Chapter 34: What happens in Europe, stays in Europe

“Morning, darling, how was your nap?”

When Bella opened her eyes, she was staring into the face of Kol who had a big grin on his face. He had snapped her neck, figures. She sighed as she sat up, finding the car absent from Myriam, in fact, this wasn’t the car they had rented. “Huh.”

“Quite the stunt you pulled, Bella,” he said disapprovingly before pulling a woman into the car and pushed it in her lap. “I like it. Now eat.”

“I’m not hungry,” she muttered as she pushed the woman away from her and wrinkled her nose. “What is going on?”

“Myriam was cramping our style so I sent her home,” he nonchalantly pushed the woman out of the car and smirked. “But I’ve done some thinking while you were out and you have to understand our concern; when vampires like us generally want to slaughter an entire village for fun usually means that they’re rippers and it’s hard to come back from that.”

“I know,” Bella said annoyed. “But I’m not like you.”

“No, and I know that too, you’re still something we need to figure out and how can we do that when we restrict your movements?” he ruffled her hair. “Bella, we are in Europe and far far away from my siblings and our babysitter now gone. From now on, it’s just you and me. I would have gone back with Myriam but I’m kind of in need of your blood if I want to survive the trip home.”

She liked this idea. “And how do I know you’re not lying? Tricking me? Making me think that all is fine but when you’re afraid that I’ll lose control or my sanity that you’ll snap my neck again?”

He held up his phone and made sure she was looking at it before crushing it with his hand. “No strings.”

She cocked her head. “I don’t believe you, I mean, that could have been Myriam’s phone or one you lifted of someone.” She couldn’t believe him, he was the trickster. He was smart. If he truly wanted to control her, this would be one of the ways he could; luring her into a false sense of security.

“But that was my phone,” he said as he got out of the car and opened the door for her. “But you’re more than welcome to pat me down, darling,” he said cheekily as he helped her out. Once she was out the car, he spread his legs and arms and looked at her. “Well?”

“Strip search?” Bella eyed him through her lashes as she licked her lips. He was going to allow her to touch him?

“Without the actual stripping, yes. Also, hands in the safe places.”

She pouted as she looked him over, deciding where to strike first. “You’re no fun.”

“That’s also one of the reasons I sent the nanny away. From now on, no holding back. No restrictions. You want to ruin an entire village? We’ll raze it. You want to eat people? Hell, we’ll eat people. You want to nap? We’ll nap.”


“No rules. Well; just one.”

“No sex.”

“No sex,” he agreed, still standing with his arms out and his legs spread, waiting for her to pat him down. “And no touching in any sexual way.”

Bella’s mind started to race as she placed her hand on his shoulder and gingerly, teasingly, ran it down his arm before running it back up again as she hummed. “There are ways to get what I want and it will be beneficial for us both,” she said in a sultry voice, tiptoeing around him as she ran her hands over his body – avoiding the not-safe zones as he requested. Even through the fabric of his clothes she could feel how toned his body was, how different from Klaus’ body and how much she wanted it.

He swallowed hard, she was getting turned on. He noticed it by how she was looking at him, but, deep down, he could feel it as well. And if he could feel it… what would his brother feel right now? Too bad he broke the phone. Yes, it was his. Perhaps it was a stupid thing to do, but after talking to Myriam about Bella while she was rounding up the Cold Ones in the village prior, he realized that this girl hasn’t had experienced true freedom in a very long time.

It was likely that the last time she truly felt free was prior to her encounter with the Cullens and that was just not right. Ever since meeting them, she’d been controlled or on the run; her fight or flight mode acting as her restraint. Then hiding at Débauche and from there, straight into the arms of the most powerful being on this earth; Niklaus Mikaelson.

Kol wasn’t going to say no to her anymore. At least not while they were here. And as long as they stuck to the one rule, he was certain that they would still be alive when they got home to his brother. No hearts removed or daggers inserted into anyone. So what was she going on about? Oh, her desire felt good; so flattering, his ego being stroked by her interest in him. And then there was the actual physical touching; her nimble hands felt good on him as she felt around for his phone.

And since she was so hyper-sexual, maybe it would be a good thing to just have sex with her or something, to get it out of her system. To make the desire stop messing with both their heads. Damnit, this was just a pat down and she was making it into something sexual.

She squatted down and ran her finger up the inside of his leg, stopping right before the no-fly zone. Oh, he was interested alright. Her eyes flicked up to his before looking back at his package and back at his face. A playful smile appeared on Bella’s face as she rose and pushed her hair back. “No phone detected, very good,” she approved before she walked back to the car. “You can relax now,” she added as she looked in the trunk to see if Kol took her bag with him as he stole the car to get them to this village.

It was still dark but the sun would come up soon and it wasn’t as if they were parked in the middle of the village. It seemed to her that they were somewhere behind a barn or something and it was enough privacy. Not that she wouldn’t mind giving a show, it would be hot. Very hot. A show before breakfast. She just wasn’t sure what Kol would think about that. No, this first. Maybe a show later, depending on his response.

“Oh, very good!” She said cheerfully as she found her bag and opened it to get something to play with – later. Putting it somewhere she could easily reach it, Bella could start. Making her way back to Kol, she could see that he eyed her with lustfilled eyes. Oh, men were so easy. She placed her index finger on his chest and pushed him against the car as she kept her eyes locked on his.

What was she doing? His mind raced as fast as the blood was pumping through his body to his cock. He wanted to grab her and kiss her, he wanted to fuck her, hard, and the no sex rule seemed to be so stupid right now. Whatever happened in Europe, stayed in Europe, right? Remembering he had a voice, he swallowed hard. “What are you doing?”

“Quiet,” she commanded as she took a step back and slowly removed her shirt, throwing it at him when she was out, revealing her upper body, her breasts tucked in a black, lacy bra. Bella’s enhanced hearing picked up on the hitch in Kol’s breath, it was adorable. He didn’t have to watch her, he could leave if he wanted to, but something told her that he was nailed to the ground.

Bella ran her hands through her hair, brushing her long locks away from the front of her body, revealing more skin before slowly brushing her skin with her fingertips. Oh, she loved this feeling. She hadn’t had sex yet after turning, but when she masturbated in the Bayou, she found it fascinating how easily her body was being able to set on fire by the slightest touch. Every nerve ending responded to her own touch, she could only imagine what it’d feel like if Klaus would touch her like this. Or Kol, but he had made it clear that the rule was no sex.

She was going to see how long that would last.

Bella avoided taking off her bra, just yet, she wanted to last a little longer and the sheer thought of rubbing her nipples until they were hard and tender made them just that. Placing her flat hands on her stomach, she started to sway her hips a little, Kol still standing on his spot, frozen in curiosity and lust. “Lose your shirt,” she said as her fingers slid down her stomach and into her jeans. She waited with starting the process of removing the burden of wearing her jeans until Kol would actually move, but he was too enthralled. “Kol,” she said sternly, demanding his attention. “Lose your shirt.”

“No, I’m good,” he said huskily. “I might do something stupid if I lose my clothing.”

“Like what?” She said playfully, taking a step forward and placed her hands on his shirt as she looked up to him. “I doubt it would be that stupid.”

“I might break the rules.”

“Rules are meant to be broken,” she purred as she tiptoed and nipped at his chin. “But you’re right, this rule can’t be broken.” Bella then tore open his shirt and janked it off of him. “I promise you, you’ll enjoy yourself without breaking the rule.” She resisted the urge to touch him further, it was not what she’d set out to do and even though his toned torso with his bulging arms were inviting her to touch them, she bit her lip instead as her eyes met his again as she took a step back to start shedding her jeans. “But please, do tell me what you’d do to break the rule…”

He watched as the jeans dropped to the ground and she stepped out of it as if she was as light as a feather. Her underwear matched perfectly and god, she was gorgeous. His brother was so lucky. Oh, yeah. Downer. Then again, when had it ever stopped him? Leaning against the car, Kol’s eyes followed her every movement. Every sway of the hip got registered, every muscle spasm, every little noise that escaped her lips. Bella really knew what she was doing and it was driving him insane. “I uh… I’d rip off your knickers, throw you on the hood of the car and I’d fuck you senseless.”

“You’re a thousand years old and that is what you can come up with?” Bella wasn’t impressed at all. “What are you? A virgin?”

“You’re kinda putting me on the spot here, darling,” he said with a slight chuckle. “That’s what my brain wants right now, why should I become creative?”

Bella let out a deep sigh. “Fine, you can shut up again, you’re spoiling the mood.”


“Shush!” She said with a slight growl as she turned away from him, her hands on the small of her back and moving down to her ass. It was typical male though, a brain that stopped working once something exciting was about to happen. And in all honesty, Bella found that endearing. Squeezing her asscheeks after giving them a good rub, she bent over and looked at Kol over her shoulder. “Wouldn’t it be great to tear away my panties and plunge right in?”

“Or just leave them on and do just that…”

Bella smirked. “Remove your pants,” she said as she slowly straightened herself up again, giving herself a proper spank with her flat hand when she came back up. “Oh yeah, that feels so good…” Stretching her arms above her head before burying her hands in her long locks of hair again, she turned on the balls of her feet and was astounded by her sense of balance. There was no way she could have done this before turning into a vampire. Who knew? Maybe she was even a better dancer now!

When she had turned back to him, she was surprised that he had, indeed, lost his pants and revealed himself. “Commando, I approve,” she said as she licked her lips. He was massive and ready and oh, she wished she could go on her knees for him and take him in her mouth, sucking him dry and swallowing him whole. She closed her eyes for a second and took a deep breath. No sex, no touching him in a sexual matter. No sex… no- She took another deep breath and opened her eyes again, her hands unhooking her bra and with a shrug, she let them fall to the floor. “I kinda feel a little overdressed now.” Running her hands over her breasts, she let out a moan. “Oh, so good…”

He had seen her naked before, briefly, and that was only because it came as a surprise to the both of them, but seeing her naked now was something completely different. Bella was consciously naked in front of him and he infront of her. She was in tune with her body, the way she caressed every pleasure spot, the way she moved her fingers over her breasts, her beautiful shaped breasts… And she was already wet. He could smell her arousal. Kol could focus and envision her dripping onto the ground but he wasn’t going that far. It’d drive him only more nuts.

“Don’t you want to touch yourself, Kol?” She asked playfully, taking a nipple between her thumb and index finger and gently squeezed it before squeezing a little harder and she moaned again when she felt the waves of pleasure build up in her body, licking at the nerve ends before ebbing away again. Bella wanted more. “I would love to see your hand on your cock as you squeeze and rub it up and down… up and down…”

He let out a groan as he watched her touch herself, enjoying herself as the only thing she was seeing was him. She was so sexy, so hot. His hand went to his cock and started to stroke it. Yeah, he needed to let loose as much as she did. And he wasn’t going to stop her, no, no, definitely not. He was nearly salivating when she dipped her hand in her underwear with a cheeky smile on her lips and swallowed hard. She was good. She was damn good. Couldn’t she just lose her knickers already?

No, that was right; no sex. Kol leaned against the car and let out a groan. His hand felt so good, and watching Bella made it even better. “Where are you going?” He asked her as she removed her hand from her knickers and walked to the boot of the car, where she had previously been lingering and digging in her bag. “Bella…”

“Just keep doing what you’re doing,” she said with a playful giggle and wiggled her behind, knowing that she was still being watched by him. She helped herself out of her slip and threw it at Kol’s head, knowing how wet she was, and how the smell was, she knew that it was going to annoy the hell out of him, drive him crazy and he was going to hate his one rule. It was one of the fun parts of entertaining a vampire; their heightened senses.

Then again, her senses were pretty heightened as well and she could smell his arousal; his pre-cum already in the air and damn, she wanted to suck his cock so badly. She was going to drive the both of them mad with what she had planned, but she didn’t care. And now that the both of them were phoneless, it wasn’t as if they could get interrupted by a horny hybrid, either. Bella smirked. Mutual masturbation with his brother was the ultimate revenge.

When she returned, she was holding a dildo in her hands as if it was a trophy she’d won. The big smile on her face echoed that sentiment. “Keep that thing away from me,” he said as he could feel his cock go limp in his hands. There was no way that she was going to tell him to use that on himself. No way.

“It’s not for you,” she hopped onto the hood of the car and eyed his cock for a moment before raising her gaze back to him. “But just imagine what it would feel like… my lips on your cock…” Bella kissed the dildo in her hand. “Giving it a lick… a nibble…”

Humming, she turned on the hood and used the windshield as support, continuing paying attention to the dildo in her hand and her other hand traveled down to her core to play with herself, still looking at the other vampire, who had now turned and was hungrily drinking in the sight before him. And, just like that, his cock was back in action. “Are you liking what you see?”

“Very much so,” he replied huskily and then his eyes widened when she put the object in her mouth and started to suck it. Oh God. He didn’t even have to imagine what it’d feel like if she had her lips on his cock, sucking it, because his head was already there. He kept stroking himself, tugging on occasion and watched her enjoy herself immensely. Her whole body was into it, writhing as she helped herself, making soppy and moaning noises as she sucked on the dildo.

Kol wanted to jump onto the hood of the car and plunge right into her.

Bella let out a slight giggle when she removed the dildo from her mouth and looked at the vampire. “How close are you?”


“Now… just imagine what it’d feel like to have your hot, hard cock in my pussy,” she said in a low voice before pressing the dildo against her opening. “Pushing me wide open… Filling me up, stretching me…” Bella let out a moan as she pushed the object in further. “Making me feel your heartbeat through your dick… Kol, I’m so wet. I’m so ready for more, are you?”

He let out a strangled noise. “If you stop now…”

“You’ll have to finish off yourself,” Bella grinned and looked at him. Oh, he was gone. “You’re hopeless.”

“Are you going to continue or what?”

Bella hummed as she shifted a little before moving the dildo inside of her. “Imagine what it would feel like to thrust your big, hard cock inside of me, Kol… slow… or perhaps long and hard? Faster? Slower?” She gasped and arched her back when she hit a particularly sensitive spot with the object and moaned when she it hit again. “And at the same time, your hand on my breast, squeezing the soft little ball while my nipple gets caught between your thumb and finger… ohh, that feels so good, Kol.”

It didn’t take long for the both of them to be in sync with each other as he kept listening to her audio narration of what he could be doing to her and she to him and he quickly came as he kept watching her tilt herself over the edge. It was glorious. So damn good and he couldn’t believe how lucky he was for having experienced this. It was almost as good as sex. Almost. But damn, it had been so hot.

“So,” she panted as she floated back to earth. “Next stop, Volterra?”



  1. Don’t know if sending Myriam home good or bad idea.
    Oh what a creative way to get revenge on Klaus because He Left Her. Yes you know I’m still hung up on that lol.

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