Gambling Hearts


Summary: Bella hits a major reality check when Edward breaks up with her in high school, leading to her falling gravely ill, requiring hospitalization. During that time, she had some hard truths about life to come to terms with and made some decisions about her life that changed. She does everything to become exactly what would have been to become what would have been Edward’s ideal partner, if only to give him the ultimate F-U in life and is one of the country’s most successful young business women around with her own security firm. Extended family in Starling City reaches out to Charlie about them moving back and the two accept, as well as helping out some old friends, but that’s only when things begin to get interesting. No one is really who they seem to be anymore and everyone has their secrets.

Pairing: Oliver Queen/Bella Swan
Author(s): Cowritten with Meeko
Warning(s): Eventual adult content

Chapter 01
Chapter 02
Chapter 03
Chapter 04
Chapter 05
Chapter 06
Chapter 07
Chapter 08
Chapter 09
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17

Disclaimer: We own nothing from Arrow or Twilight. Actually, we really don’t want to own anything of Twilight to be honest, but wouldn’t mind having Oliver tied up in one of our beds…alas, but a fantasy, so all we can do is pretend, with words. The plot is ours alone.

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