Chapter 21

They had a lovely little ceremony on the beach, just her, Klaus and Kol, with the promise that once they returned to Mystic Falls, they’d hold a ball to celebrate their vows. Myriam was over the moon to have a real wedding. A minister, vows, and Kol as her maid of honour.

Even though they had been married for 300 years, it felt more real now.

Klaus had scored bonus points for allowing her to change her name. While she’d never really used her middle name Envie, meaning desire, longing or even jealousy, she felt it didn’t belong to her anymore. The same went with her last name. She didn’t need it for protection anymore, and most of her Medici assets had been sold over the years so she could create her own.

Myriam Hope Jenkins married Niklaus Mikaelson that day, and she couldn’t have been happier.

However, celebrations had to be put on hold, much to Myriam’s and Kol’s objection. Klaus had received a text message from Rebekah asking for his return because there was a vampire hunter in town and she was scared. When Klaus asked for more information, Rebekah replied that she had a suspicion that this hunter was one of the Five.

“But how is that possible? I killed them back in Florence?” Myriam asked as they were getting on the plane. “Kol was there, he told me they were hunters of the Five!”

Kol let out a groan. “I think they’re a bit like Buffy, the vampire slayer,” he sighed. “In each generation… all that crap.”

“You’re watching way too much TV, Kol,” Myriam laughed.

“Seriously, though. It would make sense. First, we encounter them in 1114, then in Florence and now here? Their existence couldn’t possibly be just for killing vampires. No, there must be a reason. They’re mortal vampire killers. What if every generation has a bunch of potentials – like Buffy the vampire slayer?” Kol replied as he sat down. “Everything that’s supernatural and recurring has a reason for it.”

“There is,” Klaus said after a while as if remembering something. “Remember Alexander? The hunter Rebekah tried to bed? He told us their story. That they were protecting something. Someone.”

Kol paled then. “Please Nik, don’t tell me-”

“They’re still on their crusade to complete their mark for the cure to vampirism,” Klaus said grimly. “We need to go back and put a stop to this.”

“I’ll just kill them again,” Myriam said simply.

“Love, how are you going to do that without your demons? Killing them with your own hands will cause you to suffer from the Hunter’s Curse and trust me, it’s not easy to live with,” Klaus gently squeezed her knee. “When we land in Richmond, I want you and Kol to reach out to your witch contacts, see if what we fear is true.”

“But I killed the coven who worshipped Silas!” Kol spluttered.

“Well, find someone else!” Klaus replied angrily. “We need to know if this cure is real and if it is, we need to get our hands on it because there is a possibility that it’ll be used on me!”

“Hey,” Myriam crawled into his lap and softly kissed him. “Don’t worry, we’ll see if there’s a way to kill the hunters without going crazy and we’ll try to find out of the stories are true. You go and tend to your hybrid and keep an eye on your doppelganger. Kol and I will do everything in our power to find more information.”

“I’m sorry, love, I know I promised you a ball in your honour.”

“Our honour. And we have all the time in the world,” she kissed him again. “I’m happily married. I feel happily married. For real.”



Myriam and Kol spent a month and a half looking for answers. Kol had told her everything he knew about Silas and his cult, and again the story about the Five because she had forgotten some of it – she only remembered her demons killing them last time because Kol had been so afraid of them.

During their time away, Klaus dutifully kept her apprised of everything he had done, and what he had discovered. That Elena was a vampire and that he could no longer make hybrids. That he had to cure Elena because the hunter had spiked a keg of beer at a party that Rebekah had thrown. That he had gone to Italy to retrieve Alexander’s sword, Alexander being the first hunter and Rebekah’s former lover, as it would complete the map on a hunter’s body and it’d point in the direction of Silas and the cure for vampirism. How Rebekah was back in her box. And, that he helped Elena with her hunter’s curse as she had killed the Hunter. How he had murdered all of his hybrids apart from Tyler with the sword, he had found in Italy because his hybrids tried to kill him and then he killed Carol Lockwood for revenge on Tyler. And how Rebekah was back out of her box.

Klaus was spiralling, but she and Kol knew that. Realizing that they had all the information they could gather, they returned to Mystic Falls and right back into the action. Rebekah was playing with Elena, Caroline, Stefan and Tyler to find the cure, and this professor that had been sticking around who knew exactly where the location of the cure was, was in school as well because Myriam and Kol picked him up.

Myriam was torn between sticking with Kol or have a front row seat for the torture that Rebekah implemented but on the other hand… seeing Kol in action was always a feast. It wasn’t as if Myriam could go to Klaus at this point, he was at the Gilbert family cabin to deal with Damon and Jeremy the Hunter. Poor Jeremy.

“Where is the cure?” Kol demanded as he pushed Professor Shane into the water. Myriam rolled her eyes from her spot at the door. “What?”

“He can’t actually say shit when he’s submerged,” she pointed out.

“Oh, you’re right, thanks darling,” he said as he pulled Shane out of the water. “Where is the cure?”

“How is he doing?” Rebekah asked as she walked into the classroom and Kol dunked Shane back into the water.

“Brilliantly. Your brother is just… so good at this,” Myriam sighed appreciatively. “I think you’re both very good at what you’re doing. As Kol said, you’re almost as bad as Klaus.”

“Ah, don’t sell yourself short, darling,” Rebekah beamed. “Thanks for letting us play.” When Kol pulled Shane out of the water again, Rebekah sighed. “You’re human. Why do you want it anyway?”

“That’s the beauty of this,” Shane said out of breath. “You can have it, I just want Silas.”

“No!” Kol said as he grabbed Shane and pulled him to his feet. “What do you know about Silas?”

“He’s the world’s first immortal being who just happens to be imprisoned with the cure. And I want to free him.”

“Oh hell no,” Myriam said as Kol dragged the professor back to the water to dunk him into it. She would have done the same as Kol was doing right now. There was no way that Silas was going to walk the Earth again. No fucking way.

“Stop!” Rebekah said just as the professor was about to die. “He’s of no use dead!”

“Did you not hear what he just said?” Kol angrily shot at his sister. “Silas will kill us all, sister.”

“Silas does not exist. He’s a fairytale. Made up to scare children into eating their vegetables.”

“Silas is very real,” Shane panted as he held on to the sink. “I know where he’s buried and soon I will have the spell that wakes him.”

Myriam narrowed her eyes at the dripping human in front of them. “Wait a second, you’re lying. You can’t get to him without his-”

“Without his tombstone? Dozens to die in a blood sacrifice? Yeah, believe me, I know. I’ve done it,” Shane said as he tried to get to his feet. “Those massacres are a pain to engineer.”

“You’re the one who blew up the council,” Rebekah realised.

“It was a noble sacrifice. And temporary, because once I raise Silas, Silas will raise the dead.” Myriam noticed Kol moving from the corner of her eye but kept her eyes trained on Shane. “He will bring back every last soul who died on his behalf.”

“No!” Kol said as he used his speed to push Shane against the wall and impaled him on a copper rod.

“What did you do!” Rebekah screeched as she advanced on her brother.

“You should be thanking me,” Kol said as he kept Rebekah from hitting him. “Myriam would have done the same.”

“Yep,” Myriam nodded.

“You killed my only chance at finding the cure!”

“Silas on the loose would mean hell on Earth, Rebekah,” Myriam said calmly.

“And frankly, sister,” Kol added as he pulled the immortal white oak stake out of his pocket, a devious smile on his lips. “I don’t think you could handle it.”

“How did you get that?”

“Way too easily,” Kol replied playfully. “Are you coming, Myriam?”

“Yep,” she replied as she followed Kol out. They had a lot of work to do, and making sure that Jeremy wouldn’t become a full-fledged hunter with his entire mark on his body was the most important thing on their list.

There was no doubt that Klaus didn’t know the whole story and that he was likely merely after the cure, just like Rebekah. Just like Damon and Stefan. But the consequences of getting that cure would be too great. Silas was an even bigger monster than any of the Original vampires combined.

Sure, both Myriam and Kol didn’t know the full story as there was barely anyone left who could tell them the story, but everyone they spoke knew that raising Silas would be catastrophic. Myriam suspected that there was so much more to the story, why would there be an immortal, with the cure, and not walking the Earth? All it could bring was bad news.

“You know,” Myriam said as she was looking on her phone and Kol was driving. “Near the Gilbert holiday home, there’s a bar.”

“You reckon Nik made a bunch of new vampires there for Jeremy to kill?”

“No doubt about it. It’s what I would do. And you too, if we’re being honest.”

“Although I wouldn’t be so stupid to go after the bloody cure and raise Silas!”

“No, because you know better. And so do I., But we don’t know if it truly means the end of time, or if something else happens. Until we can prove that something terrible is going to happen, people will ignore our ideas. Rebekah wants the cure because she wants to be human. Damon, Stefan and Jeremy want it to cure Elena of her vampirism and Klaus wants it because he’s afraid it’ll be used against him.” She then thought for a moment. “And you know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Katerina showed up to get the cure herself so that she has leverage over Klaus.”

“She’d be a fool.”

“She’s done worse,” Myriam shrugged.

Kol let out a snort. “We’ve done worse.”

“Still, this whole thing? She could take advantage of the mess.”

“I’m more afraid of Silas than Katerina Petrova, Myriam. As long as we make sure nobody gets the cure, we’ll be alright. Even if it takes killing them all and give Nik the cure for safekeeping.”

Myriam sighed as she relaxed in her car seat. “Just drive. Klaus will be angry with me enough as it is for making sure Jeremy won’t complete the mark.”

“Have you tried explaining yourself to him?”

“The paranoia is strong in that one,” she sighed again. “He’s more worried about the cure than Silas. You know, that’s the fucked up part about not having my demons anymore. I could just sit back and tell them what to do. Now, I have to choose. And to keep my husband safe, I am choosing to side with his brother.”

“He’ll forgive you, you’re his wife.”

When they arrived at the bar, she actually felt bad that it was full of new vampires just like she had expected. These innocent people were all turned into vampires for one reason; to complete Jeremy’s hunter mark, and now they were going to die for nothing. “I thought we had rules about making vampires,” Myriam muttered.

“Nik isn’t thinking clearly. Shall we?”

Myriam nodded as she walked over to the jukebox and put on some cheesy dance song while she and Kol slaughtered every single vampire in the bar and put them all in cold storage before both taking a bottle of alcohol from the bar and taking a well deserved few sips.

“Oh, that felt good, didn’t it, darling?”

“It had to be done.”

“Exactly! Just because they used to be innocent people, doesn’t mean we should allow Jeremy to kill them.”

“Speaking of which… I think I heard a car,” Myriam said before they both moved out of sight, just in case. But she could hear Damon’s voice outside, so there was no doubt that they had come to kill the vampires. Oh, she was all giddy now. Weren’t they going to be disappointed!

“Something’s not right,” Damon muttered, his voice clearly audible over the loud jukebox in the bar area. She could hear him and Jeremy walk towards the cold storage, no doubt following the trail of blood that was on the floor. They walked through the plastic curtains and Myriam tried not to let out a giggle as she put a hand on her mouth. “Ah…” Damon groaned. “Looks like we’re going to have to find some new vampires. What a waste!”

“What the hell happened?” Jeremy sounded shocked.

Kol signalled for her to stay out of sight still, and walked up behind the vampire and the hunter. “I confess,” he said with his hands raised, one hand still holding his bottle of alcohol. Jeremy swung around his weapon to point it at him. “I did it.”


“Jeremy!” Kol smiled widely as he lowered his arms. “Good to see you, mate! Sorry about the mess,” he sighed. “It was a little crowded when we arrived, and we prefer more intimate gatherings.”


Myriam took a swig from her bottle as she joined Kol by his side. “Boys,” she nodded as a greeting.

“Myriam?” Damon blinked. “What the hell!”

“We four need a little chat,” Kol said as he took a swig of his bottle. “Care for a drink?”

“He’s underage,” Damon said as he tapped Jeremy’s arm. “And I don’t like you, used to like her but if she’s on the crazy train… I don’t like her either. So let’s just cut to it.”

“My brother bragged about his plan to complete Jeremy’s hunter mark,” Kol laughed slightly. “It was easy enough to track this lot down. They were all hiding in the shadows.”

“Killing young vampires is easy,” Myriam shrugged. “Same goes for the older ones.”

“Why? What is it to you either way?” Damon moved in front of Jeremy so that Kol or Myriam couldn’t get to him, but he felt severely outnumbered.

“Because, you fools, in your zeal to find the cure you risk waking someone very dangerous.”

“Ohh, you must be talking about Silas!”

“What do you know of him?”

“Nothing. Don’t want to. Not our problem.”

“Isn’t it?” Myriam piped up.

“No, it’s not.”

“My God, I can’t believe you’re so short-sighted, Damon. I had you pegged smarter than that.’

“You see, a few hundred years back I came across a group that worshipped Silas. His followers told me that he would rise again, and when he did, he would trigger the end of all time,” Kol explained. “You know, being an immortal, you can see why I’m opposed to time’s ending. So I murdered all of them. And now, here you are willing to risk raising him in your search for the cure. I can’t exactly sit back and let that happen, can I?”

“We’re not going to back off the cure because you were told one too many scary bedtime stories, you idiot,” Damon huffed before looking at Myriam. “You truly believe this guy?”

“For the last month and a half we’ve been trying to find more information about what the end of time will entail, but we couldn’t find anything. Only that it would be really really bad for us. Please, Damon, stop this nonsense,” she asked him. “I know you want the cure for Elena, but is that really worth the risk?”


Kol pushed Damon to the side. “Jeremy, we were mates in Colorado. You’re a smart lad. Why don’t you call off this imbecilic treasure hunt?”

“I’m not calling anything off, mate,” Jeremy spat at him. “I’m sorry, Myriam, but I’m not.”

Myriam sighed as she took a few steps back when Kol started to move again. She knew him too well, and this was likely not going to end well. “Well, I could kill you,” Kol shrugged as he set down his bottle of bourbon. “But then I’d have to deal with the hunter’s curse, and I- I don’t feel particularly like being haunted for the next century. Neither does Myriam,” he said as he pretended to think and snapped his fingers. “Better idea! I’ll just rip off your arms!”

When Kol made a move, Damon pushed him away from Jeremy all the way into the bar area, causing Myriam to roll her eyes. So predictable. From the both of them. Some smacking around and Myriam merely sighed as she kept an eye on Jeremy.

“Jeremy, run!” Damon yelled at him, causing Jeremy to quickly put a knife in Myriam’s leg and pushing her to the side before running out.

Kol got the upper hand in the fight and had Damon in a headlock. “You okay, darling?”

“I’ll live,” she muttered as she pulled the knife out of her leg. “Don’t kill him.”

“Oh, I won’t even touch him… much,” Kol grinned as he snapped Damon’s neck and put him down in a chair. “He’s on vervain, isn’t he?”

“Yep,” Myriam said as she took a sip of her bottle of alcohol and picked up a beam for Kol to push through Damon’s torso, causing Kol to raise an eyebrow in surprise. “I said not kill him. Torture is fine. Compelling him to do things is fine.”

Kol shrugged as he broke the beam and pushed it a little inside of Damon so he would start to bleed out. “How long is he usually out?”

“Not long, 30 min max,” Myriam shrugged as she looked at her bottle. “Empty. I’m going to get another one,” she said before breaking the bottle and making a few more cuts on Damon’s body to make the bleeding out go a bit faster. He wasn’t saturated in vervain, so they didn’t have to bleed him out completely to have some fun with him. She then went to get another bottle of alcohol and Damon was coming to.

“Come on, Nik, I was only having some fun,” Kol said as Myriam walked back in.

Those vampires were for my hunter.”

“I’ll make some more, there’s no shortage of people.”

Where’s Damon Salvatore?”

Kol giggled. “I gave him a good and proper beating. Just for old times sake.”

Yes, well, you’ve had your fun. Now let him go and come home. Avoid any more trouble, or you’ll find yourself back in a box.”

Myriam growled. “The hell he is.”

Is that Myriam?”

“No. And no need to get nasty about all of this!”

On the contrary, I find nastiness to be essential whenever my siblings try to sabotage me! Listen closely Kol. Stay away from the Gilbert boy. You understand?”

“Fine. I won’t touch him. You have my word,” Kol said as he disconnected the call.

When Myriam’s phone beeped, she had a look at the message and scoffed. “He’s telling me not to touch Jeremy, too. As if I’m so stupid to kill a hunter without my demons!” She took a swig of her bottle and looked at Damon who was looking quite angry as he held onto the pole.

“Very good, darling,” Kol said encouragingly to Damon. “Now, stab yourself a little further,” he compelled him.

Damon groaned as he did what he was told to do. “If you’re going to kill me, do it like a man!”

“I don’t want to kill you. Well, I do, but Myriam told me I wasn’t allowed to kill you,” he shrugged. “I merely wanted to make sure you were able to be compelled.”

“I’m gonna rip out your spleen.”

“Hey now, be nice, Damon,” Myriam said from her spot near the door.

“Why aren’t you stopping him, Myriam?”

“Because you’re an idiot.”

“You know, Damon, you ought to be thanking me,” Kol said as he walked closer to Damon. “You don’t really want the cure found. You fancy Elena, even more now that she’s a vampire. Admit it,” he smiled at him. “The last vestige of her humanity is her annoying little brother Jeremy. And deep, deep down you want him dead. Don’t you?”

“Nope,” Damon replied. “And neither does Myriam.”

“I don’t?”

“He helped you after the whole Esther thing.”

“Oh,” Myriam cooed and thought for a moment. “Yeah, no. I don’t owe him anything. I don’t feel anything towards the two Gilberts but toleration. Sometimes.”

Kol grabbed Damon around the shoulder and squeezed it. “You’re lying, Damon. With Jeremy out of the way, Elena will be yours. And yours alone. I bet you’d love to rip his head right off. And I’m going to give you your wish.” Kol then turned around and looked Damon in the eye. “You’re not going to remember what I say, but you’re going to find Jeremy Gilbert, and when you do, you’re going to kill him.”

When they got home, they were ‘greeted’ by Rebekah. “Going somewhere? I would if I were you. If Damon kills the hunter, Nik will not be pleased.”

Myriam huffed. “If Klaus listened to us instead of his paranoia, he’d see what we’re up to.”

“I told Nik I wouldn’t touch the kid,” Kol retorted. “I didn’t.”

“Oh well, that was clever,” Rebekah nodded. “I’m sure that he’ll really appreciate it.”

When Kol moved passed Rebekah, she pulled out a dagger and held it against his back, causing Kol to freeze, immediately. “You’d really dagger me?”

“If I do, Damon’s compulsion ends, and this is all over.”

“Then you’re no better than Niklaus,” Kol growled.

Myriam pulled the dagger out of Rebekah’s hand. “Gimme that. No one’s going to be doing any daggering.”

“Give that back!” Rebekah yelled as she tried to get the dagger out of Myriam’s possession.

“Look at what you guys have become! Bickering idiots, the lot of you!” Myriam countered angrily. “All this for what? The cure? Paranoia on Klaus’ part, you want to be human and what? Do you really think that the cure will provide for multiple vampires? No. It likely won’t, Rebekah. My god, just imagine what would happen if the cure would be found! You’ll kill each other over it!”

“Oh shut up, Myriam. This family was ruined way before we knew about the cure.”

Kol turned around with the white oak stake in his hand and put it against Rebekah’s heart. “I won’t let you raise Silas.”

Klaus ran in and pushed Kol against the wall. “Enough of this foolishness. Put it down, Kol.” Of course, Kol wouldn’t. He ran away instead. With the stake. Klaus then turned to Myriam. “You have a lot of explaining to do.”

“Why?” Myriam asked as she twirled the silver dagger between her fingers. “Kol and I have told you what will happen if you find the cure, and you don’t seem to care. The best way to stop you is to stop Jeremy and to silence Shane.”

“He was going to kill me!”

Klaus rolled his eyes as he looked at Rebekah. “Well then, I suppose you’ll need lessons in how to properly dagger a sibling.”

Rebekah narrowed her eyes at him. “Burn in hell!” she said before leaving through the same door as Kol had.

“This is your fault, Myriam!”

“My fault? How the hell is this my fault?!” Myriam countered angrily. “For the last month and a half Kol and I have done as you asked us to; to gather more information about this cure, and prove that Silas wasn’t just a scary bedtime story. The cure and Silas come together, Klaus, it’s a two for one deal. Silas will kill us all.”

“How are you allowing yourself to listen to Kol’s paranoid rants?”

“As if yours are any better!” Myriam countered angrily before raising her hands in defeat. “You know what? Fine. I’ll just stay quiet and watch from afar. As long as you’ll know that once Silas is back, I’ll so remind you of the fact that both Kol and I warned you about him.”

“Silas is a myth! A story!”

“Just like the sun and moon curse was!”

“Did you at least find evidence that the stories are true?”


“Then until we find the cure, Silas does not exist.”

Myriam wanted to tell him that he was an idiot but instead pretended to zip her mouth shut and headed upstairs to their bedroom to hide the silver dagger. There was no fighting this, and she was tired to be in the middle of it all, so she decided to stay out of it.

It wasn’t as if she wasn’t used to the Original siblings fighting with each other and getting physical or threatening with daggers, but like always, it was best to stay out of their way in case she’d end up as collateral damage.

She just hoped nobody she cared for would end up hurt in the process.

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