Chapter 15

What happened to my little girl?”

Klaus sighed as he poured himself a drink as he watched Myriam on his bed, her venom seeping into the mattress. He was going to need to replace that. “She served her purpose in stopping Bella from going nuclear and killing people.”

She’s dead?”

“Not quite,” Klaus replied as he took a swig of his drink. “We can save her. Turn her into a traditional vampire, but I can’t make my mind up. Does she want to be turned? She hated being a Cold One, I understood that much. However, as a traditional vampire she can have human food again, sit in the sun and not sparkle.”

Plus, she would want to spend more time with her sister. Is Bella still alive?”


Then what are you doubting for, Klaus? You always have your doubts when you want to turn someone you care about,” Peter said as he sighed. “You had it with Marcel too, you told me. Let me tell you, Klaus. Yes, you’ve made mistakes in the past. Yes, you’re an evil mastermind, a monster, but all in the name of love and preservation. Family. Myriam is my family. She’s Bella’s only family. Myriam deserves another chance, and so do you.”

“What if I ruin her?”

Well, then she has the choice to walk away and never look back. She’s a strong, independent young woman that one. But you promised me you were going to keep her safe. I don’t call this safe.”

“She saved a lot of people by absorbing Bella’s power,” Klaus snarled. “What would you have had me do? Allow Bella to destroy the waterfront, kill half of New Orleans? I’d have an extremely angry, and overly strengthened Cold One on my hands now!”

If you can save her, do that. It’ll turn out alright. For everyone. She might need some additional help adjusting, just like Bella, but the girls will be fine. And I hope that Myriam will change her mind about forgiving me soon. I want to come and visit. See Bella for myself, do a pub crawl with you.”


And for God’s sake, Klaus, take it easy on her. No doubt after what Jasper pulled, she’s having some trust issues.”

“I know that. Bella had her spill the beans on her feelings towards me when she was making up her mind whether to go with Edward or to remain,” he replied. “Who, by the way, is in or near the city. We’re expecting to round them up in the next few days so that we can take care of them.”

Good. Then get crackin’ and save my daughter.” Peter then disconnected, leaving Klaus waiting for Freya to return from breakfast while he watched Myriam’s still body.


Bella woke up the next day. Kol had wanted to give her more of his blood, but it wouldn’t speed up the process of her healing. “Why am I on the bed?” Bella muttered as she rubbed her eyes. Everything hurt, even her eyelashes. “What hap-”

Mushrooms. Wine. Spinach. Chicken breasts. Pasta. Cream cheese. That whore was fantastic. 10/10 would do her again. I’ve drunk too much…. Oh the wife’s going to be pissed. Did I feed my budgies? The wheels on the bus go round and round. Fuck. Did I drop the baby off at the daycare or is he still in the car? Where’s my dealer? Ooh eeh ooh ahh ahh ting tang walla walla bing bang.

With all the thoughts coming from seemingly everywhere came the emotions, and they were overwhelming, flooding her with everything and she couldn’t focus. “No…” she whined as she pulled the pillow over her head, trying to drown out everything. She felt hungry, hot, drunk and something that made her feel even hotter at the same time. “It’s gotten worse… I can’t…”

“Freya is working on a trinket to help you cope, darling, but she can’t help you specifically without you telling her how you work,” Kol said softly as he gently caressed her hair as she writhed on the bed with the pillow covering her ears. “I do have something quite clunky that could help short term, but I can tell you from experience that they’re not comfortable and my siblings will definitely make a remark or two…”

Bella let out a breath as she tried to focus and block everyone out. “Help.” He fastened the anti-magic cuffs around her wrists and she let out a sigh of relief before pushing the pillow off of her and looked at her wrists. “Uhm.”

“I told you, clunky,” He laughed as he helped her sit up. “Welcome back, how are you feeling?”

“I like these!” Bella said as she looked at the cuffs. “I can’t hear anyone! Or… feel what they’re feeling! Well I can, but it’s dulled and so much easier to be!” She hugged Kol tightly. “Oh, thank you so so much.”

He liked this Bella. She almost seemed… normal. “Hungry?”

She nodded before sighing. “What happened? Is Myriam okay? I remember Edward and… he… he released me. He could have destroyed me. And the people in New Orleans! And… Myriam! She saved everyone, didn’t she? Is she alright?”

“Yes,” Kol laughed. “Myriam is alright, you can visit her later, when she’s woken up herself and adjusted to her new situation.”

“What did I do?”

“Like you said, you could have destroyed a fair part of the waterfront and a handful of people,” he smiled at her. “But Myriam made sure that that didn’t happen, you were testing her theoretical powers, right?”

Bella nodded. “Absorption and deflection…” she said and then continued to think. “Oh… it kept bouncing until she absorbed it all, didn’t it? She got hurt, didn’t she? How bad?”

She was better. Smarter. Sharper. “Not bad, don’t worry about it, she just needs a bit longer to recover,” Kol helped her off the bed. “You want to take a shower first? Get into some clean clothes?”

“Do I have to take these off?” Bella pouted as she rattled her shackles. “I’ll have to, don’t I? To get undressed.”


“I’ll do that after breakfast then,” Bella sighed. “Not sure if I want to hear all of that in my head again. And do I really have to wait to see Myriam?”

“Yes, for your own safety,” Kol said as he lead her out of her room to join the rest of the family, bar Klaus and Myriam, at the breakfast table. “Look who’s awake!”

Rebekah quickly covered Hope’s ears. “Kinky,” she winked at Kol, referring to the shackles, before releasing Hope again and handed her another waffle. “Good morning, Bella, so good to see you back on your feet,” Rebekah smiled at her. “You must be famished.”

“So these work for you?” Freya asked after Bella sat down. “How well do they work for you? I already suspected that your powers would have become stronger, how bad is it?”

“Sister, allow Bella to eat something first, she just woke up,” Kol let out a snort as he saw Bella trying to get something but the shackles were in the way. “These things are a pain, I know,” he said. “What would you like?”

“Pancakes and some tea, please,” she smiled at him before turning to Freya. “They work well enough. I can control what’s remaining of the voices and feelings. And it’s pretty bad, I don’t want it. If I have to, I’ll wear these shackles for the rest of my life.”

“Surely with some practise you’ll manage to handle your abilities,” Freya assured her. “I should teach you some meditation techniques I use to strengthen my magic and the necklace I’m creating will help you with teaching you some control over it as well.”

“Can you make it go away? Entirely?”

“No, it’s a part of you. A true part of you that’s infused within your DNA.”

Bella scowled as she angrily bit off a piece of her pancake. “And why can’t I go and see Myriam again?”

“She’s going through some changes, and when she wakes up she might want to take a bite out of you, since you’re now so deliciously human, it’s best if you wait until she’s used to her changes herself, or discovered her changes herself,” Freya replied when her siblings didn’t. Bella was inquisitive, there was no need to mince their words.

“But she’s already a vampire, I don’t see the big deal? Did I hurt her that bad?”

“No,” Kol gently squeezed her arm to reassure her. “Your powerful abilities merely created some unforeseen side-effects and Nik and Freya had to get creative. Don’t worry, Myriam’s fine. I promise.”

Bella sighed as she continued to eat after taking a sip of her tea, slowly nodding, resigning from pressing on about Myriam. As long as she was fine, it was okay, wasn’t it? She was supposed to be grateful that the both of them were still around after what Bella was told to do, but the Cullens were still around and they were going to kill them all anyway.

Myriam trusted Klaus in keeping them safe, but she hadn’t seen what Bella had saw, or heard what Bella had heard, the things that Edward envisioned were terrible. And they were still in New Orleans. Somewhere. Would Edward even know she’d survived her hard reset? She wanted to tell the Mikaelsons all about what she’d seen and heard, even with little Hope sitting at the table, but refrained from doing so. It already seemed that right now, Myriam was a priority to get back on her feet and they didn’t seem to be worried about the Cold Ones, which meant that Bella shouldn’t be worried.

But it did mean that she had to get herself under control as soon as possible so she could seek out Edward and locate him at all times. Because she did feel as if she had a wider area of effect with her abilities. She hated them because of the intrusion but also because people were mean and inconsiderate, but she could use it to keep an eye on the Cold Ones. All it needed was focus and the strength to push everything else aside.

She gratefully took a piece of toast from Kol that he had buttered with jam after her pancake was finished and wondered if it was even possible for her not to get overwhelmed by everything as soon as Kol would remove those shackles so that Bella could freshen up underneath the shower. Oh, Bella would definitely be overwhelmed. She needed to master her strength. Fast.

You did not wake up today to be mediocre. Y’all need Jesus. What if our phobias are what killed us in a previous life? One monkey, two monkeys, three monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell out and bumped his head. If anyone asks, I’m fine. I could do with a po-boy. Or chowder. What the hell is taking them so long for breakfast? Is this spell working or not? Shouldn’t she have been awake by now? Oh sweetie, you’re not ugly, society is. It was my worst nightmare; a house filled with creepy looking dolls and clowns. There’s no way I’m going back in there, Aaron will be going back in. Fuck dolls. Fuck clowns. Weeee! Ghosts! For God’s sake, why isn’t she awake yet? Her sister is!

Bella whimpered as she had managed to undress herself and crawled underneath the warm water. She had heard Klaus’ voice in her head now, twice, or someone who definitely sounded like him. Why was his mind open? He was the one of the family who kept his mind closed at all times and he had a tough mind to get into. While the water cascaded down her back, she decided to try and focus. Focus on Klaus.

I can’t believe I’ve already finished this book! I want to go to Korea. Goddamnit, King, you’re doing it again! Lord, please save my soul… Come on, Freya… you’re stalling. You just love stalling and making me freak out. Everybody was kung-fu fighting! I should not have made a joke about her insecurities… I should apologize. I look like a sack of potatoes. It shouldn’t be taking this long, but at least she’s breathing. Come on, don’t make me go down there to come and get you. If this goes wrong, in any way, we’ll have an angry adopted father on our hands and a Bella to console… not to mention I might have to kill someone. Myriam deserves to live.

Bella scrambled to her feet and reached for her towel before going into the den area of her room. “Kol! Myriam’s worse than you’re telling me she is! How could you lie to me!” She yelled as she tried to drown out the voices in her head. “Klaus thinks she’s going to die! I will not have her die!”

“Inside voice, darling,” he shushed her, wanting to put the shackles on her, but she pushed him away. She was dripping wet and her towel was only staying up because she was hugging it to her chest. “Myriam’s fine. Nik has his healthy dose of anxiety and paranoia, but Myriam’s fine. Don’t believe everything you hear.”

“His heart is aching, for Myriam! He truly likes her! And he’s afraid! Let me go to him, and Myriam!”

He managed to get the shackles on and made her look at him. “Darling, Myriam’s fine. I assure you. Don’t listen to Nik because he’s always thinking the worst about situations he can’t control. The thoughts you hear may not be always the truth,” he said kindly. “Now, I’m going to take these off again so you can finish your shower and get dressed. Stay out of Nik’s head.”

“Quieten your thoughts, brother,” Freya muttered as she walked into his bedroom. They had changed the mattress and burned the other one after Myriam had stopped leaking venom. “Bella’s quite upset.”

“She can’t get inside my head, I have it closed,” Klaus fumed as he pointed at Myriam. “It’s taking too long!”

Freya smiled then, crossing her arms over her chest. “Really? Your mind is closed? You should work harder to keep her out then because she’s mentally quite the force to be reckoned with. Kol even had to put the anti-magic shackles on her to make sure she could form a coherent thought.”

“Well, how convenient,” Klaus shot at his sister. “Is she waking up? If not, when is she waking up?”

“Relax, Klaus, her body has gone through a lot of changes, it hasn’t been easy on her, it could be another day, it could be another hour,” Freya then cast a spell to see if Myriam was truly doing fine. “And she’s fine. Go get yourself something to eat, relax.”


“Very well, I shall bring you something instead,” Freya sighed as she got up and left the bedroom, a content smile on her face.

Klaus kept pacing around the bed, his eyes firmly locked on Myriam’s resting body and a few minutes later, she woke up with a loud gasp, sitting up and looking at Klaus, confused. “Welcome back, love,” he greeted her as he sat down on the edge of the bed. “How are you feeling?”

“You’ve already asked me that,” Myriam said confused as she blinked at him. “No, you didn’t, I just woke up.” She started to check herself over, surprised by seeing human skin. It felt like human skin, bouncy and there were hairs on them. “Okay, so the downside is that I’m not a human, but I’m a hybrid, like you?”

He blinked at her, not having said a word. “Are you alright, Myriam?”

“Yes, yes, you’ve already asked me that,” she said, slightly annoyed.

“Because I haven’t told you anything about your current condition yet.”

“Freya and Hope did a spell and you turned me, you even asked Peter if you should turn me,” she smiled at him then. “You’re stupid, but thank you for saving my life. And yes, I should go to my room and take a shower or something. I don’t burn in sunlight, do I? That’s great! Oh, can I eat human food? Are there pancakes downstairs? Waffles? Cakes? Sandwiches?”

“You can use my shower, Myriam,” he suggested. “Freya’s returning shortly with some breakfast, and I’m sure she’ll be more than delighted to get your clothes.”

“Can we go to the store? I want cereal. Apple Jacks. And Hershey twizzlers,” she said as she walked into Klaus’ bathroom and stripped herself out of her clothes. “Oh, this looks so good… hi body! I missed you! Oh, rocky road ice cream! Oh… yes…” Myriam let out a moan as she turned on the shower.

“Of all the food in the world and the first thing you’d like to eat is cereal and junkfood?”

“Yes. Share it with Bella and see what she thinks of it,” she stepped underneath the shower and loved the warm water on her skin, letting out a slight moan, she thought of something else. “Oh, and barbeque ribs. There’s this great place in Texas. Peter knows where.”

Myriam was like a whirlwind, and Klaus wasn’t sure if he needed to be worried or amused. She was naked, in his shower, and he tried hard not to peek into it as the door had remained open. She was letting out these moans of pleasure, of joy and his dick was happy. He needed to calm himself, fast.

“I’m not going to give you a hand with that!” Myriam called out. “I appreciate that I can use your shower but I’m so not giving you a hand with that! Hi Freya!”

“Hi…” Freya said confused as she looked at her brother, then down a little and back up again. “What’s going on?”

“Her brain is firing on all synapses, it seems. Did you miss anything during your magical assessments?”

Freya put down the tray of food and blood and scratched herself behind her ear. “Uhm… I could have? I don’t know, I wasn’t looking for magic, is there’s something magical going on?”

“Let me save you the trouble,” Myriam said from underneath the shower, slightly annoyed. “I can fucking see the future, and relevant parts of the past, so it seems. I didn’t noticed it at first because I just woke up and all but my mind is making like spinny motions.”

“That makes sense,” Freya replied. “Seeing as a embryo and unborn child, you were being genetically manipulated with the DNA of a witch with precognition, correct?”

“Yeah, Alice. But after turning she could only see the future based on decisions other people made,” Myriam replied, still loving the feeling of the hot water on her skin though. “It’s hard to keep my thoughts linear, to slow everything down. And I don’t want this shit. Give it to Bella.”

Freya chuckled. “Trust me, she’s having her own issues at the moment. I sincerely doubt she’d like to have your ability on top of hers. However, I could make you a little piece of jewelry that could help you focus more. Yoga and mediation would work wonders for you as well.”

“Ugh, hippy shit.”

“Hippy stuff that actually works,” Freya let out a snort. “Then again, sex often does wonders as well. It’s all about aligning your energy and focus. Orgasms are a fantastic way of doing that.”

Myriam walked out of the bathroom with a towel around her and smirked. “Then I’m going to need a vibrator too. You smell great, Freya, wow… so intense… so… beautiful… delicious- yeah, I know,” she said as she ducked from underneath Klaus’ arms, making him fall flat on his face. “No nipping on the sisters, jeez! I’ve been a vampire before, you know!”

She picked up a glass of blood and knocked it back, before she immediately threw it back up, spitting it out. “Ow, ouch, that hurts! What’s in this shit!”

“Nothing,” Klaus said surprised as he took another glass and took a sip from it. “It’s actually from one of our healthiest donors, delicious.” He handed her his glass for her to try.

She reluctantly tried his glass and the same thing happened. “I can’t even swallow this before my throat closes up, this is … not good.”

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  1. yay!! myriam survives but now you have me curious to why she can’t feed and or drink any blood.. and you have me extremely curious about what is going on with bella’s powers and magic they just need to turn her already too that way she is protected from edward and the others. should be interesting the next few chapters as they learn to adjust to everything and each other.. You should of had her crave cheesecake.. or a death by chocolate cake but that is just me lol. waiting on the next chapter .. catch you then 🙂

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