Chapter 14

Bella laid on the bed, dizzy and nauseous from whatever they had been keeping her under with. Opening her eyes, where she could, she was alone more often than not. But when she did hear someone with her, she was physically useless to fight whenever his voice spoke to her. A voice she once respected and admired but not feared.

“Let me go,” she mumbled out, trying to open her eyes but the bright light kept them too sensitive. “What are you doing to me?”

“Relax, Bella,” Carlisle spoke gently as he injected her with something. “I am sorry that I’m putting you through so much discomfort, but in time, you’ll grow to see that I’m only doing this for your own happiness. And Edward’s. You know I’d do anything for him.”

“No, no,” she protested weakly, trying to pull away. But all too soon, sleep took over again as she settled back down.

Outside the room Jasper stood waiting, straining to listen for whatever was going on. He wasn’t happy about what was going on, and he hadn’t realized just how far the father and son’s obsession with the girl went to do something like this. Shaking his head, he ran his hand through his hair.

“What’s your deal, Jasper?” Edward’s voice sounded. He was leaning against the wall and looked at him. “I mean, it’s great that you and Alice were able to bring her home, but why are you so interested in her? She’s mine, man.”

“She’s innocent in this. I just don’t want to see the girl hurt,” he responded back. “Whatever you two are plotting with her, is only going to backfire in your faces.”

Edward snorted. “Why do you think I like her so much? There’s not an evil bone inside of her! It’s endearing and I don’t blame her for leaving me like she did. I deserved it. But times have changed.”

“The way I understood it, you left her. She only got smarter and refused to take you back.”

“Come on, Edward, you know this isn’t fair,” Alice said as she looped her arm through Jasper’s. “You know better than to treat women like this.”

“You brought her back, didn’t you?” Edward smirked.

“Yeah! To help me! The way you’re going on about this will make sure that she won’t and we’ll have to keep running from the Volturi forever, until we die!”

Carlisle stepped out of the room, frowning at everyone gathered. “What is this about?”

“All of a sudden Jasper and Alice have developed some morals, father,” Edward said, joining Carlisle at his side. “They think that what you’re doing to Bella is wrong.”

“Nonsense,” Carlisle huffed. “I simply removed any impurities inside her body and I’m flushing her system to make sure that she’s healthy. It’s been a decade, I want to make sure that she’s in good shape before she can rejoin Edward,” he explained, his tone of voice indicating that there was no arguing. “Now, let’s join the rest of our family for lunch, shall we? Esme will hate it when the table is half empty.”

Jasper narrowed his eyes on the doctor before he wrapped his arm around Alice. “We’ll join you shortly,” he agreed quietly before pulling her away.

“We need to do something,” Alice hissed. “There’s no way in hell she’ll help me now!”

“I know that! I also promised her she would be safe with us,” he responded. “Do you know what they are doing to her Alice? You better tell me…”

“Why do you care? Don’t tell me that you have feelings for her! You’re mine!”

He rolled his eyes. “I don’t but there are some things that are just wrong, even for us. I wouldn’t let someone violate you like that so why are you going to let her be?”

“Because it’s not me. It’s not you,” Alice blinked at him. “Seriously, haven’t you ever done something immoral to someone in your area you didn’t have a connection to?”

“Alice. No. Women and children are no go areas and I draw the line here. I’ve been compliant with everything and I don’t give two shits about all that but whatever is going on in that room I won’t stand by,” he whispered harshly in her face. “Maybe I should go burn your closet to make my point clear about boundaries?”

“And you should be more careful, Jasper, because what Carlisle’s doing to her, could easily be done to you,” she threatened before pulling away from him and walking towards the dining room.

He let out a curse as he watched her leave, not expecting her to turn like that. He needed to get Bella out of the house, and fast.


He needed Annie to make sure that the chief was alright, but since Ben was still enroute after securing the package that contained a lot of information that could incriminate both the Volturi and the Cullens and end them for once and for all, he needed someone else to make sure that the Chief was safe.

While young Seth was more than eager to take the task, Auggie decided it was a better idea to have a deputy in the house as well. It was day three and he wasn’t going to have Bella stay in the house any longer. He was going in, and he was going to take her home.

Granted, the Swan house might not have been the most secure locations, but it was easy defendable and they could do that while Joan sent a team to get the Cullens. All Mercer needed to do was to get that package to her and she’d instantly send a team in. And Bella needed to be out of the house or else Auggie’d be in trouble.

Auggie was grateful for the arsenal that the police station had, and put a few flashbangs in his bag that he could easily access. He didn’t need his vision and thanks to the many days of wandering around with a blindfold on her head, he was sure that Bella would be fine as well. With a little luck, Whitlock could help them to get to Annie, who’d wait with the car at the road.

This was going to end now. He wanted his Bella back and he wanted her to have her life back.

He and Annie were just about to leave the house when someone knocked on the front door. Surprised, Annie opened the door and a bloodied Jasper fell into the house. “It’s Whitlock. He’s in pretty bad shape,” Annie said as she pulled him in and closed the door. “Charlie, help me get him to the couch. Seth, get some towels.”

“Whitlock?” Auggie said surprised, carefully putting his bag down on the table. “What happened?”

“Find Bella,” he said with a groan as Charlie hauled him to his feet. “She’s hiding out in the woods, we had to split up.”

“What do you know about my daughter?! You bastards took her!” Charlie said as he shoved him onto the couch.

“Charlie, he’s a Fed,” Annie said as she pushed him back. “Chill, let him talk.”

“I don’t give a fuck if he’s the President!”

“I didn’t do anything to her, as soon as I realized what was going on, I made a plan to get the both of us out. I swear, if I had known, I wouldn’t have gone for her play a couple of days ago,” he coughed. “She’s fine. Drugged up but she’s in one piece. Even in her state she managed to kick some ass and that’s saying something as it looked like she’d been punched repeatedly and her eyes were swollen.”


“Auggie!” Annie pushed him into a chair. “You sit here. I’m going out to look for her. Might bring a tent and I won’t stop until I find her, okay? You just make sure that Charlie doesn’t kill his daughter’s rescuer.” She snapped her fingers at Seth. “Yo, kid, you good at tracking like the rest of your tribe?”

“Yeah,” Seth nodded, concerned for his friend.

“Good, you’re coming with me. Where did you come from, Jasper?” Annie started to collect some water, food and other essentials that she could carry with her while Seth took the rolled up tent standing in the corner of the room.


“I have my phone with me, but if there’s no reception, I’ll send the kid with information, okay? Just sit tight and stay safe,” she gently squeezed Auggie’s shoulder. “And you keep it together. We’ll find her.”

“Easy for you to say, these woods are humongous.”

“Not really, it’s a matter of perspective and the bit between here and the Cullen house is only a fraction. We’ll find her, sir,” Seth said hopeful. “I promise.”

Jasper eyed the two leaving before squinting through his swollen eyes over at the former officer. “For what it’s worth, Anderson, they threw me a curveball with what they planned for her. Pa and son have an unhealthy obsession with her. I don’t know what they shot her up with but she fought it hard and last I saw, she was staggering out into the woods when hell broke loose.”

“You two know each other?” Charlie asked confused.

“You can say that, but I’m a little surprised at the company he keeps now,” Jasper laughed lightly before coughing. “Port Angeles was a set up, wasn’t it?”

“It was a natural transition, Whitlock,” Auggie said as he walked to the kitchen to get a bottle of alcohol. “Yeah, it was and I hope it was worth it so we can end this shit once and for all.”

“If we can get our hands on that package in Italy, it will be.”

“It’s already enroute to Langley, I expect a phone call soon and a strike team by morning, and I sure hope that Bella will be out of the woods by then.”

Whitlock grimaced and processed what he was hearing. “Bella a spook too?”

“She’s been chasing the Cullens and the Volturi for years,” Auggie smiled as he handed him the bottle of alcohol. “Here, it’ll dull your pain.”

He couldn’t help but laugh as he took the bottle. “She had them chasing her around all those years before Alice fucked up. She’s good.”

“Of course she is, she’s my daughter,” Charlie huffed as he started to check Whitlock over.

“I knew shit was off when she said she was engaged to a Wilcox. She was too good for him,” he sighed.

“Uhm, she didn’t say she was engaged. Wilcox said they were engaged and trust me, she did not take that lightly and beat him up,” Auggie smirked as he sat down on the table next to Charlie.

Jasper let out grunt as he eyed him. “The good doc got injured in the fight but I’m afraid Edward has flown the coop. Wouldn’t doubt if he heads south to cool off now.”

“Or maybe he’ll be an idiot and tries to kidnap Charlie for leverage. If he does, he’ll be sorry,” Auggie said angrily. “You had us all fooled too, by the way. We thought you were a crappy fed.”

The man only shrugged with a small smile. “Or maybe I’m that good?”

“Yeah, I thought something was off, it was unlike you.”

“She’s gonna need a full work up when we find her. I’d suggest, keeping it off book because depending on what they did, until it clears, she might not be cleared for work again,” he warned.

“I’d be happy if she would never set another foot in that building,” Charlie muttered as he cleaned the cuts on Jasper’s head.

Auggie let out a sigh. “Even though she’s mentioned taking a break, she still loves her job Charlie.”

“I said that I’d be happy. I can’t tell her to stop doing what she loves, Auggie, but there are a million other jobs she could do, safer jobs, that won’t stop her from living a full life without risking her own. I mean, I love my job. Maybe a little too much, and it cost me.”

“We’ll see, I just want her back now,” he said, getting up again and tried to find his phone to keep it close.

“Something I’m missing here?” Jasper asked, confused.

“My daughter is as good as engaged to Auggie,” Charlie said, thumbing over his shoulder to Auggie.

“I haven’t asked her yet! Probably won’t for a long time!”

“They’re a little bit in denial about how they’re in for the long haul with each other. It’s a little infuriating, but endearing at the same time.”

“Call us cute to Bella’s face and that’s the last thing you’ll ever say,” Auggie said as he paced the length of the house like a caged animal. Annie had only just left, but he hoped that she’d find her soon. He wanted to make sure she was alright, or at least going to be alright.

“Dude, I think you need this bottle more than I do right now,” Jasper said concerned.

“I need to hit something,” Auggie said with a growl. “And if I drink, it might be you.”

“Hey, I already took a beating so that your girl could get away. I’m not about to take another. You’re no help to her like this so calm the fuck down Soldier,” he demanded, before getting dizzy.

“And you need to rest, son,” Charlie said as he helped him lay down. “I’ll call in a friendly doctor who owes me a few favors to check you over.”

“Thank you Chief,” he muttered as he accepted his orders but kept his eyes on Auggie.

“He’ll be fine, he’s been like this for days,” Charlie assured him and covered him with a blanket. “Get some rest. I’ll call the doc.”


Bella tripped and stumbled her way as far from the Cullen house as she could get. She didn’t know which direction she had gone, only that she ran.

Leaning against a tree to take a breather, she looked around but it was all the same. Blurred trees. Looking over her shoulder, she couldn’t tell if she was being followed or not, but every instinct told her to keep moving.

“If I ever see another Cullen again, I don’t care. They are dead,” she promised herself, pushing forward.

“Bella! You come back! Right this second!” Alice’s voice screeched in the distance. “We’re not done!”

Bella sneered as she pushed forward until she nearly tripped over a fallen log, landing on the other side. She tried to keep from crying out to maintain her position.

“Alice! We’ll have to return for her. Let’s go!” She heard Edward’s voice call out. “Felix is coming!”

“Where the fuck is our security?” Alice sneered as she stomped after her brother. “They’re supposed to keep people in too!”

“Probably off drinking. We need to go,” he insisted. “I have our passports.”

“No, let’s get that father of hers, please, Edward. Let’s get Charlie. She’ll come find us again because we have him. Please!”

“Your pet project is probably there by now! No doubt he called in his idiots. We don’t have time for this, Alice!” He grabbed her arm and started to haul her off. “I have to wait to get what I want, so do you.”

“But we were this close, Edward,” she said with a whine. “Why lose now? I have to admit, Jasper was a mistake on my part and I screwed up but let me make it right?”

“Stop acting like a spoiled brat and don’t make me throw you over my shoulder. Let’s go.”

Bella stayed very still as she listened to the sounds disappear until there was nothing left but the sound of her heart throbbing inside her chest and the rush of adrenaline wearing off. She had to get home, she knew that it was going to be dark soon and it was going to get cold. She had to keep moving.

She sat up and felt her head spin. As she adjusted to that, she felt around herself with her hands to find a stick. There was no way that her eyes were going to clear up any time soon and she needed to keep moving. A stick seemed like the best idea. She now understood why it was difficult for Auggie to move around in an unfamiliar surrounding, it sucked not to know where things were. Like that log.

That log had definitely hurt her somewhere, but the remaining adrenaline in her body made sure that she didn’t feel it that much. She stumbled around for what seemed hours, before hearing someone other than hear trample some twigs. She froze on the spot, praying that her nightmares hadn’t returned.

“Bella,” Annie said as she ran towards her and put a coat around her shoulders. “It’s me, Annie, you’re safe now.”

She jerked, blinking as she turned her head toward her voice. “Walker?” She asked, unsure. “Where am I?”

“Way off course,” she said as she helped Bella to sit down. “Sit, have some water and some food if you want it.”

“No food. No food. What happened?” She asked as she tried to drink the water.

“You were gone for a couple of days,” Annie explained as she kept an eye on Bella as she erected the tent. They were too far away to make it home without freezing. Seth was already on his way back to alert Charlie, but for someone else to come would take hours. “I don’t know much other than Whitlock got you out and that you were drugged. And obviously beaten. I wouldn’t like to be a Cullen right now.”

Bella grinned as she looked back towards her. “I’d like a picture of Paul. For a girl, he didn’t expect me to fight back.”

“That’s one of the bigger ones, right?” Annie smirked. “We’ll definitely have to arrange that then. Frame it and hang it in his jail cell behind unbreakable glass to remind him that he got his ass kicked by you.”

She shivered and pulled the coat tighter around her. “What are you doing? Putting a tent up? Anyone coming?”

“Yeah, you need to stay warm. Seth has gone back so someone is coming in a couple of hours. Like I said, you’re way off course,” Annie finished setting up the tent and moved in front of Bella with her flashlight. “You can’t see?”

“Drugs and a few hits to the head. Should clear up. Everything is blurry,” she described, shrugging impishly. “They didn’t expect a partially blind girl to kick ass. Remind me to make it up to Auggie big time.”

Annie hummed as she looked over Bella’s face, seeing no permanent damage on the surface. “How so? What did you do to him?”

“Nothing. Just a personal thing at home,” she smiled.

“I do have to admit that for someone who’s partially blinded, you came a long way. I would have imagined you being a lot closer to the house,” Annie said as she checked her phone for a signal but couldn’t get any. She then started to dig a little fire pit to make a small fire for a little bit of warmth. If anyone would show their face, she’d shoot them. “It’s also a good “Good thing that I found you when I did, there’s a big drop a few meters from here.”

“Oh…that would suck,” she commented. “Need some help? I can try…”

“You just sit there and relax, I got this,” Annie retorted as she used her matches to light some leaves and twigs. “Jasper seems to think that they’re going South to regroup. Should they be dumb enough to visit your dad’s home, though, rest assured that they’ll have to deal with Hurricane Auggie.”

“Auggie…how was he?”

“I’ve never seen him this… I don’t know… unravelled? Like a caged animal. He wanted to do something so bad and realized that he had to rely on others to get to you. He was about to head out with a few flash bangs to get you, knowing that he didn’t need his vision to get you out when Whitlock stumbled in.”

Bella sighed and slumped against the log. “He’s going to be worse after this. I wonder how long it takes before he calls Joan and fills her in. He’ll be happy for my being stuck at a desk.”

“I heard him mumble something about making Disney last?” Annie mused. “I doubt he’ll call Joan, though. He sent Ben to Italy because he overheard something about something of importance. He’ll take it from Joan and she’ll likely deploy every strike team out there to get them all.”

“We have plans to visit Disney World. Then all the Disneylands. Sounds like he’s looking to keep to it,” she smiled. “Did he tell you that my father tried talking him into breaking up my fake engagement?”

“He did,” Annie grinned. “I thought that was a great move on your dad’s part. You know, I think he blames himself for what happened to you. It was his idea. He got drunk last night and wished he had eyes that could actually see so he could get to you. I mean… I’ve never seen him like that before. Zen Auggie, not being so zen. It was scary.”

Yawning, Bella nodded. “I’ll talk to him. But hopefully they can get them at customs before they leave the country again.”

“Yep,” Annie got to her feet and gently tapped Bella’s arm. “Come on, let’s get you inside the tent, have some rest before they come and take you to safety.” Bella wasn’t struggling when Annie suggested that she should get some sleep and guided her towards the tent. Annie laid down beside her, making sure she could reach for the gun if she needed to.

Bella fell asleep quickly, much to Annie’s initial fear. If Bella had a concussion, she shouldn’t be sleeping, but on the other hand, she’d gone through so much that maybe it was best to let her. Letting out a relieved breath, she listened to the sounds in the forest and hoped that Seth would make it home in no time for someone to come and pick them up.

Two hours into Bella’s sleep, Annie got slapped in the face by an arm that shot out. “Ow,” she muttered as she pushed Bella’s arm off of her. Bella sighed and reached for Annie instead. Zeroing in, Bella found her and rolled into her. Soon, most of Bella’s limbs were entwined with hers and Annie found herself quite unable to move.

“Okay, this is not cute,” she muttered, trying to wiggle her way out of the woman’s hold, but all that did was cause Bella to hold onto her even tighter. “Oh come on. Let go. I’m not Auggie.”

“You’re softer,” Bella sleepily muttered and put her head on Annie’s shoulder before sighing happily. “Better.”

“Ugh.” The night passed slowly for Annie, no matter what she tried to escape from her colleague. By daybreak, voices started to come through the tent, calling out for them. “In the tent!” Annie called out as she tried to untangle herself again. “Bella, wake up, they’re here.”

“Five more minutes,” she muttered.

“Oh, thank God,” Charlie said as his head appeared in the opening of the tent. “You two are alright.”

“A little help here?” Annie asked helpless.

“Oh, of course,” Charlie said as he got down on his hands and knees and gently rubbed Bella’s arm. “Come here, my little sloth, hang on to the fathership.”

As if by magic, Bella untangled herself from Annie and found herself wrapping herself around Charlie. “Five more minutes.”

“You can sleep when we get you back. Auggie is waiting for you,” he whispered in her ear. “He’s been chomping at the bit to get to you.”

She lifted her head and looked around unhappily. “Where’s Auggie?”

“Home. We needed space in the car for you and Annie,” Charlie smiled at her and caressed her hair. “Come on,” he said, pulling her out of the tent and into his arms as he got up. “Let’s get you home. You can sleep in the big bed.”

“I want Auggie,” she mumbled with a pout as she looked around bleary eyed. “Mickey Mouse.”

“You’ll have him in an hour or so, I promise,” he said as he put her in the backseat of his car. “Coming, Annie?”

“Yes, but I’m going to sit in front so she can tangle herself around you while your deputy drives. I’ve had enough Bella time to last me the rest of my life.”

“We brought coffee in a thermos,” Charlie grinned. “Didn’t the boys warn you what she’s like?”

“Of course they did, I just didn’t expect it to be that bad. She’s like a boa constrictor. Move and she tightens her hold on you.”

He smiled as he held her close. “I doubt Auggie complains.”

“That’s Auggie. Whatever those two do in bed is none of my business,” she said as she closed the car door and gratefully took the thermos the deputy handed her. “I’ll tie her up next time.”

“Knowing my daughter, and I agree with you on too much information, but she might actually enjoy that Miss Walker,” he teased. “Let’s just get her back to him and both of them settled.”


He was sitting on the porch, anxiously awaiting Bella’s return, while Whitlock was still passed out on the couch. Auggie still wanted to hit something but at least Bella would be back with him soon and all was going to be right in the world.

Until his phone rang.


Hey Auggie, just to let you know, we’re sending a team to Forks to comb through the Cullens house. There are various teams enroute to Italy and the borders are being watched. Well done, you two.”

“Thank Mercer, he went to get it,” he said as he kept an ear out for the car. “So this means it’s over?”

As good as.”

“Good,” he said as he got to his feet. The car was almost there. “I have to go. Talk to you later,” Auggie hung up and put his phone on vibrate. No one was going to disturb him now. He wanted to walk into the road towards the car to get to Bella faster, but he didn’t want to walk into the road or tumble off the porch. That would be suicide. He hated to wait patiently.

“Look at that, there’s a cute little puppy waiting on the porch,” Annie grinned as she got out of the car, having perked up from the amount of coffee she’d been drinking.

Bella was more awake by the time they reached the house and smiled at the sight of her boyfriend. When the door opened, she climbed out but was still a little unsteady as she made her way across the lawn. “Auggie… I am so getting an 8×10 of you and Mickey framed for the apartment.”

“I don’t care if you want to plaster it all over the apartment as long as you’re in it,” he let out a breath of relief and held out his arm for her.

She went right into his arms, wrapping hers around him as she buried her face in his chest before moving them up around his neck. “I’m so ready for that vacation. Are we done here?”

“As good as,” he murmured in her ear as he lifted her up. “Joan doesn’t know, only that there was a package that Mercer delivered,” he kissed the top of her head and gently carried her inside, making sure he didn’t bump her against anything. He could taste blood on her forehead. “Have you been bleeding?”

“Yeah,” she whispered. “Got banged up by the wolves and then the woods but I made sure I went out swinging. Our experiment at home helped too.”

“Oh hey, that’s great,” he grinned. “Who knew that would come in handy? What do you say about a nice, hot bath and then comfy pyjama, a doctor to check you over and bed?”

“Hmm yes as long as you’re with me but I’ll pass on the Doctor,” she hedged. “If it gets back to work…”

“It’s one of your dad’s friends. He also checked over Whitlock, and it’ll be off book,” he said as he climbed the stairs with her in his arms. “I just want to make sure you don’t have any internal bleeding or anything.”

She sighed and nodded against him but said nothing else. She only tightened her hold as she clung to him, not wanting to leave.

He set her down in the bathroom and briefly let go of her to start filling up the bath before he closed the door and started to help her out of her clothes. “We’ll burn these,” he said softly as his fingertips caressed her skin, inspecting it for any scratch or wound while discarding her clothes. “They didn’t force themselves on you, did they?”

She blinked, hesitating. “No, not that I can tell. I was sedated for a lot of the time and Carlisle would just put me back out. I was alone mostly that I recall when I was awake,” she answered softly, her fingers burying into his hair at his neck.

“That’s the most decent thing they did then,” he muttered as he bent his knees and helped her out of her pants and held on to her as he checked the bath and its temperature. “Almost done,” he said as he started to undress himself. “I am so sorry I put you through this.”

“As long as it’s you. I couldn’t handle someone else. But I’m putting in for personal time as soon as we get back. I don’t care what Joan and Arthur has to say,” she said, stepping out of her pants for him. “I don’t remember but I think someone stabbed Carlisle.”

“Strange,” he mused as he shut off the tap and helped her into the warm water. “Whitlock said the same thing.”

“It was all happening so fast, Auggie,” she repeated, her body shaking as she tried to keep from crying. “Edward and Alice were chasing after me into the woods… I don’t know what he wanted to do with me, and I don’t think I want to know. I do know I don’t want to leave you again. Not anytime soon.”

“Shh,” he said as he got in the bath behind her and pulled her against him. “It’s okay, you’re safe now and I’m not letting you go,” Auggie ran his fingers through her hair and kissed the top of her head. “And it’s okay to cry. Be angry, be sad, be scared, let it all out. Just know, that I am here and I’m not letting you go.”

Cry she did. Turning in his arms so that she could lay the side of her head against him, the wall she held up simply broke and she broke down. Guiding her down into water, Bella simply laid against him as she cried out the previous days until she had no energy left and begun to nod off on him. “When they catch them, I want them dead,” she mumbled.

He gently scrubbed her clean as well as he could and then reluctantly woke her. “Just stay awake for a little bit longer,” he said sweetly. “You need to get out of the tub and dried off.”

“Ugh,” Bella let out as she held on to him. “We can sleep in the tub.”

“If this was our house, I’d say yes, but we’re at your dads and we’re naked,” he softly laughed and tried to get up. “Come on, Bella, he said you could have the big bed.”

She clung tightly, her head turning to press her lips to his neck. “Stay here a little longer,” she murmured between kisses. “We’ll move to the bed eventually.”

“Okay, whatever you want,” he ran his fingertips over her back. They didn’t have to do anything. His phone was still on vibrate so even if Joan would call, he wouldn’t be able to hear it. Joan was going to kill him and he didn’t care. “So what did you stab him with?”

Bella grunted displeasure at the question and leaned back to shift on his lap, straddling him more. “Whatever there was around I guess,” she answered absently before resuming her attentions on the other side of his neck, nipping lightly.

His hands moved over her body as he decided to let her do whatever she wanted, whatever she needed. One of his hands wandered off between her legs and squeezed her inner thigh. He couldn’t deny that he wanted, needed, her like this as well. A validation. A release.

“Auggie,” she begged as she rubbed herself against him, lifting her head to brush her lips across his. “Please…”

He kissed her lips as his hand moved closer to her core, the other still steady on her back. “I’m here,” he said softly. “All yours.”

She looked at him hazily as she nodded, “I need you. I just want you.” Her arms slid down over his chest and out wherever she could reach. “Don’t want to leave again…”

“Then don’t,” his finger circled her lips below. “I don’t want you to leave. Ever. And I’m not going to leave you. I don’t care what everyone else says.”

Bella’s lips curled into a hint of a smile before she claimed his in a hungry kiss. She moaned objections as she pressed herself into his hand. “I do love you but I really need to feel you, Auggie.”

“What? You mean like this?” he said playfully as a finger slipped inside of her.

She let out a breath and bit on his lip. “You’re such a tease,” she whispered, before reaching behind her to find his cock to give him a few strokes of her own.

“Yep,” he let out a breath before continue to kiss her and slipped another finger inside of her. He was glad to mentally report that it didn’t feel as if someone else had been there and he was grateful for that. He didn’t want her to have to deal with something like that on top of all of this. “I like teasing you.”

“I know you do, but can we tease later?” She asked, her voice husky with want.

“I’m all yours,” he kissed her greedily and helped her shift a little so that she could lower herself down on him. “All yours.”

Bella moaned as she felt him fill her, turning her head to tuck it into his neck as she rode him slowly in the bath water. She wanted to say so much more, but couldn’t find the words. All she was left was to pour herself into her physical affections for the man.

Grinning, he put his hands on her hips to make sure that she wouldn’t slip off. “I did kinda promise your dad we wouldn’t while everyone was in the house,” he whispered. “Breaking the rules has never felt so good though.”

She opened her eyes and grinned. “Just have to keep it down and he won’t know, though I doubt he doesn’t have his suspicions.”

He moved his hand between them and rubbed her clit. “Very quiet,” he said huskily as he could feel her body respond to his touch. He turned his head towards hers and kissed her.

“Need you,” she murmured as she pressed harder, pushing herself to that needed completion quickly. Her increased pace stirred the water up more, splashing some over the edge of the tub.

It didn’t take long to feel how she got completely swept off her feet as her body combusted and as she tightened around him, she pulled him over the edge as well. All the pent up worry, rage and the feeling of helplessness dissipated instantly and he realized that he had needed this as much as she needed him to re-validate her existence. He held her close as they both rode out their highs, gently drawing circles on her shoulder blades with his finger tips.

Bella hummed her contentment as she relaxed under his touch. Looking around, when the cool air began to mingle with his light touches, she suppressed a shiver. “Hm, definitely more trips to the bath for us,” she smiled, nuzzling his jaw.

“Oh yeah,” he grinned. “But for now, let’s get ourselves dry and into bed.”


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