned as she wiggled her fingers toward her nether regions. Rolling to the side of the bed, Ziva sat up and looked around the room still in her glorious hormonal haze. Once she got her bearings, she went to make her way to the bathroom without bothering to grab anything to cover up or close the door. Hell, they just had some of the best sex in awhile! Saw, touched and tasted each other’s naked body, so modesty wasn’t really necessary.

After Ziva was done in the bathroom, he took a quick shower to clean himself up, still reeling from the mind-blowing sex he just had with Ziva, and then walked around in the bedroom to find his clothes.

“So, dinner?” he smiled widely, watching her shake her rear end as she walked into the other room.

Poking her head out she gave him a naughty smirk, “Sounds delicious.”


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