Mikaelson Family Tree.


(I already had to promise Meeko not to write a story like this again. My apologies.)

Isabella Marie Swan x Kol Mikaelson

Nina Renée Mikaelson 2018
Sophia Hope Mikaelson 2020
Eliana Rebecca Mikaelson 2024
Oliver Alexander Mikaelson 2030

Kids of Nina:
Isabella Davina Mikaelson 2038
Kol Peter Mikaelson 2045

Kids of Isabella:
Becky Mikaelson 2063
Oliver Peter Mikaelson 2065

Kids of Becky:
Nick Damon Mikaelson 2085
Kol Jasper Mikaelson 2086
Charles Edward Mikaelson 2089
Josephine Isabella Mikaelson 2095

Kol Jasper “KJ” Mikaelson is turned in 2106 by Klaus.
Charles Edward “Chuck” Mikaelson is turned in 2110 by Rebekah, but eventually kills himself because he didn’t want to be a vampire.

Kids of Nick
Alexander Joseph Mikaelson 2112
Oliver Stefan Mikaelson 2117
Duke Remus Mikaelson (1) 2120

Duke Remus Mikaelson is turned by Klaus in 2150. Sameen kills him 100 years later.

Kids of Lex
Esther Jane Mikaelson 2136

Kids of Esther:
Caleb Klaus Mikaelson 2168
Sonny James Mikaelson 2169

Sonny James “SJ” Mikaelson was recovering from an accident and had received Sam’s blood. Damon kills SJ, inevitably turning him.

Kids of Caleb
Jeroen Mikaelson 2187

Kids of Jeroen:
James Edward Mikaelson 2212
Xander Jeroen Mikaelson 2215
Elijah Nicholas Mikaelson 2218

James Edward Mikaelson is an asshole. You’ll see.
Xander Jeroen Mikaelson was turned by Klaus in 2240.

Kids of James:
Axel Torsten Mikaelson 2232
Isobel Marie Mikaelson 2235
Elijah Kol Mikaelson 2237
Niklaus Caleb Mikaelson 2240
Duke Oliver Mikaelson (2) 2245

Elijah Kol Mikaelson is turned by Rebekah in 2250 due to his illness.
Niklaus Caleb Mikaelson is killed by Klaus out of frustration in 2260.

Kids of Axel:
Jessica James “JJ” Mikaelson 2248
Remus John Mikaelson 2259
Kol Mikaelson 2262

Remus John Mikaelson is turned by Damon to annoy Klaus.
Kol Mikaelson dies in a caraccident.
Axel thought it was funny to call his first born son Jessica. Jessica James “JJ” Mikaelson becomes a regent. He is a former regent in 2311

Kids of JJ:
Isabella Esther Mikaelson 2267
Kol Ulf Mikaelson 2280

Isabella Esther Mikaelson is the current regent.

Kid of Isabella:
Vanja Ulrika Mikaelson 2290
Malin Isobel Mikaelson 2290
Daisy Hayley Mikaelson 2291
Jeffrey Aaron Mikaelson 2295
Claire Theresa Mikaelson 2295

Daisy Hayley Mikaelson is Bella’s host body.
Jeffrey Aaron Mikaelson died at birth due to chip malfunction
Claire Theresa Mikaelson is a harvest girl in 2311.

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