On the Eighth Day of Christmas, My Sister-in-law Gave to Me… (A God of War)

Written for the Better In Texas Winter Wonderland Contest 2015.

Bella/Klaus, Elijah/Jasper


Bella took a sip of her glass of wine. “I feel sorry for Elijah,” she said as she looked at her lover, who was gently massaging her feet. She had really hit the jackpot with Klaus, he was a kind lover and a fierce warrior. Passionate and not afraid to show his soft side to her.

“Why is that, love?”

“Well, New Year’s Eve is coming up and he’s the only one who doesn’t have someone,” she pointed out. “The wish I had burned at Christmas still hasn’t come true, either.”

“Love, the burning of wishes is something silly. A family tradition,” he laughed. “I didn’t think you’d actually believe something like that.”

“Why not? You’re a magical family, even as vampires, one can hope that there’s a tiny bit of magic when you do something as ritualistic as that,” she countered as she took another sip of her wine. “My wish was for Elijah not to be alone anymore. It must be hard for him to see us together and Hayley with Jackson… he needs someone too.”

“What do you suggest?”

“I don’t know… set him up on a blind date?” Bella smiled. “Has he ever been on one? I mean, what are his sexual preferences? Do we know someone who’s compatible with him?” She pulled her legs away from Klaus and shifted, so she was on her knees, looking at him. “What interests does he have other than reading?”

“Every relationship he’s had with a woman has turned into an ultimate failure. It usually was so easy to divert his conquest’s attention to me.”

“Yeah, you’re mean like that. How dare you steal your brother’s girls.”

“Well, if they had truly been into him, they would have stayed with him, don’t you think?”

Bella was quiet for a moment as she thought. “True. Okay. Then maybe he doesn’t need a woman,” she grabbed her phone and got off the couch. “Elijah needs a chill pill shoved up his ass,” she muttered as she looked through her contacts.

“Love, what are you doing?”

“Shh! I’m thinking here!” She grabbed a pillow of a nearby chair and flung it at Klaus before she continued to scroll through her phone. “Elijah needs someone who is not tempted by you and not easily intimidated, but not too strong willed either, a gentle soul who is not afraid to kick some ass when needed… hmm…” she started pacing as she got lost in thought. “Someone who can loosen him up a bit… Yes! Got it!” She then turned to Klaus with a big smile on her face. “Leave this to me. I’m going to make sure Elijah gets the best date ever.”


Bella was on the way back from the airport after picking up Elijah’s date, when she nearly ran over a girl with the car as she seemingly came out of nowhere on the deserted road. “Holy fuck!” she slammed on her breaks and got out of the car to see if the girl was alright. “Did I hit you?”


The girl smelled of alcohol and her blood smelled of drugs and she didn’t look too good. She was bleeding from somewhere. Grabbing the girl and dragging her in front of the headlights, Bella could see the true extent of the girl’s injuries. “My name is Bella, what’s yours?”

“Jessica. I got stabbed.”

“No shit,” she said as she pulled out the large shard of glass and bit her hand to feed the girl. “Drink up,” Bella pressed her hand against the girl’s mouth and made sure that she ingested some of the blood. “This blood will heal you,” Bella said as she looked into the girl’s eyes. “Do as I say, it’s New Year’s Eve. Go home. Clean yourself up and spend time with your family. And whatever trouble you’re in now, it’s over. Make something of your life.”

“Okay,” the girl wiped her mouth and nodded. “Thank you.”

She watched the girl stumble off and got back into the car. Bella sighed relieved as she started the car again. She looked at her guest and shrugged. “I help, when I can. I mean, Klaus and his family leave enough bodies around New Orleans, the least I can do is to help those in need.”

“I find that admirable,” her guest replied with a smile on their face. “You’ve always had a big heart.”

She smiled and nodded before driving off. As they passed Jessica, Bella could see that the girl was no longer stumbling, and having a steady pace towards the city. Relieved, she put her foot down so the car sped off. “We’re going to be late for your date.”


“Did he bring him home?” Bella peeked around Klaus as he looked over the courtyard. They had spent the evening with family, with Hayley and Jackson, while Elijah was out on his date. They had watched the fireworks and now she was anxious for Elijah to return, hoping that he brought back his date.

“Him?” Klaus turned to her in surprise. “You arranged my brother to be on a date with a man? Have you lost your mind?”

“Why? Is it that insulting to you that someone might have a different sexual orientation than your own?” She retorted defiantly. “Love is love, Klaus. And if I found the perfect match for your brother, you should be happy for him.” She pushed him inside the room and closed the blinds. “We’re not going to wait for him to return, you and I are going to have some fun of our own!”

“What did you have in mind, love?” Klaus smiled at her as he allowed himself to be backed up towards the bedroom. He loved it when she had this fire in her eyes, the need to prove him wrong. Whatever she had come up with for the both of them, he was certain it was going to be spectacular.


Bella gasped when Elijah brought his date to the breakfast table the following morning. “I knew it! I knew you two would hit it off!” She greeted them happily, hugging Elijah and the man he had spent the night with. “Happy New Year!”

“Happy New Year, Isabella,” Elijah replied kindly, a smile on his lips. “And thank you for Jasper. I never believed that he was exactly what I needed.”

“I’m happy,” Bella replied as she looked at Jasper. “And I’m so glad that this actually worked out.”

“So am I, darlin’,” Jasper winked at her. “He’s quite something alright. Last night we—”

“Ah! Don’t want to hear it, that’s between you two.” She pointed at an empty chair. “Sit! I know you don’t eat but please, don’t feel awkward about it. Klaus will be joining us soon.”

Klaus was fuming as he walked into the dining room a few minutes later. “A Cold One? A sodding Cold One? You set up my brother with not only a man, but with a Cold One? One of the ones who was responsible for your torment?”

“Niklaus, please, calm down,” Elijah said, quickly getting up from his chair to keep his angry brother away from Jasper. “We both know that Jasper is the one that needed to be saved. Isabella wanted—”

“I don’t care what she wants!” Klaus pushed his brother away and threw Jasper against the nearest wall before turning to Bella. “After all they’ve done to you, you’re still in contact with him? Love, he’ll only bring misery to you. To Elijah.”

“No, he won’t,” Bella crossed her arms over her chest. “You’re going to leave them alone. Give the both of them the chance to explore the side of them that they’ve just figured out.”

“Doesn’t it hurt you to see him again?”


Klaus growled and leapt over the table to get to Jasper before ripping off his head. He threw the head at Elijah. “Happy Bloody New Year, brother,” he scowled.

They all looked at each other, in shock, with their own thoughts. Bella could understand where Klaus was coming from, he was only trying to protect Elijah because of what Jasper and his family had done to her, to safeguard him from harm. Klaus was angry, because Jasper had hurt Bella and despite her willingness to forgive, Klaus wasn’t a forgiving person.

In the end, they all understood why Klaus did what he did and Bella’s anger quickly turned into love. Love for her boyfriend. Love towards him, nothing but, because he was only doing the right thing. Elijah didn’t look too upset either. He was more confused than upset.

“I suppose we’ll need to clean this mess up,” Elijah spoke quietly. “How about we’ll have a bonfire tonight, using Mr. Whitlock’s body as kindle?”

“Burn wishes?” Bella smiled at him.

“As long as you don’t wish for Elijah to not to be alone anymore,” Klaus said with a grunt as he covered Jasper’s body with the table cloth and sat down to eat breakfast. “And next time, when you set him up for a blind date, let me approve of the man first.”

“Gotcha,” Bella smiled as she sat down again and popped a strawberry in her mouth. “Happy New Year, boys.”


  1. *mock cries* You’re so mean! Poor Jasper!

  2. I understood Klaus’ point but they should’ve put Jasper back together for Elijah.

  3. Damn it should have been Edward first lol

  4. Looks like three people had a Happy New Year.guess Jasper should not have hurt Bella.LOL

  5. But… but… Elijah and Jasper got it on! And then the next morning, Klaus kills Jasper!

  6. Really Klaus, so disappointed in you. I really love Jasper, couldn’t you just this once let your family get to keep a pet before you killed them. I mean come on why are you the only one to get laid?

  7. Well Elijah didn’t get to keep Jasper, so I am pouting. 🙁 I love this though.

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