Chapter 04


My co-workers are driving me mad. They know about my ‘fabulous’ communication skills and my poor taste of friends (long story, but it involves some guy with a vampire fetish).

There’s Rodney who likes to use me for his little experiments, Teyla who’s not really digging deep into my personal life, and Ronon, who had a sheltered life and our last conversation was about the Playboy. Yes, I work with a very diverse group of people.

They keep encouraging me to ask for some personal leave as I’ve logged enough hours to do so, and since it’s quite a quiet time around here, I might as well just do that.

Do you know any good hotels in DC?





I’m a jerk, with the social skills of a llama and the relationship track record of a monk, although my co-workers refer to me as “kirk” for reasons I don’t understand.





I’m afraid Rodney sent off an email to you. I will tie him up and hang him from my aircraft for a while as punishment.

~ John.




I completely understand about co-workers. I had to have one of my teammates put additional security and alarms on my computer to keep my partner from getting on to read my emails from you. To be honest with you, I was surprised at the first message and my first thought was that you could have stayed with me instead of a hotel. My new apartment has two spare rooms. Much too much space for me, but the Navy helped me find it when I returned from Israel.

Don’t be so hard on your friends. I am trying not to be here either. I myself do not have a successful tract record with relationships. The first man I was ever truly interested in died before I got to know him. I still wear the orange cap he gave me when I go running and think of him everytime I pass the area of the riverside where I first saw him. The other two serious relationships I had also did not end well.

My friends ask me questions about you. I only shared some information with Abby. I think you would like her. She’s how do you say…sponky? McGee, Tim rather, hasn’t asked much and has left me to share what I want as I want to. Tony has been pestering me nonstop! He even asked if I joined the mile high club with you when I said that you were a pilot!

If you do think about coming to DC, I do have a room where you can stay. I would be happy to see you again.




Hey Ziva,

In order to stop the betting pools here at my job, my CO (who has a PhD rather than a rank) is kicking me back to the States for a while. Apparently, me having email contact with a woman is something special around the base.

Which is fine. If I’m right, there’s snow in Vermont. Would you like to go on a skiing trip when I’m in return? I can’t actually tell you the exact date as of yet, as I’m about to head out on a mission that’s potentially dangerous.

Your co-workers sound like nice people, crazy like mine! I actually didn’t suspend Rodney from my aircraft, instead I just threatened to spike his coffee with lemon juice (he’s morally allergic to citrus fruits) and he apologized immediately.

I have to go, the window of internet access is closing. I will call you once I am back in the States.

Looking forward to seeing you again,


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