Chapter 15

“The most important thing that we’ve learned from your father, Bella,” Klaus spoke as they were having some afternoon tea in the courtyard with the family, “is that he loves you unconditionally. In all honesty, should I had been blessed with a daughter, I would have likely reacted the same way he has done.”

“Humans get very protective over their children,” Myriam explained. “Especially when they think something’s wrong with them or when they feel they can’t help their child and alleviate their suffering.”

“He doesn’t trust me enough to be on my own,” Bella replied bitterly. “Or to make my own choices. I’m not a child anymore.”

“I understand, which is why we’ve told him just that before we sent him on his way,” Myriam smiled kindly. “You won’t have to worry about him worrying about you.”

“But he did have a right to meet Kol and Jeremy, so perhaps you could head up to Forks soon to allow the meet to happen?” Klaus smiled at her. “It would be rude of us to keep you all to ourselves.”

She raised a brow at him. “See, I got the impression that vampires tend to be selfish creatures. Why must you go against those norms now?”

“Because the old fool means well and he poses no threat to you.”

“It’s only because he no longer poses no threat to you,” Myriam winked at her. “But it’s your own decision, Klaus only got a little bit sentimental.”

Bella huffed as she took a bite out of her pastry. “Not understanding what’s going on with me or not, he and my mother should not have done what they had.” She blinked when she thought the inside of the pastry tasted differently and dropped it upon realizing that there was blood inside of it. “What the hell!” She squeaked, spitting out the bite she had already taken and quickly downing her glass of orange juice to mask the taste. “What the actual fuck!”

“Now, now,” Kol snorted as he watched her freak out. “What did I tell you about your potty mouth?”

“This is not funny, Kol,” Bella shot at him. “And nothing sexy either!”

“You’ve tasted my blood before, this isn’t any different, just… human,” he said as he picked up the pastry and sniffed at it before looking at his family. “Which of you jokers did this? Bella’s still reeling from the Cullen House.”

“And she’s a part of our family and things happen. Bad things happen a lot and there’s no pause to actually process it all,” Klaus smirked as he leaned back in his chair. “Which made all of us agree that unlike yourself, we will not hide who we are. There will be blood, there will be feeds. Hell, we might even use Marcel’s vampires for target practise.”

“Fine! But no feeding the human blood!” Bella said angrily. “Vampire or otherwise!” She could still pull up the imagery of Jasper’s head smashed to pieces and the brains dripping all over the floor from the impact of the piano toppling on top of him. There had been so much blood, she was lucky she couldn’t smell it but now, this pastry was offensive and she didn’t want to eat anything else that was on the table right now.

Kol turned and looked at her. “Hey now, let’s not go overboard there,” he started objecting to her objection. “You didn’t seem to mind drinking from me knowingly.”

“That’s different,” Bella pointed out before pointing at the pastry. “That’s entrapment.”

“I have to admit, Bella’s right about that,” Rebekah snatched the pastry out of Kol’s hand and munched on it before sitting down on the couch again. “Have you even met Marcel? Or Cami? Or Davina, even?”

“Oh, she’s met Davina alright. And Kaleb.”

“How did that go?”

“Disastrously. Thanks to Cami, Davina won’t come after us because of that.”

“Bella assured Davina to try it again with Kol. That was before she stopped fighting her own instincts, bless her heart,” Klaus said amused. “It didn’t go well.”

“No kidding,” Rebekah laughed before looking at Bella. “You sound so innocent and pure, but you’re not, are you? You’ll come round and bite us all in the arse.”

Bella blinked at her. “Huh?”

Myriam smirked and grabbed another pastry from the same tray, moaning as she bit into it. “What she means is that you are more like us than you realize. You will see in time. We just have to break you out of that shell that the hospital trapped you in from your parents meddling.”

“Not to mention all the psychiatrists meddling with your young impressionable mind,” Klaus pointed out. “It’s what humans do; destroy things that they don’t understand. It’s a good thing that you both chose to recover from your experience here, but don’t expect us to behave any different around you, because it’s a part of us, just like the ghosts are a part of you.”

“I don’t want you to,” Bella blinked as she looked at the vampires in front of her. “Seriously, I don’t.”

Klaus and Myriam shared a diabolical smirk that had the rest of the table growing concerned. Elijah, who’d been largely silent until that point glared suspiciously at his brother. “What are you plotting?”

“Nothing but a bit of tough love for our new sister! Only for her to make the most of her life and gifts if she is to continue to be surrounding herself by our kind.”

“Now, don’t over do it, Nik,” Kol warned him, knowing full well how his brother thought and how Myriam’s mind worked. “I mean it.”

“Don’t worry, brother, I’m fairly certain that whatever we do, we won’t be able to drive your Bella away, seeing as she’s still with you after you nearly killed her.”

Kol narrowed his eyes on him. “Too soon, Nik. Too soon.”

“Oh, grow up, Kol.”

“Oh, yeah? Imagine Myriam being mortal and you not having control over your own body and nearly end up killing her!” His vampire face came out in his anger. “And having to relive that in your nightmares! I’m very grateful for your woman for what she did to the bed and allowing us to have a decent night’s sleep, but-”

Klaus slammed his hand on the table. “I warned you about the consequences! Not just that, Myriam warned you about the consequences! Don’t act like you didn’t know you were getting yourself into!”

“I’m surprised he has those feelings, I thought nothing fazed him,” Rebekah deadpanned.

Kol growled, his patience reaching a limit and zipped behind his sister, snapping her neck where she sat. “Do not bring it up again,” he warned everyone staring at him before storming out of the room, slamming doors in his wake.

Bella slowly got up, feeling uncomfortable. “I’d better go and -”

“Sit down,” Elijah said, not looking up as he cleaned his hand with his handkerchief.

“But Kol-”

“I will not ask you again,” he said, looking up at her.

She scowled as she stood there staring at him. “Are you always an ass?”

“He is,” Klaus replied with a slight nod. “But he is correct, sit down. Kol needs to release his anger and he won’t do that with you around. It’s likely he’s going to storm out any time soon and head out for a hunt.”

“He shouldn’t be alone,” she pointed out. “He still has issues with my blood. If he got this upset about your idea of helping me, imagine how he’ll be ambushed out there by New Orleans spirits.”

“He won’t be alone, don’t you worry about that,” Elijah said calmly. “Your presence calms him, but to him that works only as a pressure cooker and he needs that release.”

“You’re insane,” Bella said as she headed towards the room she had shared with Kol, only to be stopped by Elijah. “Get out of my way.”

“Or what?” he asked with an amused smile on his face, curiosity in his eyes. “What will you do to make me go out of your way?”

Without any sign of Jeremy having been there, he leapt down from the first floor, right on top of Elijah and snapped his neck.

Bella looked down at the now unconscious vampire. “I don’t have to do anything,” she smiled.

Jeremy smirked. “You, me and Kol need to have a chat, I may have found something that could help him.”

She looked up at him, interest glowing in her eyes. “Really? What?”

“Against yours and Kol’s wishes, I called my friend at the Armory,” Jeremy said as he lead the way to the bedroom. “We had a long talk and he may have found something ancient – well, Originals ancient. A relic from their time in Mystic Falls.”

The scowl on her face was clear of her disapproval but she listened anyway. “Like what?” Klaus questioned, being the last conscious sibling and no interest in getting anywhere close to the girl now.

“Like… it has nothing to do with you, Klaus,” Jeremy turned around and smirked at him. “Let me discuss this with Kol and Bella first.”

“Bella is our sister now and if it has to do with the family then I believe everyone should be aware,” he challenged.

“As I said, it hasn’t got anything to do with your family, just something that could help your brother,” Jeremy opened the door to the bedroom and found Kol standing there, arms crossed and looking hella pissed. “And you need to ease up before I will snap your neck and I’d rather not do that because Bella will be pissed. I come in peace.”

“You want me to kill her?” Kol was clearly agitated.

“You want me to put you down?” Jeremy questioned before grabbing a chair, smashing it against the wall and broke off a leg. “Might not put you down for long, but longer than your neck snapped.”

“Hey, both of you, knock it off,” Bella said, smacking Jeremy on his head and walked over to Kol to do the same. “No killing, no stabbing, no snapping.” Before she could smack Kol over the head, he grabbed her hand and looked at her intently, eyes darkened. “Oh.”

“Yes. Oh,” Kol said angrily. “Myriam hasn’t done her job correctly.”

Bella smiled at that as she looked at his hand still holding on to hers. “Or perhaps she missed this, like I have, like we all have,” she said kindly. “Please let go of my hand so I can get you some help.”

“Oh, I can’t.”

“Jeremy, would you please be so kind to get Myriam and have her armed with burning Althea Root, holy water, sage and… hmm… a mixture of angelica root, rosemary, basil and garlic so she can perform a deeper cleansing?” Bella said kindly, not breaking eye contact with the struggling vampire who was holding so tightly that she was fearing for broken bones in her hand. “Quickly?”

“On it,” Jeremy darted from the room, leaving Bella and Kol alone.

“So we were followed home,” she reached up to his face with her free hand and gently stroked his cheek. “It’s not-”

“No,” Kol replied quickly as he realized what question she wanted to ask. He slowly shook his head. “I think this happened upstairs.”


“It explains a lot of what I’ve been feeling, though.”

She winced when the hold on her got tighter. “It does.” She didn’t have the heart to tell him to ease up on holding on to her, it was almost as if he was holding on to her as a last line of defense. “It’ll be over soon.”

“It’s because I’ve slept so long, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, likely,” Bella sighed as she smiled at him. “But that’s okay, now we know. It’s just an attachment, not a full possession, and you’re fighting like hell.”

“I’ll never sleep again.”

“Don’t be silly,” Bella laughed at him, and winced when the tight got harder and the feeling and sound of bones being broken – she wasn’t even sure if he knew that he was doing that.

Before she knew it, Myriam swooped in and started to do a different cleansing ritual, this time it actually involved yelling at whomever or whatever was attached to Kol and to fuck off – perhaps in a nicer way but Bella just wanted it to be over so she could have Kol back and to finally release her hand. It seemed to take forever, but once she was released, she stumbled backwards into Jeremy and Myriam kept going, just to make sure that there was nothing left; or to torture Kol and he let her.

Myriam then turned to Bella, with a pleasant smile on her face. “Just a thought; if you can close portals, why can’t you cleanse someone from an attachment?”

“I don’t know,” Bella said through gritted teeth, holding her broken hand. “Because maybe I haven’t been able to in the past? Don’t you think if I was able to do that, it would be one of the first things I’d try to master?”

The vampire appeared thoughtful, considering what she said. “True. Okay. Might I suggest that after this particular situation is resolved, you stick around Louisiana for future projects in case some shit like this gets stirred up again so that we can fix it quickly?”

Bella huffed. “Sure, it’s not like Kol and Jeremy are allowing me to quit, anyway.”

Myriam was confused as she eyed her. “Why would you quit? This is a part of you. Despite what Klaus and I have said to Kol about his involvement, it’s only out of concern about not just his safety, but yours as well. We wouldn’t try stopping you. Only figure out more safety measures to prevent something like this happening again.”

“I don’t know, I’m just tired… too many… bad things happening in the last few years, I guess,” she sighed. “I should go to a hospital now.”

Myriam went over and gestured for her to hold out her hand. She was careful as she felt the bones and nodded. “All you need is some vampire blood and it’ll be good as new in a few hours. Any preference for your donation?”

“Get out,” Kol said as he sat down on the bed. “Thank you, but get out.”

“Donor has spoken,” Myriam shrugged with a smile, winking at Bella. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” she sang before zipping out of the room, the door slamming shut behind her.

Sighing, Kol stared at the door wearily. “There really isn’t much that woman wouldn’t do,” he muttered. Looking to his girlfriend, he gave her a weak smile, waving her over with a jerk of his head. “Come here Darling.”

Bella sat down next to him and softly kissed him. “It’s okay, don’t feel bad.”

“I’m trying not to, but the crazy woman is right. We do need to find better safeguards for next time. I have no doubt that there are locations with beings much older and stronger than the Cullens. However, before that, let’s fix your hand,” he said, holding gently in his before biting into one hand for her to drink.

Bella eyed Jeremy. “Stay,” she told him as if he was a puppy and then reluctantly drank some of Kol’s blood. “Ugh,” she muttered as she wiped her mouth. “Why can’t it taste like lemonade?”

“I’m fine. You have no idea how many times I’ve gone through this myself or my friends,” he shrugged.

Kol smirked and kissed the side of her mouth. “You weren’t objecting when you drank from me in bed. I’ve been told I taste like chocolate.”

“That’s usually because I’m completely out of my mind,” she said with a slight giggle. “High on endorphins and shit.”

“TMI guys!” Jeremy objected, reminding them they weren’t alone. “So, care to hear what Alaric told me that could totally help Kol on our adventures if the story’s true?”

Kol raised an eyebrow and waited for him to continue. “That is what you dragged her up here for initially. What is it?”

“Well, the story is that when your mother cast the spell to make you guys what you are, her magical toys were imbued with the same magic or something, uhh…” he scrolled through his phone. “Ric found an eyewitness account of someone seeing an angel around the village – yes, this is freaking insane.”

“Angels don’t exist,” Kol and Bella replied together.

“No, they don’t,” Jeremy laughed. “But back in those days, people believed what they believed. Rumor is that the angel tried to stop Esther from doing what she did and it may have affected her instruments. Not the spell itself, but the instruments. Imagine this; if angels are real, were real, and it did imbue something with their essence…”

“The other witches in the village objected to what she planned,” Kol pointed out. “Your Bennett witch friend’s ancestor being the biggest critic. Comparing something to an angelic being, they would likely have to have some sort of non-corporeal form.”

“I know that story, yes,” Jeremy nodded. “Well, witches can see dead people, can’t they? Who knows? It could be a ghost story and the relic could be worthless, but it’s worth a shot, right?”

“Some, not all. It’s usually a very specific class,” he reminded him, before sighing. “What is this relic? We took almost everything possible of our mother’s that we could when we fled from Mikael.”

“It’s ah… a piece of what looks like to be a totem with Mikael’s crest on it,” he showed the picture of a small, broken off object to Kol. “No idea what the larger object was, but it’s clear that it belonged to your family.”

Kol took his phone and studied the image, trying to place it from when he was still human – the first time. “I don’t remember this or anything it could be from. But then again, I didn’t bother learning my magic from my mother. I spent most of my time with the other witches nearby. Rebekah or Elijah might know what it is.”

“But do we agree that it’s worth a shot? I mean, while Myriam is a formidable voodoo priestess, her powers do have limits.”

“A long one, Jeremy,” he stressed. “We don’t even know what it does, if it’s even true. It could make things worse. You know as well as I magic is unpredictable.”

“So… we’re going to leave it at the Armory?”

“Well, I’m not going there! At risk of being held prisoner there. You’re bloody out of your damn mind. Why do you think we avoided them. They were involved with Rayna mess. We made damn sure to steer clear of that demon girl.”

“Yes, they were terrible, but this is Ric. He’s the leader now and he’s one of the good guys, remember?”

“Didn’t my family try to kill him a few times?” Kol thought aloud.

“I have to agree with Kol,” Bella said after giving it some thought. “It could be a fake. It could not work. It could be dangerous. If the Armory is truly some sort of vault for unruly magic, it’s best if it stays there.” She then sighed and looked at Kol. “I’ll just have to break down every wall I have in my head and see what I can do, for real. See ghosts. Cure possessions… Myriam’s right, if I can close a portal, I likely am able to pull spirits away from people.”

Nodding, Kol was a little more skeptical. “You might be able to, but everyone has their limitations. Don’t be upset if you aren’t able to do that. However, we have some time to rest and regain our strength.”

“I want you to be safe.”

“And I am, just as I want you to be. We will figure it all out. Don’t worry. Now, besides Jeremy’s Indiana Jones poor imitation of relic hunting, I’m curious about the scroll you nicked from the Cullen house.”

“Me too,” Bella grinned and flinched as she could feel the bones set in her hand. “Oh, that feels strange.”

Jeremy snorted as he made himself comfortable in an armchair across the room. “At least it’s your hand. Imagine it being your neck. That really sucks.”

“No thanks to you,” Kol glared at him.

“Hey, it was necessary, alright?” Jeremy defended himself and watched as Bella took the scroll out from her bag. “I thought you wanted to do it in front of the entire family?”

“No, with Klaus and Myriam,” Bella said with a shrug, the scroll feeling warm to the touch. “But what if this is something really bad?”

Kol smiled and ran his hand over her back. “It might be, or it could say that you are the descendant of some gorgeous Greek goddess.”

“Oh, I doubt that,” Bella rolled her eyes at him. “Like angels, they never existed and are just a figment of someone’s overactive imagination.”

“Many believe that vampires don’t exist,” Kol reminded lightly.

“Or ghosts, for that matter,” Jeremy added with a smirk.

“So Greek goddess. I can live with that,” Kol grinned, moving in to lightly nip at her throat.

Bella rolled her eyes at him. “I highly doubt that I’m a Greek Goddess or anything related to the Greek… though Charlie could pass for a Greek, but he’s not my biological dad.”

“You’re my goddess though.”

“Guys,” Jeremy groaned and pointed at the door. “Klaus, Myriam, food, scroll, let’s go.”

“Great. I get to break Elijah and Rebekah’s necks to keep them from bothering us,” Kol stood, stretching his back before reaching for Bella’s hand. “Care to join me, beautiful Goddess of my Bed.”

“Oh, I like that,” Bella said as she put the scroll underneath her arm and took his hand with her good hand, still trying to ignore the sensations in her other hand. “Goddess of the Bed. You’re definitely the God of the Bed, no doubt about that.”

“I fucking hate you two,” Jeremy said grumpily as he opened the door.

“There is an invention called ear plugs. Invest in them,” Kol grinned, guiding Bella out of the room and back downstairs. “Nik! Nik’s crazy girlfriend!”

“You don’t have to shout,” Klaus said from his seat on the sofa in the courtyard they all had previously abandoned. “We’re still here, enjoying our premium blood. Are you going to share what young Gilbert has found with us?”

“Nah, we shot that idea down,” Kol said as he sat down on a chair, pulling Bella onto his lap. “We’re going to discuss the scroll that we took from the house, the one Bella was drawn to.”

“Oh, what is it?” Myriam clapped excitedly.

“We don’t know yet,” Jeremy said, curiously eyeing the pastries before grabbing one from the plate that seemed a bit more safe to eat.

Bella eyed Jeremy as he grabbed his food, holding an internal debate on warning him about what the family pulled earlier. “I wanted to include you two in on what we learn regarding it as you’ve helped us, me, so much,” she told them. “I just am a little reluctant about the rest of your family as I don’t know them well.”

“Well, Rebekah is still out cold, as is Elijah, much thanks to Jeremy,” Klaus said as he narrowed his eyes on Jeremy. “I doubt they’ll rise as fast as Kol. Perhaps your blood not only transfers your gift to him, but also has healing properties for him, much like our blood does for others.”

Unsure of what to make of that, she shifted uncomfortably on Kol’s lap, looking at him. “I’m not a vampire. That doesn’t make sense.”

“It does if you’re a Greek Goddess with healing powers,” he smirked goofily at her. “Quick, feed Nik your blood and I’ll hurt him and let’s see if it works on him too!”

“Now you’re being just plain stupid.”

“Well, it is a possibility, after all,” Klaus mused as he sipped from his blood. “Your father told me you appeared out of nowhere on his doorstep, without a note, without anything around you or on you. If it hadn’t been for his weekly fishing trip he wouldn’t even have noticed you because you were so quiet.”

“He’s the police chief, they probably just left me on his doorstep to make sure I’d be okay,” Bella said dismissively.

“Then please tell me why the DNA testing he’s done on you hasn’t come up with any results?”

“Because my real parents aren’t criminals to be in the system?” she pointed out the obvious. “Maybe a teenage couple who were in over their heads when they had me? Who knows?”

“Babies usually get abandoned in baskets, swaddled in blankets, with a note.”

Bella rolled her eyes. “Not necessarily. I don’t know what happened then. Clearly because I was a freaking baby, but what does it really matter now? I grew up in a safe house, ghosts aside, parents that tried hard, and although I was a little weird for them and most people around me, I think I survived it alright.” She said in one breath, before adding; “I’m not a freaking Greek Goddess.”

Kol pulled the scroll from underneath Bella’s arm and opened it. He put his head on her shoulder and the scroll in her lap and started to read it. “This is one of those Volturi missives – I’m curious as to why it was at the Cullen House and not in Italy… it looks really old.”

Klaus sipped on his blood in his tumbler, non-surplussed by that information. “If I recall correctly, the Cullen line practically worshipped the Volturi and their beliefs. If they went to their castle, it is possible that one of their ancestors could have stolen it and hid it on their property. I recall whispers of the Italian faction trying to search for an article they had lost some time in the 1600s.”

Kol hummed as he continued to read. “It’s in bloody vulgar Latin, give me a moment,” he muttered, his other arm wrapping around Bella’s waist as he read the words.

“You can read Latin?” Bella asked, slightly impressed, somewhat skeptical.

“Of course I can,” he blinked at her. “Sure, it’s rusty, but between all of us we speak and read about twenty odd dead languages? Not to mention, some witches I met during my travels did their magic spells in Latin, as it brought them closer to their deities.”

“More gods. Joy,” she scoffed, rolling her eyes. “So, what does it say?”

“Well, it’s origin is actually here, in the New World. A settlement in Virginia- oh bloody hell.”

“That does not sound promising,” Klaus muttered, narrowing his eyes on his brother. “Let me guess. Mystic Falls?”

“It doesn’t say, but it does speak of a family who did something unspeakable and cursed themselves, becoming immortal.”

Klaus’ eyes sharply went to Bella, his natural suspicious nature rising, though he wasn’t threatened by her. “Well, we know of only one tale that fits. What in the bloody hell does the Volturi want with our family? They avoided us like the plague when I sought them out.”

“The Volturi have never been interested in vampires. They want immortality, but not the curse you get when you become one,” Myriam replied, also very intrigued by this scroll. “Is that scroll telling their worshippers to stay away from vampires on their quest for immortality?”

“No,” Kol shook his head. “In fact, that’s the only mention of us on this scroll. It seems that two members of our village were Volturi worshippers, even back then, and they witnessed something the night we were turned.”

“I knew it! That story I told you, it’s true, isn’t it?” Jeremy said excitedly.

“Shut up, Jeremy,” Kol snarled. “Don’t get too excited, this tells a different tale,” he said as he continued to read. “After the first cry was heard coming from the home of the cursed, a band of angels came down from the Heavens to surround the house with a barrier of light – shielding the rest of the village from harm. They believed the curse was upsetting nature and tried to shield it from harm. Upon the second to last cry, a dark shadow rose up from the house and hit an angel in the chest before it bounced off, now grey in color and disappearing into the night sky. The angels left upon the last cry, with the hope that they had protected nature enough. They flew off into the sky, back to the heavens, carrying their hurt member and have never been seen again.”

“Sounds like a fairy tale,” Klaus shook his head. “A story they’d tell their children to feel less afraid of monsters underneath their beds. Mother would have told us if she’d seen beings around our house.”

“Not everyone can see angels,” Myriam pointed out. “What else does it say?”

“What does it matter?” Kol shrugged.

“If it’s just a fairy tale, why did they keep it and why was Bella attracted to it?” Jeremy said, intrigued by the story. “Go on, humor us and read the rest.”

Kol scowled at that. “They believe that when the dark hit the angel, something light, that it was truly a shot from hell hitting a shot of heaven; a manifestation of some sort. A birth of balance. And a different sort of immortality. The specific one that it seems their group has been searching for since learning of it.”

“What? They think that this discharge actually made something? Someone?” Klaus asked surprised. “That is nonsense!”

He reread the scroll to himself silently before nodding. “Yes, they do. It’s a stretch, but plausible. We know that magic, in any form, is fickle and unpredictable. If our mother truly upset the balance of nature so much, it is possible that something may have been created to help offset it.”

“Isn’t that what the wolves were about?” Bella asked.

“No. Werewolves existed before us. Mikael insisted on our mother doing something so that we could be stronger than them after one killed our youngest sibling,” Klaus answered, his voice sharp and short tempered. “If that’s the case, surely we would have come across this creation at some point in our thousand years. I’ve never seen or heard of anything so preposterous!”

“Exactly,” Kol said with a nod. “The way they describe it, this something could mean the end to us all, or-”

“Or something positive to balance your family’s temperament,” Myriam mused, thoughtfully staring at Bella. “Could be either side of the coin. Good, evil, ying to the yang.”

“Either way, if we do come across it, we need to destroy it,” Klaus said angrily. “We don’t deserve to be punished for what mother has turned us into and to have this in Volturi’s hands… I don’t particularly like that idea, either.”

Myriam shook her head. “I don’t know about that,” she murmured, still staring at their friend.

“Stop staring,” Bella muttered.

“When were you born?” Myriam questioned, ignoring the curious and angered faces turning to her.

“I don’t know, Charlie has my birthday as the day that he found me. September 13th, 1994.”

“’94 was a busy year,” the voodoo priestess observed. “Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and wildfires here in the States and in China, being considered among the worst ever. All four elements throwing their tantrums, then this mysterious infant appears on someone’s doorstep. I’m not so sure it’s all coincidence that the family is so enthralled by you and I cannot find any information on your past or abilities with the blood you gave me.”

“There was also a solar eclipse that year, the one that the Gemini coven used to trap Kai Parker in his prison world,” Jeremy added. “A lot of magic was used to create that.”

“Bella is a living, breathing human. She clearly was not around a thousand years ago,” Kol snapped, unsure of where Myriam was taking her ridiculous speculations.

“Maybe not in physical form,” Myriam pointed out. “Didn’t you say that Bella escaped to some place inside her mind that was basically your backyard when you were in Mystic Falls during that time? That she only seemed to see you? Weren’t you the second to last to be killed?”

Klaus leaned forward, glancing between them. “That doesn’t mean she was actually there. She could have been able to see into the past. That’s not unheard of.”

“So you think that we are somehow linked together? I think you need to cut back on the incense,” Kol sighed, tightening his arms around Bella.

Myriam laughed at that. “No, not just you and her, but the entire family. She has darkness inside of her, we’ve all seen that. She can be vindictive if she wishes to be, but she chooses not to. She chose the light side of herself and she likes to help people. Dead or alive. Ever since she came here, I’ve noticed a significant change in Klaus’ behavior and well, you made the most progress because you’re spending so much time with her.”

Klaus frowned slightly, looking towards their unconscious siblings. “Elijah’s been more tolerant of our antics. So unlike him. I was actually wondering where the stick in his arse disappeared off to.”

“The Volturi don’t do fairy tale stories or mere rumors,” Myriam pointed out. “They deal with facts.”

“That is true. They are even more stiff and boring than Elijah. Even Finn,” Kol pointed out, then turned to Bella in his arms. “Are you alright Darling?”

“Headache,” she replied, slightly angered and desperately not wanting to believe that she was this thing. She was human, not immortal. And certainly not everyone’s wishes. “I’m not what you think I am, I’m an abandoned baby with the gift of hearing the dead. Nothing more, nothing less.”

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